Mr. C.V George, Former General Manager, RBI, delivers an engaging talk on the Indian Economy at SCMS Cochin School of Business

11 Aug

DSC_6581Students of SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had the privilege of listening to and learning from the experiences of a former General Manager of the Reserve Bank of India. Mr. C.V George, a leading light in the world of Finance, came to campus to deliver a talk on “Indian Economy and Indian Financial Sector”. As was expected, there was a lot of buzz on campus that day as students packed the venue for the event, which turned out to an eye-opening experience for all in attendance.

The institute organizes Industry Institute interface sessions throughout the program for students to learn from professionals who offer insight into the corporate world. This program, organized by the PGDM Batch 24, was an initiative in the same vein as it aimed to offer participants an overview on the economic and financial functions of the Indian economy. With a lot of talk revolving around the booming Indian economy, the relevance and significance of the talk for the students couldn’t be overemphasized.

Mr. George began his talk by describing t he Real Sector of the Indian economy and offering students valuable insight. The interesting aspect of the talk was that it was based on the background of global economic integration and the uncertain nature of the economy. With the help of examples relevant to today’s times, he also talked about the demographic dividend of the Indian economy. He continued his talk with a focus on the growth performance of the Indian Economy during the pre- and post-liberalization period, which made for interesting listening.

As Mr. George went on to explain different concepts, such as demand pull inflation, Hindu rate of growth, Mathusian Theory of Population, protein inflation, disguised unemployment and sustainable development, he held the students in rapt attention. With anecdotes from his own professional journey, he kept the session lively and engaging. The highly enriching talk came to an end with a discussion on the financial sector of the Indian economy and the market regulators. Thus, it had many important takeaways for students, who went home richer in experience.

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