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SCMS-COCHIN Hosts The Grand Finale of NIPM National Business Quiz 2012

The scintillating finale of the iconic NIPM National Business Quiz 2012, recognised as the most prestigious of all management quiz competitions, was conducted at SCMS-COCHIN. Since the final this year was to be conducted by the Kerala Chapter of the National Institute of Personnel Management, SCMS-COCHIN, one of the top B-schools of Southern India, ended up being the natural choice. The final showdown between the nine regional champions was held in the grand auditorium of SCMS-COCHIN on the 6th of September 2012.

The inauguration of the final of the NIPM National Business Quiz – 2012 was a high-profile affair, including the presence of Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director-PGDM, SCMS-COCHIN. In his inaugural address, Shri R. Mohandas, National President of NIPM, stressed on the importance of the NIPM quiz in enhancing the students’ awareness of current issues and the latest developments in the corporate arena. He reminded the finalists of the importance of competition in stimulating their learning, and encouraged them to compete in a healthy spirit.

Over the next couple of hours, the audience at SCMS-COCHIN was treated to a very dynamic and fast-paced quiz. Till the very last round, the competition remained open and there was raucous cheering from supporters in the audience. In fact, the ultimate winners of the NIPM Business Quiz 2012 remained a mystery till the very last question.

Finally, the team of Subhabarata Ray and Dibyajyoti Deb of Birla Institute of Technology, Kolkata, were the proud winners of the NIPM Business Quiz 2012, and pocketed a whopping Rs. 1.5 Lakh in prize money for their sterling effort. The runners-up prize of Rs. 1 Lakh went to Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, while the third prize of Rs. 50,000 went to International Management Institute, New Delhi.

Apart from these institutions, the other colleges that qualified for the national finals at SCMS-COCHIN included MGM College of Management, Aurangabad; Army Institute of Management, Kolkata; IFIM B-School, Bangalore and Gitam GIM, Vishakapatnam.

Dr. V.  Raman Nair, Director-PGDM, SCMS-COCHIN, offered felicitations on the occasion, conveying how honoured SCMS-COCHIN was to host the NIPM Business Quiz Finals 2012.

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“Grand Finale of NIPM National Business Quiz 2012 at SCMS-COCHIN”- A Chat with the Champs.

The iconic NIPM National Business Quiz, recognised as the most prestigious of all management quiz competitions, was conducted at SCMS-COCHIN this year on the 6th of September 2012. The gruelling showdown between the nine regional champions was held in the grand auditorium of SCMS-COCHIN, with the team of Subhabarata Ray and Dibyajyoti Deb of Birla Institute of Technology, Kolkata, emerging as the proud winners of the NIPM Business Quiz 2012; they pocketed a cool Rs. 1.5 Lakh in prize money in the process. Amazingly enough, Subhabarata and Dibyajyoti were the only under-grads in the competition, with other teams fielding members from PG courses.

Campus journalists of SCMS-COCHIN, Samuel John & Teenu Thomas, caught up with the winners of the NIPM National Business Quiz-2012, Subhabarata Ray and Dibyajyoti Deb of Birla Institute of Technology, Kolkata, quizzing them on how they came out tops in the king of all business quizzes.

Samuel John (SCMS-COCHIN): How does it feel to be the winners of the National Business Quiz 2012?

Dibyajyoti: It would not be correct if I said that we expected it, but we are very happy about it. The regional competitions helped us a lot. The pattern and style was the same as the nationals, so we were warmed up for the finals.

Teenu Thomas (SCMS-COCHIN): How did you go about preparing for the competition? Did you follow a particular system, or is it a trade secret that you can’t share with us SCMS-COCHIN students?

Dibyajyoti: (smiles) Nothing like that! We did a lot of informal studies for the event. We watched a lot of television and movies. We didn’t really sit down and get into the books that teach you stuff. We basically went through websites that list the logos and CEOs of different companies. We knew these quizzes are very media-oriented and we prepared accordingly. If you noticed, the media rounds were where we picked up the maximum points.

Subhabarata: (taking over from Dibyajyoti) In our college, we are taught that management is not through studies alone, but through experience as well. In fact, we watched around 15 movies related to business, economy, finance, etc., on the train to COCHIN.

Samuel John (SCMS-COCHIN): 15 movies? Wow! What movies did you watch?

Dibyajyoti: Movies like ‘The Inside Job,’ ‘The Social Network,’ ‘The Terminal’, etc. We also watched ‘Delhi Belly’, where Imran Khan works in a media house.

Subhabarata: We were the only undergraduates in the competition. The other teams were far better prepared in terms of curriculum; we probably won because of our spirit. We gathered a lot of knowledge observing the lives of others and our own.

Teenu Thomas (SCMS-COCHIN): How did you handle the pressure? You started off with a zero in the first round.

Subhabarata:  After every question asked, we would write our marks on a piece of paper right in front of us; somehow, this motivated us to score. The way you guys at SCMS-COCHIN applauded our ‘Kolaveri di’ answer was quite amazing!

Samuel John (SCMS-COCHIN): What are you going to do with the cash prize of one-and-a-half lakhs? It’s too big a sum to party away.

Dibyajyoti: Both of us come from very conservative academic backgrounds. Our forefathers were academicians; studying business doesn’t really impress our families. So we told ourselves that if we win, we would use the money for higher studies abroad.

Teenu Thomas (SCMS-COCHIN): Any words of wisdom for aspirants to your crown?

Dibyajyoti: Be aware about what’s going on and what’s been happening. Be aware of stuff beyond your textbooks; a good manager has to be a jack of all trades; he should be able to handle it all.

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For Tinu Thomas, going to SCMS-COCHIN is like a Homecoming.

Tinu Thomas has just not stopped smiling for the past 30 days… A native of Kerala, Tinu did his graduation from Bhopal and after that, he set his sights on an MBA to add value to his employability quotient. While he was browsing the length and breadth of the country on the net for a suitable B-school, a part of his mind was instinctively zeroing in on the options in Kerala. Tinu need not have worried; Kerala also wanted him back. He could barely contain his joy on hearing that he had made it to one of the most respected B-schools in India and the top B-school in Kerala – SCMS-COCHIN.

“Before joining, I had spoken to a few friends who are alumni of SCMS-COCHIN. The common refrain was ‘Tinu, every moment in SCMS-COCHIN is worth it. SCMS-COCHIN is one of the few B-schools which will push you to understand you caliber and capacity’. It’s been just a month, but I am beginning to see what they meant.  Every day is different here. In a way, our course is like a mini-India.”

Tinu stays in the SCMS-COCHIN Boys’ Hostel. What struck him as really impressive in the first month itself about SCMS-COCHIN is the ability of the Mess to cater to every kind of Indian palate.

“The kitchen is really secular. The bill-of-fare varies daily to accommodate all kinds of cuisine. It’s a wonderful lesson in the art of adjusting. I have also felt the impact of a disciplinary approach to business education as practiced by SCMS-COCHIN. We are in good hands. The management and faculty know the methods to mold us in line with the corporate world. Rules are good for channelising our efforts in the right direction.”

Tinu has three priorities while at SCMS-COCHIN.

“Studies, Studies and more Studies. If I adhere to these three priorities, I think the rest will automatically fall in place. When you are academically good, it gives you the freedom to pursue personality development and extra-curricular activities.”

Tinu Thomas enjoys a game of basketball every now and then, and is quite adept at tennis. He is rather handy with a mouth-organ too, and hopes to entertain his colleagues at SCMS-COCHIN on days when they are chilling out.


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“Students must realize the importance of their time at SCMS-COCHIN and use it wisely”, advices Dr. Sengottuvelu, Faculty, SCMS-COCHIN

Dr. Sengottuvelu is not one to rest on his laurels. As a matter of fact, you could look upon his life as one dedicated to the continuous pursuit of knowledge. The SCMS-COCHIN professor holds multiple degrees including a Masters in General Management and a Doctorate. This drive to further enhance his knowledge base also included post-graduation diploma courses and various certifications. When taken as a whole, it is clear that Dr. Sengottuvelu has a passion for learning that has encompassed his entire life. “I have 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Working in two Navratan companies, I was also in a research facility for internal training programmes as part of HR activities. I also worked as a guest lecturer with reputable universities like IGNOU and others. This experience actually prompted me to look into academics.”

As his interest in academics as a career path became stronger, Dr. Sengottuvelu began to shift into the field beginning with small steps. “All through my time in the corporate sector, I was doing some part-time teaching. As I was completing my Doctorate, I became interested in switching over to academics full-time. I saw that SCMS-COCHIN was looking for faculty, so I applied. The well-established name of SCMS-COCHIN is what first attracted me. After doing some research on the institution, I discovered that SCMS-COCHIN is one of the burgeoning institutes in this part of the country.”

With a trained eye on the corporate world and feet firmly planted in the academic world, Dr. Sengottuvelu brings a unique perspective into the classroom, one that benefits his students. With a teaching philosophy that is comprised of 40% theory and 60% practical application, Dr. Sengottuvelu knows what industry expects from graduating students and the skill sets that they are required to have to become potential employees. SCMS-COCHIN has followed this initiative with the adoption of certain programmes such as IMLP to better prepare students for what lies beyond the institute’s walls.

In looking back on his journey and towards the emerging future, Dr. Sengottuvelu offers sage advice for students at SCMS-COCHIN. “Whatever the institution offers, whatever the extra effort that students put into their work, it should all be done with passion and sincerity. This two-year period is a short timeframe in which to mould their careers. The students must realise the importance of this time, and work diligently towards their goals.”


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“My decision to join SCMS-COCHIN was by choice not by chance”, says Priyank Mehta, 1st year PGDM student

For Priyank Mehta, a first year student of the PGDM course, the decision to join the School of Communication & Management Studies, Cochin (SCMS-COCHIN) was not by chance but by choice. Hailing from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, this young lad was focused about joining the corporate world after doing his B.Sc in Electronics from the University of Delhi. Since he did not want to pursue research or academics, an M.Sc degree was ruled out and he realised that to make it big in the corporate world, he needed to get a degree from a prestigious and reputed college.  Family came to his rescue in the form of his brother-in-law who, having graduated from Bangalore University, advised him to fill up the admission form for SCMS-COCHIN since he had heard and read good reviews about the institute. And that is how Priyank found himself pursuing a degree in Management from SCMS-COCHIN, far away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, in the idyllic and alien culture of Kerala. But as he was soon to realise, it was not a place without friends and mentors.

Priyank admits that he felt a cultural difference when he came to Cochin, but he quickly adapted to the change. Although he misses the freedom he enjoyed in Delhi where he spent 3-4 years, he feels the strict discipline in SCMS-COCHIN will stand him in good stead in the future. “The environment at SCMS-COCHIN is quite strict but it’s for our own good. We will realise the value of this strict discipline when we get into the corporate world,” said a wiser Priyank. Besides, he is certain that as far as his expectations from SCMS-COCHIN are concerned, the institute will mold him well for a future in the corporate world. And what are his expectations from his seniors? “I have already interacted with my seniors as their hostel is only a few minutes walking distance from mine. I have already played cricket with them two to three times. It was a good interaction. They told me that I will get used to the rules and after the first year I will feel that I am heading towards becoming someone special”, shared Priyank.

To break out of the monotony of the strict hostel life and the academic rigour, he does take a break sometimes to go to nearby hang outs. “But we have to get into the hostel by 9.30 pm during weekdays and at 10 on weekends. If we plan a night out, then our parents have to fax the college that they have no issues with this,” said Priyank sheepishly. Finally, Priyank says that “the atmosphere in SCMS-COCHIN is completely different from that in the University of Delhi, but keeping in mind that I have to do something worthwhile after my studies, that is my priority and I don’t mind it.”

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Student Managers of SCMS-Cochin to play ‘hosts’ at ‘Emerging Kerala – Global Connect 2012’

Student managers from Kerala’s flagship B-school, SCMS-Cochin will be a part of the organising and co-ordinating team of ‘Emerging Kerala – Global Connect 2012’. The mega-event, which will showcase Kerala as a global business destination, will be held between the 12th and 14th of September, 2012 at Hotel Le Meridien, Cochin. The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Defence Minister, Shri A. K. Anthony will be addressing the global corporate and political fraternity on why India perceives Kerala as the next big business hub, and the possibilities that Kerala offers.

“It is a proud occasion for us at SCMS-COCHIN, especially for those of us who have been shortlisted as volunteers to ensure the smooth functioning of this huge event,” says Gayatri Nair, one of the student managers of SCMS-Cochin. “We are all excited about this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity on the sidelines of ‘Emerging Kerala’. After all, even Roger Federer learnt the nuances of professional tennis as a ball-boy at Wimbledon!”

‘National Geographic – Traveller’ has selected Kerala as one of the ‘50 destinations of a lifetime’ and one of the 13 paradises in the world. SCMS-COCHIN has borne witness – and contributed, by providing excellent managers – to the tremendous pace at which Kerala has grown in the tourism space; creating some of the world’s most enchanting infrastructure, and churning out some interesting exotic markets in the process. The ‘Kerala Tourism Mart’ – a biennial trade fair – today figures prominently on the global tourism trade circuit.

“SCMS-COCHIN has given us this promising opportunity of being under the same roof as some of the greatest management gurus, speakers and leaders of our times!” exclaims Gayatri. “I’m especially looking forward to hearing Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma (Chairman – SAIL), Dr. Shashi Tharoor (Member of Parliament), Mr. S.D. Shibulal (CEO- Infosys), and Dr. E. Sreedharan, the legendary founder of Delhi Metro.”

These selected volunteers for ‘Emerging Kerala’ are currently being put through a series of special training sessions, both at Le Meridien, Cochin and SCMS-COCHIN. The training sessions involve co-ordination and rehearsal of various activities, as well as classes on formal etiquette and communication, required while interacting with personalities of international eminence.

“We are deeply conscious that not only are we representing SCMS-COCHIN, but Kerala and India as well,” says Preeti Rawal. “Right from shopping for the right formals to getting back into shape, we are leaving no stone unturned. We are ready to play our small part in ushering in a new era of trade, culture and global connect for Kerala.”

The future managers from SCMS-COCHIN hope to gain immensely from the perspective of the international leaders such as His Excellency Mr. He Duanqui, Vice Governor of Yunnan province, who will be leading the well-numbered China delegation. There will also be quite a few eminent corporate and political personalities from Canada, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Oman and Germany, among other nations, at the event.




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Thanks SCMS-Cochin, for making us a part of ‘Emerging Kerala – Global Connect 2012’!

After eleven long years, Kerala has been appointed the destination for global connect. ‘Emerging Kerala – lobal Connect’ is being organised between the 12th and 14th of September 2012, wherein a bouquet of opportunities  or the world to take note of will be showcased. With the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, and the Defence Minister, Shri A.K. Anthony, themselves addressing the global corporate fraternity, the message will go out loud and clear that Kerala is the next big destination where corporate houses should explore opportunities, invest, and establish their business.

It is a proud occasion for us at SCMS-Cochin as well, since a group of students will be ushering in the guests, delegates, and dignitaries. All of us are absolutely excited about this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity on the sidelines of ‘Emerging Kerala’. After all… even Roger Federer learnt the professional nuances of tennis as a ball-boy at Wimbledon!

‘National Geographic – Traveller’ has selected Kerala as one of the ‘50 destinations of a lifetime’, and one of the 13 paradises in the world. We at SCMS-Cochin have had the opportunity of observing first-hand the tremendous pace with which Kerala has grown in the tourism space; in the process, creating some of the world’s most enchanting infrastructure, and churning out some very interesting exotic markets. The ‘Kerala Tourism Mart’ – a biennial trade fair – today figures prominently on the global tourism trade circuit.

SCMS-Cochin has given us students this promising opportunity to be under the same roof with some of the great management gurus, speakers, and leaders of our times, like Mr. Chandra Shekhar Verma, Chairman – SAIL, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament, Mr. S.D. Shibulal, CEO- Infosys, and Dr. E. Sreedharan, the legendary founder of Delhi Metro.

We are also confident of gaining immensely from the perspective of the international leaders, with H.E Mr. He Duanqui, Vice Governor of Yunnan province, leading the China delegation. There is a long list of eminent corporate and political personalities from Canada, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Oman and Germany, amongst other nations as well.

We are currently being put through a special training session at SCMS-Cochin in terms of formal etiquettes and communication while interacting with personalities of international eminence. We are deeply conscious that we are not only representing SCMS-Cochin, but Kerala and India as well. ‘Emerging Kerala’ is not only a golden opportunity for Kerala but a stepping stone for management students like us. We at SCMS-Cochin intend making our institute, state and country proud, in the process play our small part in ‘ushering-in’ a new era of trade, culture, and global connect for Kerala.



Gayatri Nair

Batch of 2012-14, SCMS-Cochin

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A man of many talents – Dr. M. Appala Raju, Professor, HOD of Finance Department, SCMS-COCHIN

His tastes vary all the way from Sherlock Holmes to tennis! However, Dr. M. Appala Raju likes his thrillers and sports only after his first love – Finance. He joined SCMS as Professor and Head of the Department of Finance in 2007. He earned his Doctorate and MBA from Andhra University, after which he accumulated over 20 years of teaching experience in Accounting, Finance and Strategy. Starting his career as a lecturer at Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), Visakhapatnam, he was later Associate Professor at the College of Management Studies, Vishakapatnam. Before joining SCMS-COCHIN, Dr Raju was working with Siva Sivani Institute of Management Hyderabad. . He also has many publications to his credit which includes an International Publication -A Book” on Marketing of Banking Services – a Strategic Approach for Sustainable Competitive advantage”, published by VDM Publishers, Germany which is getting marketed across U.S., U.K. and Other European Countries.

For Dr. Raju, every day, every batch and every organisation is an opportunity for learning and growth. His teaching philosophy is simply to give complete clarity and understanding  to the student, without which he believes his teaching is incomplete!

He says he chose to be with SCMS- COCHIN because of its ranking, and highly appreciative of the organisation’s credentials, its work culture and management policies.

Talk to him about the finance sector, and Dr. Raju’s voice is filled with enthusiasm. He says, “The Finance sector is the backbone of a nation’s economy and a close indicator of the national GDP. A small development in this sector in India now has great  global impact.

He encourages the students of the subject by telling them that opportunities in that field abound.  However, he does caution them that a student in this field needs complete conceptual clarity and understanding to be successful. He also advises students to stay abreast of global developments in the field as well the business changes in the sector. The world of business is fast changing, making business education a vital need today. However, apart from functional knowledge, Dr. Raju also lays stress on a value system that is conducive to personal and organisational growth by saying, “The three most important values that professional needs today in our sector are – honesty, integrity and discipline.” He believes that these values build character, which in turn helps to develop the readiness to cope with any kind of issue arising in an organisation.

With such an academic orientation, it comes as no surprise that Dr. Raju is an avid reader. He mostly reads periodicals related to management, especially Harvard Business Review, and is also fond of lighter reading like Sherlock Holmes. He is a music lover and on weekends he indulges in either of his two main hobbies – books or music. Whenever the urge to be out in the open takes him, he can be seen hitting tennis balls over the weekends.  He is certainly a well-rounded individual that his students would do well to emulate.


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“SCMS-COCHIN focuses on being a good manager from day one,” shares Gayatri Nair

Gayatri Nair is a go-getter, an independent modern woman who knows she has to be bold and strong to find her way in the world. She belongs to Delhi, but moved out of her home-city to make a career for herself. After her graduation from Chennai, she has now joined SCMS-COCHIN to pursue a PGDM. She is enthused about the course and is also enjoying the life being offered by the hostel at the institute. “I have spent about a month in the hostel facility at SCMS-COCHIN and my experience has been everything a student desires when she steps out of the comfort of her own home. So far, my stay has been amazing and living here has dispelled all myths for me about Kerala and it being an orthodox place,” she says.

SCMS-COCHIN hosts students belonging to diverse backgrounds from all over India and even abroad! This, she thinks, helps students build a sensitivity and understanding of people that is a boon for a management student. Gayatri found it easy to adjust to the academic life on campus. SCMS-COCHIN has strict discipline and regulations that she says are necessary to create academic excellence. Commenting on that, she says, “I graduated from a college which was stricter and that helped me understand the value of rules and regulations in academic life.”

SCMS-COCHIN is not only about management education, but it also lays emphasis on being ‘a good manager’ from day one, and that helps keep the students focused. The initial days are stressful and the students undergo a continuous assessment process that creates continual pressure. But with each assignment they handle successfully, they gain in confidence and finally get used to it. The institute also works on the students’ personality development by involving them in extra-curricular activities.

Gayatri advises her peers, “The key to survival in this and any other hostel is adaptation. The sooner we learn to accept and adapt, the better we settle in and get on with learning and focusing on our careers.” Hostel life at SCMS-COCHIN is full of fun and bonhomie. The beautiful relationship between students who have been here longer and newcomers becomes the basis for settling in for the new batch.

“Hostel life is simply a facilitator”, says Gayatri. “My focus today is only on my future and academic life. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to build the career I desire.” The college has high expectations from its students and in meeting those expectations, students fulfill their own!


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SCMS-COCHIN breaks all previous records with 53 recruiting companies this year.

The placements at School of Communications & Management Studies, Cochin (SCMS-COCHIN) saw all-round growth this year, both in terms of packages and the number of companies visiting its campus. Industry has given a decisive thumbs-up to one of the top B-schools in South India, with more than 50 companies from Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Financial services, Insurance, Media, Retail, FMCG, Consultancy and Market research flocking to the campus, both from India and abroad.

 The average compensation package ranged between Rs. 4- 5.5 lakhs per year. The top  corporations amongst the 53 Companies that recruited from  SCMS-COCHIN  this year included Vodafone, Deloitte, Castrol, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Al Essa Group (Kuwait), Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Wipro BPO, Madras Cements, Thomas Cook, Airtel, British Paints, ITC, Coca Cola, Catholic Syrian Bank, SBI, Kotak Mahindra, IOB, Café Coffee Day and IDBI.

“At SCMS-COCHIN, the placement season starts well in advance. By the time it does,  students have not only completed their internships, but have had enough time to discuss and clear all the doubts that would’ve arisen during their respective SIPs, with the faculty and peers in the class,” says Mr. George Joseph,  Manager Corporate Relations and part of the placement cell. “SCMS-COCHIN has corporate relations officers based in all major cities across India, who liaise continually with the human resources heads of all major corporations, ensuring that they have a smooth visit to the institute for on-campus recruitment.”

SCMS-COCHIN follows a completely transparent placement process, with corporate recruiters sending the desired job profiles and compensation packages to the institute. SCMS-COCHIN, in turn, shares the information with students. Interested students then register and indicate their preference with the placement department.

 “This system works well to the advantage of both the student and the recruiting firm,” says Aditya Patil, a student of the 2012 batch, who has been placed with a top-notch firm. “Rather than run after every opportunity, we can channelise our energy into cracking the organisation in which we are genuinely interested. Organisations, of course, do not have to go through the entire batch – but only the truly interested – when they arrive on campus for the interviews.”

All students, whether registered for a particular company or not, attend the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) given by the company. This is in keeping with the ethos of the SCMS-COCHIN academic council, which looks upon the placement process as an extension of the institution’s pedagogy.

“We believe in letting students gather as much information as possible from the visiting corporations,” observes Professor Pramod Thevannoor, Director SCMS Group. “Profiles of the registered students are shared with the corporation’s HR department, and the short-listed students are presented to the recruiters. But by allowing other students, not interested in a particular organisation, to be at the Pre-Placement talk given by the company concerned, we let the future managers get an overall feel of the market and how organisations think and behave in the world today. It is something that they will gain from in the long run.”

Over the years, SCMS-COCHIN students have gained placements in high-end firms and its alumni occupy enviable posts in India and abroad. Fully aware of this, SCMS-COCHIN has often acknowledged the contribution of its fantastic alumni body in its growth story.




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