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“SCMS Cochin School of Business has made me confident enough to take on challenges and succeed in my internship.”

                                                                                                                                                                      Nithya Mariam Joy
PGDM Batch 23

nithyaSummer internships are where management students like me learn the code of conduct for the industry and corporate world. Hence, it’s an important training ground where I will get to learn about the ins and outs of working in an organization. I am grateful for this exposure to the corporate world that SCMS Cochin School of Business has offered me. Right from day one at the institute we have been prepared for an entry into corporate life.

I chose to do my PGDM because I wanted to make a place for myself in the corporate world. I understand that there is intense competition today, which is why I wanted to choose the best B School for me. I learned about SCMS Cochin through one of my seniors and then read a lot of positive things about it. That helped me make my decision and I am happy that it has been a smart one.

Today, I feel that I have been offered the best platform to walk into the corporate world. My internship with Shriram Life Insurance will be the next step in that direction for me. I am looking forward to working with the company, where I will be responsible for selling several of its products. I feel confident that I will be able to deliver on the tasks assigned to me thanks to the training I have received at my institute.

One of the most important things I have learned at SCMS Cochin is punctuality, and it’s something I will maintain during my internship. Being on time at your work place is actually the best first impression you can make with your colleagues. I intend to maintain a healthy working relationship with them and hope for an environment where I get to learn a lot. In fact, internships are a great opportunity to learn from experts, which I hope to do.

Through this internship I also expect to enhance my management and communication skills. Of course, I have learned a lot about them during my first year at the institute, but now it’s time to put things into practice. SCMS Cochin has opened up a whole new world for me where I learned to free myself of my inhibitions and go after new challenges. I also got so many exciting opportunities to interact with industry professionals through various sessions. Their success stories have inspired me to carve out my own path, which in some ways will begin with this internship.

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“Internships give you valuable insight into the corporate work culture before you actually start your career.”

                                                                                                                                                              Geethu Tressa Mathew
PGDM Batch 23

GeethuI feel like my summer internship with Whitefield Motors Pvt. Ltd. is going to be the beginning of a whole new chapter for me. I am anxious, but I also feel comfortable in my space. I will be working as an Intern in the finance department, which will give me a huge opportunity to learn about the day-to-day functions of a finance department. One of my key responsibilities will be to study the inventory management, and I will also gain exposure to the company’s sales division.

Even though I will be working primarily in the Finance department, I will also gain an understanding of different streams, which is something I am excited about. I have always wanted to be a well-rounded professional and I believe I can do that through the experience I will gain during this internship. It’s an important learning experience for all management students because it teaches teamwork and leadership skills.

I want to make an impression at my workplace and I think I can do that by being systematic and staying updated with the latest trends. My experience completing assignments in a timely manner at SCMS Cochin School of Business should help me in this regard. I have also learned quantitative skills, which are now going to be put to the test. In addition to learning about how management concepts are put into practice, I want to learn about how employees interact in the work place. The latter, I feel, is an important part of becoming an industry professional, and one that students gain important exposure to through the internship.

One of the important aspects of learning at SCMS Cochin has always been communication and interpersonal skills. There are a lot of activities held at the institute throughout the year, which help us fight our stage fright. I am going to build on that experience and ensure that I am able to communicate my ideas with my colleagues in the best possible manner. The group activities we go through at our institute also teach us a lot about teamwork, which is another aspect of working in an organization. These are challenges that I am ready for, thanks to my institute.

Yes it’s true: SCMS Cochin has taken special efforts to make sure all of us are ready to take this first step into the corporate world. Be it through Business Research Methods (BRM) that give us useful insight or Written Analysis and Communication (WAC), the institute has enabled us to present a clear account of ourselves during our internships. I see it as a stepping stone towards being an industry-ready professional and I will put my best foot forward in order to capitalize on this opportunity.

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“Internships are the real-life, real-time training ground for management students.”

Erlin Philip

PGDM Batch 23

10461347_1523639767854061_7705157143586685332_nSummer Internships are important for management students because we gain experience working in a corporate environment before turning professionals. So, it’s a real world training ground for us. Internships also offer us an opportunity to test the management concepts we have learned in the classroom. Knowing how they are applied in the industry makes them more relevant and relatable.

I am quite excited about my internship with Mannai Corporation where I will work in Project Management in the Network and Telecom sector. I expect to be a part of the project management team and will be handling certain responsibilities. I want to give a good account of myself and set a good example. I believe I can make an impression by delivering on time and offering suggestions when asked.

I stand to gain a lot from the internship as I will learn how to behave in a corporate environment. I want to gain insight into what is required of management professionals and being a part of a team. It is a fiercely competitive world out there and I will learn to give it my best shot. I think I have been prepared well for this challenge by my institute and am equipped with leadership, and collaboration skills, which I will showcase through my work.

After doing my schooling in Doha, Qatar we moved to India and I completed my engineering here. But I was keen on making a career in management and had heard a lot about SCMS Cochin School of Business. My husband also encouraged me to go for the PGDM program because it is fast paced and in keeping with the current industry scenario. I think it has been a really fruitful decision for me so far.

SCMS Cochin has exceeded all the expectations I had, and I have to admit, they were quite high to begin with. But my time at the institute has taught me to set goals for myself, prioritize responsibilities and manage my time well. Different initiatives like IMLP, PDP sessions and OBT have been a huge learning experience. They have helped me get over my stage fright and boosted my overall confidence.

I am truly grateful for the mentorship program started by the institute. It allows six – seven students in a group to get special attention from a mentor. That kind of coaching and training is of great benefit to management students and it has molded me to a great extent. I have also made good friends at the institute so far and we are constantly pushing each other to do better. It has brought out the best in me and I am excited because there is so much more to come.

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“Summer internships are an important step towards your future career and impact your placement salary.”

Ashmi Chackochan
PGDM Batch – 23

AshmiI completed my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology but felt that I needed to learn more about the business and marketing strategies in the current scenario. That’s the reason I came to SCMS Cochin School of Business, and I feel that my internship will allow me to merge my interests into one career path. After all, I have been given an opportunity to do my SIP with Hidesign.

Hidesign is a well-known brand and that gives me a lot of scope to learn. Some of my responsibilities during the internship will include ensuring smooth functioning of the store and presenting different promotions to customers in a favourable manner. From interacting with customers to handling customer service responsibilities, I will have a lot to work on.

I will do my best by organizing my day in advance and, of course, making sure I get to work on time. I will also try and manage the workforce efficiently while reaching out to employees and creating a bond with them. My effort will be to build an effective dialogue with the employees at the store and to create a motivated climate for everyone to work in.

Timeliness and good communication skills are two skills I have learned during my time at SCMS Cochin. In fact, it has been a huge learning experience all through the year and we have been given a platform to build our skills. Both theory and case-based learning at our B School has been helpful in our preparation for the internship.

The good thing about getting an education at SCMS Cochin is that it goes way beyond the classroom. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the world around us, as well as the changing market trends. I intend to use this new knowledge to my advantage during the internship and build on my skills further. I want to get an insight into my areas of interest, experience work culture and build a network with professionals.

Building connections with industry experts and experienced professionals is one of the biggest advantages of internships for management students. What’s more, it can also tell you a lot about where your interests lie and the areas of management that you are passionate about. Thus, you can choose the right career path for yourself and the internship can have a huge impact on your graduate salary as well.

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SCMS Cochin has prepared us for the internship, which will be the stepping stone to my professional career.

Sibin Thomas“Summer Internship has several advantages for management students. Firstly, we get real exposure to a corporate organization and gain in confidence to take on professional challenges. I also think it can give us the edge in our career in the near future. That’s why I am intending to give my summer internship my best shot and gain maximum advantage out of it.

I am doing my internship with Thomas Cook (India) Ltd in sales and it will be my job to explore the Market Potential of Foreign Exchange Products in Cochin. Some of my responsibilities include indentifying schools and colleges that have International collaborations and creating brand awareness for my company amongst these institutions in Cochin.

It’s going to be my first time in a corporate environment so there is anticipation. I am hoping for a friendly and creative work environment where as an intern I have the freedom to express my ideas. I want to learn all the skills that the employees of the company have and want to gain insight into good sales behavior towards consumers and clients.

I understand the challenges I will face during internship but I feel confident because of my learning at SCMS Cochin so far. It’s been a year that I have been here and the institute has exceeded my expectations by a mile. I was interested in a corporate career and wanted to learn modern management skills, which is why I came here. I think it’s been totally worth it.

If I have to talk about the things I have learned here, I would first mention the marketing skills, which I am sure will be quite helpful during my internship. I have gained theoretical and practical knowledge of management concepts besides knowing more about Consumer Behavior, which I will use to good effect during my internship.

Of course we have also been specially prepared for the internship by SCMS Cochin. We were taught about Business Research through various techniques and given opportunities to work on different projects. In fact the entire year has been a huge learning curve where I have got an overview of the corporate life and I am now ready to delve deeper into it with this internship.”

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Jayaram Vishnu of SCMS- Cochin School of Business has learnt that “Ideas have a very short shelf life in online retailing”, while interning with Flipkart

Jairam VishnuFor most of the brand managers and senior executives he connects with, Jayaram Vishnu is not really a student of SCMS, but “Mr. Jayaram Vishnu from Flipkart”. One month into his Summer Internship, Jayaram has become an expert at reaching out to multiple brand heads in order to seek brand information. This task assigned to him has helped him improve his written skills and has also increased his social network tremendously.

“Most corporates need and maintain a formal atmosphere, but not Flipkart. Being the foremost e-com organisation in the country, Flipkart necessarily has to be high on the ‘cool quotient’, as a result of which I’ve always felt at home here.  The management has always encouraged me to be a part of their core business, as quality and dedication is what they encourage, instead of hierarchy. My SIP here has given me a wider spectrum, for which I must thank my mentor, Mr. Govind, who has given me my own space to think and freedom to express my views and suggestions.”

Jayaram Vishnu starts his working day at 9:30AM with a cup of coffee and breakfast from the cafeteria. Initially, it took him time to approach anyone, as he was afraid of disturbing people in the middle of their busy schedules. But he soon realised that fresh, new ideas – even wild ones – are the basis of the e-com business…. and Vishnu is the king of wild ideas! He soon realised that because he was taking his own sweet time to frame and express his thoughts, his very idea would pop up on the competitor’s page. Things are different now. Jayaram has learnt how to frame his thoughts at a much faster pace and express them at the right time, to the right person concerned. Today, not only is he acquainted with all his colleagues, he has also made some good friends at his workplace.

“I’m essentially a traveller, not a tourist. That is why I get to meet new people while on a journey. Some of these people have played a major role in my life. I believe that being outdoors, and meeting new people and interacting with them, is always a big stress buster and also helps to build contacts. It’s the reason why, despite being from Trivandrum, I had no qualms about studying Tourism and Travel Management from Madras Christian College, Chennai.”

Jayaram says that he had a few doors open for his SIP, but his faculty mentor suggested he pursue an SIP using his own resources. This would not just be a great confidence booster, but could get him into an area of interest fit for his abilities. He took up this suggestion and ultimately, through a friend, broke into Flipkart. Once there, all it took was an informal interview with the Director of Flipkart apparels, Mr. Rohit C., and he was soon walking the talk at his dream company.

“Online business has always been an area that I wanted to explore. Three months of SIP with the market leaders is as good as it gets! My academic tenure at SCMS has given me new skills and helped me grow as a person. I have learnt the art of being patient and being a good listener here. SCMS has given us sessions and seminars with great experts. Some of the professors have really helped me to outgrow my limitations and channelise my career.  My faculty mentor, Prof. Bindu K. Nambiar, has actually helped me immensely to come to the decision that I’m best suited for retail as my specialisation.”

Jayaram Vishnu’s day at Flipkart winds up as late as 8 o’clock; but then, it’s not work when work is fun! It is probably for this reason that so far, his internship has been going “very, very smoothly”. The buzzwords for online retailing, according to Jayaram, are – innovation, novelty and promptness. He says that, because at SCMS the repercussions for accepting mistakes are always positive, he is now more ready to accept his mistakes and learn from them.

“This has been the single most important reason why the journey at Flipkart has been a cake-walk for me,” he concludes.

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SCMS- Cochin School of Business helped Gayatri Nair balance fun and work during her summer internship with Madura Fashion Ltd. (VAN HEUSEN)

Gayatri NairWhen Gayatri Nair entered the Flagship Van Heusen Store – owned by Madura Fashion Limited – right in the heart of Bangalore, little did she know that it was a crucial day for its employees. The store wore a desolate look, with not a single customer in sight. The tension amongst the employees was palpable – It was the day of auditing. In true SCMS- Cochin School of Business style, despite being a Summer Intern, Gayatri buckled up for the challenge and got down to the task of helping the staff to the best of her abilities. Needless to say, Gayatri was accepted as part of the team that day itself… no questions asked!

“Many women have a wrong notion that retail is not their cup of tea; even I felt the same until a month ago. My store manager, Ms. Mitu Prasad, has brought things into perspective with her no-nonsense work culture. There is no gender inequality at MFL (Madura Fashion Limited).  Everyone at the store is treated equally and, as a manager, she exercises the same command as any of her male counterparts.”

An out-and-out Delhi girl, South India had only been a family holiday spot for Gayatri until she got through B.Tech in IT from St. Peter’s University. It was here that she began exploring management colleges and got excellent reviews about SCMS from seniors and alumni. She was particularly impressed by the strict discipline and serious academic approach of the faculty and management.

“SCMS is ranked 49th in the all-India list of management institutes. In Kerala, it is regarded at par with IIM Calicut. Along with impressive accreditations, SCMS has an excellent student-faculty ratio and an impressive track record of final placements.”

Gayatri says that the strong bond between MFL and SCMS was a big reason why she was able to get past the interviews. MFL’s decision to take interns from SCMS was exciting news for her as a retail aspirant. She recalls the butterflies in her stomach when she faced the HR team from MFL; it was the first time that she was facing an interview for a professional spot.

“I still remember the bliss I felt when the Placement Officer of SCMS-Cochin School of Business, Mr. George, mentioned that the MFL team had found me to be a good candidate. Before leaving for Bangalore, Mr. George also gave me insights into the corporate world and advised me on how to behave in a formal corporate environment. Midway into my SIP, I realise how true each of his words were. His advice has been of great help.”

Gayatri works from 10AM to 6PM from Tuesday to Sunday, with a committed 48 hours per week. The SIP has been truly hands-on for her so far. From details like folding clothes for visual delight, to billing, attending to customers, replenishment and visual merchandising, there is hardly an aspect of retailing that Gayatri hasn’t dealt with. For her, the most exciting part about being in a flagship store like the Indira Nagar Van Heusen is that it gives her ample opportunities to interact with a variety of customers who walk in with high expectations.  She has observed customers doling out brickbats as well as bouquets on a daily basis. Interacting with happy or aggrieved customers has helped her feel the pulse of customer behaviour and to grow as a retail student.

“One year at SCMS- Cochin School of Business has made me a strong person. It has cured me of my deadline and hard work phobias. Thanks to the multitasking skill-sets that SCMS has given me, I am always the first one to take on additional responsibility. Balancing fun and work is an art and in the retail industry, this is the USP for a successful leader.”

Gayatri feels that the biggest plus of SCMS is that its students are not Delhi-ites or Kerala-ites, but united as PGDM Batch 21. The ecosystem makes sure that each of the 180 students is acquainted with one another, and she takes pride in the fact that she knows all of her classmates by name and face. Gayatri knows that it is this bond that will be her biggest strength when she steps out into the professional world. 

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Priyank Mehta says his mentors at SCMS Cochin School of Business were spot on about what to expect at Muthoot FinCorp

2012-02-14 13.49.46When Priyank Mehta was confirmed for a Summer Internship with the BFSI giant, Muthoot FinCorp, little did he know that it was the beginning of the greatest rollercoaster ride of his life. Just back to SCMS Cochin School of Business from his internship, Priyank says that when he cleared the two rounds of HR interviews – one at the Cochin office and the other a Skype interview with HR in Trivandrum – he thought he had made it. As it turned out, the interviews were the easiest part of his initiation into the corporate world.

“My advice to my juniors at SCMS Cochin School of Business is that before stepping into the corporate world, prepare yourselves to work very, very hard. Secondly, you should at all times bear in mind that the boss is always correct. Last but not the least, be ready to be hauled up for your mistakes, and don’t pull long faces. Take it for what it’s worth and just let it go.”

Priyank was assigned to the Delhi office of Muthoot FinCorp. Having done his B.Sc. in Applied Physical Sciences from Hindu College, Delhi University, he was sure this would be an advantage.

“On a typical day during the internship, I had to report to a given branch at 9 AM. My main job was to observe the customers, interact with them, find out their satisfaction/ dissatisfaction levels, and report back to the manager for redressal. I was also required to note facts and figures with regard to the vicinity of the branch for resource mapping as well. This was to help me compile my overall project report. Apart from this, I had to look for secondary data from the employees of that branch. This, of course, was the toughest part and involved a lot of pleasing and flattering. In all, I visited almost 16-17 branches across Delhi during the internship.”

Priyank Mehta says that Professor Sreekumar Pillai (faculty of Marketing at SCMS Cochin School of Business) had a major role to play in giving him a big start in the selection process at Muthoot FinCorp. He is also candid about the fact that the most important lesson about corporate life was that nobody had the time to sit him down and explain things. He was expected to find things out on his own. In such a scenario, he found most of the help coming from his faculty at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

“I had to learn to extract work from the employees and sometimes needed to flatter the project guide for some work or the other. This experience is totally different from whatever I had experienced before. No one has the time for you, there is not much merit in crying your grief to your boss… you have to take care of yourself at every step and have to carve out your own path. It was here that Professor V. Srinivasan – my faculty mentor from SCMS Cochin School of Business – was a great support. He guided me and shared his experiences of the corporate world, which really helped me during the SIP. In fact, most of the faculty members at SCMS Cochin School of Business have extensive corporate experience to share with the students. It is why SCMS Cochin School of Business has had an exceptional placement record for the 20 batches that have passed out.”

Born and brought up in Jhansi (UP), Priyank says that he did not have to think twice before travelling southward to SCMS Cochin School of Business for a good business education.

“The experience has been good till date. The southern part of India is as beautiful as I had heard. The weather is good and so are the beaches. I learnt a few words in Malayalam but it’s not like Hindi or English; it’s tough to learn. The difference in cuisine was also a challenge initially.”

Priyank underscores the fact that his time at SCMS Cochin School of Business has been full of sweet and sour moments and experiences, which he has enjoyed very much. He advises his juniors to take the college rules and discipline seriously, as they help a lot during the SIP.


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SCMS-Cochin ushers in a new trend – attempt to get an SIP on your own, before going for the companies that come for on-campus placements


SCMS-Cochin has ushered in a very interesting concept for the Summer Internship Programme. The companies that made themselves available for SIP recruitment saw a significant increase over last year, with corporates like HDFC, Federal Bank, Bank of Baroda and South Indian Bank in the BFSI category; Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Reliance Trendz and Future Value in the Retail segment; giants like Pepsico, Hindustan Coca Cola and, of course, other regular recruiters like TCS, Sony, MoserBaer, Asian Paints, Berger Paints and Fresenius Medical Care coming in. Quite a few new recruiters, like Oberoi Hotels, FlipKart, Volvo India, Hitachi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Marks & Spencers, Bosch, Total Oil India Pvt. Ltd. and Singer India were also seen for SIP recruitment at SCMS-Cochin. However, this time around, much before the start of the SIP, SCMS-Cochin had carried out a detailed brief and training for the 21st batch. It was preparing all the 173 students to go out and crack SIPs with companies of their own choice, rather than wait for on-campus SIP recruitment. The result was nothing short of spectacular.

“It was a conscious decision on the part of the SCMS-Cochin management,” says Mr. George Joseph, the Placement Cell in-charge at SCMS-Cochin. “As part of our blue oceans strategy, we wanted students to explore the market, negotiate, and create connects in industries and organisations of their own choice. Basically, we wanted them to dig deep within themselves and find out what they were passionate about and go after it with all their might. To say that the results have been astonishing is an understatement. Of the 173 students of the 21st batch (2012-14), 159 cracked SIPs on their own, in organisations of their choice. The remaining 14 had the luxury of choosing from among the very best. This was a complete reversal of trends, where students were actually choosing companies and not the other way around. It has also led to an unprecedented increase in the number of students that have converted SIPs into pre-placement offers.”  

Quite interestingly, this has also led to a pan-India dispersion of SIP locations, with states from the far East (West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand) as well as Northern and Western India (UP, Haryana, New Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan) recruiting at par with the traditional recruiting strongholds like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and, of course, the home state of Kerala.

“But the most important aspect of letting students go out and crack their own SIPs as a policy was the positive change it brought about in them in a very short period. They realised that market conditions were not favouring them, and began responding and preparing accordingly. The Faculty Mentors of each student closely oversaw the entire process. We have a very unique way of getting feedback from the Corporate Mentors. Our Faculty Mentors interact regularly with respective students’ Corporate Mentors either on the phone or over email. The most unique part is that midway through the project, our Faculty Mentor seeks an appointment with the Corporate Mentor and meets with him to find out about the student’s progress. This is religiously followed here in our institute; irrespective of where the Corporate Mentor is located, our Faculty Mentor definitely meets with him/ her.”

While students are encouraged to seek their own SIPs, the tight control over the feedback process – all students have to send weekly reports to their respective guides with their Corporate Mentor’s signature and office seal – remains the same. With this new approach to SIP becoming an unqualified success, it won’t be long before other premier institutes go the SCMS-Cochin way, giving more power and control to the students when it comes to their destiny.


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Prabaharan, SCMS-COCHIN 2011-13 Batch – “While I was unsure of my abilities, My teachers at SCMS-COCHIN were not.”

From a small town in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) premises in South Mumbai, Prabaharan has come a long way. For him, SCMS-COCHIN proved to be the catalyst for this change. After making it to SCMS-COCHIN, Prabaharan found a great opportunity in the form of the United Stock Exchange of India coming his way via the Summer Internship Programme. While Prabahran was unsure of his abilities, his teachers were not.

“It was due to the urging of Professor Srinivasan, a faculty member at SCMS-COCHIN, that I mustered the courage to apply to the United Stock Exchange of India. To everyone’s delight, I was accepted for an SIP between the 25th of June and 14th of September, 2012. For a Finance student, this is probably the ultimate break. A stint with the United Stock Exchange ensures that your understanding of the subject grows by leaps and bounds.”

This was also Prabaharan’s first board-and-lodging experience in Mumbai. With some help from an online broker, he was able to rent an apartment close to his office. It did take him some time to adjust to the new culture, food and the language of Maharashtra; but once he found his footing, it was a very pleasurable and enriching experience.

“The internship involves a research project comparing the derivative markets in India and the US,” says Prabahran about his SIP project. “Since the Indian derivative market is at a nascent stage, while the US market is well established, this project gives me a deep understand of the Indian FX derivative market. Of course, there is the added benefit of learning about the Stock Exchange and Clearing House operations, as well as the importance of SEBI and RBI as regulators of financial markets.”

Prabaharan concedes that this was not easy in the beginning, when he was unfamiliar with the financial jargons of both countries, but with some effort and supplementary reading, he has been able to master the financial language. He feels that this internship in Mumbai has helped him greatly in understanding the corporate working structure in the financial capital of the country. Since his workplace is in ‘Fort’, he is surrounded by some of the biggest corporate offices, which in itself is a great motivating factor.

“The simplicity of it all is rather surprising. Small things like being served coffee in my cabin, wearing a  name-tag, and easily walking into a high-security building like the BSE gives me a kick! Also, the broader working culture and discipline of Mumbai, the honesty of taxi drivers and the multiple  lifestyles one sees there have been a part of my steep learning curve in this ‘maximum city’.”

Prabaharan feels that had it not been for the support of his faculty mentor at SCMS-COCHIN, Dr. Deepa Pillai, he would not have been able to navigate through the new and exciting waters of his internship as well as Mumbai, and come this far.

“Dr.Deepa Pillai has given me the freedom to call any time and clear doubts. Her advice came especially handy in the beginning of the project when I had many questions. Her suggestion that I maintain a diary helped me learn to organise my work. In fact, you don’t really have to be a mentee to be helped by SCMS-COCHIN faculty. That’s what makes us feel safe and secure even when we are away from SCMS-COCHIN.”

In situations where both work and the city are a new challenge, the importance of a strong academic and emotional backing – like the one provided by SCMS-COCHIN to its students – cannot be stressed enough; and nobody knows this better than Prabaharan.



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