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Mr. Rajeevan V. (IRS) ,Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board in Campus


Students and faculty members at SCMS Cochin School of Business were blessed with an opportunity to interact with Mr. V Rajeevan, Chairman of RRB, as part of the Industry Interaction Initiative Session on Friday. He is a musician at heart and also the son of famous Malayalam poet, ONV Kurup.

In his maiden visit to our campus, with his long years of experience in the industry, he gave a canvas to the audience as to what the world out there expects out of the emerging management professionals. He inspired the students to change their attitudes towards everything in life and also encouraged them to enthusiastically participate in this race of life where in time doesn’t wait for us, in turn we have to mould ourselves to cope up with the same and come out successful in life.

As recruitment is his walk of life, he explained what the recruiters look for in the pool of prospective candidates. According to him, students should have a vision in life, they should come out of their comfort zones and should be open to absorb changes in day to day life, as this is paramount to success in life. He elucidated the same but putting forth a plethora of examples. He also advised the students to improve their communication skills and learn to manage time properly as at the end of the day, these matter the most to bring out the best in us.

He concluded, by urging the youth to bring about changes in themselves as they would hence be well equipped to face tougher challenges coming their way in the future.


– A report by Pooja Sajee Nair (PGDM B25)


Marketing Forum 2016-17 – Inauguration held in campus

The Marketing Forum “Quintessence- The Marketing Grid” for the year 2016-17 was inaugurated by Dr. Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC & IAM. The function was blessed by the esteemed presence of C. B. George, former GM of RBI, Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS School of Business and Prof. K. J. Paulose, Dean, SCMS School of Business. Second year PGDM student, Sudhi Kunhikannan familiarized the students about the aim of the forum. The forum is planning for various activities in this academic year like brand launch games, business quiz etc.

The inauguration was followed by a session with Dr. Darlie Koshy on “Marketing in Digital Age”. The students got the opportunity to know more about digitising and monetising. He cited various examples of everyday use as that of a backpack and its advancement in the business scenario. Dr. Koshy revealed how technology is getting disrupted. He also envisioned the coming of drones that would replace humans in certain fields like delivering of products.

Dr. Koshy interacted by asking the students to identify the eminent entrepreneurs of recent times. The students inquisitively answered him. Dr. Koshy proposed the key words for moving forward, that is, Inspiration, Innovation and Incubation. The students were wised up on E-retailing and digital convergence. He also familiarized the audience about the Zarafication of Fashion and how fashion is delivered like pizza at one’s doorstep.

Dr. Darlie Koshy concluded his session by inspiring the audience through his words, “If you conquer your fear or failure, you are halfway to become an entrepreneur”. C. B. George also addressed the gathering and enlightened the students. He expressed his thoughts regarding the session in the economic perspective. He urged the students to inculcate a positive attitude especially in the marketing field. The students got a great opportunity to learn more about marketing in digital age. The students are waiting for more such dynamic and valuable sessions.


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SCMS Cochin to host Endeavor, a workshop to offer expert insights to future entrepreneurs.

Highlight-SizeSCMS Cochin School of Business is hosting a workshop on entrepreneurship on the 10th of March and its turning out to be a hugely anticipated event. Called “Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”, the day-long event aims to help students gain from the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs, who have made a name for themselves. And marquee names that will be delivering talks on the big day have only added to the attraction of the event to be held on the campus of the institute.

SCMS Cochin has set the standard for academic excellence quite high for itself and does its best to not only mould future managers but entrepreneurs as well. In fact it takes all the effort to build that entrepreneurial bent of mind amongst students so that they can be leaders and job makers in the industry. This workshop is another step in the same vain as budding entrepreneurs amongst the students stand to gain a lot from the insights of the experts in the business.

The workshop is also ideal for those who are already into some kind of business and want to take it to a whole new level. And they can do just that by listening to the insights offered by a diverse mix of entrepreneurs who will discuss their journeys, which can also serve as inspiration to the participants. The guest speakers will also be shedding light on important elements of business like opportunity identification, resource mobilization, growth strategy and also social responsibility that’s associated with it.

Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President, Nevales Networks is one of the names that participants can look forward to on the day. He will be inaugurating the workshop besides delivering the keynote address, which should be a treat for aspirant entrepreneurs in the audience. Mr. Shibin Kumar PV, MD, Head over Wheels, Mr. Alex K. Babu, Founder, MD, Hedge Equities and Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting will then be a part of the first session that will discuss important aspects of being entrepreneurs for the benefit of students.

The second session will have Ms. Parveen Hafeez, MD, Sunrise Hospitals and Mr. V.S.M Nair, MD, VMA Consultants (P) Ltd taking the discussion further. The last session of the day has also drawn big names like Mr. Avinash Krishnan, MD, Quanda Communications and Mr. Jerry Matthew, MD, White Mart. Thus it promises to be an action packed day for the participants who will get helpful insights from the experiences shared by the eminent personalities present at the venue. Moreover they also have a chance to get their queries answered by the leading entrepreneurs and interact with them as well.

The day will come to a close with the Valedictory Function but not before enriching students with experiences and learning that they will hold on to dearly. The workshop hopes to inspire future entrepreneurial pursuits amongst students and provide a roadmap for future endeavours. And from the looks of it this is going to be an event that will live up to its promise.

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International Conference on “Aging Well – Social And Managerial Challenges” hosted by SCMS to put the needs of elderly persons into spotlight

SCMS Center for Socio-Economic Research, Consultancy and Training (SCENSER) is hosting an International Conference on “Aging Well – Social And Managerial Challenges” from 17th to 19th Jan. The conference comes around two decades after the adoption of United Nations Principles for Older Persons and gains in significance given the present day context. The renowned names that will make their presence felt at the conference will only add to its charm and draw amongst participants.

 It’s well established that the number of elderly people all over the world, especially in developing countries like India and China have grown exponentially in recent years. With this dramatic rise in the number of elderly in countries’ demography have come challenges that have to be dealt in the best possible way, keeping basic principles of care for older persons in mind. And that’s something the conference aims to establish over the course of three days.

The issues related to aging are interdisciplinary in many ways and they involve different aspects of social, political and managerial realms. Moreover health and welfare elements have to be taken into consideration as well. There are many researchers and workers in the area who look at aging from the social perspective, while SCMS has a managerial insight into it. There will be an emphasis on bringing this point to the forefront through the conference as well.

What is the impact the growing silver market can have on sales and marketing, finance and human resources? Are we looking at aging from management point of view? If not, aren’t we missing out on a brilliant opportunity right there? These are just some of the questions the conference attempts to answer by creating a platform for experienced academicians and researchers in the field. Exchange of ideas between them can help derive techniques and practices that can lead to efficiently managing the process of aging.

The names participants can look forward to at the conference include who’s who in the field of academia and research. Prof. Sarah Harper, Professor of Gerontology at Oxford University and Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Aging, U.K will be the Chief Guest at the conference. She has done extensive work in the field and is a much respected voice in the area. Her Presidential address on Day 1 is being looked forward to by one and all.

Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan, Chair Professor, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) Research Unit on International Migration at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is another hugely anticipated name at the conference. He has about three decades of research experience in the field and has also published several books and journals on social, economic and demographic implications on international migration.

There will be several other dignitaries who will be attending this International Conference that will be held across different venues on the sprawling campus. Dr. Radha Thevannoor, Convenor, ICAW and Director, SCMS who has substantial experience in the area will be in the thick of action as well. To make things more interesting, the organizers had invited research papers on various themes for the conference. They will only go on to enrich the experience that’s to be had over three days in January that can have long term implications for many all over the world.

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22ND batch of SCMS Cochin School of Business inducted with traditional grandeur

Mr. T.  K. Jose (Chairman, Coconut Development Board, Kerala) calls for inclusion of new generation management professionals in government machinery to maintain speed and professionalism

 Early on the morning of the 29th of July 2013, the auditorium at SCMS Cochin was packed with a select group of youngsters. Young men in their summer formals, and women in their salwar-kameezes and sarees spoke in excited, hushed tones on what was clearly one of the most important days of their lives. As the clock struck 9 AM, the inaugural session of the induction programme of the 2013-15 Batch – or 22nd Batch – of Kerala’s flagship B-school, SCMS Cochin School of Business, came to order. Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group, presided over the function. He shared the dais with Mr. T. K. Jose (Chairman, Coconut Development Board, Kerala) and Mr. Ravi Soman (Senior Business Leader, VISA Inc., California) striking a balance of two eminent personalities from the public and private sector, respectively.

“New generation management should enter the field of governance in order to maintain the speed and professionalism in both the public and private sectors,” Mr. T. K. Jose was quoted as saying in the occasion. Mr. Jose also highlighted how SCMS Cochin School of Business has been instrumental in bringing in good management practices to the coconut industry of Kerala. “It is high time the qualification for government jobs in India is changed to include professionally qualified individuals for specific positions, so as to improve speed, objectivity and transparency. No Indian university is offering a degree or PG programme in coconut processing, whereas several such courses are available in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.”

On his part, Mr. Ravi Soman praised SCMS Cochin School of Business for its multi-cultural learning environment and a diverse set of students from various states in India.

“Google can give information, but never experience,” said Mr. Soman, while handing out one of the most important lessons to youngsters entering the world of business management. “That happens only through the ambience and environment of an institution.”

The incoming students were given a panoramic view of the business world by two of the stalwarts of SCMS Cochin School of Business, Dr. V. Raman Nair (Director) and Dr. Filomina P. George (Academic Dean).

The 2-year PGDM programme at SCMS Cochin School of Business is split into six terms in all. First, of course, the students have to go through a Foundation course. The aim of this Foundation course is to bring all students from different academic backgrounds up to a certain basic level. To achieve this objective, students are taken through sub- courses on the Principles of Management, Business Environment, and basic skill development modules on Accounting, Quantitative Techniques, Computing and Language.

“Getting through SCMS Cochin School of Business is a dream come true for anybody, especially if you happen to be from Kerala, as I do,” said one of the new comers enthusiastically . “The mix of academically and professionally qualified faculty members, who also come with rich industry experience, gives SCMS the edge. The stress on discipline, adaptability, social values and ethos has ensured that SCMS alumni do extremely well wherever they go.”

During Year One the Batch of 2013-15 will be given basic knowledge in all the functional areas of management. A lot of emphasis will also be laid on soft skill development, experiential and self learning through an Integrated Managerial Learning Program (IMLP), Outbound Training and co-curricular activities that supplement the courses. Year Two will comprise a full term internship in a chosen field with an organisation. This will be followed by three to four courses in General Management. Marketing streams are offered to all specializations along with 4 courses in each term in their respective areas of specialization.

Here’s wishing the 22nd Batch a great learning experience in the sprawling, beautiful campus of SCMS Cochin School of Business!

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Asianet V-P gives SCMS students the inside story on advertising in today’s electronic media

IMG_1134Students at SCMS Cochin got an in-depth look at advertising in the electronic media when Reghu Ramachandran of Asianet Communications Ltd. addressed a May 1 Industry Interface Interaction session.

Reghu Ramachandran, vice-president and national sales head for Asianet and Asianet Plus, received his MBA in marketing and sales management from Bharathiar University and has been at Asianet since 1994.

He told the SCMS students that media selling has many venues it can pursue such as television, radio, the web, mobile marketing and out of home advertising. But he pointed out while out of home advertising – such as billboards, benches and on transit – is attention grabbing, it doesn’t allow the advertiser to go into detail and is not a medium for brand building.

The point of advertising is to inform, persuade, remind and build a brand, he said, and those selling advertising must strive to get results for their advertisers, develop new business and increase customer loyalty.

Ramachandran told the SCMS students Asianet was a leader in pioneering the use of electronic media. Asianet Communications Limited (ACL) is jointly owned by STAR TV/Fox International Channels and Jupiter Entertainment. It was formed in 1991 and has its headquarters Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala. The company owns several television channels including Asianet, the first privately owned satellite channel broadcasting in the south Indian language of Malayalam. In 2008, the News Corporation-owned STAR TV/Fox International Channels became a majority shareholder in ACL.

While many in the crowd were inspired to consider this field as a career choice, he stressed that it was no “cakewalk” and required practitioners to be highly skilled and hard working.

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SCMS students learn what’s behind a great ad at April Industry Interface Interaction

IMG_0408SCMS students learned what it takes to create an effective advertisement when Tara Ramanujan spoke at the April 3 Industry Interface Interaction held at the Cochin campus.

Educated in and having worked in the United States, she’s described as a thinker, writer, dreamer, office co-ordinator and technical writer at Verizon – and introduced herself as a secret observer of life around her.

Ramanujan told the SCMS students- “An ad has to grasp a person’s attention the minute they see it and to do that requires the perfect combination of graphics and the written word. The impact of that first glance determines if the viewer’s interest will be captured and whether they will read the copy – which must provide the information they want and need to know. Making the perfect ad is like creating magic.”

Ramanujan said to create a good ad, one has to look at it from the customer’s point of view. One has to determine the target market, try and envision what they want from the product being promoted and what would have the most impact on them. Once that has been determined, the advertiser then can develop a clear path to what graphics would be most effective, what the content of the written copy should be and how it should be expressed.

One has to be able to think from the consumer’s point of view, while keeping in mind the objectives the business wants to achieve, said Ramanujan, and accomplishing that is the difference between a good ad and an excellent ad.

While her talk was brief, the SCMS students attending said it opened their minds to all the aspects of everything that goes into the creation of a successful advertisement.


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