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Prabaharan, SCMS-COCHIN 2011-13 Batch – “While I was unsure of my abilities, My teachers at SCMS-COCHIN were not.”

From a small town in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) premises in South Mumbai, Prabaharan has come a long way. For him, SCMS-COCHIN proved to be the catalyst for this change. After making it to SCMS-COCHIN, Prabaharan found a great opportunity in the form of the United Stock Exchange of India coming his way via the Summer Internship Programme. While Prabahran was unsure of his abilities, his teachers were not.

“It was due to the urging of Professor Srinivasan, a faculty member at SCMS-COCHIN, that I mustered the courage to apply to the United Stock Exchange of India. To everyone’s delight, I was accepted for an SIP between the 25th of June and 14th of September, 2012. For a Finance student, this is probably the ultimate break. A stint with the United Stock Exchange ensures that your understanding of the subject grows by leaps and bounds.”

This was also Prabaharan’s first board-and-lodging experience in Mumbai. With some help from an online broker, he was able to rent an apartment close to his office. It did take him some time to adjust to the new culture, food and the language of Maharashtra; but once he found his footing, it was a very pleasurable and enriching experience.

“The internship involves a research project comparing the derivative markets in India and the US,” says Prabahran about his SIP project. “Since the Indian derivative market is at a nascent stage, while the US market is well established, this project gives me a deep understand of the Indian FX derivative market. Of course, there is the added benefit of learning about the Stock Exchange and Clearing House operations, as well as the importance of SEBI and RBI as regulators of financial markets.”

Prabaharan concedes that this was not easy in the beginning, when he was unfamiliar with the financial jargons of both countries, but with some effort and supplementary reading, he has been able to master the financial language. He feels that this internship in Mumbai has helped him greatly in understanding the corporate working structure in the financial capital of the country. Since his workplace is in ‘Fort’, he is surrounded by some of the biggest corporate offices, which in itself is a great motivating factor.

“The simplicity of it all is rather surprising. Small things like being served coffee in my cabin, wearing a  name-tag, and easily walking into a high-security building like the BSE gives me a kick! Also, the broader working culture and discipline of Mumbai, the honesty of taxi drivers and the multiple  lifestyles one sees there have been a part of my steep learning curve in this ‘maximum city’.”

Prabaharan feels that had it not been for the support of his faculty mentor at SCMS-COCHIN, Dr. Deepa Pillai, he would not have been able to navigate through the new and exciting waters of his internship as well as Mumbai, and come this far.

“Dr.Deepa Pillai has given me the freedom to call any time and clear doubts. Her advice came especially handy in the beginning of the project when I had many questions. Her suggestion that I maintain a diary helped me learn to organise my work. In fact, you don’t really have to be a mentee to be helped by SCMS-COCHIN faculty. That’s what makes us feel safe and secure even when we are away from SCMS-COCHIN.”

In situations where both work and the city are a new challenge, the importance of a strong academic and emotional backing – like the one provided by SCMS-COCHIN to its students – cannot be stressed enough; and nobody knows this better than Prabaharan.



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Sreenesh S.Shenoy, SCMS-COCHIN Batch 20 – “SCMS-Cochin and MFL gave me wonderful career guidance”

Cochin-born, PGDM course 20th batch student, Sreenesh S. Shenoy has every reason to be elated about being SCMS-Cochin student. Specialising in retail, merchandising and marketing, Sreenesh is of the firm view that his project paved the way for a sound foundation in retail store operations and sales.  While interning with Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (an Aditya Birla Nuvo company) and being assigned to the Louis Philippe store in Commercial Street, Bangaluru, he exceeded the retail sales target by 250 percent. No wonder that an elated Sreenesh says, “For an intern I have done exceedingly well, and I am lucky to be associated with this prestigious company.”

Unlike any other field, retail life is bit hectic. Being a 365-day operation, the focus is constantly on customer service and satisfaction. Speaking of the main learning’s from his internship, he says, “Maintaining a store is not an easy job. Everything needs to be controlled and you should have a proper knowledge about all the activities.”

He is particularly thankful to the retail business development head, Mr. R. Parthasarathy, who recommended him and taught him the important basics of retail store operations during his busy schedule.

On the issue of customer service satisfaction, Sreenesh explains, “Each customer is different with regard to style, likings, preference, etc. So interacting directly with customers and learning from them gives one a different experience” and adds, “I myself try to get an experience of every activity inside the retail outlet and learn something beyond it. This policy is the best I can adopt to earn a successful career.”  Among other things he learnt was about how to handle an entire retail store outlet and the ERP system of the company which includes billing, stock management, CRM, auto replenishment systems etc.

Sreenesh says that the main challenge was interacting with customers and resolving their complaints and queries, which he successfully handled by observing and listening to his store manager and colleagues. He says he thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire team at the Commercial Street outlet. “It is one of the biggest stores in Bangalore and I am lucky to get to work with this team,” adds Sreenesh. He is extremely grateful to his store manager and project guide, Mr. Manish Sharma, who ensured that he learnt every aspect before he finished his project. Further, Sreenesh adds that every employee should be geared to render proper customer service, the merchandise on display should be visually appealing and the customer should get the proper satisfaction from the service offered.

“The employees in the firm are very supportive, always encouraging and motivating. I also would like to thank Ms.Deepa Mahesh, Ms.Rubi Kalita and Mr.Srinivasan for giving me a wonderful and experiencing opportunity”, ends Sreenesh.

Sreenesh is all praise for his faculty mentor, Mrs. Joby Joy, who continuously keeps in touch with her mentees and motivates them to finish their work in time. “She is a good guide and successfully resolves our project queries. I am extremely thankful to SCMS-COCHIN and MFL for giving me such a wonderful guidance for my career,”


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‘Meeting targets within a particular time’- a challenge successfully met by Athira of SCMS-COCHIN!

Athira Unni M., PGDM, Batch 20, SCMS-COCHIN, is a people person and she loved her internship in the HR department of Tulip in Bangalore. Ask her what she enjoyed most, and quick comes the reply, “The most enjoyable part of the project was meeting new people every day, thus helping me create a huge social network.”

Athira was born in Kerala but grew up in Goa. She chose to move to Bangalore on the advice of a senior at SCMS-COCHIN who had earlier interned with Tulip.

Her role at Tulip was to design and implement various employee engagement activities in the South zone. She worked in the Tulip Data centre as well as Tulip Telecom. She had to ensure that all the activities were conducted simultaneously throughout the southern region, i.e. Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum and Bangalore. She also looked after the recruitment procedures with one of her colleague from SCMS-COCHIN.

Although Athira’s interest lay in HR, it was a challenging assignment for her, since she was completely new to employee engagement. The major hurdles she had to overcome were targets to be achieved within a particular time and managing a huge crowd while conducting activities. She smiles and recalls, “Although these are corporate professionals, when it comes to activities, they get too noisy and it’s very difficult to manage them as you are just an intern!” She feels her interpersonal skills and ability to be strict if required were the strengths that helped her manage this challenge. She also said that conducting such activities was fun and motivating due to the positive response from the employees. More than anything else, she is highly appreciative of the opportunity to learn through real practical experience.


Meeting deadlines was not a problem to manage since she is used to SCMS-COCHIN curriculum that encourages meeting tight deadlines and helps in learning time management. Sharing her learning from the internship, Athira says, “I feel the main learning for me has been the exposure to corporate culture, adaptability to any situation, and taking up tough responsibilities”. She is very excited about her exposure and work experience. Her advice to juniors at SCMS-COCHIN is, “Be prepared for competition and challenges when step out of home. A strong and determined mind-set can help you achieve everything you are asked to and then more!”


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SCMS-COCHIN’s Parivarthana 2012 focuses on Road Safety for Youngsters.

Road safety will be the focus of SCMS-COCHIN’s Parivarthana 2012, a social programme launched by the SCMS group of educational institutions. The programme is aimed at getting students to tackle social challenges and problems faced by modern society.

“Carelessness of two-wheeler riders on the road is a major reason for road accidents leading to the death of youngsters”, said P. A. Sainuddin, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Central Range. Along with Adarshkumar G. Nair, well-known trainer and motor vehicle inspector, Sainuddin addressed the students and faculty at the inaugural traffic coaching session of Parivarthana 2012.

Parivarthana is a month-long training programme for students from selected schools in and around Ernakulam. It is conducted by the MBA, PGDM and MCA students of SCMS. The training this year will cover more than 25,000 students in about 100 schools and be held during the month of October.

This year’s road safety programme was drafted under the guidance of the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NATPAC) and the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala.

Road safety is indeed a social problem in all of India. In 2009, a report released by the World Health Organisation showed that more people died in road accidents in India than anywhere else in the world. At that time, based on 2007 statistics, at least 13 people were dying every hour in road accidents across the country. It was noted that the figures were likely even higher.

“There is no estimate of how many injured in road accidents die a few hours or days after the accident,” said Rohit Baluja, member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration and Commission of Global Road Safety representing Asia. While 23,991 occupants of trucks and lorries lost their lives in 2007, the largest single segment of road deaths, this was followed by riders of two-wheelers.

Road safety is just the latest in a series of social problems that have been tackled by SCMS-COCHIN students over the past few years.

In Parivarthana 2010, the programme focused on creating awareness among students on adolescent problems, reproductive sex education, misuse of technology and ways to prevent and fight AIDS.

Students were also informed about dangers of not using modern technology in a wise way.

Parivarthana 2011 elaborated on topics like prevention of drug abuse in adolescents, promotion of personal hygiene, civic behaviour in children and safer social networking on the Internet.


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Satyabrata Majhi, SCMS-COCHIN 2010-12 Batch – “Determined to succeed in spite of the challenges!”

Satyabrata Majhi belongs to Bhubaneswar (Odisha). He wanted to do his internship with the best in the country, so instead of looking for an internship in his hometown, he made his way to India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore.  Satyabrata is doing his internship at Hitachi Data Systems(HDS) in Bangalore. He found this opportunity (three months internship – from the 25th of June, 2012 to the 14th of September) with the help of his mentor and his friend Srinath Taduri.

He chose System and Marketing as his topic for the internship. Keeping this in focus, the company has given him a target to visit about 50 IT clients including Nokia, Siemens, Accenture, Festo and many more. He is supposed to collect information and analyse the total data storage potential in Bangalore, as well as the prospective areas where Hitachi can enter. Along with this, he also has to do a campaign for Hitachi Data System to bring some technological freshness into the companies. Satyabrata’s interests lie in IT as well as electronics, since he is an Electrical and Electronics B.Tech. He always wanted to do his internship with an organisation that enabled him to combine Electronics and IT, and Hitachi matches his profile and area of interest perfectly.

Satyabrata has a learnt a lot with HDS during this period. “The best thing this company has taught me is the art of Inspiring the next generation”, he shared. He also lists the following as his definite take-away from this internship:

1. Having meaningful conversations with customers

2. Using and designing EDM and Tele-calling scripts

3. Using Webex tools for meetings

However, this perfect internship comes with its own challenges. Getting appointments from the IT heads of various organisations is tough for him at the moment, but he is determined to succeed. Satyabrata has managed a paying guest accommodation with his old friends but food, he says, is a big challenge. Though they manage with restaurant food, he says he certainly misses his mother’s cooking!

However, Satyabrata knows he will learn to navigate all this. In fact, he plans to enjoy his stay in Bangalore and see the city before heading back to SCMS-COCHIN.

He thanks his mentor, Justin Joy, as well as his HOD, Prof. Mariakutty, for their help and support throughout his course and internship, “Faculty support is like an end user support. They are the people who acted as pathfinders for me in this internship.”


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