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Jitesh M tops SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015 (Retail) and reveals how his institute turned him into a well-rounded individual.

jiteshWhile there are aspirants who enroll in a management program to give their careers a boost, there are some who know that it could be their last shot at higher education. Jitesh M of SCMS Cochin School of Business admits that he is one of the latter, which is why he wanted to make the most out of his two years at the renowned B School. He seems to have done just that, as he was the proud Top Scorer in the Retail class of 2015, which won him the coveted award at this year’s Convocation.

As he looks back on his journey with the institute, Jitesh says, “I joined SCMS Cochin with a lot of expectations. My two years at the institute have been full of learning and fun. Not only have I gained as an individual, with a big change in my personality, but I have also developed as a professional who is ready to work in the competitive corporate world.” And, according to Jitesh, it has a lot to do with the contribution of his faculty members at the institute.

Jitesh then talks about the emphasis his institute puts on extracurricular activities through different initiatives like Parivarthana and management fests. This aids in the overall development of students. “I have gained a lot of experience from organizing different events like the management fest Shikhar, the job fair and ‘Directors Fireside,’” he tells us. “We also had industrial visits to companies like Metro and Mantri mall, and that helped relate the concepts we learned in classroom to real life situations.”

Now that he has won the prestigious Top Scorer award, Jitesh feels proud of his achievement knowing that his hard work has paid off. But we want to know if he has any advice for his juniors at the institute. “SCMS Cochin is a fantastic place that offers you both curricular and extracurricular activities,” he says with confidence. “You need to grab them with both hands and take initiative as it will help you in the future. Look at mistakes as experiences and learn from them.” Jitesh surely did grab all opportunities with both hands. And, it showed with the honour of being the Top Scorer in the Retail Batch of 2015.

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Sreedevi Chandramohan wins the Achiever’s Award and talks about her accomplishments at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

sreedeviSreedevi Chandramohan, a student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015, cannot forget the moment when her name was called out as the winner of the Achiever’s Award for Topper in the Banking and Insurance Service sectoral programme. For her, winning the award was a huge accomplishment. “You know, with each step I took towards the stage to collect the award I couldn’t help but look back at my time at the institute,” she says with a smile. “Then when I saw the proud look on my parents’ faces, I said to myself, ‘I have done it!’ I was also thinking that this road is going to lead to bigger things in my professional life.”

However, Sreedevi is the first one to admit that the academic journey with SCMS Cochin wasn’t an easy ride. There were challenges along the way, which tested her mettle but also made her who she is today. “It was a wonderful journey, but, of course, there were some difficulties,” she says. “I don’t think any of us would say that it was an easy task to complete this course, but then it wasn’t as difficult as one might expect, too. In two years here, I have made several beautiful memories that I will cherish for a long time to come.”

The biggest advantage of learning at the institute for Sreedevi though, was the confidence she had managed to gain in herself. And that’s something she would like her juniors at the institute to focus on as well. “You need to have complete faith in yourself and be confident in whatever you do. You may have to face challenges and handle stressful situations, but be cheerful and everything will find its own way. SCMS Cochin offers you a brilliant platform, which you can use to your advantage in your career,” she concludes.

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Sharon Thankam James on what made her the Most Outgoing Student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015.

Sharon“College is about finding a balance between assignments, family, friends, and just about a million other things; but, most importantly, it’s about the balance between finding yourself and shaping yourself.” These are the words of Sharon Thankam James, who recently won the award for the Most Outgoing Student at SCMS Cochin School of Business on the day of her convocation ceremony. Here she shares her thoughts on the award and her experience at the renowned management institute.

Sharon admits that as she is ready to make a new beginning and bid goodbye to her beloved campus, she is filled with mixed emotions. The award is the icing on the cake for what has been a truly memorable journey for her. “It has been a privilege to study at SCMS Cochin, primarily because of the unparalleled faculty, who are uniformly engaging and always happy to interact with students,” she says, recalling all the benefits of her time at the institute. Overall, she confidently says that her time at SCMS Cochin was “a fantastic learning experience.”

According to Sharon, the academic curriculum at SCMS demanded a lot of hard work and commitment. But, at the end of the day, it was well worth the effort. Revealing the secret behind being the Most Outgoing Student, she says, “It was a goal to meet new people and learn from my interactions with them. I took these opportunities and participated in extracurricular activities to hone my skills and grow as a person.”

As a part of the esteemed alumni of the institute, Sharon hopes to make a name for herself and to continue to be driven and independent. She is confident her ability to do that based on her learning at the institute and her unending desire to grow as an individual. “I’ve learnt that one must have an unwavering passion for learning, self-discovery, and helping others to be successful,” she says. “Most importantly, the individual must be driven by a never-ending desire to do things.” As her success at SCMS Cochin shows, along with the award for Most Outgoing Student, Sharon is set for a bright future.

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Aparna R is thrilled to win the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the Best Academic Performance at the SCMS Cochin School of Business Convocation; and, she reflects on her journey with the institute.

_MG_4741Convocation Day is one of the most important days in the lives of management students. For Aparna R, the convocation ceremony at SCMS Cochin School of Business turned out to be a truly memorable one because she was awarded the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the Best Academic Performance. It was certainly a big deal for the youngster who felt appreciated for her efforts throughout her academic stint at the institute. Bagging the award in front of her loved ones and esteemed guests made the occasion even more special for her.

Aparna says that she had been waiting for this day since the previous year’s Convocation Ceremony, but was completely dumbstruck when she actually realized that she had won the award. “When my name was called out it felt like the floor had been swept from under my feet. I felt like I had conquered something and told myself that it was a result of all the hard work I had put in the last two years,” she says with a smile.

For Aparna, the greatest joy was accepting the award in front of her parents who were naturally filled with pride. She now feels encouraged to go out there in the corporate world and bag further recognition: “I have already bagged my dream job with Deloitte and I am going to give it my best every single day. I have always believed in chasing my dreams and SCMS Cochin has told me that they can actually come true.”

Aparna understands the contribution of the institute in grooming her as a professional and gives credit to her faculty team for laying out the foundation for her career. She also has parting advice to her juniors: “Find out your passion, whatever it might be and work for it before it’s late. Don’t deter under any circumstances. If you are determined nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.” These are wise words form an accomplished student – her juniors would be well advised to follow Aparma’s advice.

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Women steal the show in numbers and performance, bagging 3 of the 4 major awards


27th April 2015, Cochin: The Convocation Ceremony of the 22nd Batch of SCMS-Cochin was conducted with traditional grandeur today. In all, 120 students were awarded the Post Graduate Diploma by the Chief Guest, Mr. Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics Limited. The Guest of Honour for the occasion was Mr. Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment (India). While addressing the students, Mr. Krishnan conveyed his delight on the fact that the number of female graduates outnumbered the male graduates.

“Here’s to women power,”he commented to polite laughter from the audience. “I expect more women to be on the board of organisations, now that it has been mandated. My advice to all of you is to keep pushing the limits of your comfort zone, look for inspiration and passion, remain patient, and maintain a healthy lifestyle; it’ll make you confident – physically and mentally.”

The Chief Guest, Mr. Radhakrishnan (CEO, Adani Logistics), delivered an almost informal chat, peppered with a number of anecdotes – ranging from Hans Roslin’s video describing ‘the best part of India’, to the much-discussed book by Prakash Iyer, The Habit of Winning. For the award winners, just sharing space with notable industry leaders proved to be the high point of their lives thus far.“It was absolutely out of the world!”gushed Aparna R. who bagged the prestigious Chairman’s Gold Medal for the best student in Academics. “I had been dreaming of this moment ever since the SCMS-Cochin convocation last year. It was a great motivation to get up on stage and get the gold! When I heard my name being called out by Dr. Filomina, I was plain dumbstruck. To be honoured in front of such a large gathering, and to receive the Chairman’s Gold Medal from such luminaries, and, above all else, in front of my parents…I felt like a conquerer.”

But for Jithesh M. – who topped the Retail Management Sectoral Programme – it was almost a clean sweep by lady graduates this year. While Sharon Thankam James landed the Outstanding Student’s Award, Sreedevi Chandramohan topped the Banking & Insurance Service Sectoral Programme.

“It’s been a wonderful 2 years,”said a beaming Jithesh. “I did start out at SCMS with lots of expectations, since I had to gain enough knowledge and be groomed to fit into the corporate world. I owe a lot to my mentor at SCMS-Cochin, Dr. SriKrishnan, who supported and motivated me throughout my time at the institute. But, the best part of life at SCMS-Cochin has been the co-curricular activities like ‘Parivarthana’, Management Fests, and all kinds of sports. The exposure in organising events like ‘SHIKHAR’ (Management Fest), the Job Fair and Directors Fireside, has been unique.”

The placement season this year at SCMS-Cochin had been quite a jostle, with 53 companies vying for a passing out batch of 120 students. The top corporations that recruited from SCMS-COCHIN this year included Vodafone, Deloitte, Castrol, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Al Essa Group (Kuwait), Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Wipro BPO, Madras Cements, Thomas Cook, Airtel, British Paints, ITC, Coca Cola, Catholic Syrian Bank, SBI, Kotak Mahindra, IOB, CaféCoffee Day and IDBI. The eminent speakers, the success of female graduates, and the placement record all speak to another successfully year for SCMS – Cochin and, of course, the exemplary students.

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