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SCMS-Cochin ushers in a new trend – attempt to get an SIP on your own, before going for the companies that come for on-campus placements


SCMS-Cochin has ushered in a very interesting concept for the Summer Internship Programme. The companies that made themselves available for SIP recruitment saw a significant increase over last year, with corporates like HDFC, Federal Bank, Bank of Baroda and South Indian Bank in the BFSI category; Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Reliance Trendz and Future Value in the Retail segment; giants like Pepsico, Hindustan Coca Cola and, of course, other regular recruiters like TCS, Sony, MoserBaer, Asian Paints, Berger Paints and Fresenius Medical Care coming in. Quite a few new recruiters, like Oberoi Hotels, FlipKart, Volvo India, Hitachi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Marks & Spencers, Bosch, Total Oil India Pvt. Ltd. and Singer India were also seen for SIP recruitment at SCMS-Cochin. However, this time around, much before the start of the SIP, SCMS-Cochin had carried out a detailed brief and training for the 21st batch. It was preparing all the 173 students to go out and crack SIPs with companies of their own choice, rather than wait for on-campus SIP recruitment. The result was nothing short of spectacular.

“It was a conscious decision on the part of the SCMS-Cochin management,” says Mr. George Joseph, the Placement Cell in-charge at SCMS-Cochin. “As part of our blue oceans strategy, we wanted students to explore the market, negotiate, and create connects in industries and organisations of their own choice. Basically, we wanted them to dig deep within themselves and find out what they were passionate about and go after it with all their might. To say that the results have been astonishing is an understatement. Of the 173 students of the 21st batch (2012-14), 159 cracked SIPs on their own, in organisations of their choice. The remaining 14 had the luxury of choosing from among the very best. This was a complete reversal of trends, where students were actually choosing companies and not the other way around. It has also led to an unprecedented increase in the number of students that have converted SIPs into pre-placement offers.”  

Quite interestingly, this has also led to a pan-India dispersion of SIP locations, with states from the far East (West Bengal, Odisha and Jharkhand) as well as Northern and Western India (UP, Haryana, New Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan) recruiting at par with the traditional recruiting strongholds like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and, of course, the home state of Kerala.

“But the most important aspect of letting students go out and crack their own SIPs as a policy was the positive change it brought about in them in a very short period. They realised that market conditions were not favouring them, and began responding and preparing accordingly. The Faculty Mentors of each student closely oversaw the entire process. We have a very unique way of getting feedback from the Corporate Mentors. Our Faculty Mentors interact regularly with respective students’ Corporate Mentors either on the phone or over email. The most unique part is that midway through the project, our Faculty Mentor seeks an appointment with the Corporate Mentor and meets with him to find out about the student’s progress. This is religiously followed here in our institute; irrespective of where the Corporate Mentor is located, our Faculty Mentor definitely meets with him/ her.”

While students are encouraged to seek their own SIPs, the tight control over the feedback process – all students have to send weekly reports to their respective guides with their Corporate Mentor’s signature and office seal – remains the same. With this new approach to SIP becoming an unqualified success, it won’t be long before other premier institutes go the SCMS-Cochin way, giving more power and control to the students when it comes to their destiny.


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“SCMS- Cochin taught me that if you excel in something, you would not be left behind.” says Nazmi Najeeb, Marketing Manager, Flavourite Spices Pvt. Ltd., 2011-13 Batch

DSC04286Nazmi Najeeb has taken her new-found confidence to Flavourite Spices Private Limited, where she has been placed as a Marketing Manager. Originally from Kerala, Nazmi did her schooling abroad in the Sultanate of Brunei; returning to India for her higher education.

“I did my UG from MG University and then chose SCMS-Cochin for my PGDM. The decision was based on the fact that SCMS was one of the best colleges in Kerala.” Exuding utmost confidence in all aspects of her personality, it comes as a surprise when Nazmi reveals that she was extremely shy, diffident, and acutely lacked confidence right upto the day she entered SCMS-Cochin.  

“SCMS provides you the environment and encouragement to feel confident about your own self. We were provided a lot of training – a lot of notes and tips – to build on our personality. We were guided on the ethics and principles while in an interview. It has all helped immensely. One thing I would say is I was not at all time-efficient. I used to be slow and would take all my time to finish an assigned task. SCMS-Cochin changed all that. There would be so many things that had to be wrapped up within tight deadlines. Back to back assignments, projects, group discussions, papers, all of it had to be squeezed within a certain span.”

Nazmi acknowledges that SCMS-Cochin has certainly not been easy; apart from the hard-word there were a lot of rules and regulations. But she concedes that she would not exchange the experience for anything else in life.

“I needed discipline; I needed confidence… and I’ve got it here. It was a bit hard in the initial stage, but after that we went along with it quite well. It helps me a lot now in office to cope up the stress.”

Nazmi Najeeb has already joined Flavourite Spices on 4th April, 2013.

“For the first year I will be a management trainee. For a marketing profile you have to be very smart, very spontaneous. There is hardly any time to think. You are given the task right on the spot and you need to be on your toes all the time. You have to be ready to derive effective results. SCMS-Cochin trained us well enough on how to handle such situations. We were exposed to a lot of practical knowledge. Our classes were always balanced with real-life lessons and interaction with the industry. PGDM at SCMS-Cochin is not about the same, old, traditional curriculum that many B-schools in India still deliver. Here the course is structured in a way that the students can be industry-ready as soon as they step out in the real world. The syllabus is up-to-date and it definitely is helping me in my current job.”

Nazmi believes that SCMS-Cochin has taught her that the most important thing in life is to remain positive.

“Life will keep giving you reasons to be disappointed but that should not let you down or let you lose hope. If you excel in something, you would not be left behind.”

Nazmi Najeeb is not looking at hopping jobs as a means to further her career, but is willing to embark on the deliberate climb up the ladder at this mid-sized company. She prefers a job that offers challenges, and there are quite a few in her current one. Five years down the line she intends becoming an important part of her company’s growth story, heading a domain or a division altogether.


Nazmi Najeeb

Marketing Manager, Flavourite Spices Pvt. Ltd.

2011-13 Batch, SCMS-Cochin

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