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“First we are taught how to follow and then we are shown how to lead,” says latest graduate Asheeta Prabhu who just joined Deloitte as a Tax Consultant

Asheeta 1Asheeta Prabhu, a recent graduate of PGDM Class of 2016 of SCMS Cochin School of Business, believes that the biggest advantage she got from her institute was the leadership skills she developed. It helped the PGDM Batch 23 student throughout her stint at the institute and during the all-important placement process as well. The anxious, bumbling girl who came to SCMS Cochin School of Business with hopes for a career in the corporate world has been rewarded with a placement with Deloitte. Here she describes her journey from classrooms to one of the leading corporate brands in the world.

Two years ago

Asheeta remembers her first day at the institute vividly and reminds us that it’s where the journey began for her. “There was a lot of anxiety and tension all around; we were meeting new faces but had no idea what MBA life had in store for us, she says, looking back. “I had decided to go with the flow and give it my best shot every step of the way. That attitude has helped me immensely because I have been able to make the most of the opportunities the institute offered me. And it indeed offers a lot! You just need to know how to make the most of the opportunities presented.”

She believes that one of the crucial learning opportunities during her stint at the institute has been understanding the value of time. It has not only made her punctual but also well organized to take on different responsibilities and deliver on them. “We have had tight schedules all through these two years. Earlier we would have one week’s time to study for the exams, now it’s just one day along with 5-6 assignments. We have been made to pick up the skill of coping with pressure very well –  this is a skill that will come handy forever” she says with a smile.

The leader in Asheeta shines through

According to Asheeta, what sets SCMS Cochin’s Management students apart from the rest is the fact that they are trained to be Leaders from day one. “We learn how to follow and then we are taught how to lead,” says Asheeta while thinking of her journey. “I will rely on these leadership skills in my work life. I know I can be a leader in individual situations but at the same time function well in a team environment. This will help me in my career, which I can’t wait to start now,” she says enthusiastically.

The number game

Asheeta has done her specialization in Finance and is happy that she has bagged a placement in keeping with her interests and skills. She will be working with Deloitte as a Tax Consultant, and is thrilled about her profile. “I will be dealing with clients in the U.S. and it’s a huge responsibility. But I see it as an opportunity to shine and showcase my talents. I will do that from day 1, so in few years’ time I manage to establish myself as a competent manager in Finance,” she says. And given her confidence and focus, you would put good money on her accomplishing just that.

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Anubhav Agarwal made the journey from North to South in order to learn Management from a very diverse PGDM classroom

AnubhavAnubhav Agarwal was in for pleasant surprises when he made the long journey from New Delhi to SCMS Cochin to pursue his management aspirations. “I was nervous having covered all that distance to do Management. But as I reached campus, I was instantly made to feel at home and comfortable at the institute,” he says. “It has given me so much right from day one – I will always cherish this special bond we have.” The bond seems to have been cemented with his placement with Deloitte. And now, the new graduate is on cloud nine.

Learning to adapt from day 1

Anubhav believes that one of the important attributes for all managers to have is an ability to adapt to different situations and environments. He had to do that at SCMS Cochin as he was the only student from North India. “Thankfully I was assigned a mentor who immediately took me under his wings. I was also well accepted by the students here and that made things easier for me. I had done my BBA and am from a Science background, so Accounts was a bit tricky for me. I managed to adjust well and I see that as an accomplishment at my B School,” he says proudly.

From anchoring, to choreography to singing… a journey of variety

Anubhav talks about the academic rigour and the interesting teaching pedagogy that helped him not only understand management concepts but their practical applications as well. However, he appreciates the fact that SCMS Cochin also encouraged the extracurricular talents in him too. “I have always been a singer, but my stage skills improved at the institute,” he shares. “I was the choreographer and anchor of the core team for Parivartana and it was a huge learning experience for me.”

Not only did it help Anubhav gain confidence, but it also helped him understand a thing or two about organizing events. Overall, he admits that the IMLP sessions helped him take things to a higher level. “These sessions were designed to boost our presentation skills but they did a lot more than that. My communication skills have improved to a large extent, and that’s something I am quite happy about because it’s crucial for my career,” he adds thoughtfully.

Welcome to the corporate world

With his improved communication skills, Anubhav, who specialized in HR, managed to impress his recruiters. It bagged him a job with Deloitte in their HR team. “I have been offered the role of an analyst in their talent acquisition team. It’s an ideal fit for my career goals and I am eager to prove myself as a professional. I will also learn a lot along the way and build on the experiences that SCMS Cochin have given me till date.” His words are filled with hope and anticipation for a glorious career.

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Karthika Sivan talks about the tangible and intangible benefits of the PDGM programme at SCMS Cochin School of Business

Karthika SivanAs we sit down to talk with Karthika Sivan, student of SCMS Cochin PGDM Batch 23 (Class 2014-2016), about her placement with the prestigious Aditya Birla Pantaloons, we realize that her mind has wandered off to her first day at the institute. She is filled with emotions as she says, “There was a lot of anticipation in the air. We knew that we had come to a place, which was going to shape our future. We were nervous but filled with hope.” And two years later, their hopes and decision of joining the institute have paid off.

The tangible and the intangible benefits

Karthika asserts that it’s practically impossible to account for all the important takeaways from SCMS Cochin School of Business. According to her, a lot of it is an inherent part of learning at the institute and the benefits will be explored in many ways in the future. “If I have to count the few important ones, then I would say that I have learned the importance of time; I have become more disciplined and also flexible enough to handle various situations in different environments,” she states.

Karthika also admits that she was lacking in confidence when she joined SCMS. But things seem to have changed drastically for her as she has come into her own during her time at the institute. “I would be so unsure of what I should be saying. But today I can go on any stage and make my point. It is something I am quite proud of because it’s a huge transformation. I am also more organized in life, which should do me well in my career,” she says with a smile.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Academic rigour at an institute like SCMS Cochin School of Business is going to bring its set of challenges; however, Karthika feels that she had been equipped by her faculty team to turn them into opportunities. “There were challenges throughout, but they kept things exciting,” she says. “The curriculum brought in pressure and we had to keep up with deadlines. One big challenge was the internship but we grew from that and I think that has been the stepping stone for my career now.”

Up, up and away

Karthika is now raring to go in her new role as a Department Manager with Aditya Birla Pantaloons. She believes her Systems and Operations specialization will be put to good use as she manages the backend operations of the company. “I feel I will also be able to excel in customer relations responsibilities. It’s the perfect platform for my long term career and I am so excited to get started. SCMS Cochin has brought me a long way already, and now it’s up to me to keep going further and higher,” she says with bigger dreams in her eyes.

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Beating the blues of Accounts and starting on with Deloitte – Meera Rajagopal’s SCMS PGDM journey

Meera Raja Gopal“I believe SCMS Cochin has done a great job in building my self-confidence. It has given me the courage to take on responsibilities and accept challenges with the conviction that I will be able to deliver on them in time.” These are the words of Meera Rajgopal, student of PGDM 23 (Class of 2014- 2016), who did her specialization in Systems and Operations and has bagged a placement with a renowned name like Deloitte.

Here she takes us through her journey with the institute from day one to her coveted placement.

A friendly start

Meera’s first day is etched in her mind because that’s the day she met her closest friend at the institute and a faculty member who made her feel at home at once. “It was a truly special day in every sense because I met my close friend here and we ended up being together throughout these two years,” she recalls. “We also got chance to interact with the faculty members who made us feel comfortable right at the outset. That feeling of comfort and being at home stayed through the two years of my journey here.”

In fact, Meera talks highly of the support she received from her friends and faculty even when she has to think of her most challenging moment at SCMS Cochin. “Being from a B.Tech background I was petrified of Accounts. Thankfully, our faculty member helped me get over the fear. I would say the faculty team is the lifeline of the institute and we just couldn’t have done it without them,” she adds.

Creating well-rounded professionals the SCMS way

SCMS Cochin not only prepares you for your professional journey but does everything possible to offer you overall well-rounded learning experience. In particular, Meera mentions the IMLP sessions that improved her presentation skills. “We were put in different groups and had to do a presentation on a particular topic every week,” she explains. “These half hour presentations were instrumental in improving our stage presence to a large extent.”

Meera also highlights the fact that meeting professionals on campus, including entrepreneurs and academics from different walks of life and industries, boosted her confidence. It helped her through the placement process when she had to face her recruiters for the first time.

Ready for the life of a corporate professional

Her student years might not be far behind, but Meera is making the transition to being a corporate professional. She will be working in the Bangalore office of Deloitte as a Knowledge Analyst. She is gung ho about what the future holds. “SCMS Cochin has brought me to this place in my life and now things are going to get bigger and better. I am looking forward to proving myself as a corporate professional,” she ends on a high note.

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“Do not underestimate the importance of Team Work” – Danish Xavier, PGDM Class of 2016, placed with Coffee Day Beverages

2Danish Xavier, student of SCMS Cochin PGDM 23 – Class of 2014-2016, believes that teamwork has been instrumental in his learning and growth as a budding professional. Now that he has been placed as a Sales Management Trainee with Coffee Day Beverages in Bangalore, he plans to invoke that team spirit at work. According to him, this trait and every other skill he has gained at the B-school will help him work towards being a successful professional

A bumbling start

Danish describes his first day at SCMS Cochin as awkward as he had stepped onto the campus as a nervous Electrical and Electronics graduate. After two years, he is not only walking away with a PGDM, specializing in Systems and Operations, but an experience that will help him throughout his life. “I made a few friends on the first day but I was pretty nervous. Two years later I would say it has been an enlightening journey that has brought about several changes in me,” he says with a smile.

Time to smell the coffee

According to Danish, every day at the institute was an eye-opening experience, and he had reality checks every step of the way. “There were three important takeaways for me in these two years: the importance of hard work, discipline and teamwork. The biggest challenge was keeping up with the deadlines. The IMLP sessions not only tested our presentation skills but the ability to deliver on time as well,” he says, reminiscing on his time at the institute.

But the challenges taught Danish ways to improvise and that held him in good stead. He mentions how he started making a set of timetables for the day, which helped him distribute the work load over a week to keep a handle on things. “It taught me so much about time management that I am grateful for today. I used to be quite lazy but I would like to believe I have become more efficient. SCMS Cochin has given me the perfect combination of knowledge and confidence to go into the professional world with a strong belief in my abilities,” he adds.

Time to sell the coffee

Now that he will be working with the sales team of a big brand like Coffee Day Beverages, Danish is reminded of the importance of teamwork. It’s something he learned in SCMS Cochin and plans to use it to good effect. “You can’t function in the professional world on your own. I will be a team player at work, where I have plenty of opportunities to grow,” he says, buzzing with energy. “After a month of training I will be the Territory Sales Manager. I will be meeting with clients, setting up dates, negotiating proposals etc. It’s going to be one exciting ride that I am really looking forward to.”

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An internship with M&S in HR profile, converted to final placement with Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. for Soby

SobySoby completed her BBA and had to pick a business school for her Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). She was looking beyond just bagging a great placement- she was looking for a stimulating environment to learn from and prosper. SCMS Cochin School of Business happened.

It was after finishing the first year of PGDM with SCMS, Soby did her internship with Marks & Spencer’s HR wing and was soon clear about what she wanted next.

Soby sailed through the final placement interviews and rounds with Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. and that was not mere luck or chance. She was preparing herself towards it, every day.

SCMS was an obvious choice

“I was hearing about SCMS Cochin a lot; from friends, through the media etc. I knew it to be one of the top B-Schools in the state to do your PGDM from. Hence it was an easy decision since I always wanted to pursue it to boost my corporate goals,” she says.

According to her, it was a sound decision because the program has given her theoretical knowledge along with practical exposure that will help her excel in her career.

Stumbling steps were steadied

Soby admits that when she joined the institute she was filled with anticipation and apprehensions. But right at the onset, the B School put her through the paces and created a solid foundation for her management dreams. “It has been a wonderful learning experience with the institute and in some ways it matters to me more than the placement. The discipline made me more responsible and being a representative for different programs made me more confident,” she says enthusiastically.

“All the sessions we had to go through were constantly updated in keeping with the latest trends and practices in the industry. That’s why we were abreast with the latest at all times.”

Juniors, ahoy!

Like all management students, even Soby had aspirations to bag a good placement. As the placement season began, there was a flurry of activity. However she managed to stay calm because she has been preparing for the moment for two years. “I think what set me apart was my calm and positive attitude. I answered all the questions genuinely, maintained proper eye contact and body language and always had a smile on my face,” she says.

We asked Soby about her future role and how she plans to tackle the challenges of her professional life. She quips, “I did my internship with Marks and Spencer Reliance India Private Ltd, Gurgaon where I got good practical exposure to HR department. The role I have been offered now is of Store People Officer at Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. My main task would be execution of day-to-day HR related activities, which I feel equipped to handle.”

Soby speaks with the confidence of a seasoned professional who has come a long way. And going by that you can tell that she’ll go a lot further too.

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What brewed at SCMS Cochin that led Danish to the amazing Coffee Day Placement?

Danish Xavier is on caffeine high. After two years of incessant hard work at SCMS Cochin School of Business have culminated in his placement with Coffee Day Beverages as a Management Trainee in Sales. “Every day at the institute has been about preparing us towards being industry ready. Now I feel very well prepared for the corporate world.”


Here’s Danish’s story of scaling new heights in a short span of two years.

The finishing touches

Danish is of the opinion that SCMS Cochin is the perfect finishing school for management aspirants. “Everything I had learned here in two years, including the basic concepts, I got to express them during the interview. There were mock group discussions held, and aptitude training given to us. The PDPs, the IMPLPs, the Institute industry Interaction (III) sessions gave me all the confidence I needed for the interview,” he says.

At one point during the interview, Danish had to defend his statement, which he did without batting an eyelid. He thinks the fact that he didn’t back off, made an impact on the interviewers. And his reward for the performance is a placement in a B2B role. “I would be required to meet clients’ set proposals, manage clients in a particular area and increase the sales of Coffee Day Brewing Machines. I am up to the challenge because I have been groomed as an all rounded professional,” he says confidently.

The strong foundation

The small town, electronics engineering graduate had corporate dreams. He realized early on that PGDM had an edge over MBA because of the industry focused, frequently updated curriculum. Joining the best PGDM program at the top school in his state was an easy decision. “The syllabus they are teaching at SCMS Cochin has been designed to match real industry needs. There is something important you are learning practically every day,” he adds.

Danish talks about the contribution of his faculty members, who were available to clear their doubts any time of the day. They also implemented interesting teaching methods that boosted classroom engagement, according to him. That’s how the platform for future managers is created at the B School.

SIP – the challenges, the final project leading to final placement

Danish agrees that one of the important aspects of learning at the institute is the focus on2 practical, hands on learning experience. And it’s epitomized by the SIP program that gives students a taste of real world corporate life. “My SIP was with Manju Garments, Perumbavoor. While everyone was busy choosing big brands for their SIP, I chose a smaller brand. I wanted to learn and that’s something I did indeed. Being a small company, they hadn’t optimized their digital means. I, along with my other colleague from SCMS helped them getting things digitalized- from salary to recording documents. My interviewers took a lot of interest in my SIP project and it tilted the balance for me,” he adds thoughtfully.

He finally urges his juniors at the institute to make the most of various opportunities SCMS Cochin provides them with. After all, he himself went through the different stages of the learning process and has come out as a professional with true potential.

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“I wanted a good job and SCMS has helped me achieve it”, exults Sreedevi.

IMG_0925Sreedevi has recently been placed with Ernst & Young, Trivandrum, as a Business Analyst through the SCMS Cochin School of Business campus recruitment season of 2015. She is ecstatic, exclaiming “I could not believe I had bagged the job. The first thing I did was call my father.” This job is a clear result of her dedication and foresight: “I did my graduation in Math from Trivandrum. I always believed that management with math is a good combination that will help me find a good job and it did!”

After her graduation, Sreedevi wasn’t sure about which college to join. She is a girl who likes to stay close to home; so, she had never imagined a life away from home: “The decision to join PGDM at SCMS was really tough for me. I couldn’t stay away from home, but then I realized I had to push my boundaries and explore more opportunities and places if I want to succeed. I was searching for a good management institute and became aware of SCMS through local media. I got in touch with a cousin who had studied at SCMS and is well placed today. On her recommendation, I joined the institute.”

Sreedevi was told that she would have to work very hard at SCMS, and that the program is rigorous; however, that did not stand in her way once she had made up her mind to join the college. Today, those high-wired days have left her with close friends and sweet memories. “I will miss my friends the most”, she says.“And, I will also miss being in a hostel with lots of friends, with everyone helping each other under immense stress, working together at nightand studying together. In fact, I will miss SCMS – even the faculty members who seemed such hard task masters at that time!”

The interviews during recruitment are very intense and the schedule can be very demanding. Sreedevi was the last candidate to be interviewed and her session ended after midnight. Everyone was tired, but Sreedevi displayed a resilience that possibly cinched the job for her. “It’s not easy to have much energy in you at 12.30 in the night, she says. “We all were feeling very stressed out, we had been sitting through various sessions and had been at the venue for 24 hours!The recruiters expected me to be tired, but I decided to gather all the energy I could and put it into the personal interview. Not only did I answer the questions posed to me, but I also asked relevant questions. I believe that’s what got me placed.”

Sreedevi believes the reason she could think through these processes was the work SCMS had done to prepare her for this final selection. “Our faculty made us undergo several aptitude tests”, she says. “We also had group discussions that were carefully monitored by the faculty, and this has shown results.” Sreedevi signs off with a simple advice to her juniors that during a GD, they must remain focused on the topic and be confident.

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“I believe PGDM is a continually updated program in comparison to an MBA, and now I am sure about it”, says Litty who is all set to start her journey with KPMG

Litty Philip“I had a dream. I wanted to work with KPMG and it has come true”, gushes Litty Philip who can’t contain her excitement at the moment. Litty gives the credit of her success to the academic training as well as the professional grooming provided by SCMS Cochin School of Business, “I not only knew my subject well, but was also prepared for the Group discussion and interview. SCMS had me completely equipped for the industry.”

Litty was surprised when she was offered the job. It was only when the interviewer asked her to call her parents to confirm whether she would sign the bond that she realised she had done it! She was ecstatic and her father supported her. However, she became confused when she became aware the location of her posting. It was her mentor who guided her through that time, “Not only was the package below my expectation but the place was also not Bangalore. I wasn’t sure I could stay in Cochin. But my mentor advised me to take up the job. She helped me take the right decision of choosing a great work place and learning opportunity. I am really thankful to her.”

Litty is going to join KPMG as an Audit Associate. She would be working with the Global Auditing team. The job is an achievement for Litty who shares that she actually started working seriously on her career only after tenth grade. She wasn’t sure which college to opt for and was advised by her senior to join SCMS Cochin School of Business. He was also instrumental in her choosing PGDM over MBA, “I was told that PGDM is a continually updated program in comparison to an MBA, so I opted for it.” She knew that if she worked hard she would get results at SCMS and that has come true for her, “SCMS has changed my way of thinking. I am more confident today and can hold my own in a professional situation.”

However, she smiles when she remembers the drastic changes that came to her with her admission to SCMS, “I was used to a relaxed world. SCMS was so professional and disciplined. I have learnt time management and truly value my mentor for her guidance throughout my stay here”. She says she is going to miss everything, including the discipline that seemed so tough initially!

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Aswathi Krishnan gets placed with HCL Infosystems; drives home the importance of taking the placement process seriously.

aswathi“Working towards getting the PGDM degree is great, but the most exciting part so far has been  the placement process. Being selected by the first company that I had interviewed with was a fantastic achievement. I can’t believe that I could make it in the first go.” These are the words of Aswathi Krishnan, who was recently placed with HCL Infosystems. You just cannot miss the excitement and enthusiasm in her tone as she managed to achieve her goal with her first ever job interview.

Aswathi had every reason to be upbeat after her placement interview where she made quite the impression. “Not only was I backing up the statements I was making with examples, but I also struck the right note by saying how important a job and career is for women,” she remembers. “Even when I was told that I was selected, I couldn’t believe it. I was expressionless till the final briefing by company personalities.”

The high of being involved in the placement process might have subsided, but Aswathi’s memories of it are still fresh. In particular, she mentions the contribution of the placement officer and team that worked tirelessly to bring top rung recruiters to the institute. “We were guided through the entire placement process ably,” she notes. “That’s how we were prepared for what we were going to face in the interviews – that made all the difference.”

Now that the buzz around the process has reached its peak, Aswathi looks forward to her new job in Sales with HCL Infosystems. Her profile entails managing a store or group of stores distributing HCL’s products. She is quite up to the task, saying, “Client relationships will be crucial. I am not an ‘I ran too’ kind of a person. I believe in chasing my dreams and goals, which I will do in my job too.”

Clearly, Aswathi is achievement focussed and her confidence has been boosted with her stint at SCMS Cochin School of Business. She admits that she had heard a lot about the institute and its PGDM program, which made her join it in the first place. And, the choice paid off as SCMS Cochin gave her a cutting edge advantage. “It gave me a whole new level of exposure as I could interact with eminent personalities from different disciplines and industries,” she says. “It was a great learning experience.”

Describing her journey at the institute Aswathi says that it was a smooth ride; however, it did have several surprises along the way. She vouches for the fact that SCMS Cochin offers students new avenues to learn at every step of the way: “It not only builds you as a professional, but a well groomed individual as well. I was lucky to be a part of so many initiatives that opened my eyes to the world.”

If you ask Aswathi if she has any advice for her juniors at the institute, she is quick to reply: “Placements are prestigious; not only for us but our loved ones as well. That’s why you should pay due attention throughout the entire process. Your seniors are only too happy to guide you; make the most of the advice they give you by consulting with them.” From someone who has come through the process with flying colours, that’s sound advice.

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