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SCMS faculty adheres to the thumb-rule of 40% theory, 60% practice to teach Supply Chain Management and the opportunities it offers

IMG_0725“I have always had the passion for teaching. I like interacting with people and inspiring bright young minds, in particular. That’s the reason that, as soon as I completed by PhD, I decided to move from my corporate career to academics,” says Dr. C. Sengottuvelu, Professor and Head of Consultancy Division at SCMS group. The corporate career he talks about is almost two decades long and includes stints with big names like Kirloskar, Bharat Electronics Limited and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. But, he claims to have found his true calling with SCMS Cochin, where he is keen on shaping future managers and offering them a high-quality education.

Dr. Sengottuvelu is a prolific academic himself. After completing his BE from Indiana University, he went on to earn several degrees and certifications, including his PhD and a “Certified Purchase Manager” certification from the Institute for Supply Management in the U.S. Today, he brings his academic strengths and industry experience into the classroom at SCMS Cochin. “During my corporate assignments as well, I was a research faculty for company’s in-house training programs during induction training. I believe I can bring that experience to the table and ensure that students gain from it in the classroom,” he says confidently.

Dr. Sengottuvelu is a well-known name in Supply Chain Management (SCM), which is interesting because SCMS Cochin School of Business offers the niche stream as a part of its program. Given his experience in the field, one would like to know about the opportunities it presents future managers. “Companies have begun to realize the importance of supply chain management as a part of their business. Since it’s a vast domain, it’s difficult to limit a person’s role in the field. That means professionals in SCM have several opportunities to grow. With companies taking it more seriously and implementing new strategies things are bound to get better,” he adds optimistically.

According to Dr. Sengottuvelu, those who want to make a career in the field need to understand SCM as a process from end to end. He then emphasizes the importance of different steps, right from information generation to data collection and analysis. Talking about the course offered by SCMS Cochin, he says, “We have an in-depth course for those in systems and operations, and also retail. There is more service-focused learning for those in Finance, HR, Banking, etc. Maybe we can think of special certifications in the future because some students are good at mental planning, while others could be at sourcing and procurement.”

Clearly, the institute is constantly evolving and offering the best opportunities to its students. It’s also seen in its faculty base that includes names like Dr. Sengottuvelu, who are ready to share their industry experience with students. Here we have him draw out important elements of corporate life for students: “To begin with, as a professional you have to complete all your tasks in a timely manner. You also need to have a proactive approach where you anticipate things and are prepared for different situations. Another aspect is working with numbers, which is a place where the newer generation still needs to work on.”

With his two decades of experience in the industry, Dr. Sengottuvelu has seen it change drastically. He also understands the demands it has of management professionals of today’s times. He sheds light on them for the benefit of aspirants, saying, “The fact remains that the industry is driven by companies and they are looking for young minds who can visualize the entire business process. Given the importance of Data today, the industry also wants professionals who can make decisions based on it. Decisions should be made in a structured way with facts and figures and with the support of data. That will be a hallmark of successful managers.”

Finally, we have Dr. Sengottuvelu talking about his bond with SCMS Cochin and all the initiatives it takes to create these successful future managers. “There are three components of high quality education: faculty base, student pool and academic environment. They are carefully brought together at SCMS Cochin,” he explains, before continuing. “We are not just focused on creating future managers but entrepreneurs as well, and there’s a dedicated program for that. As for me personally, I believe in the formula: 40% theory, 60% practice. I try to bring that to the classroom and ensure complete student involvement, which works wonders for their learning.” His concluding words ring true for an ever-changing field. And, students should heed his words, as they are entering a world that is moving at a faster pace than previous decades. Through his experience and knowledge, Dr. Sengottuvelu is a good guide for this long road ahead.

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Mr. Sudheer Sudhakaran talks about how his industry experience benefits students of SCMS Cochin School of Business and wins him their respect.

Sudheer SudhakaranMr. Sudheer Sudhakaran, Associate Professor – Marketing at SCMS Cochin School of Business, has had over two decades of work experience, out of which 15 years were spent in corporate environment wearing different hats in Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Distribution Management, Administration and HR Functions. His last stint before turning to academics (he joined SCMS Cochin in 2008) was with Gujarat Cooperative Milk Federation (GCMMF) Limited as a Regional Head in Kerala. But, he admits that throughout his professional career a role in training functions “chased him” – at the corporate office, at the regional office and even at the factory where he was hands on with all the workers and their issues.

That’s how his passion for teaching grew – today he is a man on a mission to offer an innovative learning experience to his students at the institute.

After completing his Masters in English Literature, Mr. Sudhakaran did his PGDRM from IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Anand). However, in spite of his interest in teaching, his move toward education happened to him by chance.  While juggling with the Amul and Sagar brands “My ex-Managing Director just asked me one day to start a Marketing program for employees who weren’t from the marketing field. Since then I have coordinated several programs and given guest lectures at institutes,” he explains.

“But full-time teaching only happened after I came back to my home state of Kerala and saw this opportunity with SCMS Cochin. I knew that if I wanted to be in academics full time, this is as good as it gets.”

Mr. Sudhakaran adds that he was excited about the fact that he was moving from an institution under the patronage of Dr. Verghese Kurien to one guided by Dr. Subramanian Swamy.  His role model is the fictional professor Dr. Indiana Henry Jones, Jr., who is able to swing from the classroom into the field and back! “As a professor you need to earn the respect you get,” he says. “The industry experience that faculty members have gives them an advantage because they can complete the classroom teaching with examples and anecdotes. That’s something I intend to build on.”

He then goes on to talk about the learning experience at SCMS Cochin and the different initiatives it has for its students to ensure that they come out at the other end of their two-year academic stint as industry ready professionals. “SCMS is unique because we look at contemporary issues and give ample opportunities to students to move out of classroom learning to go for real life experiences,” he explains. “The Integrated Management Learning Program takes the stage fright out of the students. Right from conferences to workshops, students take part in several initiatives focusing on everything from entrepreneurship to environmental issues.”

Mr. Sudhakaran also talks about different electives offered by the institute, and how building a knowledge base in different streams can actually help the future prospects of students. According to him the industrialists have echoed that “At various points in time, depending on the needs of the business, people have to engage with different teams, or move out of teams for that matter. That’s where your skills in multitasking come into the picture. Moreover, you are expected to adjust quickly and make these mental and emotional switches. The dual-course specializations are in keeping with industry thinking.”

With his own experience in six different verticals that included corporate, factory and territory handling, Mr. Sudhakaran understands the challenges of the industry and what it expects from future managers. He also talks about the opportunities that lie ahead of them, saying, “Today, the business process is more sophisticated and the entire scenario will require new skills of a higher order. A whole new world of jobs will come up and young management students need to take multiple experiences to understand how the new business will function in the future. They can look forward to a bright future if they are passionate about what they do. Concluding on a positive note, Mr. Sudhakaran sees a bright future for new graduates willing to accept a trajectory of domain experiences.

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Mr. C.V George, Former General Manager, RBI, delivers an engaging talk on the Indian Economy at SCMS Cochin School of Business

DSC_6581Students of SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had the privilege of listening to and learning from the experiences of a former General Manager of the Reserve Bank of India. Mr. C.V George, a leading light in the world of Finance, came to campus to deliver a talk on “Indian Economy and Indian Financial Sector”. As was expected, there was a lot of buzz on campus that day as students packed the venue for the event, which turned out to an eye-opening experience for all in attendance.

The institute organizes Industry Institute interface sessions throughout the program for students to learn from professionals who offer insight into the corporate world. This program, organized by the PGDM Batch 24, was an initiative in the same vein as it aimed to offer participants an overview on the economic and financial functions of the Indian economy. With a lot of talk revolving around the booming Indian economy, the relevance and significance of the talk for the students couldn’t be overemphasized.

Mr. George began his talk by describing t he Real Sector of the Indian economy and offering students valuable insight. The interesting aspect of the talk was that it was based on the background of global economic integration and the uncertain nature of the economy. With the help of examples relevant to today’s times, he also talked about the demographic dividend of the Indian economy. He continued his talk with a focus on the growth performance of the Indian Economy during the pre- and post-liberalization period, which made for interesting listening.

As Mr. George went on to explain different concepts, such as demand pull inflation, Hindu rate of growth, Mathusian Theory of Population, protein inflation, disguised unemployment and sustainable development, he held the students in rapt attention. With anecdotes from his own professional journey, he kept the session lively and engaging. The highly enriching talk came to an end with a discussion on the financial sector of the Indian economy and the market regulators. Thus, it had many important takeaways for students, who went home richer in experience.

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SCMS Cochin School of Business Inauguration of the 24th Batch PGDM

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Chief Guest regales the new PGDM participants with his advice and anecdotes

23rd July 2015, Cochin. SCMS Cochin School of Business inaugurated the 24th Batch of its PGDM Programme. The event was held at on the morning of July 23rd, on the lush campus in Prathap Nagar, Muttom, Aluva. Retired IAS Officer Mr. T. Balakrishnan – currently the Managing Director of INKEL Ltd. – was the Chief Guest for the function, while Mr. Navas Meeran, Chairman of the Eastern Group of Companies, was the Guest of Honour. The gathering was welcomed by Dr. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS Cochin School of Business, while the Presidential address was delivered by Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group of Educational Institutions.

Congratulating the new entrants on making it to SCMS Cochin School of Business, Mr. Balakrishnan encouraged the 24th Batch to learn from history and look into the future to find solutions for the current times. Mr. Balakrishnan also noted a growing trend in giving back, citing the examples of the ultra-rich like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Azim Premji, who have realised that there is much value in embracing the “giving mode”.

“It’s easier to grab and redistribute, but difficult to create. Growth alone can eradicate poverty. Someone has to bake the cake for it to be divided. It is because of China’s relentless focus on growth, that almost its entire population has been lifted above poverty in just 30 years. Be an Entreprenuer… be an Innovator. We have a much stronger risk-taking ability than we did earlier.”

Mr. Balakrishnan urged the new entrants to SCMS Cochin School of Business to see that each one of their families had atleast one entrepreneur: “Don’t be afraid of failure; in Silicon Valley, success is measured by the number of failures that individuals use as learning experiences,” he concluded to an enduring applause.

Mr. Navas Meeran started on a lighter note, recounting the story of an industrialist who wanted to marry a pretty young girl, but her father wasn’t positively disposed to the match since he didn’t have a permanent ‘job’. Later, he came to know that she was married to an accountant in his own company.

“The times have changed today,” Mr. Meeran continued, when the laughter had died down. “Money is no longer a barrier to business. Differentiation is an issue. A number of people are already doing what you want to do.It’s how you do it… how you innovate, that matters.”

Presenting the example of Nestle’s Maggi, Mr. Meeran stressed that small companies and startups are better off in business, especially in greenfield areas, since norms and regulations are yet to firm up. Norms are much tighter today, and big businesses need to be cautious about how we do things, since social media is highly active and transparency is the order of the day.

The vote of thanks was presented by Prof. K.J. Paulose, Dean, SCMS Cochin School of Business.

SCMS Cochin School of Business holds a place amongst the Top B-Schools in the country. Ranked as one ofthe Top 40 B-Schools in the country by Outlook, it was ranked the Best B-School in Kerala and came second only to IIM-B in the South. The placement season this year at SCMS-Cochin had been quite a jostle, with 53 companies vying for a passing out batch of 120 students. The top corporations that recruited from SCMS-COCHIN this year included Vodafone, Deloitte, Castrol, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Al Essa Group (Kuwait), Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Wipro BPO, Madras Cements, Thomas Cook, Airtel, British Paints, ITC, Coca Cola, Catholic Syrian Bank, SBI, Kotak Mahindra, IOB, Café Coffee Day and IDBI.

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