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III session on “Shaping up for the Future” with Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar, Dpty. Medical Director, Sunrise Group of Hospitals

On December 16, 2015, SCMS Cochin School of Business organized an interesting industry interface session for its students, which was helmed by Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar, Deputy Medical Director, Sunrise Group of Hospitals. He addressed PGDM students of Batch 24 on the topic of “Shaping up for the ‪Future”. The renowned medical professional with decades of experience in the field drove his point home in his own engaging and inimitable style.


To give their best in their academic journeys, students often focus on their mental agility but overlook their physical wellbeing. According to Dr. Kumar that can be an issue that has serious repercussions. “Health is not a problem, maintaining health is a problem. Life is to enjoy but you should be around to enjoy it. You need to start looking after your health because your parents have done a good job of it before you start letting it go; that shouldn’t happen,” he stated. He then emphasized how exercising can help people lose weight, mobility, heart and lung health.

Dr. Kumar also focused on different types of workouts and activities that can bear results for students. “High intensity interval training, which is done to enhance aerobic power, has its advantages. Exercising only for about 30 minutes can help you burn calories and lose weight,” he said encouraging the students. His comprehensive talk further covered issues like damage caused by free radicals including tiredness, obesity and cancer. Dr. Kumar ended his session by fielding questions about health and wellbeing.

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The seminar on M-Commerce held at SCMS Cochin School of Business leads to interesting discussions in presence of leading dignitaries from the industry

The Marketing Forum of PGDM students in association with Indian Oil Corporation organized a seminar on the highly relevant topic of “M-Commerce – It’s Trending”. The nature of business is changing with an increasing number of consumers buying products through mobile apps. The seminar held on the 7th of December shed light on many of the interesting facets of M-commerce. The presence of leading names from the industry added to the attraction of the seminar that further led to interesting discussions and had important takeaways for students.


Some of the big names present on the day included Mr. Ravindra Prasad Elicherla, Head of Engineering & Technology, Tesco, Mr. K.A. Babu, Retail Head, Federal Bank, Dr. Santhosh Kumar K., Head – Product Innovations, InterGlobe Technology Quotient Pvt Ltd., Mr. Abdul Latheef, Fleet Manager, Indian Oil, Mr. Deepak L. Aswani, MD, Presteege Lachmandas Group, Mr. Mohan Thomas, Co-Founder & President at HIFX IT & Media Services Private Limited and Mr. Vishnu K.S., Head of Technology, Chillar Payments.

Prof. RTR Varma set the ball rolling with his welcome speech and offered an overview of the topic. Mr. K. A. Babu, a seasoned professional who works as the Retail Head at Federal Bank, then took over and made interesting points in his talk. According to him, Digital India will have positive impact on connectivity in the coming years. At the moment that 90% of transactions take place through cash basis and only 10% of transactions happen through other mediums. That would change dramatically with the number of Smartphone users growing 4 to 7 fold in the next four years. “70% of payments in e-payments are on cash on delivery basis, which is a challenge for this field. It’s because of lack of consumer trust and connectivity,” he highlighted the issues involved. He then took the participants through the steps initiated by his own organization to get over these problems.


Mr. Ravindra Prasad Elicherla, Engineering & Technology, Tesco on the other hand started by describing how mobile phones enabled thousands of people to gather in the street for save white field campaign. Through an exciting quiz he offered insights into the function of Tesco. He presented an outline of challenges and risks with M-commerce. “Security and safety concerns, small screen sizes, user speed and experience, data size, micro managing moments, backward integration and pricing strategy among channels should be considered carefully. M-commerce is unstoppable and cross-device behavior, big data are crucial.” He also mentioned the importance of club card; a loyalty card for customers at Tesco that has given the organization and its customers a major boost.

Post lunch break, students from the Marketing Forum also presented their studies on the topic ‘M-commerce from a consumer perspective.’

scms 3Mr. Abdul Latheef, Fleet Manager, Indian Oil admitted right at the onset that his organization, which has 50% of market share in the oil industry in the country is not technology driven. But he added that the major organization is taking careful steps towards M-commerce and emphasized on different uses of the mobile apps for our times, right from booking of cylinders to helping victims of Chennai floods. He then shed light on different apps of IOC including Fuel@IOC for customers, Mpower for field managers and Xsparsh for dealers. He also spelt out various uses of apps when he said, “Usage of applications is for finding the list of outlets, price, working hours of outlets, whether they facilitate toilets, ATMs, feedback to know whether customer is satisfied or not.”

Dr. Santhosh Kumar K of InterGlobe Technology Quotient Pvt Ltd shared his experiences working with Travel Port GDS (Global Distribution System) product. He reminded the audience that the traditional ideal of travel had changed and his company was the first one to introduce electronic ticketing. “Travel Port will allow customers to search for their travel when they don’t even have a clue regarding it. The good thing about m–commerce is that people can learn it themselves without seeking help from experts. Technology is evolving and will change at a rapid speed, strong investments are happening in mobile services favouring travel industry, which are encouraging signs,” he said. The good thing about the talk was that Mr. Kumar made his points via a video presentation that hit the mark with the audience.

Mr. Deepak L. Aswani, MD, Presteege Lachmandas Group compared a Smartphone to a body organ that we can’t do without. He believes the changes with M-commerce might have huge advantages for people. He also emphasized on the role of Chief Information Officer in today’s environment. “Thanks to M-commerce distribution system has improved drastically. In the present market scenario, investments made at retail shops are at risk because customers have the option of buying products online through e–commerce.”

The next session had Mr. Vishnu K.S., who works as Head Of Technology with Chillar Payments offered insight into his own company and its products. “Our campus wallet uses ID, which can be recharged with money; it works like debit card. What differentiates us from others is the value we bring to the table through innovation. The challenge now is to provide relevant information to users in order to acquire and retain them,” he stated. The seminar also included a session where select groups of students presented their studies on “M-commerce from a consumer perspective.” Through examples of companies like Flipkart, the session revealed the inside outs of M-commerce and its pros and cons.

Finally, Mr. Mohan Thomas, Co-Founder & President, HIFX IT & Media Services Private Limited, shared his views by saying that through E-commerce, people all over the world can buy different types of products. He added that the Internet was maturing on an annual basis and the innovation is at a rapid pace. “Today, 72% of web traffic is driven by smartphones. With M-commerce here to stay, there are different aspects like talent, implementation of best practices, realization of order conversions, security aspect and mode of payments should be thought about carefully. But the fact remains that you need to be a customer only business not just an “app” only business.” Thus ended the highly relevant and informative seminar that had important takeaways for participants.

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Parivarthana 2015, the social responsibility initiative from SCMS Cochin starts off on a high note with the message to Save Water

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Parivarthana 2015, the awareness program and social initiative from SCMS Cochin kick started on the 24th of November with the inaugural ceremony held at GHSS, Kalamassery. Students of the institute were divided into three groups, each with a mission and message for social change, which they tried to deliver with much enthusiasm.

Group A, under the guidance of Prof. Sreekumar B. Pillai, laid the foundation for the first Parivarthana theme presentation on ‘Save Water’. The group also visited HMT Educational Society later in the day and took their message to a large number of students. The State Government schools they visited lacked basic resources including power, which was exposure to harsh ground realities for students.

Group B under the mentorship of Ms. Anjili and Mr. Justin Joy visited Bhavans Adarsha, Kakkanad and St. Josephs School, Thrikkakara. Group C on the other hand, under the mentorship of Ms.Deepthi Lunawat and Mr.Sudheer Sudhkaran paid a visit to Bhavans Varuna NPOL, which was facilitated by Dr. Sengottuvelu and Mr. Praveen.

Every venue these budding managers went to had school students present in large numbers. Anita Joseph, one of the them put it succinctly, “Save Water and Save our planet was an important message that was given to us today. Don’t play with water, don’t waste it but rather try to save it for the next generation.”

By keeping them involved in the thick of action, Day 1 of Parivarthana 2015 turned out to be a huge learning experience for the future managers as well. They had realized the importance of being socially aware and doing their bit for the planet even as they worked towards success in their professional careers. And that was mission accomplished for the noble initiative.

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“How can HR be used as a truly strategic function in business development?” Mr. Sujith Kumar, C.S. Head – H.R. and Administration, Indus Towers Ltd, answers SCMS Cochin School of Business’ students

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.27.48 amMr. Sujith Kumar, C.S. Head – H.R. and Administration, Indus Towers Ltd recently addressed the students of SCMS Cochin School of Business where he talked about the highly relevant topic of Big Data In HR. There was a lot of anticipation about the session held on 12th November, especially given that Indus Towers Ltd is a joint venture of the mobile giants Vodafone, Airtel and Idea and the prestigious winner of The Golden Peacock and L & D awards. And the talk with the seasoned professional, who had a lot of experiences to share, did not disappoint.

Mr. Kumar started his talk by focusing on the subject, “How can HR be used as a truly strategic function in business development?” The man who believes in inspiring young minds to build capabilities in human beings then went on to enthrall the audience with his 90 minutes’ speech. According to him, “The world is changing and so is the organization work ethic. HR function has changed and it’s not just based on what’s written in the CV. Organizations aren’t just hiring people for a job; they want people who are talented and have values.”

In fact, Mr. Kumar believes that Vision and Values are two things recruiters look for when hiring. He then advised the students about making an impression during the recruitment process when he said, “During interviews, one should present oneself with distinction and in a manner that sets him or her apart from other candidates in order to be a viable addition to the concerned company. When you display your vision and values to the fullest you will make the best impression.”

Mr. Kumar then went on to talk about the role of HR in an organization and stated that it could enhance business profitability if used in the right manner. For future HR managers in the audience he had relevant advice. “You shouldn’t be sitting in your offices but make your presence felt on the shop floor interacting with employees to understand their perspective. You need to move from denominator managers to numerator managers. After all, you are one of the important pillars of organization, which include Employees, Partners and Customers,” he added.

He called today’s HR managers as people managers because their main objective is to understand the pulse of people and knowing how they behave. Later talking about his own example and professional success Mr. Kumar said that his MBA degree wasn’t really instrumental in his career but his hard work definitely was. “But the world of HR has grown tremendously in last few years too and has evolved as strategic management. HR will become equal to the finance and marketing departments, which have a business impact,” he stated.

According to Mr. Kumar B Schools in the country also need to play their part in creating HR managers who are equipped to keep up with the changing role. He believes the curriculum needs to be practical and education should be experience based. “There is a lot of value to case based learning and actual scenario assessment is absolutely vital for the present times. As a graduate you should build your core values and vision besides behavior, character, strong personality and honesty to make your mark,” he ended on a principled note.

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