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Empowerment of Women main topic of discussion at SCMS-COCHIN Conference.

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The need to empower women was a key point stressed at the International conference on Microfinance and Gender Empowerment held at SCMS-COCHIN on the 20th of July.

The one-day conference was part of the British Council’s Development Partnerships in Higher Education (DelPHE) project being conducted by SCMS-COCHIN.

Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, Chairman of the SCMS Group, said the purpose of the three-year DelPHE Project undertaken by SCMS – with the active collaboration of agencies from the UK, Ghana, and Tanzania – was to learn how projects for the empowerment of women could be improved.

Guest of honour, Abraham Thariyan, Executive Director, South Indian Bank, said that the empowerment of women was a great step without which there couldn’t be any meaningful economic growth in society.

Jayakumar Nair, Retail Business Head-Kerala Zone, ICICI Bank, said at the conference that providing equal opportunities to the two billion-strong weaker or at-risk section of the population – fully one-third of the total population of the human race – was the key to progress within the country.

Former Congress MLA from Wayanad, K. C. Rosakutty, Chairperson of the Kerala State Women’s Commission, chaired the first technical session entitled ‘Role of Government and NGOs in Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation’, at which K. Jayaprakash, Lead District Manager, Union Bank of India; George Thomas, Director of Operations, ESAF Microfinance and Investment and Shri Pappu, Consultant, RSBY, Government of India presented papers.

Dr. T. G. Arun, Professor at the University of Central Lancashire, UK, chaired the afternoon session, which centred on the ‘Sustainability of the Self-Help Group Model in Microfinance’.

A panel of experts, including Dr. D. Rajasekhar, Professor, Centre for Decentralisation and Development, ISEC, Bangalore; Dr. Tara S. Nair, Associate Professor, Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad; Dr. Praveena Kodoth, Associate Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Ulloor, Trivandrum, Kerala and K.G. Jagadeesan, General Secretary, Gandhi Smaraka Gram Seva Kendram led the discussions.

Dr. Radha Thevannoor, Group Director, SCMS; Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS and Prof. A.C. Jose also gave their views on the vital subject.

Others speaking at the conference included: Dr. Bernard Mnzava, Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania; James Atta Pepra, Yaalex Investment Ltd., Ghana, and Dr. Samuel Kobina Annim, University of Central Lancashire.

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SCMS-COCHIN Student, Sebin Mathew, Prepares for the Future with a Summer Internship.

SCMS-COCHIN student Sebin Mathew realised the importance of gaining experience within the business world. It is for this reason that he is currently involved in a summer internship with AVT McCormick Ingredients Pvt. Ltd., based in Aluva, Cochin which would offer him the chance to apply his academic knowledge in a business setting. It would also help him meet the changing requirements of employers who are looking for candidates who have both academic credentials and experience.

For the next three months, Sebin will be working to study the quality assurance mechanisms used by AVT in the areas of packaging, raw materials and ingredients. He is then tasked with developing a Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) model that will produce recommendations and guidelines for all the suppliers in the aforementioned areas. He will then design a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manual for all the suppliers. Additionally, Sebin is also developing a supplier grading system to rate and prioritise all the different suppliers, based on complaints, audit reports, etc.

After his professor at SCMS-COCHIN, Mr. Kurian Mathew, gave him a glowing referral for an interview/discussion with the Vice-President of AVT McCormick, Sebin landed the internship and has been hard at work ever since. “I am from an information technology background, thus Operations is a new field for me to explore. As such, all the terminology used here in the QA department related to food safety, ingredients and products was initially a little challenging to understand, but having a good guide is always a blessing. I have a wonderful project guide. That is how I could tackle the challenges.”

Sebin is thoroughly enjoying the project and knows that it is preparing him for the future. “After studying a course on operations called Operations Management in my 3rd trimester, I thought of just one thing: ‘I have to get into this field and understand the different aspects of operations’. The internship project has turned out to be a blessing. QA is really interesting and is more challenging and dynamic than my previous position in software development.”

On looking back at the faculty support he received at SCMS-COCHIN, Sebin is equally enthusiastic. “We have one project coordinator and a faculty guide for our project. Both are encouraging and helpful. It’s the faculty guide, Mr. Dennis Thomas, who is my first contact from college. He is always motivating, and his kind and encouraging words push me and drive me towards my goal. He makes sure that we are comfortable with our work and is open to any queries. We are given complete freedom to call him anytime. The perfect blend of faculty guide and company guide gives me the right support required for the summer project.”

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SCMS-COCHIN Student Learns the Art of Corporate Finance – Says, Maurice Peters SCMS-Cochin Student.

SCMS-COCHIN student, Maurice Peters, is well aware of the importance of experience when it comes to landing a position in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. It is for this reason that Maurice is currently interning at the head office of the State Bank of Mysore in Bangalore.

Rather than finding an internship that was closer to his home in Alleppey, Kerala, Maurice followed the internship guidelines by selecting a position that was away from where he lived. The internship guidelines ensure that students are able to broaden their horizons by forcing them out of their comfort zones and helping them to become a part of the larger community. Bangalore turned out to be a perfect place for Maurice as he had lived there previously and was able to find lodgings. Maurice elected to participate in an internship that catered to his specialisation in finance at SCMS-COCHIN. As such, the State Bank of Mysore was the perfect opportunity for him. Assigned to the Mid-Corporate department, Maurice is now learning how working capital is financed by banks and the assessment techniques and monitoring methods of the working capital that is funded by the bank. In this endeavour, he is given live accounts and is taken through the process by a mentor who has more than 32 years of experience in credit appraisal.

Maurice states that he’s always had a flair for financial management. As such, the internship is truly helping him get a feel for the way things will work when he finally enters the financial job market. Already, the internship has proven to be both a learning and growth experience. His guide in the company has been extremely supportive of Maurice and makes the extra time needed to ensure that Maurice is successful. Maurice is also getting the feel of how corporate finance really works, making the internship invaluable as a learning tool.

He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to intern in his chosen specialty and is extremely thankful to SCMS-COCHIN for the support that it has offered him throughout the course of the internship. With mentors that are ready to help him in his journey, Maurice is certain that that he can achieve success within the internship and beyond.


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“Facing up to a new environment, Unfamiliar language and food, Has helped me achieve a very high level of Self-Confidence,” Says – Sairam of SCMS-Cochin, Currently on Internship with 3M India limited.

SCMS-COCHIN has a rule barring its management students from doing their Summer Internships in their hometowns; even if the company happens to be a globally renowned corporate house. Sairam, like many past and present SCMS-COCHIN students, found this to rule a bit harsh… until he started his 3-month internship with 3M India Limited on the 25th of June, 2012 in Bangalore. One month into his internship, the Chennai lad confesses that his biggest learning has been living outside his hometown – and his comfort zone.
“Having chosen a Marketing topic for my internship, my target is to visit about 250 retail stores in Bangalore, collect information and analyse the total stationery potential in Bangalore, as well as the prospective areas where 3M can enter. Language is currently the biggest challenge that I am facing here. To be able to do my job effectively, I have to converse with many local retailers and since I don’t know the language, sometimes I end up getting unnecessary information while on other occasions, I don’t get a response at all.”
Sairam, who will be resuming his final year at SCMS-COCHIN towards the end of September on the completion of his internship, speaks of the various other challenges of staying in a completely new city.
“In the initial phase, it was quite a task getting used to the mode of transportation in Bangalore. I am currently staying in a PG along with a friend. The food comes in from a restaurant every day, which is not the best option. Facing up to a new environment, unfamiliar language and food has helped me learn new things and achieve a very high level of self-confidence.”
Sairam is happy about the fact that his project encourages his chosen profile – Marketing, with a focus on Retail. After his current experience with 3M in Bangalore, he is absolutely certain that he’ll be able to manage his affairs independently, even on the moon!
“I now know how to approach retailers and collect the required information, language notwithstanding. I know how to work smart, and finish the work in an efficient manner.”
In fact, Sairam has come to enjoy his stay in Bangalore now. He is looking forward to making the most of his remaining two months before getting back to the classrooms in SCMS-COCHIN.
“Next door to our 3M office – which, to many like me, is a dream company to work for – is the UB City building, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bangalore. My project gives me the requisite exposure to interaction with retailers and the opportunity to visit all the grand malls in Bangalore.”
He credits the faculty of SCMS-COCHIN with being the main reason he was able to stave off the initial challenges of his internship.
“Our Faculty at SCMS-COCHIN will do whatever it takes to ensure that we are on the right lines. They will go through the reports you will file, keep track of what you are doing and advise you on the best way forward. The best thing about the SCMS-COCHIN faculty is their willingness to strike a rapport individually with their students.”
Sairam feels that he works independently in Bangalore, with the complete confidence that his faculty mentors at SCMS-COCHIN are always available to him for support and guidance.

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SCMS-COCHIN: Creating Leaders for Tomorrow

Globally competent and socially responsible business leadership is built through a continued quest for excellence. SCMS-COCHIN welcomed its 21st batch of PGDM students in July 2012 and they will go through the programme to take their place in the world of business as dynamic and efficient managers, entrepreneurs and executives.

Over the years, SCMS-COCHIN alumni have contributed to businesses the world over and created a legacy for the institute. Each year, the institute witnesses a new and higher level of enthusiasm, motivation and verve in the students passing out, easily making it one of the most coveted educational institutions today. It also raises the bar for new entrants and pushes them to explore and attain their true potential.

Dr. Raman Nair, Director of SCMS-COCHIN, calls the years spent at the institute a journey of excellence. He believes that students are striving for more every year and that’s what helps the institute create business leaders par excellence. Dr. Nair urges the students to strive on, saying, “Set high goals for yourself, and take advantage of all our campus has to offer. Expand the horizons of your knowledge, and equip yourself with all the skills and competencies necessary to grow and succeed in this highly dynamic and challenging world.”

SCMS-COCHIN offers its students abundant opportunities to polish their talent and pick up the necessary skills. It holds the student body in esteem.  However, the filtering processes are stringent, ensuring that graduates from the institute are men and women of substance. Every new batch sets a new milestone in the legacy of SCMS-COCHIN and the 2012 batch has set new hopes in motion.

Each student at SCMS-COCHIN is challenged, encouraged and rewarded by the system to develop and groom himself in ways that befit the finest talent in the country. The programme offers quality education that equips, trains, and empowers the leaders of tomorrow.

SCMS-COCHIN is an ACBSP accredited B-School, and has pertinent national and global affiliations and accreditations. The institute leverages innovative educational methods and synergises them with ethical values to meet the changing global order. In fact, the vision of the institute is to be a leader in providing value-based education.

A unique learning environment, resources and infrastructure support the Vision and Goals of SCMS-COCHIN. Diligence and hard work at the institute assures the attainment of these goals for students, year after year.

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Kaushal Pathak, SCMS Cochin, 2004-06, Batch – “Tenets of discipline, integrity and endurance taught by SCMS-COCHIN are the most valuable assets to me”

Kaushal Pathak, an SCMS-COCHIN alumnus from the 2004-06 batch, is a man who believes in accepting ground realities and making the most of them. After graduating in Chemistry, Kaushal wanted his career in his own science related field i.e pharma or biotech  but realities dictated that he goes after the best option, and he chose SCMS-COCHIN for his PGDBM.

“I would advise my juniors from SCMS-COCHIN to never make the mistake of taking decisions out of aggression, excitement or high ambition. Be wise, consistent and calm; these qualities will take you far in life.”

His life is pretty much a story along these very lines. After a PGDM in Marketing and Advertising from SCMS-COCHIN, he was placed with IDBI Bank as an Assistant Manager in Mumbai.

“Frankly speaking, Banking was not my first choice, but it was the best job offered to me and I took it. But once I took it up, I realised the tremendous growth potential. In the last decade or so, Banking has taken rapid strides. Banks have completely transformed themselves.”

After a little over a year, Kaushal accepted the role of Deputy Manager – Retail Liabilities, with HDFC Bank. He patiently cemented his place in HDFC Bank over a period of 3 years, and learnt all the tricks of retail liability before shifting gears. In September 2010, Kaushal was offered the coveted designation of Manager – BSM at Axis Bank. The exciting part was that he would have to move out of Mumbai.

“The  offer was in for  Gurgaon, the city of opportunities. Today, as Manager, I’m responsible for  budget achievment of all the retail products in terms of number and value as well for my branch with the given team size. I drive business acquisition through team, deepening of retail liabilities products.  As the Manager, I not only handle the whole branch team, but am responsible for people and process management, training, performance and planning execution along with lobby management. Customer relationship management with key corporate clients, is all the skill that is helping me smoothly in my function learned  academically i.e SCMS and supervision from the management of the organisation.”

SCMS-COCHIN, to Kaushal, stands for ‘strong academic environment and discipline.’

“When I went to SCMS-COCHIN I had to move out of my comfort zone – my home, my state, my language, my people and my kind of food – and that was the major learning. The move helped me learn to accomodate. Today, I have many close friends across regions and languages.”

He feels that the tenets of discipline, integrity and endurance taught to him by SCMS-COCHIN are the most valuable assets with him. Even today, he misses his friends,  teachers and the fantastic Infrastructure of SCMS-COCHIN, as well as the amazing  natural ambience of Kerala; but what he misses the most is the ‘last-minute rush for everything!’ as a student  at SCMS-COCHIN.

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Foundation course offers complete self-learning experience at SCMS-COCHIN

In its quest to prepare industry-ready managers, the School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin (SCMS-COCHIN) has been striving continuously to prepare multi-skilled, globally competent and socially responsible students. Realising that times are changing and that industry’s demand for managers is becoming increasingly complex, SCMS-COCHIN has been in the forefront of the initiative to prepare such managers.

The faculty at SCMS-COCHIN realises that in this competitive global world, developing technical skills alone will not equip students to meet the diverse challenges that will be thrown at them; a complete self-learning experience is required to help them thrive in a dynamic global workplace. The Personality Development Programme (PDP) and Self Learning Management (SLM,) starting from the foundation level are designed to raise the bar of efficiency.

Structural engineers will vouch that for a building to be useful, sturdy and permanent, it must be built on a solid base. At SCMS-COCHIN too, molding these students into managers starts with a strong foundation course.

The Foundation programme at SCMS-COCHIN is the beginning of a transformative, 6-week experience aimed at prospective PGDM students. It helps them to make a smooth transition into the world of business through the conceptual understanding of management subjects and the effective use of skill education.

The Foundation programme at SCMS-COCHIN for the 21st batch is scheduled to commence from July 16, 2012. It is a six-week, pre-academic programme for students to refresh the concepts they have already they have learnt and to get acquainted with new management concepts. The foundation programme will have 75 sessions and starts with an assessment of entry-level competencies. The courses taught include Principles of Management, Basics of Accounting, Basic Quantitative Skills, Basics of Information Technology, Introduction to Communication and Business Environment.

By focusing on basic management and accounting skills, this programme at SCMS-COCHIN aims to enhance numerical and quantitative skills, provide a basic understanding of key financial and statistical terms and build confidence in developing the core skills. By core skills, they mean areas like effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, etc.

The function to mark the start of the foundation course was held at 12.30 pm on July 16, 2012 at the SCMS-COCHIN campus and was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Shyam Srinivasan, Managing Director and CEO of The Federal Bank Limited. Mr. Murali S., COO and Branch Head, Kerala of Vodafone offered felicitations the as Guest of Honour. The function was presided over by SCMS Chairman, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, while the welcome address was given by the Director, Dr. V. Raman Nair and the vote of thanks was given by the Dean, Prof. K.J. Paulose.

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