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Shikhar 2014- the annual fest of SCMS Cochin continues living upto its reputation

Clearly turns out to be one of Cochin’s most celebrated management fests

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SCMS Cochin recently hosted its annual inter-collegiate management fest, Shikhar 2014, and it turned out to be a huge success. It brought together students from 22 management and engineering colleges from all over the country, who participated in the event with the aim to reach the pinnacle (Shikhar) of excellence. Considering that the event was held during the time when many universities in Kerala were having their exams, the turnout of around 220 students was a remarkable achievement for the much anticipated event.

Shikhar 2014 was held on the 3rd and 4th of January and had the campus buzzing with excitement. Students from the institute had done everything possible to ensure that it was organized in the best possible way. As one of the members of the organizing committee said, “it was an event of the students, for the students and by the students, after all. And they made sure everything was in place so that participants from all over the country could come, compete and have a great time.”

One of the objectives of Shikhar 2014 is to discover, showcase and celebrate some of the brightest minds in management and technology. And, through eleven exciting events that students could compete in, the event managed to do just that. Besides the now popular marquee events of the fest, a new competition to pick the “Best Entrepreneur” was introduced this year and it became one of the major highlights.

While the fest brought in participants from all over the country, there was a fair sprinkling of celebrities at the event as well. Mr. Sreejith Ravi, for example, was present as a judge for the Best Manager event. Having individuals like Mr. Sreejith Ravi serve as judges motivated the students to perform at the highest level , and it pushed them to make their institutes proud. Ultimately, it was the Rajagiri School of Business that had a lot to cheer for as it won the rolling trophy.

The competition during the two day event remained intense; however, for many, especially those in the organizing committee, it was a fantastic learning experience. “Organizing such an event was a great privilege,” said student Gayatri Nair, with a smile on her face. “It taught us the importance of taking responsibilities, time management and thinking quickly in times of crisis. This has groomed us to face challenging situations in the future and deal with them without panicking.” Over the years, the techno-managerial fest has become a platform for intellect, talent, passion and creativity. This is where participants come to display their business knowledge, managerial skills, leadership qualities, business drive, and technical acumen. And this year turned out to be another spectacular showcase for future managers and professionals, as many talented gems came to the forefront. Moreover, they had an opportunity to develop their skills and grow further as future leaders.

Several cultural events were also a part of Shikhar 2014, and they became a platform for students to showcase their creativity and extracurricular talents. For one of the students from SCMS Cochin who was a member of a band that played at the event, “It was an exhilarating experience. We loved playing in front of our contemporaries and we will carry these memories with us forever.” He was probably echoing the sentiments of all participants who will have pleasant memories that they are likely to cherish for a long time to come.

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Amit Goel, SCMS Cochin alumnus, “bags” his entrepreneurial dream

Amit goelAfter completing his PGDM from SCMS Cochin in 2002, Amit Goel had a flourishing career ahead of him. He made his mark with Kotak Securities Limited as a sales executive in their online trading division. Within a short span of time he climbed up the corporate ladder and joined India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL) as Deputy Vice President. But this meteoric rise in the corporate world wasn’t enough for Mr. Goel, who harboured entrepreneurial ambitions. And that’s how Pawanputra Bags Ltd. was formed.

He is the first one to admit that walking away from a well-paid job and promising corporate career is not an easy task. “It’s not an easy decision to leave a job which pays you a handsome salary every month, and chase your dream. But being from a community traditionally known for entrepreneurial skills, I was destined to be the master of my own fate.” And his fate led to Pawanputra Bags Ltd., the first fully integrated manufacturing unit in Eastern India, which makes completely recyclable environment friendly paper bags.

The company began its operations in August 2013 and makes customized paper bags using 100% environment friendly raw materials. His father provided inspiration not only for the name of the business, but also for the risk Mr. Goel took at a crucial juncture in his career. “My late father is my inspiration. He always encouraged me to take risks in life to succeed. He would say, ‘Only when you chase your dreams can you be truly successful’,” remembers the proud son.

Mr. Goel is equally proud talking about his business ventures, because that is something very close to his heart. “I had this project in my mind for a long time. All the raw materials we use can either be completely recycled or do not cause any harm to nature. Even inks used for printing are natural dye based instead of regular chemical based. Handles used are natural cotton yarn handles or twisted paper handles, which cause no harm to the ecology,” he explains.

Being a creative and tech savvy person himself, Mr. Goel handles the design aspect of his business today and completely thrives on the challenge. But ask him about the best part about being an entrepreneur – besides chasing his dream – and pat comes the reply, “It feels good to provide employment and opportunity to people who become associated with you and your company.”

This belief, Mr. Goel admits, comes from the impact of the learning at SCMS Cochin. The institute tried to instil entrepreneurial skills in its students and make them leaders of tomorrow. And it has left an indelible mark on this new entrepreneur’s life. “We were lucky to have teachers who had vast industry experience. They would share their experience with us through case studies, etc., and we would listen to them intently. Today we come across those situations in real life and are forever grateful to our teachers,” he points out.

Mr. Goel talks about Late Prof. Krishnan, Prof. Paulose, Prof. P.V. Ignatius and Prof. Filomina from his institute and their immense contribution to his learning curve. He also makes a special mention of the curriculum at SCMS Cochin and the difference it made to his life. “The curriculum of SCMS is designed in a way that, no matter what career path you choose, it creates a strong foundation of knowledge for you.”

Mr. Goel has now built on this foundation and is raring to go with his business venture. Does he have any advice for young students who might harbour entrepreneurial dreams like him? Mr. Goel is quite encouraging as he says, “There is no right time to become an entrepreneur. You have to look at opportunities around you and have the courage to take a risk. As an entrepreneur, you not only follow your dream but feel good about the fact that you have made more people self-dependant.”

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SCMS Humane 21, an International Conference on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion to draw big names, adds to the appeal for participants

SCMS Cochin is gearing up to host an International Conference on “Cultural Diversity and Inclusion” (ICCD 2014).  To be held on the sprawling campus of the institute on 14-15th Feb 2014, SCMS Humane 21 promises to be an event to remember. It will bring together industry practitioners, researchers and academicians involved in the field of Human resources, and offer them a platform to share their expertise.

Humane is the forum for PGDM students from SCMS Cochin who are specializing in Human Resources. The forum has been hosting these well-received conclaves year after year, and this International Seminar is the next in hand. Clearly, expectations are high from the seminar that will focus on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion pertaining to Human resources. That’s what makes it one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year.

The seminar has huge relevance for today’s organizations all over the world. Human resource management in these companies is multifaceted and that has its own demands on the professional execution. These are just some of the challenges that are faced by HR in companies today and finding solutions for them is one of the aims of this seminar.

In fact, by bringing the brightest and seasoned minds in the field, the two-day seminar strives to disseminate knowledge on trends in HR. Participants will thus have an opportunity to gain from the experiences of these professionals in the field. They will be equipped with the acumen to take on the challenges they are likely to face in their chosen area on specialization. Thus the seminar is in sync with the institute’s goal of creating exciting learning opportunities for students where they benefit from exposure to the industry.

The organizing committee that comprises of Chief Patron, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group of Institutions, Cochin, Kerala and Convenor Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director – SCMS Cochin School of Business have left no stone unturned to ensure that the seminar is a huge success. The conference has been carefully designed for researchers, academicians and industry professionals who can also pre-send their analysis and will be offered a platform to discuss their findings.

There is a lot to look forward to at the conference, including the papers that have been called for. Papers based on Empirical Analysis, Literature Review, Background Note, Works in Progress and Case Studies on several relevant themes have been invited. The findings from these papers will only add to the enriching experience participants are bound to have at the event.

There’s an added incentive for those who send in their papers because after peer review, they will be published in a special edition of the SCMS Journal of Indian Management, a quarterly international research journal. There’s also a jury that includes renowned names from the industry and academia, and they will be judging the papers. The outstanding paper chosen by the jury will receive a cash award at the conference.

The marquee list of guests who will be speaking at the seminar will be a big attraction for the participants. And they are in for a special treat because names like Lt. Pradeep Nambiar, Drector, People & Organization for Middle East and Nort Africa Region, Mr. Kashi Vishwanath K., Director, Group Human Resource, IKYA, Mr. Praveen Kamath, Global Head Talent Transformation, Wipro BPO, Mr. Rajesh Nair, Director, Ernst & Young, Mr. Jayan P., Head Human Resources, IBS Software Solution, and many more will make their present felt during the conference. Clearly, here is an event that anyone who has anything to do with Human Resources won’t want to miss.

For more details concerning the conference, please visit:

To read more about SCMS Cochin School of Business, please visit:

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International Conference on “Aging Well – Social And Managerial Challenges” hosted by SCMS to put the needs of elderly persons into spotlight

SCMS Center for Socio-Economic Research, Consultancy and Training (SCENSER) is hosting an International Conference on “Aging Well – Social And Managerial Challenges” from 17th to 19th Jan. The conference comes around two decades after the adoption of United Nations Principles for Older Persons and gains in significance given the present day context. The renowned names that will make their presence felt at the conference will only add to its charm and draw amongst participants.

 It’s well established that the number of elderly people all over the world, especially in developing countries like India and China have grown exponentially in recent years. With this dramatic rise in the number of elderly in countries’ demography have come challenges that have to be dealt in the best possible way, keeping basic principles of care for older persons in mind. And that’s something the conference aims to establish over the course of three days.

The issues related to aging are interdisciplinary in many ways and they involve different aspects of social, political and managerial realms. Moreover health and welfare elements have to be taken into consideration as well. There are many researchers and workers in the area who look at aging from the social perspective, while SCMS has a managerial insight into it. There will be an emphasis on bringing this point to the forefront through the conference as well.

What is the impact the growing silver market can have on sales and marketing, finance and human resources? Are we looking at aging from management point of view? If not, aren’t we missing out on a brilliant opportunity right there? These are just some of the questions the conference attempts to answer by creating a platform for experienced academicians and researchers in the field. Exchange of ideas between them can help derive techniques and practices that can lead to efficiently managing the process of aging.

The names participants can look forward to at the conference include who’s who in the field of academia and research. Prof. Sarah Harper, Professor of Gerontology at Oxford University and Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Aging, U.K will be the Chief Guest at the conference. She has done extensive work in the field and is a much respected voice in the area. Her Presidential address on Day 1 is being looked forward to by one and all.

Dr. S. Irudaya Rajan, Chair Professor, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) Research Unit on International Migration at the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is another hugely anticipated name at the conference. He has about three decades of research experience in the field and has also published several books and journals on social, economic and demographic implications on international migration.

There will be several other dignitaries who will be attending this International Conference that will be held across different venues on the sprawling campus. Dr. Radha Thevannoor, Convenor, ICAW and Director, SCMS who has substantial experience in the area will be in the thick of action as well. To make things more interesting, the organizers had invited research papers on various themes for the conference. They will only go on to enrich the experience that’s to be had over three days in January that can have long term implications for many all over the world.

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