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SCMS Cochin And SCENSER: Steering Research To Approach A New Era

In the light of ever-evolving socio-economic changes,under the aegis of SCMS-COCHIN– the SCMS Centre for Socio-Economic Research, Consultancy and Training (SCENSER) carries out a wide range of activities in the field of Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Management Consultancy, Diagnostic Studies, Revival and Restructuring studies, Human Resources Development and Trainings.

Established in 2003, the centre approaches each subject and project undertaken from an interdisciplinary perspective integrating such specialized fields as economics, sociology, policy science, environmental governance, disaster risk reduction and technological science. It has won incredible praise for its pioneering research on a diverse set of disciplines to provide holistic and practical decision making systems for delivering sustainable development within society and enhancing the positive role of the environment upon well-being.

Central to SCENSER’s mission is also an ongoing commitment to explore issues that are important not only to a range of academic interests, but also relevant to society’s other policy-makers and stakeholders. Since its inception, SCENSER has taken up a plethora of research projects, highlights of which being –

  • Feasibility Study on Intervention Strategies of Solid Waste Disposal within Cochin Corporation
  • Ecstasies and Agonies of Old Age: A Socio-Emotional & Economic Study of Alienated Parents in Kerala
  • Facilities Study for Corporation of Cochin for Cochin Master Plan 2020
  • SAMAGRA: A proposal for socio-economic development of two block panchayats in Kottayam District of Kerala and more…

Besides in another forefront, SCMS- COCHIN won one of the very few projects – DelPHE project awarded under the prestigious DelPHE scheme by the British Council through an international competition. This project which brings together a new partnership with the Lancashire Business School, UK, IFM, Tanzania and Yaalex Investment Limited (YLX) aims to bring together the essence and inter-relationship between microfinance, gender and poverty and devise training modules on entrepreneurial development. Playing as the lead partner, the project aims to understand the key issues in microfinance through various models in each country, while keeping in mind a range of risk coping mechanisms, policy directions and international best practices.

SCENSER’s Patient Logistics Management System’ exhibited in the 5th convention of GrameenGyaanAbhigyan 2008, software developed on the scientific compilation of information on communication diseases at the grass-root level and ‘An Effective government intervention in Kuttanad’ is some of the study reports undertaken by the centre. The Centre at its helm strives for excellence in the conduct and presentation of its research, and aims to make its findings relevant for a variety of circumstances and users.


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