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Marketing Forum 2016-17 – Inauguration held in campus

The Marketing Forum “Quintessence- The Marketing Grid” for the year 2016-17 was inaugurated by Dr. Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC & IAM. The function was blessed by the esteemed presence of C. B. George, former GM of RBI, Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS School of Business and Prof. K. J. Paulose, Dean, SCMS School of Business. Second year PGDM student, Sudhi Kunhikannan familiarized the students about the aim of the forum. The forum is planning for various activities in this academic year like brand launch games, business quiz etc.

The inauguration was followed by a session with Dr. Darlie Koshy on “Marketing in Digital Age”. The students got the opportunity to know more about digitising and monetising. He cited various examples of everyday use as that of a backpack and its advancement in the business scenario. Dr. Koshy revealed how technology is getting disrupted. He also envisioned the coming of drones that would replace humans in certain fields like delivering of products.

Dr. Koshy interacted by asking the students to identify the eminent entrepreneurs of recent times. The students inquisitively answered him. Dr. Koshy proposed the key words for moving forward, that is, Inspiration, Innovation and Incubation. The students were wised up on E-retailing and digital convergence. He also familiarized the audience about the Zarafication of Fashion and how fashion is delivered like pizza at one’s doorstep.

Dr. Darlie Koshy concluded his session by inspiring the audience through his words, “If you conquer your fear or failure, you are halfway to become an entrepreneur”. C. B. George also addressed the gathering and enlightened the students. He expressed his thoughts regarding the session in the economic perspective. He urged the students to inculcate a positive attitude especially in the marketing field. The students got a great opportunity to learn more about marketing in digital age. The students are waiting for more such dynamic and valuable sessions.


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Guest speaker Mr. Jomon K.George in Campus

“If Accounting is the Language of Business, then Accounting Standards is the Grammar of Accounting”- A journey with Mr. Jomon K. George FCA to the deeper understanding of ACCOUNTING STANDARDS.

Being an expert in IPO advisory, Management Consultancy, NRI Services, FEMA and Corporate Law matters, with his eminent presence and benign words, Mr. Jomon K. George enlightened the aspiring managers of SCMS Cochin. The ācharya of more than 10,000 Chartered Accountant students, the ever-acceptable expertise in the field of Accounting, imparted his treasured knowledge on “Accounting Standards” with the vibrant young minds of SCMS.
In his maiden visit to our institute as part of empowerment program for the management students, he explained how the business world out there works, what the business world expects out of the emerging managers, and how we can grow up as full-fledged financial professionals. He gave a short introduction into financial reporting and explained elaborately on IFRS, accounting standards issued by ICAI, and Indian Accounting Standards.

The enthusiastic approach upheld by Mr. Jomon K. George towards the subject, was evident throughout the presentation. A period, beginning with the International Financial Reporting Standards of 1973, till the implementation of Indian Accounting Standards of 2016, was systematically made clear with appropriate examples. According to him, the necessity to have prescribed accounting standards is to enhance the quality and understanding of accounting, to reduce accounting alternatives, to bring out uniformity in approach and to enable meaningful comparison. From the complete set of financial statements and from years of experiences, we say, “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash is the only reality”.

The International Financial Reporting Standards were formed in 1973 to harmonize the divergent accounting practices across the world, and in India the 29 Accounting Standards were issued by ICAI to establish uniform standards which have to be complied with to ensure that financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. India cannot adopt IFRS as it is because the legal economic environment in India is different.

The message from the shared thoughts was clear, “Be like eagle; have an inner urge to fly above the rest, to stand out, and to be different; have a sharp vision, a vision that is seeing beyond”. India has got a lot of positives, for it is the most consuming nation, young generation with good communication skills, IT boom etc. The automated financial tools guarantee a bright future replacing human efforts and avoiding possible errors. The optimistic words flowed from his heart, “India has got provision for 100% FDI. Any foreigner can come and start business in India, with no requirement for Indian partnership in it, and not all nations give this privilege.” And with regard to the employability of the students coming out from Indian institutions, he said, India will script a sure shot success story.

Mr. Jomon K. George thus urged the youth, “DREAM BIG AND BE HUMAN, ONLY YOU CAN RESTRICT YOU”.


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5 TAKEAWAYS from my last 6 months as a PGDM student at SCMS Cochin School of Business

  • Thazni Siar

Born in Trivandrum, Kerala and moved to SCMS Cochin for her Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PGDM- post graduate diploma in management, the word itself is a mystery, I had lot of questions before joining this course like what would they be teaching, method of study, as the course and syllabus don’t come under any university-my level of curiosity went on getting multiplied. After joining the course and experiencing it, I can now share what to expect from your PGDM experience at SCMS.

So here are my five major takeaways since I started the journey at my Bschool:

  1. Punctuality:

As a manager one should be punctual in every work they have being assigned. The course pattern is designedin ways where ones sense of Punctuality is primary. There is no scope for mistiming as the course itself is tightly packed.  I believe no other course, which comes under management studies, would give such importance to Time Management. SCMS Cochin School of Business takes great care in planning and organizing the timetable to ensure that each one of us learns the value of Time.

  1. Integrated Management Learning Program (IMLP):

1Stage fear is a very common feeling. Unfortunately, managers can’t afford to give room to this particular fear.The PGDM at SCMS Cochin School of Business has IMLP helping students overcome this fear. Young managers are encouraged to face an entire class of 130 students and present on various topics (twice) on term basis. They also need to take questions from audience on the topic they present and ideate-debate constructively.

  1. Parivarthana:

SCMS Cochin School of Business’ socio-awareness program or its annual CSR activity is an impacting exercise for bringing meaningful changes in the society.  Each year, the School selects a very pressing social issue and addresses elementary schools and educate the young minds to battle those challenges.I am learning the importance of being socially connected and staying socially responsible.

  1. Shikar:2

Shikar is the annual management fest of SCMS Cochin and is quite an awaited event in the southern part of India.Being completely student driven, this management fest is the particular platform where the students get real life experience of managing, organizing and co-coordinating various events.  Each and every member work in teams and I feel Shikar can be a very interesting takeaway from the PGDM course I am attending.

  1. Mentoring/ mentor groups:

3For proper guidance and for giving every individual student equal attention, a group of nine or ten students is assigned to a particular faculty. The events and activities held at the school are then streamlined as per mentor groups. This also enhances team spirit and coordination for each individual. Mentor would help his/her mentees with ideas and concepts which can be related to subjects or co-curricular activities.

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What brewed at SCMS Cochin that led Danish to the amazing Coffee Day Placement?

Danish Xavier is on caffeine high. After two years of incessant hard work at SCMS Cochin School of Business have culminated in his placement with Coffee Day Beverages as a Management Trainee in Sales. “Every day at the institute has been about preparing us towards being industry ready. Now I feel very well prepared for the corporate world.”


Here’s Danish’s story of scaling new heights in a short span of two years.

The finishing touches

Danish is of the opinion that SCMS Cochin is the perfect finishing school for management aspirants. “Everything I had learned here in two years, including the basic concepts, I got to express them during the interview. There were mock group discussions held, and aptitude training given to us. The PDPs, the IMPLPs, the Institute industry Interaction (III) sessions gave me all the confidence I needed for the interview,” he says.

At one point during the interview, Danish had to defend his statement, which he did without batting an eyelid. He thinks the fact that he didn’t back off, made an impact on the interviewers. And his reward for the performance is a placement in a B2B role. “I would be required to meet clients’ set proposals, manage clients in a particular area and increase the sales of Coffee Day Brewing Machines. I am up to the challenge because I have been groomed as an all rounded professional,” he says confidently.

The strong foundation

The small town, electronics engineering graduate had corporate dreams. He realized early on that PGDM had an edge over MBA because of the industry focused, frequently updated curriculum. Joining the best PGDM program at the top school in his state was an easy decision. “The syllabus they are teaching at SCMS Cochin has been designed to match real industry needs. There is something important you are learning practically every day,” he adds.

Danish talks about the contribution of his faculty members, who were available to clear their doubts any time of the day. They also implemented interesting teaching methods that boosted classroom engagement, according to him. That’s how the platform for future managers is created at the B School.

SIP – the challenges, the final project leading to final placement

Danish agrees that one of the important aspects of learning at the institute is the focus on2 practical, hands on learning experience. And it’s epitomized by the SIP program that gives students a taste of real world corporate life. “My SIP was with Manju Garments, Perumbavoor. While everyone was busy choosing big brands for their SIP, I chose a smaller brand. I wanted to learn and that’s something I did indeed. Being a small company, they hadn’t optimized their digital means. I, along with my other colleague from SCMS helped them getting things digitalized- from salary to recording documents. My interviewers took a lot of interest in my SIP project and it tilted the balance for me,” he adds thoughtfully.

He finally urges his juniors at the institute to make the most of various opportunities SCMS Cochin provides them with. After all, he himself went through the different stages of the learning process and has come out as a professional with true potential.

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Campus Star Ebin Abraham reveals the reason behind joining the PGDM program after getting through his banking exams.

1SCMS Cochin School of Business draws an interesting and diverse talent pool. Students from all over the country, year after year, stand out due to their unique strengths and achievements, which make them Stars on Campus. Ebin Abraham, in house “quantitative skills master”, is one of them. On the back of his skills, Ebin had already made it through the prestigious banking exams; but, he chose to do his PGDM with the institute. Here he tells us what prompted the decision that has already had a huge positive impact on his life.

Ebin is quite matter of fact about his achievement and also his decision. “Yes, I got through the banking exam but I realized that a PGDM degree is important for the growth that I want in my career,” he says. “There is a growing need for managers in the industry and a PGDM program prepares you for that. In fact, it has its advantages over MBA programs as well, because the curriculum is regularly updated to keep up with industry requirements.” These were some of the factors, in addition to the reputation of SCMS Cochin, that brought him here in the first place.

According to Ebin, studying at one of the best B Schools in South India has been a thoroughly enriching experience so far. He talks about the impact it has had on him, saying, “The IMLP program where we have to make presentations has helped me get over my stage fright. I have also overcome my inhibitions of expressing myself in English. There are a number of activities held in college, the management fests etc., which have boosted my confidence.” He definitely seems to have come into his own and is ready to make his mark in the industry.

He realizes that the next crucial stage in his learning process is the internship program. He is thankful to his institute for helping him bag an internship that involves a market study of TATA. Ebin reveals more, saying, “It’s a project with practical implications; hence, I expect to learn a lot from it. I believe the communication skills I have learned and leadership qualities I have developed will help me deliver during the internship. It’s an interesting period where I get to test the concepts I have learned in the practical world.”

Ebin is also mindful of the fact that the internship will give him an edge when he goes out in the corporate world as a professional. In many ways it can make him stand out from MBA graduates, too. “The main difference is that PGDM offers a three month internship while there is only a month long internship for MBA students,” he explains. “The substantially longer period of time gives you a better understanding of what happens in the company. It’s this comprehensive knowledge that I came here for and the program has met my expectations brilliantly.” Ebin concludes on an optimistic note – he is confident that his institute will help him achieve his professional aspirations.

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Abhijeet Nair takes us behind the lens and into the mind of a passionate photographer

AbhijeetWhoever thinks management education is only about assignments, presentations and keeping up with deadlines, can think again. The two years of your PGDM can also be used to groom your overall personality, while shining as an individual on campus. Abhijeet Nair of SCMS Cochin School of Business, Cochin has definitely done that by taking his passion for photography to a whole new level. The perennial favourite at college fests, his work has also received a mention from National Geographic International. That should say it all about our Star on Campus. Of course, pictures speak louder than a thousand words, but we let Abhijeet do the talking today and describe his passion.

Abhijeet admits that his love for photography began when he was in school, but he really got the best platform to showcase his talent at SCMS Cochin. “I would think a lot about going to places to take pictures. But things started happening when I came to Kerala, God’s own country and joined the institute,” he explains. “The Media Relations Club gave me the opportunity to take photography seriously. I got to shoot different places, events, capture several eminent personalities, meet them and interact with them.” He also adds that it has been a good platform for his personal growth to a large extent.

While Abhijeet might have his roots in Kerala, he spent most of his years growing up in Delhi, which holds a special place in his heart. But for someone who is inclined towards Nature photography, coming to Cochin, and the stunning state on the whole, was the best thing that could happen. “Yes, it’s such a beautiful place and I want to explore it to the fullest with my camera in hand,” he says. “I like going to new places, but photography is not just about that. As a photographer you get to see different people, cultures, which are then actually recorded for life. That’s what I love about photography the most.”

Keeping up with his tight schedule at the institute and pursuing his passion hasn’t been easy for Abhijeet. But he looks at the positive that it has taught him, including the importance of time management and multitasking, which according to him are crucial life skills: “I think if you are really passionate about something you are going to make time for it. Taking time out to do what you love is vital for your overall well being.” It’s something he clearly has thought about and something that has impacted his decision of choosing a specialization in Banking and Insurance. He believes it will not only offer him a secure job, but time to pursue his passion as well.

Abhijeet admits that he is a reserved person, which is why photography is also a form of self expression for him. But somewhere in the future, he would like to combine the business skills he has learned at SCMS Cochin with his true love of; photography. “Yes somewhere down the line I see myself opening a studio, which will host interactive sessions with photographers, who shoot nature, wildlife etc, coming in from different parts of the country,” he explains. “It would be a platform to learn and grow for all who are keen on photography. It’s something I have thought about and will definitely work on.” Abhijeet is the perfect example that showcases SCMS Cochin’s commitment to not only education in the classroom, but also to the individual and his or her development as a well-rounded person and passions in life.

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Bhargava Krishna, state level cricketer reveals how his PGDM at SCMS Cochin School of Business can help his “sporting” goals for the future.

BargavaSCMS Cochin School of Business has consistently attracted talents from different fields who come to the institute to pursue their management dreams. As you walk around the campus you don’t know who you might run into. Like Bhargava Krishna, a state level cricket player for example. He opted for his PGDM program from the institute after playing two years of professional cricket and now aims to merge the two for the benefit of future players from his district. Here he talks about his passion for cricket, the business aspect of it and how he plans to come out on tops.

Talking about his road to SCMS Cochin Bhargava reveals, “After my graduation I took a break from studies and dedicated two years of my life to professional cricket. But it came to a point where I knew that I didn’t want to be dependent on my parents so I decided to focus on business. I had heard a lot about this PGDM program and opted for it to give my goals the best shot.” However as he learns the trick of the trade and gets an insight into the corporate word, he remains committed to his love for cricket and wants to make a difference.

Bhargava talks about his humble beginnings as a district level cricketer from Karimnagar, a small town that still lacks the facilities budding players need. In a dream reminiscent of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s character in the movie ‘Kai Po Che’, he wants to lead the way for cricketers in the area. “There are a lot of talented players who don’t know the way forward because there aren’t enough facilities, a proper coach. There is lack of mentoring that we are getting here at the institute and that’s something I would like to change,” he says passionately.

Post his PGDM, Bhargava plans to start a club that will create a healthy environment for budding cricketers with all the facilities at their disposal. He also hopes to be in a position to be able to guide them on achieving their goals as professional cricketers. According to him these are exciting times for cricketers because, “Earlier people believed that cricketers didn’t have a future unless they played for the National team. The IPL has changed that and given them an exciting platform to make big amounts and showcase their talent at the same time,” he adds.

Bhargava also talks about the commercial aspect of the game where players are auctioned by teams in the IPL and how it involves business acumen too. In fact, he stresses on the importance of business sense and training in every field as he says, “My PGDM will help me understand how to commercialize things so that young cricketers, who are from middle class families, can display their talent while earning their livelihood too. One thing I know for sure is that whatever I do it will be related to cricket because it’s a passion that won’t go till I die.”

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Jitesh M tops SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015 (Retail) and reveals how his institute turned him into a well-rounded individual.

jiteshWhile there are aspirants who enroll in a management program to give their careers a boost, there are some who know that it could be their last shot at higher education. Jitesh M of SCMS Cochin School of Business admits that he is one of the latter, which is why he wanted to make the most out of his two years at the renowned B School. He seems to have done just that, as he was the proud Top Scorer in the Retail class of 2015, which won him the coveted award at this year’s Convocation.

As he looks back on his journey with the institute, Jitesh says, “I joined SCMS Cochin with a lot of expectations. My two years at the institute have been full of learning and fun. Not only have I gained as an individual, with a big change in my personality, but I have also developed as a professional who is ready to work in the competitive corporate world.” And, according to Jitesh, it has a lot to do with the contribution of his faculty members at the institute.

Jitesh then talks about the emphasis his institute puts on extracurricular activities through different initiatives like Parivarthana and management fests. This aids in the overall development of students. “I have gained a lot of experience from organizing different events like the management fest Shikhar, the job fair and ‘Directors Fireside,’” he tells us. “We also had industrial visits to companies like Metro and Mantri mall, and that helped relate the concepts we learned in classroom to real life situations.”

Now that he has won the prestigious Top Scorer award, Jitesh feels proud of his achievement knowing that his hard work has paid off. But we want to know if he has any advice for his juniors at the institute. “SCMS Cochin is a fantastic place that offers you both curricular and extracurricular activities,” he says with confidence. “You need to grab them with both hands and take initiative as it will help you in the future. Look at mistakes as experiences and learn from them.” Jitesh surely did grab all opportunities with both hands. And, it showed with the honour of being the Top Scorer in the Retail Batch of 2015.

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Sreedevi Chandramohan wins the Achiever’s Award and talks about her accomplishments at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

sreedeviSreedevi Chandramohan, a student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015, cannot forget the moment when her name was called out as the winner of the Achiever’s Award for Topper in the Banking and Insurance Service sectoral programme. For her, winning the award was a huge accomplishment. “You know, with each step I took towards the stage to collect the award I couldn’t help but look back at my time at the institute,” she says with a smile. “Then when I saw the proud look on my parents’ faces, I said to myself, ‘I have done it!’ I was also thinking that this road is going to lead to bigger things in my professional life.”

However, Sreedevi is the first one to admit that the academic journey with SCMS Cochin wasn’t an easy ride. There were challenges along the way, which tested her mettle but also made her who she is today. “It was a wonderful journey, but, of course, there were some difficulties,” she says. “I don’t think any of us would say that it was an easy task to complete this course, but then it wasn’t as difficult as one might expect, too. In two years here, I have made several beautiful memories that I will cherish for a long time to come.”

The biggest advantage of learning at the institute for Sreedevi though, was the confidence she had managed to gain in herself. And that’s something she would like her juniors at the institute to focus on as well. “You need to have complete faith in yourself and be confident in whatever you do. You may have to face challenges and handle stressful situations, but be cheerful and everything will find its own way. SCMS Cochin offers you a brilliant platform, which you can use to your advantage in your career,” she concludes.

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Sharon Thankam James on what made her the Most Outgoing Student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015.

Sharon“College is about finding a balance between assignments, family, friends, and just about a million other things; but, most importantly, it’s about the balance between finding yourself and shaping yourself.” These are the words of Sharon Thankam James, who recently won the award for the Most Outgoing Student at SCMS Cochin School of Business on the day of her convocation ceremony. Here she shares her thoughts on the award and her experience at the renowned management institute.

Sharon admits that as she is ready to make a new beginning and bid goodbye to her beloved campus, she is filled with mixed emotions. The award is the icing on the cake for what has been a truly memorable journey for her. “It has been a privilege to study at SCMS Cochin, primarily because of the unparalleled faculty, who are uniformly engaging and always happy to interact with students,” she says, recalling all the benefits of her time at the institute. Overall, she confidently says that her time at SCMS Cochin was “a fantastic learning experience.”

According to Sharon, the academic curriculum at SCMS demanded a lot of hard work and commitment. But, at the end of the day, it was well worth the effort. Revealing the secret behind being the Most Outgoing Student, she says, “It was a goal to meet new people and learn from my interactions with them. I took these opportunities and participated in extracurricular activities to hone my skills and grow as a person.”

As a part of the esteemed alumni of the institute, Sharon hopes to make a name for herself and to continue to be driven and independent. She is confident her ability to do that based on her learning at the institute and her unending desire to grow as an individual. “I’ve learnt that one must have an unwavering passion for learning, self-discovery, and helping others to be successful,” she says. “Most importantly, the individual must be driven by a never-ending desire to do things.” As her success at SCMS Cochin shows, along with the award for Most Outgoing Student, Sharon is set for a bright future.

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