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Mr. Justin Joy tells us how his industry experience has been used to benefit students at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

IMG_0717Mr. Justin Joy is an Assistant Professor in Systems and Operations at SCMS Cochin School of Business. But as is the case with several of the faculty members at the institute, he has solid industry experience to boot. The Mechanical Engineer went on to do his Master’s in Business Information Technology from Newcastle Business School before gathering 11 years of work experience with some well-known organizations. It was during the last couple of years of his industry career, when he was handling a training role, that he developed an interest in teaching. The rest as they say is history.

Today, Mr. Joy is quite pleased with the way things have turned out, and uses his industry experience to his advantage in his new role. “When I was working in the training role as an industry professional, I realized that I really enjoyed it,” he explains. “So, joining SCMS Cochin was the next logical step for me, since it’s such a reputable institute. Now I try to use my industry experience for the benefit of the students. I know that whatever work experience I have, helps them in the classroom as I can make things more relatable to them.”

Mr. Joy’s industry experience is quite impressive and includes a stint as a Business Area Manager for Educomp Solutions Limited. He also worked as a web and business development manager, and head of computer applications at IFCR India, a Canada based research organization. Was leaving such a prolific career an easy decision to make? He responds without batting an eyelid: “When you know what you want to do, the decision becomes a lot easier. I was very keen on getting into academics and found a right fit with the institute, so I took the plunge.”

He calls SCMS Cochin the right fit for him because the institute is known to encourage research, something Mr. Joy, who is presently doing his PhD, is clearly very interested in. But he admits that it’s also because they have the same vision for training students and creating industry ready professionals. “The idea is to give students a practical understanding of things as well so that they can use it in their careers,” he says. “My own industry exposure allows me to focus on the practical applications of theoretical concepts, which helps students too.”

So how exactly does he do that in Systems and Operations, and what does he make of the field in terms of career prospects? “Everything we do, from classroom exercises to assignments, we focus on the practical world rather than theory,” he begins. “For example, if I am teaching databases, it will be about databases for a particular industry. We ask them to implement ideas in keeping with the needs of an organization, which gives them practical insight. It is a field with tremendous opportunities and we prepare students to make the most out of them.” A solid education and exposure to industry practices – this is what SCMS Cochin strives to instill in its students. So, it makes perfect sense for Mr. Joy to part of the renowned faculty of the institute.

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Students of SCMS Cochin design and unveil the annual magazine, Prateek, for the second consecutive year.

SCMS Cochin recently brought out its annual student magazine, Prateek, amidst much fanfare. It was the second year in a row that the students of the institute had done everything, from choosing photographs to the template and design of the magazine. In fact, there was a lot of enthusiasm amongst both the students and alumni of the institute, all of whom contributed in the form of articles, photographs and more, making the whole experience a true success.

The theme of Prateek 2015 was “Hope, Dream and Passion”, and it was clearly visible in the talent pool of the students that had come together to make sure the magazine was a hit with its readers. But what stood out the most for Prof. Anjali A., who guided the magazine team through the process, was that, “Students had designed the entire magazine for the second consecutive year. And they have done an excellent job without any formal training.”

Earlier, the highly popular student magazine would be outsourced as far as the process of designing is concerned. But since 2014, the institute has decided to let students handle the responsibility and they have been doing that with aplomb. Such was the overwhelming response for contributions to the magazine this year, that there was a surplus in terms of articles, individuals in the talent pool and the effort that the students were willing to put in.

Athulya M J, the editor of the magazine, took us through the exciting but challenging process of putting it all together: “We had set out with a deadline of two months to complete all the work for the magazine and we stuck to that. It required 4 edits, but we managed to do justice to the theme of the magazine. As a matter of fact, it is reflected in all the contributions, be it poetry, drawings or alumni pieces.”

But, Athulya admits that there were challenges along the way and it was somewhat tricky to garner interest and enthusiasm at times. However, Athulya admits that the biggest task was, “To get all the articles from students on time. They were busy with academic work and so were we. But once this task was done, we sat together for 12 hours at a stretch and completed the entire design of the draft of the newsletter.” After that, he said, it was smooth sailing.

There were a few minor changes that needed to be made to the draft, but the team managed that with ease. The cover was the idea of another student, Midhun Sekhar, and it made an instant impression. Also, Athulya admits that the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Prof. Anjali, who helped with all of the elements of the magazine. Other faculty members chipped in with their valuable feedback and comments.

Together, the students have come out with a product that they can surely be proud of. But personally, Athulya is happy with the changes brought about in him by the responsibilities of this endeavour. “I have become a better writer with this experience, but more importantly a better coordinator,” he says. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and experience that more and more people should be a part of. The whole process teaches you a lot.” His final words speak volumes about the tremendous learning experience of putting together Prateek 2015. It was an opportunity to learn, to collaborate with others, and, ultimately, to gain valuable leadership experience.

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SCMS Cochin School of Business to host its Annual Convocation ceremony on 27th April amidst much fanfare.

Mr Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics and Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment to be its esteemed guests.

SCMS Cochin School of Business, a leading B School in Kerala and one of the top management institutes in the country will be hosting its 22nd Annual Convocation ceremony on the 27th of April. It will be a special day for the students of Batch 2015 and their institute is leaving no stone unturned to make sure it turns out to be a memorable day for them. The gala to be held on the sprawling campus of the institute will mark the presentation of the much coveted diplomas to 120 students who will join the list of glorious alumni ambassadors of SCMS Cochin.

The institute has made its presence felt in the field of management education since its inception in 1976. It has consistently moulded talented minds into management professionals and leaders of tomorrow. The Convocation ceremony is the culmination of that process for every batch and has Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS Cochin filled with pride. “We try to harness the true potential of these students and prepare them for the challenges of the industry. We look forward to their success stories and feel proud to know that we were a part of them,” she says.

SCMS Cochin, given its reputation and connect with the industry tends to draw big names for this special day in the calendar year for students. And this year it’s no different as Mr Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics will be the Chief Guest and Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment will be the Guest of Honour for the event. Their presence will add further sheen to the revelries that are bound to unfold on the day as the venue will be bursting with excitement amongst students and their loved ones.

The proceedings of the day will begin at 11 am but the enthusiastic students will be making their way to the campus much earlier. However all the guests are requested to take their seats by 10.30 to ensure that the day’s events progress according to the schedule. The Director’s Report will be presented and should have a lot to cheer about for the institute. After all, several of its exciting initiatives meant to boost the overall learning experience for students, have made their mark. Students who will receive their diplomas later in the day are the greatest testimony to that.

Many of these students have already made inroads into the competitive corporate world by bagging prestigious placements. SCMS Cochin has once again seen a solid placement season with 52 companies giving offers to the students so far. Their confidence will be further boosted as they are presented with their much deserved diplomas. Meritorious students will be presented with medals by the Chief Guests. Their inspiring speeches will be another highlight of the day that promises to be a one to remember, particularly for the students.

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The designer and team members behind Prateek 2015 reveal how creating their own college magazine was an important learning experience.

A B School bringing out its annual college magazine might not be big news in today’s time, but the fact it was designed by students definitely is. That’s what students of SCMS Cochin School of Business did for the second year in a row, as they created a sterling edition of Prateek 2015. “Hope, Dream and Passion” was the theme of the magazine this year and the enthusiasm was overflowing as students and alumni pooled their resources to come up with a brilliant finished product.

Under the guidance of Prof. Anjali A and other faculty members from the institute, the students involved gave it their all to ensure that they produced a magazine they would be proud of. Students and alumni of the institute contributed in the form of articles and photographs; and in fact, there was a surplus of these items, which was heartening to see. According to Midhun Sekhar RK, who was responsible for designing the magazine, that was half the battle won.

Now, with the exciting experience of designing a magazine under his belt, Midhun says, “It wasn’t just a student magazine. It was a reflection of their hopes, dreams and passion in many ways. We gathered their experiences in the form of stories, poems, articles and art work. In fact, 99% of the photographs used in the magazine were taken by the students. This says a lot about their commitment.” The results show in the magazine, which clearly captures the pulse of the audience.

While the creativity of the magazine was honed by the experience, their mettle was tested as well because they had to deal with deadlines, which led to high pressure situations. Gayatri Krishnan, one of the team members behind Prateek 2015 explains this part of the process: “We had a deadline before Director’s Fireside, which is the farewell party for the graduating batch. The magazine is released on the exact same day every year, which meant we had to get all the contributions in time.”

It was not an easy task, but by coordinating with students and faculty members, the team displayed their sense of responsibility and released the magazine on time. While putting together the magazine, they not only learned about the nitty-gritty of writing and layouts but improved their interpersonal skills as well. The students also admit that they understood the importance of team work, accepting others’ ideas and looking at things from different perspectives.

While the team members believe that they have become better listeners after the experience, Midhun is happy about the fact that his designing skills have been appreciated. As the students agree that the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of the faculty members, Prof. Anjali is proud of their achievement. “It’s commendable that they brought out the magazine on their own, on time and without any prior experience,” she says.

Ask Midhun if he has any final words about the whole experience, and pat comes the reply: “It was a huge learning experience for everyone involved and we gave it our best shot. We felt like we owed it to our institute, which has given us so much along the way. Now we hope that our juniors will take the magazine to a whole new level in the years to come.” That’s a challenge that students to follow will be happy to pick up.

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Seasoned Finance professionals conduct an interactive session on Securities Investment; highlight the merits of a career in banking.

Students of SCMS Cochin School of Business had the privilege of being in the esteemed company of not one but two renowned names in the world of finance: Mr. K. Sukumaran, National Securities Market, and Mr. I. M. Suresh Kumar, Assistant General Manager, SBI. The two accomplished professionals recently conducted a session on Securities Investment in order to increase the students’ knowledge in this area. It was a much anticipated Industry Institute Interface session, as evidenced by the size of the audience. All in all, it was an opportunity for all involved to learn more about investments and to gain insight into the Finance sector.

The engaging session began with the speakers making students aware of the economic environment in the country. Mr. Sukumaran then talked about the relationship between savings and investments. While offering solutions to the all important what, why, when, how and where of investments, he stressed upon their pre-requisites too. He then came to the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Investing,’ which was important information, not just for the students, but for all in attendance. Students also had a lot of questions for the speakers, who were more than willing to provide thorough answers.

Naturally, with highly accomplished Finance professionals in their midst, future managers in the gathering wanted to know more about career opportunities in the field. Mr. Sukumaran had heartening news, as he said, “It’s a growing field, which is why there are plenty of opportunities. Banking and Securities market sectors are always on high demand and so the opportunities are in abundance.” He wanted the students to know that numbers are everywhere, and that he expects this trend in job growth to continue.

Both speakers agreed on the fact that though Finance might be considered a dry field compared to marketing, it is a field where things keep changing frequently. According to Mr. Sukumaran and Mr. Kumar, that makes things exciting for professionals, but it also brings its challenges. Mr. Kumar made the students aware of that when he stated, “Of course the field is stressful and you have to put in your best efforts. Your job will not only test your knowledge about finance, but your communication skills as well. But, it’s worth it at the end of the day.”

Mr. Sukumaran then stressed the importance of understanding different Banking functions for students who want to make a career in the field. He believes that Knowledge is power, where 50% is curriculum and 50% lies in empowering ourselves. It was a mantra that instantly hit home with the audience. He then urged students to keep themselves abreast with the latest goings-on in the field, with a focus on opting for quizzes and extracurricular activities that would keep things more interesting.

That seemed to be exactly what was happening on this day. Students gained important knowledge as the two stalwarts in the field made the proceedings lively and thoroughly interesting. Moreover, students left the gathering on a positive note when Mr. Kumar said, “Today there are many who are moving to the banking sector from different industries. That’s because of the job security, which is something that many professionals look for.” That made one thing clear for students: it’s a career they can bank on.

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