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Abhijeet Nair takes us behind the lens and into the mind of a passionate photographer

AbhijeetWhoever thinks management education is only about assignments, presentations and keeping up with deadlines, can think again. The two years of your PGDM can also be used to groom your overall personality, while shining as an individual on campus. Abhijeet Nair of SCMS Cochin School of Business, Cochin has definitely done that by taking his passion for photography to a whole new level. The perennial favourite at college fests, his work has also received a mention from National Geographic International. That should say it all about our Star on Campus. Of course, pictures speak louder than a thousand words, but we let Abhijeet do the talking today and describe his passion.

Abhijeet admits that his love for photography began when he was in school, but he really got the best platform to showcase his talent at SCMS Cochin. “I would think a lot about going to places to take pictures. But things started happening when I came to Kerala, God’s own country and joined the institute,” he explains. “The Media Relations Club gave me the opportunity to take photography seriously. I got to shoot different places, events, capture several eminent personalities, meet them and interact with them.” He also adds that it has been a good platform for his personal growth to a large extent.

While Abhijeet might have his roots in Kerala, he spent most of his years growing up in Delhi, which holds a special place in his heart. But for someone who is inclined towards Nature photography, coming to Cochin, and the stunning state on the whole, was the best thing that could happen. “Yes, it’s such a beautiful place and I want to explore it to the fullest with my camera in hand,” he says. “I like going to new places, but photography is not just about that. As a photographer you get to see different people, cultures, which are then actually recorded for life. That’s what I love about photography the most.”

Keeping up with his tight schedule at the institute and pursuing his passion hasn’t been easy for Abhijeet. But he looks at the positive that it has taught him, including the importance of time management and multitasking, which according to him are crucial life skills: “I think if you are really passionate about something you are going to make time for it. Taking time out to do what you love is vital for your overall well being.” It’s something he clearly has thought about and something that has impacted his decision of choosing a specialization in Banking and Insurance. He believes it will not only offer him a secure job, but time to pursue his passion as well.

Abhijeet admits that he is a reserved person, which is why photography is also a form of self expression for him. But somewhere in the future, he would like to combine the business skills he has learned at SCMS Cochin with his true love of; photography. “Yes somewhere down the line I see myself opening a studio, which will host interactive sessions with photographers, who shoot nature, wildlife etc, coming in from different parts of the country,” he explains. “It would be a platform to learn and grow for all who are keen on photography. It’s something I have thought about and will definitely work on.” Abhijeet is the perfect example that showcases SCMS Cochin’s commitment to not only education in the classroom, but also to the individual and his or her development as a well-rounded person and passions in life.

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Prof. V. Rajagopal reveals the efforts taken by SCMS Cochin School of Business to create professionals and leaders of tomorrow

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.51.01 PMIt is not very often that management students get an opportunity to learn from a scientist with over three decades of work experience, including the Ministry Of Defense. SCMS Cochin School of Business has made that possible with the presence of Prof. V. Rajagopal, who also has a stint with Centre of Science and Research to his credit. The professor of Quantitative Techniques, who holds MBA and LLB degrees, talks about the importance of practical training for students and how the institute prepares them for the professional journey ahead.

However, at the onset we discuss Prof. Rajagopal’s own journey from an industry professional to an academic, and how his expertise helps students. “I never thought I’d become a teacher, but I really enjoy it,” he tells us. “My experience was mostly in infrastructure management and I also worked with the Kerala Government science and technology department. I have worked in different industry sectors and interacted with professionals from various fields. I hope and try to share that experience with my students at the institute.”

Ask Prof. Rajagopal about his own experience with SCMS Cochin, and he doesn’t hesitate to list the institute’s merits: “I am keen on doing my PhD and I had heard that the institute encourages research, which interested me to a great extent. Of course, the reputation of SCMS Cochin is impressive and I can say that my relationship with the institute has been cordial. I have had no reasons for complaints, something you can’t say, even with corporate houses.” He further adds that the institute looks after its own, be it the faculty members or students, which is endearing.

However, Prof. Rajagopal is also the first to admit that there are challenges along the way. While in R & D he could set his own pace, but in his current position he has to be prepared for the fact that things can hectic for an academic. As far as the students of today, he says, “I feel that there are many students who are not in it for learning and gaining knowledge but mostly concerned about employment prospects. It’s a challenge to try and change that mindset and to cultivate an interest in learning. Regardless, we strive to optimize our resources and give them the best education possible.”

Faculty members at SCMS Cochin try to do that by employing new-age teaching pedagogy to make things more identifiable for students. Prof. Rajagopal sheds light on his own teaching techniques, saying, “Whether I am teaching statistics or ethics, I try to relate the concepts they are learning to current scenarios and things happening in the industry. But if you have to offer a certain quality of education, it begins with the kind of students you select. SCMS Cochin is quite particular about quality, right from that stage to the placements.” Prof. Rajagopal stresses this last point, which says a lot about the quality of the students at the institute.

To offer practical training to his students, Prof. Rajagopal also recently took them on an industry visit to Volvo. There are several such industry visits organized by the B School to give students exposure to varied fields. And, as Prof. Rajagopal explains, they are an important experience for students: “The Volvo trip was a big learning experience for them because they realized that you can’t compartmentalize management education; it is a sum of all activities and different streams overlap at one point or another. We have about three to four industry visits every year, which means plenty of exposure for the students.”

Prof. Rajagopal also talks about the Industry Interface sessions with experts and their influence on students. He believes that in addition to classroom learning, such experiences help students network and can have an impact during the placement season. “Things get very competitive when recruiters come over for placements,” he explains. “You can’t deny the fact that employers are looking for industry ready professionals. The focus of education at SCMS Cochin is to groom professionals who can also make a difference to the society.” These concluding words say a lot about Prof. Rajagopal’s desire to be a part of the process of educating tomorrow’s leaders – this dedication translates into a rich learning experience for students at the institute.

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Prof. Srikrishnan shows the way for future managers in IT

IMG_0721One of the highlights of learning at a reputable B School like SCMS Cochin School of Business is that students benefit from the vast experience of its faculty members, many of whom have worked in the industry for several years. Prof. Srikrishnan is one of them, and he has more than two decades of experience in the IT industry with big names like HCL and TCS. He recently completed his PhD from Cochin University of Science and Technology, and is now sharing his experience with students at the institute. We talk to him about his own transition and that of students into future professionals.

Right at the onset Prof. Srikrishnan opens up about training in IT and how it has evolved over the years. “IT is constantly evolving and we have built the material for training, organizational training, teams, etc.,” he explains. “Now there are tools that are even superior to those used in different parts of the world. So, when students come for their PGDM, we are able to innovate and update the curriculum based on the latest trends in the industry.” He then offers some examples of training he offers his first and second year students to drive home his point.

Prof. Srikrishnan admits that he has always been interested in research and teaching, but it’s difficult in India to keep switching between academics and industry. That’s why after completing his PhD last year he made the call to get into academics full-time and found SCMS Cochin the best fit for his goals and approach to teaching. “It is a place that not only works towards offering best opportunities to students, but the faculty members as well,” he says. “I love the platform I have for teaching at the same time I can nourish my research aspirations here too.”

So what does the IT domain have in store for managers of the future? Prof. Srikrishnan sheds light on the challenges and opportunities, saying, “Now there are opportunities that were unheard of ten years ago, but at the same time the path is filled with intense competition. Hence, students should have a career plan that leads them toward their professional goals. I also recommend working on one’s career, rather than just looking for money at the beginning. The first couple of years as a professional can be spent in building a career of one’s choice.”

The IT industry saw a meteoric rise before things dipped to a low during the global recession. With that scenario at the back of one’s mind, it’s only natural for aspirants to feel apprehensive of the future prospects. But Prof. Srikrishnan is optimistic, and he lays those doubts to rest: “The future is going to be very different, especially since around eight trillion dollars will be invested in Smart cities. In the world, there is one point seven trillion dollars worth of outsourcing possible now. Only two hundred billion of that is being used, which means there is big scope in the future.”

Prof. Srikrishnan also lays out the roadmap for future professionals in the industry by dividing it into Tier I, Tier II and Tier III companies. “Tier I companies are big names where things are generally safe,” he explains. “But you have to be on guard, technologically sound and constantly at your best in Tier II and III companies to survive.” SCMS Cochin does its part to help its students do that by imparting training through methods like PPT, video presentations and laboratory experience. This is the type of practical training that can help aspirants make the transition to the professional world.

Moreover, the institute focuses on placements for its students to make sure they have the best opportunities available to them. Prof. Srikrishnan reveals heartening facts about the industry and what employers are looking for in aspirants: “New companies are coming to the forefront and they are offering new roles like Business Analysts to students. We try to build a professional work ethic and team spirit amongst students so that they are appealing to the recruiters. IT is a process of continuous learning, updating your skills and being enterprising. Only then will you rise up the ladder of success.” With an impressive mix of industry experience and academic knowledge, Prof. Srikrishnan is a voice to listen to. His dedication can help students learn about the changing industry trends, and his knowledge can guide students as they transition into professional careers.

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“Summer internships are an important step towards your future career and impact your placement salary.”

Ashmi Chackochan
PGDM Batch – 23

AshmiI completed my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology but felt that I needed to learn more about the business and marketing strategies in the current scenario. That’s the reason I came to SCMS Cochin School of Business, and I feel that my internship will allow me to merge my interests into one career path. After all, I have been given an opportunity to do my SIP with Hidesign.

Hidesign is a well-known brand and that gives me a lot of scope to learn. Some of my responsibilities during the internship will include ensuring smooth functioning of the store and presenting different promotions to customers in a favourable manner. From interacting with customers to handling customer service responsibilities, I will have a lot to work on.

I will do my best by organizing my day in advance and, of course, making sure I get to work on time. I will also try and manage the workforce efficiently while reaching out to employees and creating a bond with them. My effort will be to build an effective dialogue with the employees at the store and to create a motivated climate for everyone to work in.

Timeliness and good communication skills are two skills I have learned during my time at SCMS Cochin. In fact, it has been a huge learning experience all through the year and we have been given a platform to build our skills. Both theory and case-based learning at our B School has been helpful in our preparation for the internship.

The good thing about getting an education at SCMS Cochin is that it goes way beyond the classroom. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the world around us, as well as the changing market trends. I intend to use this new knowledge to my advantage during the internship and build on my skills further. I want to get an insight into my areas of interest, experience work culture and build a network with professionals.

Building connections with industry experts and experienced professionals is one of the biggest advantages of internships for management students. What’s more, it can also tell you a lot about where your interests lie and the areas of management that you are passionate about. Thus, you can choose the right career path for yourself and the internship can have a huge impact on your graduate salary as well.

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Prof. Pamod P. Thevannoor of SCMS Cochin gets elected as the President of ACBSP, is geared up to deliver in his important role at the council

Prof. Pamod P. Thevannoor got elected as the President of the South Asia Council of Business Schools and Programs, Region 10. Prof. Thevannoor is a renowned name in the world of academia in the country and the Vice Chairman of SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, Cochin. As the professor of Marketing Communication basks in the glory of being elected as the President of the prestigious council, his institute also takes pride in this latest development.

The organization is the regional division of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, US. The main aim for the ACBSP is to promote its accreditation through 17 countries in South Asia; right from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan up to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and more. Thus the reach of the council is obvious and it does its best through several initiatives all around the year to improve the quality of business education in these countries.

Prof. Thevannoor will take the office of the President of the council to bring a difference to the level of management education in these countries. The man not only has years of experience in academics but he has also attended several National and International conferences that revolve around management and accreditation. Hence he seems to be the apt choice for the role that he will be playing for the council.

When we spoke to Prof. Thevannoor about the big development, he said, “I am obviously happy about being elected as the President and take on the position understanding the responsibility I have been given. ACBSP is all about establishing, recognizing and propagating educational standards that improve the level of management education.” Accreditation from the council is seen as recognition for business schools and programs that keep up with the standards. With his experience, Prof Thevannoor is expected to raise the bar further for the council.

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SCMS Cochin has prepared us for the internship, which will be the stepping stone to my professional career.

Sibin Thomas“Summer Internship has several advantages for management students. Firstly, we get real exposure to a corporate organization and gain in confidence to take on professional challenges. I also think it can give us the edge in our career in the near future. That’s why I am intending to give my summer internship my best shot and gain maximum advantage out of it.

I am doing my internship with Thomas Cook (India) Ltd in sales and it will be my job to explore the Market Potential of Foreign Exchange Products in Cochin. Some of my responsibilities include indentifying schools and colleges that have International collaborations and creating brand awareness for my company amongst these institutions in Cochin.

It’s going to be my first time in a corporate environment so there is anticipation. I am hoping for a friendly and creative work environment where as an intern I have the freedom to express my ideas. I want to learn all the skills that the employees of the company have and want to gain insight into good sales behavior towards consumers and clients.

I understand the challenges I will face during internship but I feel confident because of my learning at SCMS Cochin so far. It’s been a year that I have been here and the institute has exceeded my expectations by a mile. I was interested in a corporate career and wanted to learn modern management skills, which is why I came here. I think it’s been totally worth it.

If I have to talk about the things I have learned here, I would first mention the marketing skills, which I am sure will be quite helpful during my internship. I have gained theoretical and practical knowledge of management concepts besides knowing more about Consumer Behavior, which I will use to good effect during my internship.

Of course we have also been specially prepared for the internship by SCMS Cochin. We were taught about Business Research through various techniques and given opportunities to work on different projects. In fact the entire year has been a huge learning curve where I have got an overview of the corporate life and I am now ready to delve deeper into it with this internship.”

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