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Aparna gets placed with Deloitte and shares her mantra of taking aim and reaching her goals.

aparna“My journey at SCMS Cochin School of Business might have been tedious but it was exciting because I know it built the platform for my career. It was more like a pre-job experience where I had to handle multiple tasks and be responsible for my own actions.” These are the words of Aparna R, who has finally realized her lifelong career dreams. She has managed to bag a prestigious placement as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte U.S. India Ltd. This achievement, after years of hard work, has her on cloud nine.

Aparna considers herself lucky to get placed in a Tax related profile because it is a field that she enjoys tremendously. Hence, she is eager to get started and prove her mettle as a professional. “Whatever the job might be, I am ready for it,” she says. “They expect us to assist individuals and companies in tax planning and management to reduce their tax burden. Working with clients from different countries will be challenging, but also very exciting.”

Aparna is buzzing with energy looking forward to her professional journey; however, she has mixed feelings now that her academic life at SCMS Cochin is coming to an end. Reflecting on her time at the institute, she says, “There are a lot of things I am going to miss: my mentor group, hostel mates, and all of the opportunities the institute gave me. But above all I am going to miss the five minute breaks and dozing off between classes.” Her appreciation of her time at SCMS Cochin, and of her friends and mentors is evident by the huge smile on her face.

In a testament to the value of education at the institute, Aparna had her hands full while in the PGDM Were things ever get too much to manage? Was the workload too much? Without pausing for a moment she replies, “Well, it was hard work but I always knew that it was for my career. I wanted to be a part of a PGDM program that would make a difference in my life –that is why I came to SCMS Cochin. I haven’t ever regretted that decision. The institute puts a lot of effort into making us well-groomed professionals.”

Aparna also talks about the efforts of her faculty members. They helped her understand management concepts, along with their practical implications. They were also supportive during the placement process, which was a big help. She singles out the Summer Internship Program that got her industry ready. “I did my internship with Control Print, an emerging coding and manufacturing company,” she tells us. “It was a small firm, but my time there taught me a lot.”

It was this solid preparation through several mediums that prepared Aparna for the placement process. Ultimately, however, it was only her in the interview room, and she  had to make the lasting impression. What, according to her, did she do right? “I made them feel my passion for the job in the interview,” she strongly asserts. “If you don’t have the skills and passion for a job then it becomes a chore. Deloitte wasn’t just a job, it was THE job I was looking for.”

Just like Aparna had made up her mind about the job she really wanted, she asks her juniors to set goals for the placement process, and to do everything to reach them. “I would really like to tell the juniors to not sit for every placement to get a job,” she says. “Know more about the companies and jobs they are offering so that there’s no disappointment later. Fix upon a job and work towards it before it’s too late.” These are powerful words from an accomplished alumnus. And, based upon her achievements, those currently at SCMS Cochin would do well to listen. .

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Minu looks forward to her role as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte after making the most of the opportunities offered to her by SCMS Cochin.

minuA firm believer in destiny, Minu Varghese Cherayath is glad that her family moved to Kerala after living for many years in Surat, which is where she graduated. That’s because it gave her an opportunity to look for B Schools in God’s own country, and SCMS Cochin School of Business is the name that popped up wherever she looked. The decision to attend SCMS Cochin was a no brainer for Minu. The institute has given her the best possibility to pursue her PGDM goals, and this has led to an enriching academic journey, culminating in a placement with a prestigious name like Deloitte.

Minu will be working as a Tax consultant with Deloitte, and the newly bagged position will require a move to Hyderabad. Winning the dream placement has her thrilled, but looking back she says, “Of course, getting selected in one of the biggest companies in the world is exciting, but the knowledge I have gained in my two years at SCMS Cochin is more important for me. I could apply my theoretical learning into practice with assignments, industrial visits, internships, and other different initiatives. It was truly exhilarating every step of the way.”

Of course, Minu made sure she displayed her technical knowledge and the skills she gained through her academic journey during the crucial placement interview. She admits that she knew it was her shot at getting the placement she wanted and decided to give it her all. “I think they were impressed by my technical knowledge of the subject,” she says. “But to be honest, what really got me the job was the fact that I could tell them how I could use and apply this knowledge in different areas of work.”

In addition to her education, Minu is quick to admit that she wouldn’t have been so confident during the interview and placement process if it wasn’t for the guidance from her institute. She believes SCMS Cochin prepared her well for the process, giving her an ability to put her best step forward. “IMLP, OBT, Mentoring, General Knowledge, Mock test and interviews – these were the many initiatives that prepared us for this moment throughout the year,” she tells us. “GDs, Fest, Capstone stimulation program, PDP also helped us get ready for this phase.”

However, one of the crucial steps in a management student’s life that grooms them for the professional world is the Summer Internship program. Minu believes she got lucky with her internship and she elaborates on her experience as she says, “I did my internship with South Indian Bank Regional Office, Bangalore. I learned a lot there and would like to inculcate that in my work life. A work-life balance, respect and patience are important to me.” Those are the qualities she hopes to count on in her new position as she deals with U.S. clients. Minu has now embarked on a professional journey and aims to fly high with the wings her institute has given her. While she is filled with anticipation for what future holds, she looks back on the past and misses her faculty members, classmates, and student life as a whole.  If you ask her if she has advice for her juniors, she says, “The world is full of surprises, you never know how capable you are until the right time comes. So, be well prepared for the happiness which you are going to get in life.” Minu certainly has found hers.

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Chandana P K talks about how her institute groomed her as a well-rounded professional, which bagged her placement with Deloitte.

chandana“My academic journey with SCMS Cochin School of Business was the one thing that made me reach my goal. It served as a foundation for me to achieve my career objective.” These are the words of Chandana P K, who came to the institute to pursue her management aspirations. Today, she has bagged a placement as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte, a top global brand. This is a dream come true for Chandana, and she feels an immense sense of gratitude for the contribution of her B school.  Clearly, Chandana was on cloud-nine when she heard of her placement. She describes the excitement, saying, “I had tears of joy knowing that I had joined such a reputable firm. There was also a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I had made my parents and institute proud.” Now, she is geared up for the challenges ahead in her role as a Tax Consultant; and, she believes her team-player abilities will be called on at work.

The importance of team work is one of the many aspects of managerial responsibilities she learned at SCMS Cochin. In fact, according to Chandana, it was a huge learning curve from day one: “The learning environment was dynamic and completely different from what I was used to. I had chosen the institute because the curriculum is updated regularly to match industry and academic standards.”

Today, as she looks back, Chandana affirms that it was the right decision to make. After all, her time at the institute offered her plenty of exposure, which was a source of building her confidence and helping her with time management skills. “It most certainly helped me build my soft skills and knowledge that guided me in a way that I could get this job,” she says. “I was very pleasant and confident throughout my interview, which made the best impression for me.”

Of course, Chandana and her batch mates were put through special training and coaching programs that prepared them well for the placement process. She also mentions the contribution of her faculty members who remained accessible to support her at any time. “I also think my summer internship experience with Mahindra Finance was a big help. Overall, SCMS Cochin had done everything possible to make sure we were industry ready,” she adds.

Chandana’s journey at the institute has been a roller coaster ride, one which she has enjoyed thoroughly. As she prepares for her role as a professional she is filled with nostalgia and emotions. “I am definitely going to miss my friends from the institute and the hostel, which was the stage for many lovely memories,” she says, thinking back. “SCMS Cochin is a great place for your overall growth and I’d like to ask students to make the most of the opportunities it offers them.” Obviously, Chandana made the most of it – and her hard work and dedication has paid off well.

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SCMS Students Participate In ‘Run Kerala Run’

As a part of setting the stage for the 35th National Games starting on January 31, the students of SCMS drawn from various departments like PGDM, MBA, MCA and B.Com joined the “Run Kerala Run,” flagged off by Dr. GPC Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group of Educational Institutions in the presence of faculty members, students and staff in the SCMS campus on 20th January 2015.Noted as the biggest event ever held in the country, sports personalities, film actors, cultural persons, politicians, government employees, teachers and students participated for the event not only in the state capital, but in the entire state of Kerala. The Run Kerala Run was organised to express and share the state’s unity and solidarity with the National Games, to be held from January 31-February 14 being hosted by the State after a gap of 27 years.

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SCMS Cochin School of Business to host Humane 2015 focussing on the crucial area of Talent Management

SCMS Cochin School of Business will be hosting Humane 2015, a one day conference on the 20th of Feb that will focus on the level of Talent Engagement in organizations today and the strategies employed by them to enable full engagement. Humane is an annual initiative from the institute that brings together noted industry experts and academicians from all over to discuss and share ideas on a crucial topic. Humane 2014 (Humane 21) organized last year, an International conference on cultural diversity was a huge success and this year seems to be no different.

The theme for the 2015 edition of Humane is Talent Engagement: The Need of the Hour and the organizers, MBA Department of SSTM and the HR Department of SCMS Cochin School of Business are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it is a fruitful and enriching experience for all. This industry-relevant theme of the conference is already drawing the desired attention amongst all and the list of participants, which will include renowned academicians, researchers and industry practitioners can only be the icing on the cake.

It’s a known fact that businesses today are operating in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment that brings in challenges from economic, technological, demographic and social trends. It’s particularly true for Talent Engagement because strategies that seemed to have worked in the past have to be evolved with changing times. It’s important for leaders now to manage different aspirations in organizations by engaging their talent in the right behaviours for now and the future.

These are just some of the crucial issues that Humane 22 will focus on, offering a huge knowledge resource for the participants to learn and grow from. Through the academics and the practitioners, participants can learn about the initiatives taken by the organizations to define and identify the level of Talent Engagement. Moreover it will also serve as an opportunity for one to know more about why it is imperative for organizations to make the most out of behavioural strategies that can lead to comprehensive engagement.

Humane 2015 is also offering a platform for papers on Empirical Analysis, Literature Review, Background Note, Works in Progress and Case Studies, which can be presented during the conference. Different areas, from Rules of Engagement: Challenges of Engagement to Performance Management: Engagement Activities and Measuring ROI can be covered in the papers. They will then be selected by peer review to be published in a special edition of the SCMS Journal of Indian Management.

Overall, the conference aims to highlight the importance of changing strategies that are practically imperative for the industry as far as Talent Management is concerned. According to Professor Shalini Nandwani, “The conference is designed for academicians, researchers and industry practitioners who want to present their analysis and discuss their findings. At the same time it can prove to be an information resource on a subject that’s literally the need of the hour for the industry.” Clearly, there’s a lot to look forward to on the day.

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SCMS Cochin School of Business students head to Suryanelli for their annual Outbound Training (OBT) programme

OBT helps students understand life and survival skills better

OBT1Come 19th Jan, 2015 and students of SCMS Cochin School of Business will be embarking on a journey that will probably be remembered for a long time to come. After all, it’s the day their Kalypso Training Camp begins in the picturesque town of Suryanelli, near Munnar. The camp is one of the many initiatives from the institute to not only highlight different skills necessary for management aspirants but important life and survival skills too.

Given that there’s a lot riding on the camp, the location had to be spot on. The organizers of the camp seem to have got that just right as it is located at an altitude of 5000 feet. Surrounded by tea gardens and cardamom plantations the camp will overlook the Western Ghats hill ranges and will serve as the perfect setting for students to engage in a wide range of learning and fun activities.

Once the students get to their Kalypso Training Camp base they will be welcomed into 16 cottage tents that can house 4 to 5 campers based on the size of the group. There is a sheltered gazebo at the heart of the camp and it will be the place for heated discussions, and fun moments shared over dinner, alike.

OBT2The camp will have several activities for students to learn a lot about management concepts, themselves and also being responsible towards their surroundings. Since the area is one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, students will have to make sure no damage is caused, and they don’t disturb the locals.

All in all, the Kalypso Training Camp seems to be the perfect way for students of SCMS Cochin to immerse in the Nature and embrace a once in a lifetime experience.

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