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SCMS-COCHIN Ranked as One of the Top 25 B-Schools in India.

SCMS-COCHIN has long prided itself on the educational opportunities that it affords its students. With a stated mission  to develop globally competent and socially responsible business leaders through the use of  innovative education SCMS-COCHIN has long been held as an institute that prepares future business leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. This striving for excellence in all endeavours has garnered SCMS-COCHIN notice within India and across the globe. Now, with the publication of a recent B-School survey, SCMS-COCHIN continues on its path of excellence.

According to the recent Go-getter All India Participative B-School Survey 2012, SCMS-COCHIN is ranked among the top 25 B-Schools within India. Considered a perception ranking, the survey takes into account a random selection of viewpoints from industry representatives, management experts and aspiring candidates for management education. The parameters that were used to judge SCMS-COCHIN included course content, research and writings, placements, international exposure, infrastructure and faculty. After all of these factors were measured together, SCMS-COCHIN easily placed among the best in the country.

SCMS-COCHIN is a world-class institution that is designed to create future business leaders with a well-rounded education which  prepares them not only for the evolving global economy, but also for life. SCMS-COCHIN boasts of a unique legacy of  developing individuals and supporting their aspirations. All this is an attempt to help contribute to the world’s wealth of knowledge, bridge communities and make it possible for individuals to grow academically, professionally and personally.

With a firm commitment to social values, SCMS-COCHIN strives to provide a holistic education and is not afraid of forging its own path, drawing on its diversity to transform the individual and strengthen society. This vision has helped SCMS-COCHIN to become one of the leading B-Schools in the country. With the recognition from Go-getter magazine, the reputation of SCMS-COCHIN has been firmly cemented as an institute that knows what the world needs and is dedicated to providing it.



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