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Good education blended with hard work can take you places, say SCMS Cochin Alumni

Most of the top brands of the country conduct campus recruitments and absorb a large number of students from this institute to fill various positions in their organization. The SCMS Cochin students have always met their expectations and worked for the growth of these companies.

Without a doubt, SCMS Cochin students have emerged successful in the ventures they have undertaken after graduating from the institute. Three very good examples are Shri. Shivanandan Pare, COO Reliance BIGADDA, Mumbai; Shri. Sunil Baby, Branch Head LG Mobile, Andhra Pradesh and Shri. G. Ananthakrishnan, Sr. Account Director, BT India, Bangalore. All three graduated from SCMS Cochin a decade ago and have reached a point in their career only a few are able to attain.

The three set out on different adventures in the corporate world. Starting their careers with small firms, they eventually went on to grab good positions at some of the top brands of the country. Shri. Shivanandan started his career with Onkyo, switched to Mekhraj Financials and finally began his successful stint at the Reliance Group. He changed the business model at Reliance significantly by converting it from social networking/media to alternate retailing. “We are what we think we can be. Think and live life king-size, accepting the uncertainties,” said the COO of Reliance BIGADDA, Mumbai. Sunil Baby also worked with different companies in various locations and finally became the Branch Head of LG Mobile. Shri. Ananthakrishnan too served various organizations including GTL, HCL Connect Systems and Communications and Hughes Communications and then went on to join BT India. “One shouldn’t be waiting for an opportunity to come by, rather one needs to knock at the door of opportunities”, said Shri. Ananthkrishnan.

All three of them are hard-working, dedicated, passionate about their work and have a good educational background.

These alumni give credit for their achievements to the education they acquired at SCMS and the hard work and dedication put in by them. They believe the right knowledge and guidance plays an important part in a person’s professional career. It sets a strong base for an individual to grow, but what he becomes mainly depends on how much effort and hard work he puts i“College and our degree can help us in building a better foundation, but what we do with that foundation totally depends on us,” said Sunil Baby.

Shri. Ananthkrishnan agreed with him, saying: “For an individual to excel in life he needs to have the Arjuna Focus. We need to have that passion and focus to rock in our career,” he added.

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Your last chance to get admission in PGDM from SCMS-COCHIN

Admissions for SCMS-COCHIN, best business school in Kerala, are still open for PGDM course. The PGDM is AICTE approved, accredited, AIU recognised and ISO Certified. This full time residential programme is offered in 6 trimesters over a two year period. An applicant should be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized University with aggregate 50 percent marks. Candidates appearing for final year degree examination can also apply. Applicant should have secured 60% score in the CAT. Composite score for MAT should be more than 400.

“All efforts have been made to make this programme industry relevant and the curriculum is so devised as to enable students to meet industry needs and face real challenges of present business word which has gone through a sea change in the recent times and requires one to be innovative in order to survive and grow,” says Dr. G.P.C Nayar who is chairman of SCMS Cochin. With reforms and change is global economic scenario, there is going to be steep rise in demand for business professionals in Retailing, Banking, Insurance and Merchandising.  There is serious dearth of professionals in these fields and SCMS Cochin bridges this gap.

This Post Graduate programme in Management has electives ranging from HR, Finance, marketing and systems and Operations to the latest most sought after areas today as Insurance and Banking, Retailing and Merchandising. Professionals equipped with these expertise are sure to lead in the ever changing scenario.

 SCMS Cochin keeps updating syllabus and teaching pattern regularly. A balance is maintained between theory and practical industry training of the students. Interaction with the industry leaders, regular industry related projects and assignments are given importance to train future leaders of the business world. This zeal to impart best education and training to students has made SCMS Cochin best business school in Kerala and 3rd best business school in South India.  When we compare it with 4325 B-School in India, it secures very respectable 25th position.

All the faculty members are highly respected in the academic and business circles. SMCS Cochin has a strong alumni network too.  Since its PGDM programme has students from all over India, the alumni network is spread across the country with chapters in all metros and an international chapter in the Middle Eastas well.  “I am really excited to see that all class rooms and teaching areas in the school are equipped with high-end presentation equipments and gadgets that help make lectures interesting, interactive and inspiring,” says Rohit who has just filled the application form and looking forward to study here. “I am really sold on accommodation here, which is truly one of the finest, with separate hostels for girls and boys,” says another aspiring student Sanjana Saxena.

SCMS Cochin placement cell is a big draw for the students. It is manned by a team of experts and assisted by placement officers located in major cities inIndia with influence on leading corporate.

PROSPECTUS & APPLICATION forms are available at SCMS-COCHIN and these IMS Centres and TIME Centres.

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SCMS Cochin rewarded for Innovation, Leadership and Excellence in Management Studies

SCMS Cochin  brings out the best in its students to prepare them for a successful professional career. This can be judged from the kind of rewards and recognition it has managed to gain over the last several years. 2011 also saw the institute scoring well on various parameters and being rewarded for the same. The institute bagged two prestigious National Awards for excellence in management education. Known for introducing new and pioneering methods for imparting education, SCMS came up with an innovative academic and industry interface programs for teaching for which it was given the Innovative B. School Award. This award was a result of its continual efforts towards recognizing the need to prepare such programs and working upon developing them. No other B. School in the league could come with such a fresh and innovative idea. This award was instituted by a well known newspaper group, DNA in collaboration with The Stars of the Industry Group, Mumbai and presented to Prof. Pramod Thevanoor, Director, SCMS Group on the 12th of February.

The other award presented to the institute was the Star News National B- School Award. This award was instituted by Hong Kong-based Rupert Murdoch’s Star News. It was awarded for SCMS Cochin’s leadership in employing an industry-related curriculum for management studies. Both these awards were presented to Prof. Pramod Thevanoor, Director, SCMS Group in February last year. “It is an honor to receive this prestigious award. I hope our college continues to work hard and earn more such awards in the years to come”, said Prof.Pramod Thevanoor,

SCMS Cochin was also given Asia’s Best B. School Award. This award gave it international recognition. It was presented for Leadership Training and Innovation by the Quality Assessment Association of Business Schools in Asia. The award was presented to Prof. Pramod Thevannoor, Director of SCMS Group in July last year. “This one is well deserved; our institute is certainly the best in terms of infrastructure, faculty members, curriculum and various other aspects”, said an SCMS Cochin student.

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An Exhilarating Alumni Sports Meet organized by SCMS Cochin

The SCMS Alumni Sports Meet 2012 held on 14th January was quite exciting and enjoyable. The event organized at the SCMS Cochin campus was inaugurated by Prof. A.K. Kesava Pillai, the Registrar of the SCMS Group. The main highlights of the event were the Basketball and Volleyball matches that invited the alumni members to compete with the existing SCMS students. The Alumni from Batch 17 stood against the SCMS students from the 19th and 20th batch to contend in these exhilarating sports events. The game began with Prof. A.K. Kesava Pillai, introducing the teams to each other.

The Basket Ball Match began first. Both the teams entered the court with full enthusiasm and vigour to take on the game. The excitement of the game kept building as the match moved further. Finally the junior team, existing of students from the 19th and 20th batch emerged winner. The game was thoroughly enjoyed not only by the participants but also by the spectators. Followed by the Volleyball Match, the Alumni put up a fight but the final victory was snatched by the 19th and 20th Batch.

Everyone including the Registrar, faculty members, alumni members and students cheered the teams and were glued to the ground till the very end of the games. After the invigorating rounds, Dr G.P.C.Nair, the director of the institute distributed the prizes to the winners and closed the prize distribution ceremony with a short but inspiring speech.

The alumni shared that they always look forward to alumni events such as these as it feels great to meet their old batch mates and gel with the new students. “It’s a very nice experience to come back in our college from where we started our career and in future also we are ready to approach for these kinds of activities”, shared an SCMS alumnus. The SCMS students also await such events as they get to meet the Alumni members and learn a lot of new things through their experiences. SCMS alumni sports meet 2012 brought the existing students and alumni members together; it was indeed a great sight to see them all gather at one place. The event coordinated by Prof. R.T.R. Varma and Prof. V. Rajagopal was enjoyed by one and all.

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Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, the Chairman SCMS Group talks about the need of the hour

Corporate frauds and scandals are not only rising in India but are increasing across the globe. “According to the latest survey report of the international consultancy firm, KPMG, such frauds have increased globally from 11 percent to 18 percent in the last four years”, shared Dr. G. P. C. Nayar. The main reason for the growth of these scandals is the lack of human and ethical values. Some learned scholars and practitioners have realized the need to incorporate these values in their workforce as they believe this would help in nurturing good corporate culture. Many management institutes have also modified their curriculum keeping in mind these positive and ethical human values.

 Dr. G. P. C. Nayar further shared that, “this sort of degeneration is not only the problem of the business and industry. It is so in every other sector. The human race, world over, is afflicted by this deterioration”. The SCMS Chairman went on to share the views of an Indian poet, Bhartrihari who wrote almost around 1500 years back. Bhartrihari divided the human race into four categories of people, the Satpurushas, Samanyas, Manav Rakshasas and the fourth category of people is lower than these three, so much so that he did not even consider it worth giving a name.

Satputras are noble people who always work for the betterment of other people sacrificing their self interest. Samanyas are those who help other people; however, they do not sacrifice their self interest to benefit others. The third category, Manav Rakshasas consists of those who kill other people’s happiness for their own interest. Those belonging to this category are selfish and corrupt. The fourth category of people simply enjoy hurting others without any self interest. “The present problem confronting the society is that from the category of samanyas people are slowly slipping into the lower groups thereby intensifying the destructive force of these groups”, said Dr. G. P. C. Nayar. As per him, we may not be able to eradicate these evils completely but we must make an effort to lower them if we want to progress.

He shared that there is a major problem with the education system in our country. “Our entire educational system from the primary level which gives excessive devotion to intellectual knowledge and technical skill but little or no respect to human values needs to be changed”, he said. Such education would “only create intellectual giants” devoid of human values. We need to ensure that both technical knowledge as well as human and ethical values are inculcated in a student. “Balance between technical excellence and human excellence is the need of the hour”, he concluded.

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Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman SCMS Group presented with Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, the chairman of SCMS group received the much deserved Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011. The award was instituted by a well known Media Forum named Kerala Development Media which is based in Trivandrum.

Dr. Nayar was presented this award for his matchless leadership and exceptional contribution for resurging professional higher education in India. He was delighted to receive the award. It was a moment of surprise as well as joy for the Chairman of SCMS. He took this opportunity to share some of the experiences during his journey towards success and thank those who helped him through his journey and made him achieve what he had always yearned for. He thanked the people who taught him and guided him in this direction. This was not the first time that Dr. G. P. C. Nayar was receiving an award. He has always been appreciated for his skills, efficiency and passion towards work and has been presented with several awards and titles. However, Dr. Nayar has always been humble enough to state that he would not have been able to achieve anything without the efforts and support of his team. He appreciated the way his team has been working to achieve the desired goals.

He holds years of experience in handling the working of professional institutions. He has taken them all to a new height with his continual efforts and hard work. His dream of imparting quality education at reasonable price came true with the establishment of SCMS. Aimed at focusing on quality education, the management institute has become a centre of excellence for management and communication studies with the efforts put in by Dr. Nayar.

He also thanked the jury committee that thought he was worth receiving the lifetime achievement award.

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SCMS Cochin Alumni gather together to relive their SCMS days

This was not the first time that ex-SCMS-ites Cochin  had gathered for an Alumni meet. The management at SCMS makes it a point to organize Alumni meets regularly so that the Alumni get an opportunity to meet their old batch mates and students from current batches to share their knowledge and experiences with them. However, this one was exclusively organized for Alumni based in Chennai and held a special significance for them.

The venue decided for the Alumni meet was The Spring Hotel in Chennai and most ex-SCMSians placed in Chennai managed to take out time from their hectic schedules to be a part of this get together. It was a great sight to see the students from Batch 1 to 18 assemble at one place to enjoy the evening. The Alumni meet was organized to strengthen their bond with SCMS and know each other better. Many senior SCMS faculty members from the management were also invited for the meet. Prof. Indu Nair, Group Director, Dr. Radha Thevannoor, Group Director, Prof. Pramod P. Thevannoor, Sr. Group Director, Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS Cochin and Shri. George Joseph, Manager, Corporate Affairs, from SCMS made it to the gathering. The hall was filled with SCMS Alumni; all well-settled and specializing in different fields. Piped in one alumnus, “We shared our present day experiences and remembered the good old days spent at SCMS!”

Shri Ramakrishna Prasad from Batch 7 who is now working as Product Manager with Cognizant Technologies shared the way he and his batchmates spent their days at the college. Everyone grew nostalgic on remembering their college life.

Smt. Rekha Nayak from Batch 1 happened to be the senior most member at the gathering who shared, “It feels so good to be seeing some familiar faces and getting to know a few new ones.” Now an AVP at HDFC Bank, Smt. Nayak also shared her experiences at SCMS. Various other ex-SCMSians present at the Alumni meet shared their experiences and the learnings they have received at SCMS.

All in all, the evening was fun; it helped in bringing these Alumni members together to strengthen their bond.

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SCMS Cochin maintains a professional culture and nurtures good values

Each management institute these days offers more or less the same set of management programs. The curriculum of these programs is also similar as it is designed with professional help keeping in mind the latest market scenario. What is it then that differentiates these institutes from each other? What makes certain institutes outshine the rest?

It is the culture and values of an institute that sets it apart. At SCMS Cochin, the management ensures that a healthy culture is maintained as it understands its importance in a student’s life. The institute also values the necessity of providing good quality education and imparting it the right way and thus offers rich and transformative education. As Dr. G. P. C. Nayar puts it, “Our quality level has been accepted by the National Board of Accreditation. Way back in 1998, the expert team for accreditation which visited us recommended accreditation for SCMS Cochin and that is being renewed every five years. We still continue to be a B. school of high quality as per their assessment. Accreditation is the final test for the quality of a B. school”. The faculty members at SCMS Cochin train the students in a way that they are prepared to think and act wisely and spontaneously in any given market scenario. However, these habits and abilities cannot be inculcated in the students only by the way of classroom teachings and special grooming sessions. It is the overall culture and atmosphere at SCMS Cochin that boosts confidence in a student and helps him evolve.

SCMS Cochin students are involved in various activities that help in enhancing their analytical and decision making skills. “We ensured that the students learned far beyond the syllabus. We wanted to train the students to become competent managers,  decision makers and analysts and develop enough skills in communication, interpersonal relations and so many other areas essential to ensure a successful career life”, shared Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group. SCMS also values the importance of team work and inculcates the same in its students.

Thousands of students from across the country take admission in various courses at SCMS Cochin. Students come in contact with their counterparts from different parts of the country. Interacting with students from different regions and sharing cross cultural experiences in itself is a great way of learning a number of new things.

“I am sure that we have succeeded to a considerable extent in our effort. We stand out today because of these special inputs we provide to our students”, added Dr. G. P. C. Nayar.

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SCMS SIKHAR: Towards the Pinnacles of Success

Brain teasing and capability defying challenges will be thrown open to all participating teams. The competitions are many and the winners, just a few. All the rest are second best.

Clean, Green, Fighting Machine:

For The Best Manager speed is a need. The circumstances are difficult and the results – uncertain. The Manager who thinks on his feet and beats all the others into swift retreat will take home the one mega prize – Rs. 25,000. Not a rupee less.

Weather the Storm:

Knowledge is king. Too much can be useless, and too little could lead you to lose. Brush up your brains, bite the Business Quiz bullet and be the warrior that wins. It is all a matter of points. Even a fraction can make a winner!

Global Warming:

Brand Wars happen all the time. These wars are what make business exciting. Staying one step ahead of the competition, being a little ahead of your time has it rewards. It really is a brand war, folks


What’s the The Business Plan? Making it BIG always needs a plan. The best business plan has to be a sure shot to success.

Green Stock:

Green is the colour of money. Green is the colour of sustainability. Picking your stocks right is a big Stock Game. Nobody knows the results and the money you make could help you win.

Think Outside the Can: It’s a Mad Ads story. The one that wins has to funny, short, quirky and brand memorable.


A company is built by its people. The right people. The HR Game is for those passionate about people.

Web Focus:

A shrinking globe. The fight for eyeballs is online. The virtual world is all agog. May the most creative win this IT Game.


Event Management is big these days. The attractive style takes you to the winning mile.

Eye on Sustainability:

A Treasure Hunt like no other, this one is all about living within your means and living green. This contest has only one winner who gets Rs. 10,000.

All contests, other than the ones where prizes are mentioned, will have two prizes wait to be won! The 1st is Rs. 8000 and the 2nd is half at Rs. 4,000.

Ecotainment is entertainment with the sustainability twist. Performances, lights and sound. Its magic at SCMS on 30, Jan, 2012, 6 pm onwards.

Dates: 30 and 31 January, 2012.

Registration Fee: Rs. 200 plus.

Accommodation (optional): Rs. 400 per day. 

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SCMS-COCHIN bags Asia’s Best Business School Award

SCMS-Cochin has done it yet again. It has been awarded the title of Asia’s Best Business School. The institute has bagged this award for Leadership Training and Innovation. The Quality Assessment Association of Business Schools in Asia assessed the various business schools in India as well as other Asian countries. The assessment was done on a number of parameters and SCMS-Cochin emerged as a winner. It got a good rating in most of the parameters and was thus presented Asia’s Bes tBusiness School award.

With this award, SCMS-Cochin has gained international recognition. By winning this, the institute has not only added another achievement to its kitty but also made the entire nation proud. The fact that an institute from our country has outsmarted the other institutes acrossAsia is certainly a matter of pride for our country.

The award ceremony was held at Suntec Convention Centre, Singaporeon the 22nd of July this year. The Group Director of SCMS, Prof. Pramod P.Thevannoor was presented the award at this ceremony. He was glad to receive it and appreciated the efforts put in by the management and the faculty members of SCMS-Cochin. He shared that without their efforts and hard work achieving this award would not have been possible.

SCMS-Cochin has been receiving various awards ever since its inception. However, this one holds a special importance as it has helped the institute gain global acknowledgement and given the inspiration to work with even more dedication.

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