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Mr. V.S.M Nair offers an in-depth understanding of various aspects of entrepreneurship at Endeavor 14

“Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”, a workshop organized by SCMS Cochin on the 10th of March turned out to be a huge success. The entrepreneurship workshop had hoped to instil faith and confidence in students as they embark on a path to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. . And, through the motivational talks by renowned entrepreneurs, who also shared their own experiences and insight, the workshop managed to do just that for those in attendance. . Mr. V.S.M Nair, MD, VMA Consultants (P) Ltd, was one of the speakers and his talk was enlightening to the students in many ways.

Mr. Nair began his talk on a high note, instantly drawing the attention of the gathering as he said, “People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan. If you want to work towards a successful business of your own there is no alternative to thorough planning.” He should know, considering he has seen the rise and fall of many entrepreneurs and has helped out many of them with his expertise. Though Mr. Nair refuses to term himself as an entrepreneur, his vast knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial skills made him an appropriate speaker to the audience that was all ears for him.

There were many aspiring entrepreneurs in the gathering, along with business owners who recently set up their companies and were looking for guidance to head in the right direction. Many of them had one important question on their minds: Why do some entrepreneurs fail? Mr. Nair was quite forthright with his comment on the matter as he said, “There are certain personality traits of people that can be supported by business. But there are others, such as lack of focus and leadership, which make them fail in business.”

Mr. Nair then went on to address different issues faced by start-up companies individually. This was an important part of his talk, because it gave students the opportunity to hear about real-world examples. Talking about the overall deficit companies’ face, he said that it was often because of hiring too many people or, simply, the wrong people. He also highlighted the flaws of financial planning that can become the bane for start-ups. “Many new companies raise only a small amount of money initially because they want to watch their investments,” he explained. “Others end up raising too much money at the onset. Both the situations can be equally disastrous. You also need to avoid the issues of poor cash management and transfer of funds for personal use that ail many start-ups.”

As Mr. Nair talked about different aspects of entrepreneurship, there were two key points that he felt were very important for the students to know: “Sound business planning is vital to entrepreneurship and people are very important to business,” he stated as he concluded his speech.

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At SCMS, Ritesh Paramanik says, “I have lost my fear of public speaking and found my confidence!”

– Placed with one of the leading provider of Assurance Service in the country

ritesh scmsRitesh Paramanik is not the usual academically-oriented management graduate; instead, he is a sports enthusiast who has played cricket at the State level. An NCC cadet at school, Ritesh was the only student from his school to be selected for the Republic Day Parade contingent from Orissa. He is an outdoor enthusiast, telling us “I am a biker and a traveller. I love going on long bike rides, and I recently rode from Bangalore to Cochin.” As an academic, Ritesh is a B.Tech in Computer Science engineering from Bhubaneswar, and he has decided to pursue a degree in management from Southern India after graduation.

Today, he has been placed at Maveric Systems Ltd. as Delivery Management Trainee through campus placement at SCMS, a job that he feels is a perfect fit for someone of his talents. He believes that he will grow at Maveric to find his dreams. He attributes SCMS with developing his presentations skills and self confidence, which were instrumental in the placement. “In the past two years, I have been part of many IMLP winning teams that have helped me win my confidence back,” he says. “I have overcome my fear of standing on a stage and giving a presentation. I consider these to be my real achievements in SCMS”.

Ritesh shares that the schedule at SCMS was a real challenge for him, given its strict nature: “I struggled a lot to adapt and adjust to the rules of SCMS in the first semester. I got a few backlogs at that time and it was a setback for me. I had a tough time dealing with failure in SCMS”. However, he took it as a challenge, one that he successfully overcame. Not only did he complete the course against all odds, but has also been placed well. “A friend told me I would not survive at SCMS, but his very words inspired me to join SCMS and break my own image of a person who can’t endure rules and deadlines”.

His personal battle was supported by the faculty at the school who Ritesh thinks are best in the field: “The faculty in our college are all from the industry, having worked with large organizations their pedagogy is totally industry-focussed”. Classroom teaching is corroborated with industrial visits and industrial interaction sessions that help the students prepare themselves for the real world. Mentoring is a strong part of a student’s life at SCMS that enables him/her to make the right choices and plug the gaps in learning.

A movie and sports enthusiast, Ritesh feels he has had a great run at SCMS. “SCMS is one of the most prestigious B-schools in South India,” he says. “In fact, I think it is the best college in light of its curriculum and placements.”

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Prince Manocha already feels like the King of the world with a new territory to at hand to forge

prince scmsPrince Manocha from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh always understood the importance of giving himself a cutting edge advantage in today’s competitive professional arena. That’s the reason he pursued his CA program and cleared the IPCC – 1st group. He also passed three exams of the National Institute of Securities market and has a certification of Financial Planner from Sydney University to boot. But that didn’t seem enough for the man with big dreams, which is why he headed to SCMS Cochin to pursue his PGDM program. And it’s here that he seems to have hit the jackpot by bagging a job with ICICI Securities.

Prince will now be working as a Senior Relationship Manager with the company and will have serious responsibilities on his shoulders. “I have to deliver the desired revenue target numbers while looking after cross-selling to existing customers and acquisition of new customers,” he tells us. “I will also have to provide solutions to customers’ financial needs besides preparing and maintaining sales calls reports and all relevant MIS.” After his experience at his institute, Prince is ready to take on practically any responsibility given to him.

He admits that his two-year journey at SCMS Cochin was filled with ups and downs, and several unexpected situations that he had to deal with quickly. It called on his presence of mind and perseverance to get through the initial tough period, and it’s these qualities that he will rely on in his professional career from now on. Prince also recalls the rigorous classroom schedule and the strict discipline that was a part of the learning experience. “The journey has its pros and cons but it has helped me look at difficulties as opportunities,” he mentions. “The cons made me a patient, confident and independent person.”

SCMS Cochin offered several exciting opportunities to him during his two years’ stint and they served to be a learning experience, not only for management concepts but for his overall growth too. Prince recalls being the coordinator of the Integrated Management Learning Program (IMLP) to be one such experience that helped him to a great extent. During his time at the institute he also participated in several inter-collegiate contests that boosted his confidence further. “Winning the first prize in the finance games organized by Amrita School of Business and Stockmind (virtual trading game) organized by ICICI securities are the highlights of my academic sojourn,” he says with a smile.

Given the opportunities he has had and the platform offered to him by the institute, it is little wonder that Prince recommends a professional program like his to future management aspirants. “Leading media groups in the country have ranked SCMS Cochin as one of the top 25 B-Schools in the country,” he says. “It has won several National and International awards for excellence in leadership development, entrepreneurship and many more. The teaching methodology followed by experienced faculty members is impeccable. And the course program is well designed, structured and up-do-date, which gives us the edge.”

It is this competitive edge besides the SIP experience with Sharekhan Limited, Mumbai that Prince took to the interview table for the placement with ICICI Securities. And he impressed with his talent and newfound confidence, which finally earned him the job. Now that he is a management professional himself, what does he plan to achieve with his new company? “I want to excel in my career and am willing to put in all the effort asked of me to deliver to the best of my abilities,” he answers. “I want to be firmly settled in the company with a clear understanding of my role in its future.”

His institute has given Prince the means to call the shots in his future career and make a place for himself, not only in his company but the world of management as well.

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Keynote address by Mr. Ravi Shankar becomes the high point of Endeavor 2014

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Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President of Nevales Networks, who inaugurated the entrepreneurship workshop organized by SCMS Cochin, left an indelible mark on the audience with his keynote address. The workshop, “Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights” held on 10th March, 2014 began on a high note with Mr. Shankar taking to the podium and giving a talk on entrepreneurship, which had many valuable insights for those in attendance.

The objective of the workshop was to inspire young students to become entrepreneurs in the future and to guide those who are already on the business path in the right direction. And, Mr. Shankar did just that by walking amongst the audience in the packed venue, thus building an instant and natural connection with them. His lecture was engaging and interactive, involving participants in the best possible manner.

Staying true to the theme of the workshop, Mr. Shankar used presentation software developed in the Silicon Valley by young, budding entrepreneurs. He then inspired the budding entrepreneurs in the gathering by asking them to, “Step out into the real world and experience new things. 99.9% of the entrepreneurs are scared to start something new, which is why it’s important to let go of that fear and take the leap.”

There are many who could have a flourishing entrepreneurial journey in front of them but never embark on it because they hold on to the security of their jobs. Mr. Shankar remarked that one can’t really change the world while working at a standard job. He then went on to shed light on the six myths that shroud entrepreneurship:

1. Need for capital

2. Failure is bad

3. Need for hi-tech resources

4. Idea has to be brand new

5. Low cost means low quality

6. Entrepreneurs are born not made.

By addressing these fallacies he offered students much needed clarity about entrepreneurship.

Mr. Shankar also made his talk more relevant to students by drawing on his own experiences. He shared a particular anecdote about approaching the International CEO of Nokia about the mobile transaction process used in India. “I was asked by the corporate to shift the focus of this approach and study from Indian market to the European markets. It was then that I realized the need to market both the big and the small.” The workshop had sought to bring light instances like these to help students understand the entrepreneurial concepts a lot better by understanding its intricacies, challenges and adventures. Not to forget, Mr. Shankar’s talk had hit the nail right on the head.

The highly enriching talk also discussed minimum viable product (MVP), which is the importance of knowing how to use money rather than how to get money for a business idea. It is little wonder then that Mr. Shankar made a lasting impression with the audience by the end of his talk.

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Inspiring talks during entrepreneurship workshop organized by SCMS Cochin leave a lasting impression with the audience

SCMS enda

SCMS Cochin School of Business recently hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for its students titled “Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”. The day-long event held on 10th March, 2014 aimed to inspire participants into being future entrepreneurs and leaders in the world of business. And it sought to do that through talks from renowned entrepreneurs who have already made their journey successful ones.

The event brought together big names in the industry who instantly made a mark on the audience. Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President, Nevales Networks started off the proceedings with his remarkably interactive session. In keeping with the theme of the talk, he used presentation software developed in the Silicon Valley by a group of budding entrepreneurs, which was a nice touch in itself. He then made a point by saying that 99.9% of entrepreneurs are scared of starting something new and taking the risks necessary in the world of business entrepreneurship. Mr. Shankar then went on to address several myths that are associated with entrepreneurship, which was quite enlightening for the audience. The good thing about this talk was that the indomitable speaker often drew on his experiences to effectively support his points and to illustrate the real-world value of his statements. He shared from his personal experience as to how he once approached the International CEO of Nokia about the mobile transaction process used in India and was asked to focus on European market instead. It made sense as he explained the concept of marketing the “big” and the “small”.

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Mr. Shibin Kumar, MD, Head Over Wheels was the next in line and he talked about a crucial element of entrepreneurship- passion. It is something that he knows a thing or two about. After a successful career in banking, he followed his passion for automobiles and racing by setting up Head Over Wheels, an automobile detailing and performance company. “Passion is the deep desire to do something,” he told the audience. “There are people who will try and detract you from your plans with the fear that you will give up on your secured life. Don’t disrespect their views but use them to create a successful future for yourself.”

The workshop was not only meant for future entrepreneurs but those who are already in the business world and want to take things to a new level. The next speaker, Mr. Alex K Babu, MD of Hedge Equity could relate to that since he was born into a business family. His talk focussed on risk-taking capacity as he said, “If you don’t know about the investment you are going to make then don’t do it. Remember the importance of setting up the process before setting goals.”

When it comes to entrepreneurs, the next speaker had a rather unusual line of business. Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting, is involved with cognitive neuroscience. Understanding the complex human psyche was what got Mr. Dominic involved in his interesting field of choice. He highlighted another important point about entrepreneurship: the importance of having the right group of people around you.

That concluded the highly stimulating morning session of the day, which had only whetted the appetite of the audience. Later, they were held in rapt attention by Ms Parveen Hafeez, Managing director, Sunrise group of hospitals, as the proceedings began after a short break. Juggling both personal and professional lives is often said to be a tough task for women, but it’s something Ms. Hafeez has managed wonderfully; and, according to her, it’s because Sunrise hospitals are her first baby. The experiences, she said, served as valuable tips for the audience.

Mr. V.S.M Nair, MD, VMA Consultants (P) Ltd made an instant impact on the gathering as he said, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Having a solid business plan is important for a start-up. Lack of focus and leadership, besides a proper plan, are some of the reasons that make entrepreneurs fail in business.” He then went on to talk about the issues that plague start-up companies, which were noted by the audience as they would hope to avoid similar pitfalls in the future.

Mr. Avinash Krishnan, Managing Director, Quanda Communications was the final speaker, and one who added another dimension to the event. He highlighted certain “dos and don’ts” of entrepreneurship, which in itself is the true trust of friendship, according to him. It was a poignant point to end the dialogue on the day that helped participants gain valuable insights through journeys of noted entrepreneurs.

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“Although I don’t dwell too much into the past or the future, I would like to be in such a position that no organization could afford to lose an employee like me.” – Praveen Shamra (PGDM 2014) on getting placed with Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

DSCN0241While growing up in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Praveen Sharma dreamt of going places and finding his own niche in the exciting world of management. Hence, he decided to come to SCMS Cochin on the basis of his score in MAT exams. For him, from among the top list of institutes, SCMS was the one that took admissions through MAT, so it seemed like a practical decision. Praveen had also heard about the impeccable faculty team, innovative curriculum and, of course, the placement record, which helped him make up his mind in favour. And today it’s a combination of all these factors that got him a placement with prestigious Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

Recounting his experiences at SCMS that has changed his life, Praveen says, “There has been ups and downs throughout my journey here. But I have been trained in a way that the downs never became obstacles for me.” He then talks being the overall coordinator for Shikhar ‘14, the popular management fest organized by his institute as one of the high points during his academic experience. He was also the overall coordinator for a research project initiated by Kerala State Government on Migrant Labourers working in Kerala in association with SCMS. Today he can count his placement with a prestigious firm as another of his achievement.

Praveen will be working as a Tax Consultant with his new employers, a role that has him quite excited about. “As a tax professional I will be exposed to a comprehensive array of consulting and compliance opportunities. I will have the responsibility to provide audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to public and private clients spanning multiple industries,” he says, brimming with enthusiasm. Praveen plans to make the most of the theoretical and practical knowledge about finance learned here at SCMS while he is on the job.

In fact, he believes that his learning from the institute will last him for his lifetime. “The academic schedule for various courses at the institute is carefully chalked out,” he says. “Integrated Management Learning Programme (IMLP) is a brilliant initiative that has helped all students. Moreover, a lot of emphasis is laid on punctuality and strict adherence to discipline, which we will appreciate a lot more when we start our careers.” He is quick to mention the importance of mentoring received from his faculty mentors in moulding these budding professional today.

While the focus at SCMS Cochin remained on academic excellence, a lot was done for students’ overall personality development, according to Praveen. He also talks about the weekly Industry-Institute interaction, where as a student he  got an opportunity to interact with experts from the industry. These were just some of the things that made sure he was industry ready when time came for the gruelling placement process. “I had also done my SIP with HDFC Mutual Fund, Kochi,” Praveen adds. “It was initially tough to face the real corporate world, especially since there’s no room for errors and no one’s forgiven. I was constantly on my toes to make an impression, and that helped me get through the interviews.”

So now that he’s looking forward to a new beginning when asked, how does Praveen reflect on his decision to join a professional management program like his? Without batting an eyelid he says, “It was the best decision I took for my career. An innovative program like the one offered by SCMS Cochin is a result of autonomy of the school as it gives a lot of flexibility to the institute to design industry relevant programs that are in keeping with challenging times we are in. That’s what makes students more attractive to the Industry.”

Praveen, who loves to sketch in his spare time, isn’t sketchy at all when it comes to his future plans. “Although I don’t dwell too much into the past or the future, I would like to be in such a position that no organization could afford to lose an employee like me.”

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Sarath Menon, the Thrissur boy from SCMS Cochin, gains a strong foothold into the retail industry with lucrative campus placement.

pic“No journey in life is completely smooth; it all depends on how quickly you adapt to the rough tide and win the race,” says Sarath, an SCMS Cochin student talking about his academic journey with the institute. The young boy from Thrissur admits that he found the going tough initially after he joined the B School that he had heard a lot about. Eventually, with his perseverance and with support from the institute, he managed to turn things around for himself. So much so, that now he’s on a new high after having bagged placement with Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Sarath will be going through a six-month training program with the company after which he has brilliant opportunities to widen his horizons. It’s something he is obviously thrilled about as he says, “There is tremendous opportunity to learn and grow with the company. I would like to gain good knowledge about retailing, and make a good impression at my work place. Only then will I be able to move up the ladder in the industry, which is what I want. I would also boost my marketing skills while I am at it.”

Clearly his time at SCMS Cochin has taught Sarath to think big and aim higher. And it’s visible in the goals he has set for himself in the future. “In a few years I would like to be in a senior management position in the retail industry where I have more responsibilities and authority to take important decisions. But my real, long term goal is to open a restaurant. It’s partly because I am a complete and serious foodie,” he chuckles. He might make light of the comment but his determination and confidence to achieve his goal is clear.

It’s a sea change for the young one who initially struggled through his time at SCMS. According to him, the system was completely alien to him, which is why he had trouble adjusting to it initially. But over time because of the support of his faculty members and classmates from various backgrounds, Sarath started taking things in stride. “Various initiatives that my institute has set up also helped me to a great extent,” he says. “IMLP sessions to improve presentation skills and business knowledge, seminars and conferences that allowed us to interact with industry experts and personal grooming programs were some of the initiatives that made a world of difference for me.”

Sarath also talks about his summer internship placement that held him on solid ground when it came to his all-important job interview. He previously held an internship with Indus League Clothing limited, a division of Future Group, in Bangalore and the experience he earned in the retail industry was vital for his placement interview. It’s this experience that was created for him by his institute that he will draw on when he takes on the new responsibilities of being a working professional. And, he believes that he is well prepared for the job thanks to his learning experience at his institute.

So does Sarath recommend a program like his to future management professionals? “Most definitely,” he confidently replies. “The job market is extremely competitive today and you need that extra feature to set you apart as a brand. SCMS Cochin gives you the cutting edge advantage because it’s one of the best B Schools in South India. The PGDM program is quite reputed and carefully created keeping today’s industry needs in mind. It has given me the ideal launching pad for my career.” Today, Sarath stands on the cusp of a new beginning that seems to have many big things in store for him.

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