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An internship with M&S in HR profile, converted to final placement with Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. for Soby

SobySoby completed her BBA and had to pick a business school for her Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). She was looking beyond just bagging a great placement- she was looking for a stimulating environment to learn from and prosper. SCMS Cochin School of Business happened.

It was after finishing the first year of PGDM with SCMS, Soby did her internship with Marks & Spencer’s HR wing and was soon clear about what she wanted next.

Soby sailed through the final placement interviews and rounds with Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. and that was not mere luck or chance. She was preparing herself towards it, every day.

SCMS was an obvious choice

“I was hearing about SCMS Cochin a lot; from friends, through the media etc. I knew it to be one of the top B-Schools in the state to do your PGDM from. Hence it was an easy decision since I always wanted to pursue it to boost my corporate goals,” she says.

According to her, it was a sound decision because the program has given her theoretical knowledge along with practical exposure that will help her excel in her career.

Stumbling steps were steadied

Soby admits that when she joined the institute she was filled with anticipation and apprehensions. But right at the onset, the B School put her through the paces and created a solid foundation for her management dreams. “It has been a wonderful learning experience with the institute and in some ways it matters to me more than the placement. The discipline made me more responsible and being a representative for different programs made me more confident,” she says enthusiastically.

“All the sessions we had to go through were constantly updated in keeping with the latest trends and practices in the industry. That’s why we were abreast with the latest at all times.”

Juniors, ahoy!

Like all management students, even Soby had aspirations to bag a good placement. As the placement season began, there was a flurry of activity. However she managed to stay calm because she has been preparing for the moment for two years. “I think what set me apart was my calm and positive attitude. I answered all the questions genuinely, maintained proper eye contact and body language and always had a smile on my face,” she says.

We asked Soby about her future role and how she plans to tackle the challenges of her professional life. She quips, “I did my internship with Marks and Spencer Reliance India Private Ltd, Gurgaon where I got good practical exposure to HR department. The role I have been offered now is of Store People Officer at Pantaloons Fashion and Retail Ltd. My main task would be execution of day-to-day HR related activities, which I feel equipped to handle.”

Soby speaks with the confidence of a seasoned professional who has come a long way. And going by that you can tell that she’ll go a lot further too.

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Abhijeet Nair takes us behind the lens and into the mind of a passionate photographer

AbhijeetWhoever thinks management education is only about assignments, presentations and keeping up with deadlines, can think again. The two years of your PGDM can also be used to groom your overall personality, while shining as an individual on campus. Abhijeet Nair of SCMS Cochin School of Business, Cochin has definitely done that by taking his passion for photography to a whole new level. The perennial favourite at college fests, his work has also received a mention from National Geographic International. That should say it all about our Star on Campus. Of course, pictures speak louder than a thousand words, but we let Abhijeet do the talking today and describe his passion.

Abhijeet admits that his love for photography began when he was in school, but he really got the best platform to showcase his talent at SCMS Cochin. “I would think a lot about going to places to take pictures. But things started happening when I came to Kerala, God’s own country and joined the institute,” he explains. “The Media Relations Club gave me the opportunity to take photography seriously. I got to shoot different places, events, capture several eminent personalities, meet them and interact with them.” He also adds that it has been a good platform for his personal growth to a large extent.

While Abhijeet might have his roots in Kerala, he spent most of his years growing up in Delhi, which holds a special place in his heart. But for someone who is inclined towards Nature photography, coming to Cochin, and the stunning state on the whole, was the best thing that could happen. “Yes, it’s such a beautiful place and I want to explore it to the fullest with my camera in hand,” he says. “I like going to new places, but photography is not just about that. As a photographer you get to see different people, cultures, which are then actually recorded for life. That’s what I love about photography the most.”

Keeping up with his tight schedule at the institute and pursuing his passion hasn’t been easy for Abhijeet. But he looks at the positive that it has taught him, including the importance of time management and multitasking, which according to him are crucial life skills: “I think if you are really passionate about something you are going to make time for it. Taking time out to do what you love is vital for your overall well being.” It’s something he clearly has thought about and something that has impacted his decision of choosing a specialization in Banking and Insurance. He believes it will not only offer him a secure job, but time to pursue his passion as well.

Abhijeet admits that he is a reserved person, which is why photography is also a form of self expression for him. But somewhere in the future, he would like to combine the business skills he has learned at SCMS Cochin with his true love of; photography. “Yes somewhere down the line I see myself opening a studio, which will host interactive sessions with photographers, who shoot nature, wildlife etc, coming in from different parts of the country,” he explains. “It would be a platform to learn and grow for all who are keen on photography. It’s something I have thought about and will definitely work on.” Abhijeet is the perfect example that showcases SCMS Cochin’s commitment to not only education in the classroom, but also to the individual and his or her development as a well-rounded person and passions in life.

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Libin is ‘the Star of IMLP’ at SCMS-Cochin

Libin DanielIn SCMS Cochin School of Business, innovative ideas bounce mostly of the spring board of interactions between faculty, students, parents, industry, and academia. One Innovation in particular is the IMLP or Integrated Managerial Learning Program. The IMLP has complemented the academic sessions in classrooms, and is more-or-less a student-driven program, where students judge, help and push each other to nurture soft-skill and knowledge. It’s a regular co-curricular activity now. The beauty of IMLP is that every student and faculty of SCMS Cochin School of Business believe it is their baby; so strong is the sense of association! If IMLP is the jewel in the crown of SCMS Cochin, Libin – the Best Speaker for the 3rd time in a row – is undoubtedly it’s star.

Libin went to school initially in Dubai, and then in Jabalpur (MP). He graduated in Business Management (BBM) from Reva College Bangalore, picked up enough job experience in Bangalore before appearing for his MBA, and cracking SCMS Cochin.

“I chose SCMS Cochin over B-schools in Bangalore, because the super Manager in my past company was an alumni of SCMS Cochin,” says Libin in a self-explanatory fashion. “I had other friends who were alumni of SCMS Cochin. So, that gave me a personal bias towards this college.”

Clearly, the alumni of SCMS Cochin are doing a fantastic job in bringing in quality managerial talent to their alma mater.

“PGDM from SCMS Cochin has given me a great platform to hone my talent… that is if I have one,” adds Libin with an open smile. “It has definitely enlightened me about my flaws, and given me a chance to improve. I was not as disciplined as one should be, but SCMS Cochin has given me great sense of discipline. This has given me the necessary perseverace to nourish and grow my talents.”

With the onset of the internship season as the B-school calendar goes, Libin is ready to set sail for a SIP with Kotak Mahindra Bank.

“I’ve received a verbal confirmation…. just waiting for the formal letter, before I dash of to their office.

Libin choice of internship is interesting. He intends specialising in Finance in his Final Year at SCMS Cochin, so Kotak Mahindra is the right choice. But the project he has accepted belongs to the Marketing domain.

“It’ll help me try out all the management techniques and skills that have been imparted to us at SCMS Cochin,” he clears the air.

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PARIVARTHANA 2013 – Changing things for the better… changing for the better

1378369_10151916454510100_1364236267_n– Sikha S. Nair, PGDM,

Batch 2013- 2015

A couple of years ago, while completing my Bachelor’s degree in French from St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, I had the opportunity to be part of an on-campus awareness campaign on AIDS. At the time, I felt that this was the best I could be… That is, till Parivarthana 2013 happened to me. To say that Parivarthana is an amazing experience is an understament. Nothing in my life before SCMS-Cochin had prepared me for anything like this. On the one hand, there is the learning from the life spent before joining SCMS-Cochin School of Business, and then there is this 30-day blitz called Parivarthana. The latter outweighs the former in every possible way. Even when the idea came up, and I was one of the 12 students chosen for the core team, I had not even the faintest of idea how big this was going to be. The process was simple. We, the core team, were to produce a street-play along with the scriptwriter, a fellow-student doing his MBA at SCMS-Cochin School of Business. It was then the job of each of the 12 core team members to mentor and groom other groups and prepare them to perform.

But preparing and performing are two different things…. as we soon realised.

SRV School, Ernakulam is just another government school. But on the 4th of October 2013, it turned into the first real test of ‘The Fence and the Magical Lamp’ our street play. With butterflies in our stomachs and pounding hearts, we took to the stage in front of a fairly big gathering of more than 200 students of classes VIII, IX and X. The gathering and the response was far greater than we had expected. We tentatively dived into our theme of “Friends of Police” – Do not fear the law enforcers – respect them and be friendly towards them. Soon, accompanied by loud cheers from our young audience, the smiling encouragement of our faculty mentor, Prof Santhosh S, and the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Baby Vinod, we grew increasingly confident. The street play ended to a loud round of applause and a lot of backslapping. But the job was far from done. The 12 of us quickly broke out, and began interacting with the teens. The questions came thick and fast. “How can one be friends with a policeman? How to call the police in times of need? How to be in constant touch with the police?” Prior to Parivarthana, we too were seeking answers to such questions. But the preparation and interaction with the police at all levels, right up to the IG – Central Zone, Mr. Padmakumar (IPS), had ensured that we answered the school children clearly and confidently.

“A big thank you to the students of SCMS-Cochin School of Business,” said a beaming Mr. Vinod, ACP, Kerala Police, when he took the stage immediately after this interaction. He gave a thumping vote of confidence to all of us. He urged the young school children not to fear the police. The keen students in their turn spoke to Mr. Vinod of their perceptions that even communicating with the police could lead to dire consequences. Mr. Vinod was able to establish that much of this perception was created by the movies, and was far from the truth. He highlighted the ‘Janamaitry’ Police initiative, which allowed people to approach the police anytime, 24×7.

But what really surprised us were the words of the Principal of SRV School, Ernakulam. The Principal of the government school spoke about the Student-Police Cadet Group that had been in existence in the school for some time, pretty much along the lines of the NCC.

“The objective of the group has been to nurture a security-oriented mind-set and create responsible citizens of the future,” said the Principal. “The initiative has not been able to make much headway because of the inherent fear of the Police amongst the students. I’m genuinely surprised and pleased to see the immense curiosity and traction that students of SCMS-Cochin have generated. Earlier, the Police had tried to create a sense of friendliness, but clearly, having students of SCMS-Cochin do this job has been a much better idea, and a lot more effective.”

In 2012, SCMS-Cochin School of Business’ Parivarthana had addressed nearly 75 schools on its Road Safety initiative with the traffic police. This year, we are targeting more than 100 schools. So far, I have been to more than 10 schools since the beginning of Parivarthana. Currently, I’m catching up on my studies, but I can barely wait to get into the act once again! Three weeks ago, I preferred to stay away from a crowd; today I can not only manage a crowd, I can, in fact, control it. Three weeks ago, I steered clear of anything remotely resembling a Police uniform. Today, I don’t just know how they work, but in fact educate others about it. Thanks to extensive notes from our faculty mentors who, in this third edition of Parivarthana, have pretty much seen it all, we’ve been able to surge ahead from where our predecessors left off.

To the outside world, Parivathana truly is an effort to change the image of the Police. But now, when I look within my soul, I see that Parivathana has been of far greater import. It has changed my own perception of myself. I can now see the star within.

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Priyank Mehta says his mentors at SCMS Cochin School of Business were spot on about what to expect at Muthoot FinCorp

2012-02-14 13.49.46When Priyank Mehta was confirmed for a Summer Internship with the BFSI giant, Muthoot FinCorp, little did he know that it was the beginning of the greatest rollercoaster ride of his life. Just back to SCMS Cochin School of Business from his internship, Priyank says that when he cleared the two rounds of HR interviews – one at the Cochin office and the other a Skype interview with HR in Trivandrum – he thought he had made it. As it turned out, the interviews were the easiest part of his initiation into the corporate world.

“My advice to my juniors at SCMS Cochin School of Business is that before stepping into the corporate world, prepare yourselves to work very, very hard. Secondly, you should at all times bear in mind that the boss is always correct. Last but not the least, be ready to be hauled up for your mistakes, and don’t pull long faces. Take it for what it’s worth and just let it go.”

Priyank was assigned to the Delhi office of Muthoot FinCorp. Having done his B.Sc. in Applied Physical Sciences from Hindu College, Delhi University, he was sure this would be an advantage.

“On a typical day during the internship, I had to report to a given branch at 9 AM. My main job was to observe the customers, interact with them, find out their satisfaction/ dissatisfaction levels, and report back to the manager for redressal. I was also required to note facts and figures with regard to the vicinity of the branch for resource mapping as well. This was to help me compile my overall project report. Apart from this, I had to look for secondary data from the employees of that branch. This, of course, was the toughest part and involved a lot of pleasing and flattering. In all, I visited almost 16-17 branches across Delhi during the internship.”

Priyank Mehta says that Professor Sreekumar Pillai (faculty of Marketing at SCMS Cochin School of Business) had a major role to play in giving him a big start in the selection process at Muthoot FinCorp. He is also candid about the fact that the most important lesson about corporate life was that nobody had the time to sit him down and explain things. He was expected to find things out on his own. In such a scenario, he found most of the help coming from his faculty at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

“I had to learn to extract work from the employees and sometimes needed to flatter the project guide for some work or the other. This experience is totally different from whatever I had experienced before. No one has the time for you, there is not much merit in crying your grief to your boss… you have to take care of yourself at every step and have to carve out your own path. It was here that Professor V. Srinivasan – my faculty mentor from SCMS Cochin School of Business – was a great support. He guided me and shared his experiences of the corporate world, which really helped me during the SIP. In fact, most of the faculty members at SCMS Cochin School of Business have extensive corporate experience to share with the students. It is why SCMS Cochin School of Business has had an exceptional placement record for the 20 batches that have passed out.”

Born and brought up in Jhansi (UP), Priyank says that he did not have to think twice before travelling southward to SCMS Cochin School of Business for a good business education.

“The experience has been good till date. The southern part of India is as beautiful as I had heard. The weather is good and so are the beaches. I learnt a few words in Malayalam but it’s not like Hindi or English; it’s tough to learn. The difference in cuisine was also a challenge initially.”

Priyank underscores the fact that his time at SCMS Cochin School of Business has been full of sweet and sour moments and experiences, which he has enjoyed very much. He advises his juniors to take the college rules and discipline seriously, as they help a lot during the SIP.


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“SCMS- Cochin taught me that if you excel in something, you would not be left behind.” says Nazmi Najeeb, Marketing Manager, Flavourite Spices Pvt. Ltd., 2011-13 Batch

DSC04286Nazmi Najeeb has taken her new-found confidence to Flavourite Spices Private Limited, where she has been placed as a Marketing Manager. Originally from Kerala, Nazmi did her schooling abroad in the Sultanate of Brunei; returning to India for her higher education.

“I did my UG from MG University and then chose SCMS-Cochin for my PGDM. The decision was based on the fact that SCMS was one of the best colleges in Kerala.” Exuding utmost confidence in all aspects of her personality, it comes as a surprise when Nazmi reveals that she was extremely shy, diffident, and acutely lacked confidence right upto the day she entered SCMS-Cochin.  

“SCMS provides you the environment and encouragement to feel confident about your own self. We were provided a lot of training – a lot of notes and tips – to build on our personality. We were guided on the ethics and principles while in an interview. It has all helped immensely. One thing I would say is I was not at all time-efficient. I used to be slow and would take all my time to finish an assigned task. SCMS-Cochin changed all that. There would be so many things that had to be wrapped up within tight deadlines. Back to back assignments, projects, group discussions, papers, all of it had to be squeezed within a certain span.”

Nazmi acknowledges that SCMS-Cochin has certainly not been easy; apart from the hard-word there were a lot of rules and regulations. But she concedes that she would not exchange the experience for anything else in life.

“I needed discipline; I needed confidence… and I’ve got it here. It was a bit hard in the initial stage, but after that we went along with it quite well. It helps me a lot now in office to cope up the stress.”

Nazmi Najeeb has already joined Flavourite Spices on 4th April, 2013.

“For the first year I will be a management trainee. For a marketing profile you have to be very smart, very spontaneous. There is hardly any time to think. You are given the task right on the spot and you need to be on your toes all the time. You have to be ready to derive effective results. SCMS-Cochin trained us well enough on how to handle such situations. We were exposed to a lot of practical knowledge. Our classes were always balanced with real-life lessons and interaction with the industry. PGDM at SCMS-Cochin is not about the same, old, traditional curriculum that many B-schools in India still deliver. Here the course is structured in a way that the students can be industry-ready as soon as they step out in the real world. The syllabus is up-to-date and it definitely is helping me in my current job.”

Nazmi believes that SCMS-Cochin has taught her that the most important thing in life is to remain positive.

“Life will keep giving you reasons to be disappointed but that should not let you down or let you lose hope. If you excel in something, you would not be left behind.”

Nazmi Najeeb is not looking at hopping jobs as a means to further her career, but is willing to embark on the deliberate climb up the ladder at this mid-sized company. She prefers a job that offers challenges, and there are quite a few in her current one. Five years down the line she intends becoming an important part of her company’s growth story, heading a domain or a division altogether.


Nazmi Najeeb

Marketing Manager, Flavourite Spices Pvt. Ltd.

2011-13 Batch, SCMS-Cochin

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“I am proud to have been a part of Parivarthana 2012” – says, Sneha Murali, SCMS-Cochin MBA, Batch 10 student

What do you get when you combine enthusiastic students, peppy music, creative dialogues and the inherent responsibility to educate students on “Road Safety”?  You get ‘Parivarthana 2012’, bigger and better than ever. Our experiences of ‘Parivarthana’ cannot be limited to just a few pages. Memories were made, important lessons were learnt, relationships were built and personalities were developed in the process of helping society, by creating an awareness of road rules and safety measures among school children. After days of rehearsals and hours of practice, we were sent out in teams of 15 to schools near and far. Our mission was to instill in school children the awareness they would require once they were on the roads of Kochi. We believed that through ‘Parivarthana’, they would learn and imbibe these practices for the future, and prevent accidents and casualties.

We are confident that we were able to reach the children through our coordinated efforts. With the support of our faculty, we were able to choreograph an excellent show, which did not only entertain the children, but also educated them at the same time. Children related well to the dialogues between “Yamraj” and “Chitragupt”, as the skit we put up appealed to their sense of humour, but also made them think.  The flamboyant charm of “Sumesh Bobby” and a special spoof of ‘Ningalkum Agam Kodeeshwaran’ with a blend of ‘Road Safety’ in it did not fail to amuse them either. If these weren’t enough, the children had the opportunity to croon and dance to the peppy number “STOP LOOK and LISTEN”, and also on the theme to ‘safe crossing’ while on the roads. Leave it to SCMS-Cochin to deliver only the best, and come up with outstanding results. We, the management students, learnt just as much as the children we reached out to in the schools. We learnt teamwork, coordination and most importantly, we were able to come out of our shells. Being socially inept was not acceptable as an excuse not to participate, because ‘Parivarthana’ aims at putting everyone in the spotlight, even if for a short while. And in this manner, many developed confidence, and their personalities shone through.

All in all, we were very proud to be a part of this great initiative, and we hope to be a part of more such CSR activities at SCMS-Cochin in the future. We are thankful to the management and our incredible faculty, who guided us and moulded us to be who we are now. ‘Parivarthana 2012’ can definitely be considered a grand success.

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Taking on Electoral Politics

T. N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), was not the first middle-class “crusader” who plunged into the arena of electoral politics, and he won’t be the last. The latest to throw his ‘topi’ into the ring is the Jan Lokpal torchbearer, Arvind Kejriwal. Both Seshan and Kejriwal were civil servants before they captured the imagination of the masses with their much publicised anti-corruption campaigns. The big question is – will Kejriwal succeed where his predecessors have failed?

There is a big difference between television politics and electoral politics, just as there is a yawning gap between the poverty alleviation programmes and the real thing. For so long, Team Kejriwal was typified by the single agenda of establishing a strong anti-corruption law. And the television-middle-class cheered. However, the new political party has a grandiose goal, as stated in its vision statement. Even with the hype created by the agitation and on-screen persona of Anna Hazare, it is doubtful whether the electoral middle-class will forego its ties with caste, creed and local connections when it comes to the ballot.

The questions we ask ourselves is whether the middle class, the major constituency backing Team Kejriwal, is ready to make sacrifices for this crusade; to achieve something larger than the ‘silent candle-light marches’ and ‘Made-for-TV fasts’. Will it come out of its consumerist culture for a cleaner political system?

By promoting a wider political agenda, Team Kejriwal might alienate the original constituency that created the movement in the first place. However, the question of how a top-to-bottom clean-up of the system will be achieved with the mere nudge of a media-backed agitation remains. Instead of an overarching goal of capturing national power, Team Kejriwal should try to win smaller constituencies, steadily establishing itself as an undeniable political entity.

– Evita Liz Eldhose


SCMS – Cochin

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The art of mixing Ayurveda with Management at SCMS-COCHIN

Dr. Deepak, who has joined SCMS-Cochin for the regular PG in Business Management is the perfect example of a thoroughbred professional choosing to enhance his business acumen before beginning his career. A Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery, Dr, Deepak feels that for him being at SCMS-Cochin is all about being at the right place at the right time.

“Ayurveda is a renowned healing and wellness system of Ancient India,” elaborates Dr. Deepak, on his choice of SCMS-Cochin for his business education. “This system of medicine is gaining popularityonce again, not only in India but across the globe. Ayurvedic medicines are the safest of all drugs, and exhibit no side effect; which explains why people are coming back to this system of healing. However a lot needs to be done to iron out bottlenecks and help this sector boom. This can only be done by those experts who understand this system of medicine and are equally deft at management and business skills.”

The logic is water-tight. What’s of even more consequence is that the world-renowned Faculty of SCMS-Cochin agree with him on all counts. While the health and pharmaceutical sector in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the recent years, with ‘medical tourism’ being a big draw, a major chunk of tourists are visiting Kerala to find cure for their pains in its traditional Ayurvedic healing. Evidently, Dr. Deepak’s pursuit of PGDM in the best B-school in Kerala is a remarkable strategic move which will give him an edge over others who aspire to make it big in the pharmaceutical sector.

“My decision to join SCMS-Cochin was rather swift. The fact that it is in Kerala was a big plus for me, as I could study the industry first-hand. The feedback about SCMS-Cochinfrom friends and relatives, in terms of the placement record and reputation in the corporate world, was immaculate. In the short span that I’ve been here, I’ve realised that the curriculum and co-curricular activities have been designed in a way that its students are bound to excel in any industry of their choice.”

Dr Deepak believes that traditionally, the Ayurvedic system of medicine has lacked the support of Marketing and Management practices. As a result, modern developments in Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals have failed to reach the masses.

“With many companies now giving utmost importance to research, supply chain, distribution networks, and advertising; mass awareness is fast being realised. This has created many job opportunities for management students in this sector.”

Dr. Deepak has already begun shortlisting reputed Ayurvedic pharmacy company that he will be targetting after completing his PGDM from SCMS-Cochin. Undoubtedly, with his custom-made Ayurveda-Management profile, he is bound to be a huge asset to the organisation he serves. Dr. Deepak intends to start his own venture, once he has acquired the necessary experience. For the present though, Dr. Deepak is enjoying the simple joys of companionship and the pleasures of the extra-curricular in the sprawling campus of SCMS-Cochin.

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For Tinu Thomas, going to SCMS-COCHIN is like a Homecoming.

Tinu Thomas has just not stopped smiling for the past 30 days… A native of Kerala, Tinu did his graduation from Bhopal and after that, he set his sights on an MBA to add value to his employability quotient. While he was browsing the length and breadth of the country on the net for a suitable B-school, a part of his mind was instinctively zeroing in on the options in Kerala. Tinu need not have worried; Kerala also wanted him back. He could barely contain his joy on hearing that he had made it to one of the most respected B-schools in India and the top B-school in Kerala – SCMS-COCHIN.

“Before joining, I had spoken to a few friends who are alumni of SCMS-COCHIN. The common refrain was ‘Tinu, every moment in SCMS-COCHIN is worth it. SCMS-COCHIN is one of the few B-schools which will push you to understand you caliber and capacity’. It’s been just a month, but I am beginning to see what they meant.  Every day is different here. In a way, our course is like a mini-India.”

Tinu stays in the SCMS-COCHIN Boys’ Hostel. What struck him as really impressive in the first month itself about SCMS-COCHIN is the ability of the Mess to cater to every kind of Indian palate.

“The kitchen is really secular. The bill-of-fare varies daily to accommodate all kinds of cuisine. It’s a wonderful lesson in the art of adjusting. I have also felt the impact of a disciplinary approach to business education as practiced by SCMS-COCHIN. We are in good hands. The management and faculty know the methods to mold us in line with the corporate world. Rules are good for channelising our efforts in the right direction.”

Tinu has three priorities while at SCMS-COCHIN.

“Studies, Studies and more Studies. If I adhere to these three priorities, I think the rest will automatically fall in place. When you are academically good, it gives you the freedom to pursue personality development and extra-curricular activities.”

Tinu Thomas enjoys a game of basketball every now and then, and is quite adept at tennis. He is rather handy with a mouth-organ too, and hopes to entertain his colleagues at SCMS-COCHIN on days when they are chilling out.


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