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Asianet V-P gives SCMS students the inside story on advertising in today’s electronic media

IMG_1134Students at SCMS Cochin got an in-depth look at advertising in the electronic media when Reghu Ramachandran of Asianet Communications Ltd. addressed a May 1 Industry Interface Interaction session.

Reghu Ramachandran, vice-president and national sales head for Asianet and Asianet Plus, received his MBA in marketing and sales management from Bharathiar University and has been at Asianet since 1994.

He told the SCMS students that media selling has many venues it can pursue such as television, radio, the web, mobile marketing and out of home advertising. But he pointed out while out of home advertising – such as billboards, benches and on transit – is attention grabbing, it doesn’t allow the advertiser to go into detail and is not a medium for brand building.

The point of advertising is to inform, persuade, remind and build a brand, he said, and those selling advertising must strive to get results for their advertisers, develop new business and increase customer loyalty.

Ramachandran told the SCMS students Asianet was a leader in pioneering the use of electronic media. Asianet Communications Limited (ACL) is jointly owned by STAR TV/Fox International Channels and Jupiter Entertainment. It was formed in 1991 and has its headquarters Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala. The company owns several television channels including Asianet, the first privately owned satellite channel broadcasting in the south Indian language of Malayalam. In 2008, the News Corporation-owned STAR TV/Fox International Channels became a majority shareholder in ACL.

While many in the crowd were inspired to consider this field as a career choice, he stressed that it was no “cakewalk” and required practitioners to be highly skilled and hard working.

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SCMS students learn what’s behind a great ad at April Industry Interface Interaction

IMG_0408SCMS students learned what it takes to create an effective advertisement when Tara Ramanujan spoke at the April 3 Industry Interface Interaction held at the Cochin campus.

Educated in and having worked in the United States, she’s described as a thinker, writer, dreamer, office co-ordinator and technical writer at Verizon – and introduced herself as a secret observer of life around her.

Ramanujan told the SCMS students- “An ad has to grasp a person’s attention the minute they see it and to do that requires the perfect combination of graphics and the written word. The impact of that first glance determines if the viewer’s interest will be captured and whether they will read the copy – which must provide the information they want and need to know. Making the perfect ad is like creating magic.”

Ramanujan said to create a good ad, one has to look at it from the customer’s point of view. One has to determine the target market, try and envision what they want from the product being promoted and what would have the most impact on them. Once that has been determined, the advertiser then can develop a clear path to what graphics would be most effective, what the content of the written copy should be and how it should be expressed.

One has to be able to think from the consumer’s point of view, while keeping in mind the objectives the business wants to achieve, said Ramanujan, and accomplishing that is the difference between a good ad and an excellent ad.

While her talk was brief, the SCMS students attending said it opened their minds to all the aspects of everything that goes into the creation of a successful advertisement.


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An eye opening III session on dealership business at SCMS Cochin School of Business

On 24th April, the students of SCMS Cochin School of Business witnessed one of the best III Sessions as it gave them a broader insight to the dealership business, along with internship opportunities in the sector. Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd. was the firm whose spokespersons came to give the students insights into their operations. Apart from that, they talked about the challenges faced by their company and their competitive priorities. Four representatives from the company came to the college campus, namely:

  • Mr. Naveen Philip
  • Mr. Johnson Mathew
  • Mr. Dinesh
  • Mr. Roy Thomas

The vision statement of Popular Vehicles and Services Ltd. says, “Popular will be the most admired corporate by progressively delivering greater value, through entrepreneurship within.”

Mr. Dinesh started off his presentation by quoting this vision statement, went on to further promote his brand. He told the gathering about his company’s turnover and its operations since its inception in 1938. He also looked back at how the  business had spread out and got dealerships for various other companies, such as Skoda, Hyundai, Tata, Honda, etc. He told the students that last year their company had sold 32,090 cars for Maruti Suzuki alone, witnessing a growth of 10.5%. 2% of Maruti cars all over India are sold by his company, and after quoting figures, he went on to highlight their awards and achievements. He also looked back in time to when the company started and compared to its present position. He said that his organisation gave importance to its human resources and that it follows an HR mantra which focuses on organisational goals in harmony with the employees, which is their key to success.

The session was followed by a healthy question-answer round, in which students as well as faculty members took part enthusiastically, after which the guests proceeded to lunch. All in all, it was an informative and interesting session, leaving listeners with greater understanding of the sector. The many anecdotes and shared personal experiences also allowed students to understand what it was like at close quarters.

–    Priyank Mehta

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Leaders from all walks of life come together for the occasion to inpire the young managers to greater heights

SCMS COCHIN celebrated the annual convocation ceremony for its 20th batch with traditional grandeur on the 26th of April 2013. The Chief Guest for this occasion was the Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, Mr. Shibu Baby John, whilethe Guest of Honour was Mr. Adrian William (Head-HR Thomas Cook India). As always, the annual convocation of this premier B-school of the South was attended by a bevy of business leaders from across the country and abroad.

As is customary, the procession of Batch 20 students – along with faculty members, heads of departments, deans, directors, Chairman and chief guests – marched sombrely into the SCMS Cochin auditorium. The ceremony was thereafter declared open by Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman SCMS Cochin. Prof. P.C. Pillai, Group Director, SCMS Cochin followed suit by presenting a brief on the rich history, affiliations, rankings, and performance in placements of SCMS Cochin. Welcoming all the guests, dignitaries, and proud parents, he reminded the august gathering of the growth story of SCMS Cochin, and inspired the students of the graduating batch to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of an alumnus of SCMS Cochin.

While addressing the students, Shri Shibu John, Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, confessed that he was filled with a sense of nostalgia. He praised SCMS for its achievements and expected its growth story to continue exponentially.

“For you, real life education starts from now onwards.Learning should never stop. In this competitive era it is not easy to find what we are good at. Education really helps in self discovery. This self discovery should be done all along the life and not just as a onetime process. We should take ownership and responsibility wherever we work. This excitement in the job works well and helps in avoiding the failure. Whenever pressure mounts, only fools will quit. The wise will find the power to overcome. Never forget the sensitivity and poverty around us.Be good human beings and always be punctual.”

The Chief Guest was thereafter invited to honour the meritorious students. The Gold Medal for outstanding performance in academics for Batch 20 of SCMS Cochin was given to Unnikrishnan. Certificates of merit were awarded to Juvin who specialised in Banking and Insurance, and Stafan Alex K who chose Retail. The ‘Best Outgoing Student’ award was bestowed on Morris Jason Peter. On behalf of SCMS Cochin, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar presented a memento to Shir Shibu John, Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, and thanked him for making this day even more special for the passing out batch.

Post Graduate Diplomas in Management were thereafter awarded to all the students of Batch 20 by the Guest of Honour, Mr. Adrian William. This was followed by Dr. Raman Nayar, Director, SCMS Cochin, administering the ‘oath of SCMS Cochin graduates’ to the batch of 20, reminding them of their roles in the corporate world.

In the concluding part of the annual convocation, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar addressed the gathering, reminiscing the days when SCMS Cochin was established, and how over the years it acquired a formidable reputation, and new campuses. He thanked his associates like Prof K.J.Paulose (Dean), and Prof. Filomina P George(Dean-Academic Affairs) for their unstinted support through this glorious journey in elevating SCMS to one of the foremost educational institutions in the country.

In the following address, Mr. Adrian William, Head-HR Thomas Cook India – and the Guest of Honour for the occasion – congratulated the proud parents and the group of budding leaders, conveying how much he was reminded of his own convocation at XLRI Jamshedpur.

“Each morning, you must look into the mirror, and say to yourself “this is a great day! I am the best man for the job!” Corporates are increasingly expecting their managers to think out of the box. Always try to reach for the stars, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Don’t forget values; and never forget your roots. Do not chase money – chase ‘learning’. Learning will ensure thatultimately money chases you.

The Academic Dean of SCMS Cochin, Ms. Filomina George, presented a well-scripted vote of thanks, following which, the grand affair came to a joyous end, with graduating students bursting out in raucous celebrations.

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