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Mr. Rajeevan V. (IRS) ,Chairman, Railway Recruitment Board in Campus


Students and faculty members at SCMS Cochin School of Business were blessed with an opportunity to interact with Mr. V Rajeevan, Chairman of RRB, as part of the Industry Interaction Initiative Session on Friday. He is a musician at heart and also the son of famous Malayalam poet, ONV Kurup.

In his maiden visit to our campus, with his long years of experience in the industry, he gave a canvas to the audience as to what the world out there expects out of the emerging management professionals. He inspired the students to change their attitudes towards everything in life and also encouraged them to enthusiastically participate in this race of life where in time doesn’t wait for us, in turn we have to mould ourselves to cope up with the same and come out successful in life.

As recruitment is his walk of life, he explained what the recruiters look for in the pool of prospective candidates. According to him, students should have a vision in life, they should come out of their comfort zones and should be open to absorb changes in day to day life, as this is paramount to success in life. He elucidated the same but putting forth a plethora of examples. He also advised the students to improve their communication skills and learn to manage time properly as at the end of the day, these matter the most to bring out the best in us.

He concluded, by urging the youth to bring about changes in themselves as they would hence be well equipped to face tougher challenges coming their way in the future.


– A report by Pooja Sajee Nair (PGDM B25)


Marketing Forum 2016-17 – Inauguration held in campus

The Marketing Forum “Quintessence- The Marketing Grid” for the year 2016-17 was inaugurated by Dr. Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, ATDC & IAM. The function was blessed by the esteemed presence of C. B. George, former GM of RBI, Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS School of Business and Prof. K. J. Paulose, Dean, SCMS School of Business. Second year PGDM student, Sudhi Kunhikannan familiarized the students about the aim of the forum. The forum is planning for various activities in this academic year like brand launch games, business quiz etc.

The inauguration was followed by a session with Dr. Darlie Koshy on “Marketing in Digital Age”. The students got the opportunity to know more about digitising and monetising. He cited various examples of everyday use as that of a backpack and its advancement in the business scenario. Dr. Koshy revealed how technology is getting disrupted. He also envisioned the coming of drones that would replace humans in certain fields like delivering of products.

Dr. Koshy interacted by asking the students to identify the eminent entrepreneurs of recent times. The students inquisitively answered him. Dr. Koshy proposed the key words for moving forward, that is, Inspiration, Innovation and Incubation. The students were wised up on E-retailing and digital convergence. He also familiarized the audience about the Zarafication of Fashion and how fashion is delivered like pizza at one’s doorstep.

Dr. Darlie Koshy concluded his session by inspiring the audience through his words, “If you conquer your fear or failure, you are halfway to become an entrepreneur”. C. B. George also addressed the gathering and enlightened the students. He expressed his thoughts regarding the session in the economic perspective. He urged the students to inculcate a positive attitude especially in the marketing field. The students got a great opportunity to learn more about marketing in digital age. The students are waiting for more such dynamic and valuable sessions.


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Guest speaker Mr. Jomon K.George in Campus

“If Accounting is the Language of Business, then Accounting Standards is the Grammar of Accounting”- A journey with Mr. Jomon K. George FCA to the deeper understanding of ACCOUNTING STANDARDS.

Being an expert in IPO advisory, Management Consultancy, NRI Services, FEMA and Corporate Law matters, with his eminent presence and benign words, Mr. Jomon K. George enlightened the aspiring managers of SCMS Cochin. The ācharya of more than 10,000 Chartered Accountant students, the ever-acceptable expertise in the field of Accounting, imparted his treasured knowledge on “Accounting Standards” with the vibrant young minds of SCMS.
In his maiden visit to our institute as part of empowerment program for the management students, he explained how the business world out there works, what the business world expects out of the emerging managers, and how we can grow up as full-fledged financial professionals. He gave a short introduction into financial reporting and explained elaborately on IFRS, accounting standards issued by ICAI, and Indian Accounting Standards.

The enthusiastic approach upheld by Mr. Jomon K. George towards the subject, was evident throughout the presentation. A period, beginning with the International Financial Reporting Standards of 1973, till the implementation of Indian Accounting Standards of 2016, was systematically made clear with appropriate examples. According to him, the necessity to have prescribed accounting standards is to enhance the quality and understanding of accounting, to reduce accounting alternatives, to bring out uniformity in approach and to enable meaningful comparison. From the complete set of financial statements and from years of experiences, we say, “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, and cash is the only reality”.

The International Financial Reporting Standards were formed in 1973 to harmonize the divergent accounting practices across the world, and in India the 29 Accounting Standards were issued by ICAI to establish uniform standards which have to be complied with to ensure that financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards. India cannot adopt IFRS as it is because the legal economic environment in India is different.

The message from the shared thoughts was clear, “Be like eagle; have an inner urge to fly above the rest, to stand out, and to be different; have a sharp vision, a vision that is seeing beyond”. India has got a lot of positives, for it is the most consuming nation, young generation with good communication skills, IT boom etc. The automated financial tools guarantee a bright future replacing human efforts and avoiding possible errors. The optimistic words flowed from his heart, “India has got provision for 100% FDI. Any foreigner can come and start business in India, with no requirement for Indian partnership in it, and not all nations give this privilege.” And with regard to the employability of the students coming out from Indian institutions, he said, India will script a sure shot success story.

Mr. Jomon K. George thus urged the youth, “DREAM BIG AND BE HUMAN, ONLY YOU CAN RESTRICT YOU”.


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SCMS Cochin School of Business students head to Suryanelli for their annual Outbound Training (OBT) programme

OBT helps students understand life and survival skills better

OBT1Come 19th Jan, 2015 and students of SCMS Cochin School of Business will be embarking on a journey that will probably be remembered for a long time to come. After all, it’s the day their Kalypso Training Camp begins in the picturesque town of Suryanelli, near Munnar. The camp is one of the many initiatives from the institute to not only highlight different skills necessary for management aspirants but important life and survival skills too.

Given that there’s a lot riding on the camp, the location had to be spot on. The organizers of the camp seem to have got that just right as it is located at an altitude of 5000 feet. Surrounded by tea gardens and cardamom plantations the camp will overlook the Western Ghats hill ranges and will serve as the perfect setting for students to engage in a wide range of learning and fun activities.

Once the students get to their Kalypso Training Camp base they will be welcomed into 16 cottage tents that can house 4 to 5 campers based on the size of the group. There is a sheltered gazebo at the heart of the camp and it will be the place for heated discussions, and fun moments shared over dinner, alike.

OBT2The camp will have several activities for students to learn a lot about management concepts, themselves and also being responsible towards their surroundings. Since the area is one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, students will have to make sure no damage is caused, and they don’t disturb the locals.

All in all, the Kalypso Training Camp seems to be the perfect way for students of SCMS Cochin to immerse in the Nature and embrace a once in a lifetime experience.

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SCMS Cochin to host Endeavor, a workshop to offer expert insights to future entrepreneurs.

Highlight-SizeSCMS Cochin School of Business is hosting a workshop on entrepreneurship on the 10th of March and its turning out to be a hugely anticipated event. Called “Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”, the day-long event aims to help students gain from the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs, who have made a name for themselves. And marquee names that will be delivering talks on the big day have only added to the attraction of the event to be held on the campus of the institute.

SCMS Cochin has set the standard for academic excellence quite high for itself and does its best to not only mould future managers but entrepreneurs as well. In fact it takes all the effort to build that entrepreneurial bent of mind amongst students so that they can be leaders and job makers in the industry. This workshop is another step in the same vain as budding entrepreneurs amongst the students stand to gain a lot from the insights of the experts in the business.

The workshop is also ideal for those who are already into some kind of business and want to take it to a whole new level. And they can do just that by listening to the insights offered by a diverse mix of entrepreneurs who will discuss their journeys, which can also serve as inspiration to the participants. The guest speakers will also be shedding light on important elements of business like opportunity identification, resource mobilization, growth strategy and also social responsibility that’s associated with it.

Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President, Nevales Networks is one of the names that participants can look forward to on the day. He will be inaugurating the workshop besides delivering the keynote address, which should be a treat for aspirant entrepreneurs in the audience. Mr. Shibin Kumar PV, MD, Head over Wheels, Mr. Alex K. Babu, Founder, MD, Hedge Equities and Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting will then be a part of the first session that will discuss important aspects of being entrepreneurs for the benefit of students.

The second session will have Ms. Parveen Hafeez, MD, Sunrise Hospitals and Mr. V.S.M Nair, MD, VMA Consultants (P) Ltd taking the discussion further. The last session of the day has also drawn big names like Mr. Avinash Krishnan, MD, Quanda Communications and Mr. Jerry Matthew, MD, White Mart. Thus it promises to be an action packed day for the participants who will get helpful insights from the experiences shared by the eminent personalities present at the venue. Moreover they also have a chance to get their queries answered by the leading entrepreneurs and interact with them as well.

The day will come to a close with the Valedictory Function but not before enriching students with experiences and learning that they will hold on to dearly. The workshop hopes to inspire future entrepreneurial pursuits amongst students and provide a roadmap for future endeavours. And from the looks of it this is going to be an event that will live up to its promise.

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Asianet V-P gives SCMS students the inside story on advertising in today’s electronic media

IMG_1134Students at SCMS Cochin got an in-depth look at advertising in the electronic media when Reghu Ramachandran of Asianet Communications Ltd. addressed a May 1 Industry Interface Interaction session.

Reghu Ramachandran, vice-president and national sales head for Asianet and Asianet Plus, received his MBA in marketing and sales management from Bharathiar University and has been at Asianet since 1994.

He told the SCMS students that media selling has many venues it can pursue such as television, radio, the web, mobile marketing and out of home advertising. But he pointed out while out of home advertising – such as billboards, benches and on transit – is attention grabbing, it doesn’t allow the advertiser to go into detail and is not a medium for brand building.

The point of advertising is to inform, persuade, remind and build a brand, he said, and those selling advertising must strive to get results for their advertisers, develop new business and increase customer loyalty.

Ramachandran told the SCMS students Asianet was a leader in pioneering the use of electronic media. Asianet Communications Limited (ACL) is jointly owned by STAR TV/Fox International Channels and Jupiter Entertainment. It was formed in 1991 and has its headquarters Thiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala. The company owns several television channels including Asianet, the first privately owned satellite channel broadcasting in the south Indian language of Malayalam. In 2008, the News Corporation-owned STAR TV/Fox International Channels became a majority shareholder in ACL.

While many in the crowd were inspired to consider this field as a career choice, he stressed that it was no “cakewalk” and required practitioners to be highly skilled and hard working.

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Enthusiasm and Emotion at Director’s Fireside 2013

Design Web BannerA farewell is a time to say goodbye. Although it’s an emotional event, one has to say adieu on a happy note to the ones who are leaving and wish them luck in their next phase of life. With these sentiments in minds, it was a fun-filled and colourful evening on 25th March at SCMS-Cochin when juniors bade a grand farewell to their beloved seniors, under the name “Director’s Fireside 2013”.

The seniors had a great time, and enjoyed every moment of the well organised farewell party by their juniors. The event began with a video which captured many cherished memories and moments from their two years in the institution.  Faculty members shared their memories with the outgoing batch and wished them well in their careers.

The juniors showed their affection for the seniors by singing some beautiful, sometimes emotional songs. But the mood could only be called upbeat when the seniors took to the dance floor – their dance performances had the audience on their feet, with the loudest cheers coming from the juniors. The highlight of the evening was a surprise activity in which senior boys had to drape a saree and walk the ramp. Four pairs of boys were selected randomly and in each, one had to drape a saree on the other, who then had to do the catwalk. As can be imagined, this had the onlookers rolling in the aisles with laughter and the ‘models’ were greeted with many cheers and whistles. Later in the evening, the mood mellowed and became more solemn and nostalgic as the seniors expressed their emotions by lighting candles.

Every year, the event polls the best individuals from the outgoing batch in different categories. This year’s Angry Young Man was Venugopal, Angry Young Woman was Bindya, Mr. Funny Bones was Pankaj, Miss Funny Bones was Renu, Miss Best Dressed was Tanu Maria, Mr Fireside was Unnikrishnan and Miss Fireside was Rinu Jacob. Winners were felicitated by the Director and other senior faculty members.

There will be an end for every beginning. The journey of PGDM Batch 20 of SCMS-Cochin came to an end at the Director’s Fireside 2013 and the memorable and colorful farewell ended on a high, with everyone getting together to shake a leg in some final dance performances.

Sridhar, PGDM 21

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“HUMANE 2012–‘Aligning HR with business strategy’” National seminar on HR at SCMS-Cochin


SCMS-Cochin played host to some of the most distinguished HR practitioners of India at the national seminar on Human Resources, HUMANE 2012 Held on the 26th and 27th of December the two-day seminar saw stalwarts from the HR spectrum exchange views on‘Aligning HR with Business Strategies’. The experts shared their knowledge and interacted with the young guns of SCMS-Cochin on a variety of topics like employee engagement, social media and HR, and Workforce Diversity

Providing the mandate for a thought-provoking seminar, Professor P.C Pillai, Group Director, SCMS-Cochin, drew a vivid comparison between the immense importance of Human Resource management today, with the 1970’s, when he was an employee in a reputed bank, and when most of the organisations did not have an HR sturcture in place.

Inaugurating the seminar, the celebrated DRDO Scientist and Director of NPOL Dr. Anantha Narayanan, spoke about the importance of HR management event to career scientists like him.

“With technology changing so rapidly, one of the biggest challenges of HR is to train its employees to avoid them from becoming outdated. If the management is able to understand the employee’s social, economical,and personal needs, it will be highly successful in retaining their employees. Manpower is beyond doubt the most important asset of an organisation. Connectivity through communication is the important link between management and the work force. This is not just good PR, it is also good HR.”

One of the most informative speakers during Humane 2012 was Mr. C.S. Anil Kumar, Zonal Head Operations of South Zone Reliance Retail, who gave a stunning account of how HR is driving businesses in various areas of the corporate.

“According to surveys, 17% of HR professionals and leaders have confirmed that they are invited to participate in the initial stages of major enterprise initiatives. HR is now a business partner; it is a tool that supports profit making of the company. To link HR with business, you should know your business first. Therefore, increasingly, HR practitioners are now being chosen from amongst those who know the business from the ground level upwards.HR is shifting from organisation of the business, to the business of the organisation” remarked Mr. Kumar.

The session by Mr. Shebu Raphael, Vice President – HR, Deloitte, was thoroughly enjoyed by the students of SCMS-Cochin, since it was high on the humour quotient.Drawing inspiration from scenes of Malyalam cinema, Mr. Raphael, simplified the current HR scenario for the benefit of the future managers from SCMS-Cochin. With great ease Mr. Raphael was able to establish that employee retention ultimately is the difference between an iconic corporate entity, and a ‘fly-by-night’ operator.

Mr. Narendra Kumar, Zonal Head – HR, Coca Cola, spoke intensely about the future of HR. He drew attention to the changing trends of HR, highlighting the linkages between strategy and HR.

He said, “The priorities of a global HR leader today should be on developing a comprehensive talent strategy. This should be closely followed by creatively engaging employees, improving managerial performance, knowing where and when to differentiate, and lastly measuring and monitoring results.”

Focussing on the influence of advancing technology and social media, Mr. Praveen Kamath, General Manager & Global Head – Talent Transformation at Wipro BPO reminded that, “Technology is the key for any business today. You have to realise the need of the hour. Technology is not just changing the role of HR, but how we conduct HR management as well. 87% of the companies today use Linkedin for recruitements. Social Media is a tool for every business to stay up… and updated.”

Over the two days of Humane 2012 the audience at SCMS-Cochin bore witness to some of the most stimulating discussions on all aspect of the subject. There was a series of Panel Discussions like the one on ‘Employee Engagement’, with eminent panelists like Mr. Abraham George, Partner at STEPZ HR, and Mr. Bijwish Babu, Manager – HR (International Recruitments & Rewards) at BankMuscat.  Two of the Panel Discussions drew a lot of interest, since the moderator was a SCMS-Cochin alumni Ms. Annu Mathew, currently a Talent Strategist with Accenture. One of these discussions was on Workforce Diversity, which had Mr. Rajesh Nair, VP Ernst and Young, and Mr. Vinod Subramanian, Associate Director, Flexability Limited, as panelists. The second Panel Discussion was on Social Media and HR with eminent panelists like Mr. K. N. Ajith, VP – HR & FMS at Mytrah Energy (India) Ltd., and Mr. Kishore Poduri, HR Head at DBS, Mumbai.

The experts from the industry congratulated SCMS-Cochin for creating the platform for an extremely ‘topical topic’. It was generally agreed by the students of SCMS-Cochin that the seminar had been an eye-opener on more than one front.


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9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON E-GOVERNANCE AT SCMS-COCHIN “Tapping Into Global Thinkers To Find The Way Forward In e-Governance In India”

ICEG thumbnail Pic

One of the most anticipated conferences on e-governance in the country, the 9th International Conference on e-Governance (ICEG-2012) was held on the 29th and 30th of December 2012 at SCMS-Cochin. Despite the festive season, subject experts from various parts of the globe like Dr. Waltraut Ritter (Research Director, Knowledge Enterprises, Hong Kong), Ms. Chandana Unnithan, Deakin University, Australia, and Dr. MP Gupta, Professor  & Chair-Information Systems & E-governance, IIT Delhi shared their thoughts at ICEG-2012. More than 30 shortlisted Papers and case studies on various aspects of e-governance were presented over 5 plenary sessions.

Welcoming the luminaries during the inaugural session Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS-Cochin, presented a fairly incisive study of the current state of e-governance in India, and why e-governance was absolutely essential to balance out the lopsided growth story of the country. The stage was then set for Major General (Retired) Dr. R.K.Bagga, Chairman, CSI SIG e-governance, to present the macro view at the national level. Dr. V.P. Joy, Principal Secretary – Finance, Government of Kerala, thereafter discussed how e-governance was panning out in the home state. The inaugural session also saw eminent speakers like Mr. Satish Babu, President, Computer Society of India, Dr. MP Gupta, Professor  & Chair-Information Systems & E-governance, IIT Delhi, and Ms. Chandana Unnithan, School of Information Systems, Deakin University, Australia bring their expert opinion to the table.

The Keynote session had Ms.. Neeta Verma (Senior Technical Director, Data centre & Web services Div, NIC) opine on ‘Open Government Data: A New Opportunity to Serve the Citizens’, while Mr. Anand Parthasarathy (MD, Online India Tech Pvt. Ltd.) dwelt upon ‘Citizen Services in an Internet Age: Harnessing the mobile edge.’

The three plenary sessions were organised around the subjects of ‘e-Governance & Inclusive Growth’ and ‘e-Governance – Implementation Issues and Challenges’. Papers were presented on topics ranging from ‘Uses OF VoIP IN E-Governance’, to ‘Access and Awareness of Mobile Market Information Services for market linkages among farmers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu’,Open Government Data – more than 80 formats’, Survey on Various Initiatives and Challenges of Mobile based Public Services in India’, and ‘A GIS Based e-Governance Solution for School Mapping and Educational Micro-Planning – a Case Study of the State of Maharashtra’.

The evening of Day 1 (29th December 2012) provided the distinguished delegates at the 9th ICEG at SCMS-Cochin with some delightful retreat from the hectic brainstorming of the day.. The PGDM students of SCMS-Cochin enacted the rich cultural heritage of Kerala through a dance and drama show. “I cherish your great hospitality for which Kerala will be very special in my memory,” said Dr. M P Gupta from IIT Delhi, echoing the sentiments of the luminaries at the conference. “I am most impressed by Gayatri (who anchored the show) and her team for putting up this splendid cultural program. I have found a positive environment in SCMS-Cochin, and happiness all around.”

On the final day of ICEG-2012 a special two-and-a-half hour session was organised to sum up the ‘Best Practices in e-Governance’. This session was truly a ‘special’ one for the students of SCMS-Cochin, with distinguished academicians, industry practitioners, and government officers actively brainstorming to come up with issues, solutions and applications of e-governance that could work in the Indian context. Apart from Dr. Waltraut, Dr. Ajit Babu, Dr. Biju Soman, and Dr. K Jayakumar(Joint Secretary CSIR/DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology) left no stones unturned to plant the seeds of a better e-governance structure in minds of the audience at SCMS-Cochin.

“I would like to thank SCMS-Cochin for organising and executing ICEG 2012 so well,” said Ms. Chandana Unnithan, a subject expert from Deakin University, Australia. “You were meticulous, patient and timely.  Especially Dr. Sengottuvelu and all the student community who supported this event – the cultural program was fantastic. My personal congratulations to the singing team and the dance team — they were very creative.”

“The Conference has been successful in giving an overview of e-governance and related areas to the audience through keynote addresses and various special sessions,” pointed out Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS-Cochin. “It had some good research presentations by young research scholars in its plenary sessions.”

Keeping in mind the growing importance of e-Governance, SCMS-Cochin is undoubtedly opening up avenues for its students through exposure to global thoughts and efforts in this domain.


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SCMS-Cochin Out-Bound camp instils Leadership and Teamwork.

Physical training, leadership skills and teamwork were all in evidence in SCMS-Cochin students in their annual Out-Bound Training Programme held at Suryanelli in the Munnar district. Student Jayeeta Putatunda found it to be “the most exciting part of the whole PGDM course”. She said that details of the event were kept shrouded in mystery until finally a notice was posted outlining guidelines on what to take, the weather conditions, camp tents and facilities.

On December 14th, the first batch with three faculty members started out at around 11:30 a.m., reaching the camp at 5 p.m. The camp, said Jayeeta “was a scenic spot with a perfect integration of hills, rivers and greenery that created a very soothing and peaceful environment.”

Under the direction of Commander R. Madhusoodanan, Chief Trainer with Kalypso Training, the SCMS-Cochin students were briefed on the activities ahead and then relaxed with snacks in front of a camp fire. True to form, they played various games such as antakshari and passing the ball before retiring to their tents.

The SCMS-Cochin crew was up at 6 a.m. the next day and after breakfast, had different warm-up exercises in separate teams. These include exercises such as passing the ball randomly, the tile chain exercise and carrying the ball only with ropes attached from one station to another. This was followed  by a debriefing by the commander about what happened in the exercises.

As Jayeeta explained, the intention was to enhance the way they worked as a team and the way they communicated effectively to achieve set goals. “That is the point at which we realised that OBT was not only about fun tasks, but also involved a practical learning experience out of our regular organisational behaviour classes,” she said. “We learned mostly about leadership and how an effective leader can motivate and influence a team and guide its members to achieve individual as well as organisational goals. The actual experiences made the theory perspectives more clear.”

But the best was yet to come – river rafting. SCMS Director of Academic Administration, Pramod P. Thevannoor, Director Dr. V. Raman Nair, Dean Dr. Filomina P. George and Hostel Administrator Mr. Balagopal arrived that day, providing encouragement and taking lots of pictures

For the SCMS-Cochin students, rafting was a new experience as they had to make the rafts with bamboo shafts and tires, but keeping safety and cost effectiveness in mind. It was another event that called for teamwork.

Other events held during the Out-Bound Training Programme included Hill Trekking, which fostered team bonding, assisting each other and motivating tired participants. This was followed by an activity called ‘passing through the spider web’ which required dedication, concentration and effective planning.

The whole OBT experience “was very special in terms of learning as well as forming new bonds and strengthening the old ones,” said Jayeeta. “We, the students of SCMS, thank the management,  faculty, the Kalypso Adventures Team and all our fellow students who made this entire event a grand success and so meaningful in our lives.”

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