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SCMS-Cochin emerges as overall champion at Daksh-2013

Design more color 1SCMS-Cochin took the overall champions trophy at Daksh-2013, a national level fest hosted by De Paul Institute of Management, Angamaly, Kerala, held on 22nd& 23rd January 2013. Daksh is an annual management fest conducted by De Paul, attracting talented budding managers from across the country. Daksh-2013 was no exception and the event was attended by numerous renowned management institutions from south India, including SCMS-Cochin, Rajagiri Business School, Amrita School of Business, Christ College Bangalore, and many others.

Daksh-2013’s arsenal included events in various streams of management, such as Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. The main event was the Best Manager contest, named “The Gladiator”. A business movie contest and corporate walk contest were also held. Each event was unique and innovative, and designed to test the mettle of the participants. Riddled with puzzles and surprise rounds, every event or “game” made sure that the winners would have to break their backs and wrack their brains. The games took the participants for a ride in which their EQ, IQ and Team Skills were tested.

SCMS bagged first place in the Finance event, Marketing game & the Best Manager Contest,and even qualified to the final four in the business movie contest. Unnikishnan P.S. was selected as the Best Manager after a gruelling two-day event in which over 12 contestants tested themselves. The team of Aouf P.A., Chandan Kumar Dutta, Neeta HaridasandPraveen won the Finance game through a brilliant display of financial knowledge and team-play. The team of Sairam R., Mohammed Febin, Gayatri Nair and Chitra Mary Eapen won the marketing game. The team was praised highly for their creativity, ingenuity and well-honed marketing skills. A team consisting of Steffi Thomas, Athira Unni, Yashica Raichura& Samuel John represented SCMS-Cochin in the HR game.

With three victories in the bag, SCMS-Cochin was declared the overall champion and was handed the prestigious Daksh-2013 Overall trophy. The winners received cash prizes and certificates of merit.

The team’s success won commendations from the SCMS-Cochin management and faculty alike. The students once again proved their amazing talent and successfully carried forward the legacy of the college.

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SCMS-Cochin Is Welcomed Into The Flite, World-Wide League Of Premier B-Schools After Receiving Accreditation From The Accreditation Council For Business Schools And Programs

It is official: SCMS-Cochin is now a world-class B-school. The institution now has the unique distinction of being among just a handful of B-schools in India that have met the exclusively high standards of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a global agency that is responsible for the accreditation of business schools. Headquartered in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, the ACBSP’s Board of Commissioners confirmed the accreditation of SCMS-Cochin on May 1, 2012.

Accreditation is considered the hallmark of a quality B-school education, and students at SCMS-Cochin are thrilled by the honor bestowed upon it from the ACBSP.  Given that this accreditation can have life changing consequences for the students, Chintu Motwani, first year student sums up the overall sentiment of those on the SCMS-Cochin campus:

“This makes us only the 7th B-school in India to have won the ACBSP’s stamp of approval. Globally, this means greater visibility for SCMS-Cochin and better placement opportunities for its students, as most of the global corporate giants have a policy of visiting only ACBSP accredited B-schools for recruitment. For all of us who are currently at SCMS-Cochin, as well as the students in the forthcoming batches, this is absolutely amazing.”

For the faculty, the journey has been just as rewarding as the end results. For Prof. Mariakutty Varkey , HOD Systems Department the accreditation is just another indicator of the excellence one can expect at SCMS-Cochin.

“Not only is the endorsement by ACBSP a testimony to the robustness and relevancy of our teaching methods at SCMS-Cochin, but it also shows that we are equally willing to learn. The accreditation process has also helped us to integrate a series of globally recognized best practices with regard to our programs and courses.”

SCMS-Cochin has consistently been ranked among the top B-schools in India, the top three B-schools in South India and the best B-school in Kerala. It has been an AICTE-approved institute for many years and has been conferred with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality. Given these credentials, maintaining high standards was not a new concept for SCMS-Cochin when Dr. Bijoy Sahoo, Dean of the School of Business at North Carolina Central University, undertook the task of mentoring SCMS-Cochin for the accreditation process.  Dr. Sahoo  feels  that SCMS-Cochin has truly transformed into a world-class B-school.

“The faculty at SCMS-Cochin has always been great in terms of qualification and diligence towards their responsibility of grooming the future global business leaders. They take pride in what they do. Individually, they were self-aware, but as a group, they were not strong enough before the accreditation process. Now, I find them interacting more among themselves and moving as a team. That is a magical change. It has brought in the ‘wow’ factor in SCMS-Cochin.”

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Harinarayanan Jayaraman
Head of Programming,Radio Mirchi

“At SCMS-COCHIN I acquired friends for life. SCMS-COCHIN was worth its weight in gold, simply for its sheer cultural diversity. We had a student from Kashmir, a guy from Kanyakumari, another colleague from Gujarat and even somebody from Tripura in the far-east! We did our share of complaining about the restrictions, the food etc at SCMS-COCHIN, but now when I look back, all can remember is that we had lots of fun. We found real togetherness at SCMS-COCHIN… and that is what really matters.”

On passing-out of SCMS-COCHIN, Harinarayanan chose a path less trodden. “Very early in SCMS- COCHIN, I had decided to specialize in marketing and advertising. There are a host of management events in SCMS-COCHIN that help shape one’s personality. I particularly remember ‘Shikhar’ – the  annual management festival – since I was one of its organizers in 2002. It was serious business. My exposure grew leaps-and-bounds.” After working with advertising big-wigs such as Ogilvy & Mather and Dentsu Communications,

Harinarayanan joined Radio Mirchi in 2008. “The initial period in advertising was really tough. My salary would barely last a couple of weeks. But then, I had chosen a career and not a job. These are two different things… something which students of SCMS-COCHIN should realize. You simply have to make your mark.” And what a big mark he did make! Harinarayanan put his heart and soul in his career, working almost all the hours that god gave him. Just 9 years into his career, Harinarayanan has already made it to senior management in the corporate boardroom. He currently heads Programming for Radio Mirchi, Chennai.

Harinarayanan believes that media and entertainment are recession proof – whether or not you have money, you need entertainment. Advertising, though, has undergone a complete makeover since his days at SCMS-COCHIN, owing to the opening up of the digital space. “Look at ‘Kolaveri.’ It’s actually shot out of just one studio and has become such a big rage! That’s the power of digital marketing. Students at SCMS-COCHIN should invest their time in exploring digital marketing.”

Few jobs give you the kind of ‘kick’ that radio does. Every day has to have a fresh ring to it; what’s on-air today cannot be there tomorrow. There are a lot of creative works, and every creative work needs to be different. Almost all of Harinarayanan’s RJs are celebrities – movie-stars, singers, TV, and theatre personalities… all larger than life. He believes that it is his grooming from SCMS, which helps him handle such superstars on a day-to-day basis, with aplomb.

 “A programme on radio is just like any other product. It’s the product that differentiates Radio Mirchi from others. Aspirants should focus on product management at SCMS-COCHIN; it’s a huge subject. Your knowledge of your product, coupled with marketing, will open new avenues for you. You could get into the product side of radio, but the growth is faster on the revenue side. After all, they bring in business.” Harinarayanan anticipates an impending ‘phase 3’ in the radio-industry, in which nearly 300 towns in India will open up to radio. If this happens, each town will have an additional two-three radio stations. He feels the timing is right for SCMS-COCHIN-grads to tap into this opportunity.

“As one of my Professors at SCMS-COCHIN had once said, ‘don’t worry about the job; you will get one. And if you don’t… don’t worry. Just continue studying!’ Nine years down the line, I realize that it was a very inspiring thought. MBA is like an investment. When you’ve studied Business at SCMS- COCHIN, it’s a sound business investment.”

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SCMS Cochin And SCENSER: Steering Research To Approach A New Era

In the light of ever-evolving socio-economic changes,under the aegis of SCMS-COCHIN– the SCMS Centre for Socio-Economic Research, Consultancy and Training (SCENSER) carries out a wide range of activities in the field of Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Management Consultancy, Diagnostic Studies, Revival and Restructuring studies, Human Resources Development and Trainings.

Established in 2003, the centre approaches each subject and project undertaken from an interdisciplinary perspective integrating such specialized fields as economics, sociology, policy science, environmental governance, disaster risk reduction and technological science. It has won incredible praise for its pioneering research on a diverse set of disciplines to provide holistic and practical decision making systems for delivering sustainable development within society and enhancing the positive role of the environment upon well-being.

Central to SCENSER’s mission is also an ongoing commitment to explore issues that are important not only to a range of academic interests, but also relevant to society’s other policy-makers and stakeholders. Since its inception, SCENSER has taken up a plethora of research projects, highlights of which being –

  • Feasibility Study on Intervention Strategies of Solid Waste Disposal within Cochin Corporation
  • Ecstasies and Agonies of Old Age: A Socio-Emotional & Economic Study of Alienated Parents in Kerala
  • Facilities Study for Corporation of Cochin for Cochin Master Plan 2020
  • SAMAGRA: A proposal for socio-economic development of two block panchayats in Kottayam District of Kerala and more…

Besides in another forefront, SCMS- COCHIN won one of the very few projects – DelPHE project awarded under the prestigious DelPHE scheme by the British Council through an international competition. This project which brings together a new partnership with the Lancashire Business School, UK, IFM, Tanzania and Yaalex Investment Limited (YLX) aims to bring together the essence and inter-relationship between microfinance, gender and poverty and devise training modules on entrepreneurial development. Playing as the lead partner, the project aims to understand the key issues in microfinance through various models in each country, while keeping in mind a range of risk coping mechanisms, policy directions and international best practices.

SCENSER’s Patient Logistics Management System’ exhibited in the 5th convention of GrameenGyaanAbhigyan 2008, software developed on the scientific compilation of information on communication diseases at the grass-root level and ‘An Effective government intervention in Kuttanad’ is some of the study reports undertaken by the centre. The Centre at its helm strives for excellence in the conduct and presentation of its research, and aims to make its findings relevant for a variety of circumstances and users.


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SCMS-COCHIN Is My Gurukul, Says Sairam

“Vanakkam” the typical Chennai welcome with hands clasped together and head slightly bowed forward – is the delight I felt when I first laid my eyes on the SCMS-COCHIN campus.

For physical places do matter, even in our digital world. And in business education they matter more than ever, because they provide space for people to come together amid their busy, far-flung lives. As is with chalk and cheese, coming to Kerala, was an entirely different experience for me. Yes, a sense of wavering self was there, having being born and bred in Chennai (my home for the past 21 years), but my fears soon got allayed once I embraced to what was to be my ‘Gurukul’ for the next two years.

Located in the lovely green environs of Kerala, amidst the traditional-feel Kerala style campus SCMS features digital high-definition auditoriums and tall trees, an attractive library with loads of greenery, state-of-the art infrastructure, and inspiring views to the river winding around it. A schedule packed with readings, panels, and talks; the regimen here is quite strict so to say. There is no time for a breather, and all other personal work and home assignments need to be carried out after college hours (after 5pm).

Needless to say, the exposure to the industry is great. There are loads of business experts coming in to deliver their experiences and practical insights in their respective fields. For instance, a lecture from an industry expert guided us through the practical approaches of team building and team formation in an office set-up. Not only the faculty have supreme knowledge and power over their subjects, they encompass a wide industry experience themselves. From DVD’s to videos, to other resources, they leave no stone unturned to show us exactly how the subject relates to real life corporate challenges. Another add-on is how the course-ware is structured; it is listed out for the whole year. Students know exactly which class will be conducted at what period and so to say, we can be ready for the next class in advance.

Further still, an online access to the library and a login and mail id on the internal campus-wide server has made life easier for us. Here we can exchange notes with other fellow students, and the faculty too upload any new notes, interesting research or information for us to use. Besides all, the fun aspect is also there. My weekend fun involves visiting nearby malls, hanging out with friends, watch movies etc..

That’s all and more the reason I chose SCMS-COCHIN as my Gurukul.

Sairam Ravishanker

PGDM General

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A Rough Start to a New Beginning – But SCMS-COCHIN Is Worth It

I got off the train and was waiting for my friend to pick me up. I was thinking: Why am I here when I had other options? How will the college be? How will the people be? Will I be able to adjust here?

Other things were going through my mind, but I felt some relief because my friend here was from Kerala so I shouldn’t have much difficulty adjusting. He came to pick me up on his bike. We reached our college hostel. This was my first time at a hostel. The warden was sitting in front of the gate and the first thing he said to my friend was give me your keys. My friend had taken the bike without the warden’s permission so he seized his bike for a few days. This let me know how the coming days would be. After going through some procedures and giving me a brief intro about the disciplines and rules, I was given my room keys.

The first day of college, the gatekeeper was staring at every student. I did not understand why, but later learned he was checking our attire and whether we shaved properly or not. On the first day we were safe because we just had an introduction class of an hour or two with the faculty. My room-mates and I made some friends and went exploring some of the places in Kerala. We enjoyed it, but returned before 9pm as we were asked to do so for 9:30 attendance. I was very excited because I had never been to a hostel.

The second day of college a real tragedy occurred as I was caught by the gatekeeper for not shaving. I was already late for class but I had to go shave and when I returned I was late by half an hour. I opened the door of our class and everyone’s eyes were on me. A faculty member was conducting class and before I could utter a word he asked me to stay out. I said I was sorry and he gave me a long lecture on the rules and regulations of the college, asked me not to do this again and allowed me to sit.

In the next class something worse happened. Another faculty member entered our class, not to teach us but to give us a clear idea about the discipline and other procedures of the college. He called on me to read a sheet he was holding. I was very scared and the first thing he said to me was you are in SCMS and asked me to pull my pants up, adjust my tie properly and get a good haircut (I had it spiked at that time). I felt offended. He asked me to read those rules and all were shocked when they heard all the rules and other procedures. Other than that, the rest of the day was normal.

The first few days were difficult for me because my friend left the college as he couldn’t take the pressure. The second problem was the food (I am from north India so…) and worse were the assignments and presentations as I was not used to any of it. But we as human beings have a very good instinct and we forget things very quickly and get involved in our new world.

Now things are different. I do assignments in an hour which used to take me days to do and actually I find a lot of change in my attire too. Before I was rowdy, but now it feels good to see myself in professional attire. The way we communicate, our confidence level has been increased and lot more things have changed.

I would say come to SCMS and experience it yourself. I would give all this credit to SCMS and the faculty who are very friendly and helpful to students and always try to make them comfortable in this hectic environment. Now I think I made good decision by coming here.

All things happen in your life for some good reason.

Ravi Mishra
PGDM General

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SCMS Cochin: Yoga And Working Out To Work Off The Stress

After surviving the first trimester college life in SCMS Cochin, I can say college life is a stressful balancing act. One has to keep up with their studies, do homework, have a social life and get involved with extracurricular activities.

With umpteen distractions ruling the environs, procrastination is another common practice for many people attending college today. Postponing things off until last minute can cause stress and exhaustion. Putting all this in perspective, I would say, I’m lucky to have my Yoga classes and the wide open environs of SCMS to fix my stresses Yes, Yoga it is. Yoga an ancient Indian form of exercise that captures a holistic approach to life is a regular feature at the campus of SCMS. People from all parts of the world have reported that yoga is an effective form of curing stress and bringing internal harmony, and that’s what I do, every week, to cure my chaotic mind.

Our batch is divided into 4 sections, wherein one section gets to practice yoga every week in rotation. Since we can’t do away with our regular classes, the yoga session is conducted after study hours, from 5:15 in the evening until 6:30. The one and a half hour session is begun by a broad introduction to Yoga, its history, its benefits and Asanas. Following which, we have some light warming up exercises and small asanas. I particularly enjoy the breathing exercises performed during yoga which strengthens the body and improves flexibility. After a more rigorous workout of stretching and posing, I would say, in the end I feel fully relieved and rejuvenated. Although I do not find time to practice it on a regular basis, the session every week is enough to get me going.

Besides, for the other students in campus there is an array of outdoor recreational and sport activities they can get involved in. Walking and jogging (and chatting!:) is a common sight for students early in the morning and late evening after dinner time. My roomies do try to wake me up for an early morning stroll, but I like to enjoy my snooze till it lasts.

Volleyball and Basketball is also a major sport for boys, although I’ve noticed that the girls usually stay away from these rough-ian games…

Whether you’ve got 30 minutes to spare or only 5, there’s a way to squeeze a sweat session into your busy college schedule.

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SCMS-COCHIN Trains Students Hard In Soft Skills

The management at SCMS-Cochin understands theoretical teaching is not enough for management students; their overall personality needs to be groomed. As they put it, “Our methodology is different from that of other business schools. Though theoretical inputs are essential to any business management program, we do not give it undue emphasis as others do. Our stress is on the overall development of the personality of the individual.” In keeping with this thinking, SCMS-COCHIN has introduced various personality development programs.

These programs work on the students’ communication skills, inter-personal skills, and analytical abilities and help build their confidence. It is important for a manager to be able to handle people and motivate them toward achieving their goals and these programs mainly focus on people management skills.

All the aspects listed above are essential for the overall development of an individual’s personality. Good communication skills enhance a person’s overall personality and help them put across their points well. Rigorous training is given to polish students’ communication skills at SCMS-COCHIN. Empathy is another quality required in order to manage people and it is also worked on at the personality development workshops.

The personality development programs at SCMS-COCHIN have been specially designed, keeping in mind the requirements of the current market. They are developed with help from industry experts and institutions specializing in these courses.

“We conduct a series of programs with external experts to develop and sharpen skills in communication, inter-personal relations, analytical ability, proficiency in public speaking, assertiveness, self-confidence, interview techniques and a variety of other skills that are essential for a manager,” said the institute.

SCMS-COCHIN is confident that a student who undergoes a two-year course at the institute would become an expert public speaker and will be an efficient manager in future. As they put it, “A student who completes two years of study at SCMS-COCHIN will be a consummate public speaker, an expert in effective communication and in human relations.”

 A special tuition fee of Rs. 4000 is charged every trimester for these programs, but the amount is definitely worth spending.

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SCMS-COCHIN, like a good training ground for management students  believes in all-round development. Working toward that end, it has been conducting personality development programs (PDPs) for students.

 The person behind these PDPs, M.A.S. Menon, has been providing corporate training and life-skill coaching to SCMS students for several years. Mr. Menon enjoys grooming students at SCMS-Cochin, who, he says, are disciplined. “Intellectually, they seem to be on a higher level than those at the other B-schools in Kerala,” he says.

He adds SCMS-COCHIN students are good with words and confident enough to put across their ideas. “Whenever I interact with them, they come out openly with their problems and try to find solutions. Most of them are very clear in their head about their ambitions and are working toward achieving their goals,” he says.  In his PDP, Mr. Menon works on students’ soft skills. His training modules are helpful in enhancing the personalities of the students. Elaborating on the different courses he handles, Mr. Menon cites the Integrated Value Management Program. These classes are held for an hour or two whereas the PDP takes place over a minimum of two days.

Mr. Menon says his training module, ASHA, (an acronym for Attitude, Synergy, Harmony and Achievement) is covered over a period of two days. He says over the years, a lot of people he has trained have come back to him saying how they’ve benefited from the PDP. These programs have come in handy when they’ve joined the corporate world.

Mr. Menon says he has seen the SCMS-Cochin grow over the years and is proud of the association as it is one of the best B-Schools in the state.

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Cricket, Carrom & Chess: SCMS-Cochin Sports Week Ends As a Huge Success!

From scoring a hat-trick with their cricket bat to aiming the shuttle at the badminton court, from pulling the rope with all mightto concentrating enough to make the right move, from cheering their team to jeering their opponents, students of SCMS-Cochin had a field day.

In what seems like a perfect break from the grueling academic schedule, the prestigious School of Communication and Management Studies Cochin conducted their sports week from February 24 to Match 3, 2012. Students were divided in various teams and competed against each other in a wide range of sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis, relay race, football, basketball volleyball, tug of war and throw ball. While cricket, football, badminton, basketball and volleyball drew massive participation because of their popularity, it was the tug of war for female students that drew maximum cheers.

There was also lot of interest for athletics where individual athletes competed against each other at events like 100 M race, 200 M race, 400 M race, 1500 M race, long jump and shot put for boys and 100 M race, 200 M race, long jump and shot put for girls.

Speaking about the importance of Sports Week, RTR Varma, the professor-in-charge, said, “We at SCMS group of institutions understand the importance of a healthy mind with a healthy body. Attaining knowledge is as important as exercising your body and soul. Thus we have an annual sports meet among the students who make us proud of their skills and qualities. The tackling strategies that the students make during sporting events, really fosters their management skills in the real business atmosphere. Giving them a chance to realise the capabilities in themselves, we at SCMS- COCHIN are happy to facilitate the opportunity to students.”  This sporting even fosters great sportsman spirit among students, giving them a much deserved break from the monotony of academic life. It is for this reason that this event is much awaited throughout the year.

Talking about how entertaining and relaxing this sporting event is, a student of the institute said, “I really look forward to the Sports Week every year as it is lot of fun and give us a great chance to exhibit our skills. This year I was here to cheer my friend Jasmine. Seeing her on the race track was an exhilarating experience. I am very proud of her.”

The winners of various sporting events are- Kochi Patriots for cricket, Kochi Chargers for Football, Kochi Challengers for Volley Ball and Kochi Kings for Basket Ball. The girls of Kochi Team wowed the audience with their combined efforts and won all glories in Tug of War match. The overall winning team is Kochi Challengers after winning 45 matches and the runners up are- Kochi Chargers and Kochi Pirates.

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