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Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHTS Softwares reveals helpful HR secrets to students at Industry Institute Interface session held at SCMS Cochin

Students pursuing their PGDM program at SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHITS Softwares, deliver an inspiring talk. Mr. Peter was invited at the institute as a part of a Industry Institute Interface session that SCMS Cochin focuses on to ensure that its students get exposure to the real world of management.  Throughout his talk, Mr. Peter not only offered students an insight into the life of a successful management professional but inspired them to achieve greater things in their careers as well.

Peter1Mr. Peter is a known name in the world of HR after gathering years of experience working in the field. He used to work as Vice President, HR at Choice Group of Companies and has climbed up the success ladder over the years. So he knew exactly what he was talking about when he said to the gathering, “Chase excellence in your career and success will follow. Enjoy what you do otherwise you will be forever dissatisfied with the kind of work you do,” was his helpful advice to the students looking forward to their future careers.

Mr. Peter had instantly managed to build a bond with the young management aspirants in the crowd, who will have to grapple with several doubts and questions during their professional journeys. But there was one thing he wanted students to be clear about; that job happiness and satisfaction are two completely different things. It made a lot of sense to students who were looking to have more of their questions answered during the session that touched upon important elements of the big transition towards being a professional.

According to Mr Peter, a lot depends on candidates’ resumes. “The importance of writing a good resume cannot be overemphasized. You cannot simply copy paste it because an HR professional will see through it instantly. We need to see that your resume has been written genuinely,” he said to the students. He also urged them to be prepared for everything in the future, including a small presentation they’d have to make. Only when they have been prepared well can they add value to the listeners, he added.

Mr. Peter was definitely adding a lot of value to the session that had the gathering in rapt attention. One of the highlights of the session was the fact that he often drew on his own experience to drive a point home with his audience. He talked about how he might not have ever used some of his learning in any aspect of his life. But that didn’t mean one students should be dissatisfied when they have to understand the meaning of learning certain courses or subjects. It was a remark that resonated with the gathering.

As a parting shot, Mr. Peter stressed on the importance of sharing knowledge, which is a good way to learn. He also asked them to, “Make time for entertainment and your passions while you are focussed on your careers. It adds flavour to your life.”

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SCMS-Cochin Carving Out Complete Person Through Integrated Managerial Learning Programme

SCMS Cochin has always been guided by the principal that success of business depends on the maturity of the people who run and mange it. A businessman has to deal with many situations during day to day working, and those who have developed and mastered soft skills and learned to go beyond text books learning, manage to stand apart from the crowd and survive in the fierce word of business.

Students join SCMS from all walks of life. All of them are good in academics but to outshine and to be ready for industry, they need to hone their skills in every sphere of life. This can be best achieve by experiential learning, and participating in activities that help one improve social skills, knowledge and understanding of human behavior. “There is much more learning in these types of activities than from a class room lecture,” says Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman SCMS Cochin.

“It all started with group activities under students counsel, and it proved an instant hit both with the students and top management,” recollects Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Academic Administrator and Professor in the department of finance. She has been the force behind formulation and development of this concept which saw students and faculty also pitching in to devise an appropriate programme, which finally culminated into Integrated Managerial Learning Programme (IMLP). “To sustain students interest, it is ensured  that the activities are in the nature of infotainment and give one ample opportunity to express and experiment—thereby helping one to realise one’s true potential”, adds Dr. Filomina.

IMLP was officially launched on July 1, 2004 for 12th batch of PGDM students of SCMS Cochin. Students’ conveners and core committee of the faculty constitute IMLP Core Committee.

The IMLP envisages six days weekly schedule. Day one is devoted to Quiz Club which organizes quiz series with special focus on economy, corporate world and finance sector. The Theatre on day one is designed to develop creativity, initiative, organizing and communication skills through dramatics.

Day 2 & 4 is a day for Vertical House. Participating teams study evolution, structure and characteristics of the selected industry. Come 3rd day and students brace themselves for The Big Fight—a debate or Panel discussion.

Day 5 is devoted to Institute-Industry-Interaction through Seminar, Paper presentations workshops, and industrial visits. “We look forward to this interaction as we get a reality check of present industrial scenario”, say Radha Krishna, first year student of PGDM.

Day 6 is earmarked for extra-curricular activities which include talent time, social projects, language lab and sports. Language lab is compulsory for those who need to improve English language skills. These days we hear a lot about social responsibility of industry, but this is not new for SCMC Cochin as each student needs to identify with one project of social significance and endorse his or her contribution to the society. Sports occupies an important position, and voluntary groups of students organize teams of various sports and games.

No wonder, SCMC Cochin students rank at the top when industry suitability is assessed.

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SCMS-COCHIN Encourages Students’ Involvement in Research Projects

Students must be offered opportunities to indulge in research projects; this should be an integral part of the management curriculum as it is only when the students explore things on their own do they learn better. Research activities improve the overall quality of education. Thinking on these lines, SCMS-COCHIN recently took up two major projects; one of them is an international project involving the Indo German Centre for Water Technology and Management at SCMS-COCHIN and the other one involved the development of recombinant lactoferrin in the lab by genetic engineering. Both the projects required a good amount of research work.

It has been noted that the research work done at the school and college level determines the interest of a person and helps him choose an appropriate stream for himself. These activities also provide a ground for the development of new technologies, services and products. “Research also provides the training ground for new scientists, engineers, teachers and entrepreneurs. In this way academic institutions engaged in research are playing an essential role in the economic viability of the nation”, shared Dr. G. P. C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS GROUP. Google is a good example of such a research conducted at the Stanford University.

Research is considered to be the chief source of generating knowledge and developing fresh ideas and thus plays a vital role in the progress of a knowledge economy. It is a known fact that countries having strong research systems are economically more advanced. And it is time we inculcate research activities in our education system. SCMS-COCHIN has already started working in this direction; the two projects it has undertaken in the recent past are a proof enough.

Centuries ago, India was known for its innovative ideas and it is time again to show how inventive we are. As per Dr. G. P.C. Nayar,SCMS-COCHIN Group in order to do so it is essential to generate the young generation’s interest in science as he believes that, “All industrial and economic progress calls for the backup of science and technology”. He also believes that our young generation is highly talented they just require the right objective and opportunity. As he puts it, “Given the right opportunity, goals and ambience our young generation is second to none”. He went on to share details about the Annual Science Fair 2011 conducted by Google where two out of the three toppers were from India.

 Dr.G.P.C.Nayar is quite confident that Indians would be able to make a mark in the international market with proper guidance and education. As he puts it, “I am fully convinced, Indians are second to none even when put into the most competitive environment and that too in a global context”.

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