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Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHTS Softwares reveals helpful HR secrets to students at Industry Institute Interface session held at SCMS Cochin

Students pursuing their PGDM program at SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHITS Softwares, deliver an inspiring talk. Mr. Peter was invited at the institute as a part of a Industry Institute Interface session that SCMS Cochin focuses on to ensure that its students get exposure to the real world of management.  Throughout his talk, Mr. Peter not only offered students an insight into the life of a successful management professional but inspired them to achieve greater things in their careers as well.

Peter1Mr. Peter is a known name in the world of HR after gathering years of experience working in the field. He used to work as Vice President, HR at Choice Group of Companies and has climbed up the success ladder over the years. So he knew exactly what he was talking about when he said to the gathering, “Chase excellence in your career and success will follow. Enjoy what you do otherwise you will be forever dissatisfied with the kind of work you do,” was his helpful advice to the students looking forward to their future careers.

Mr. Peter had instantly managed to build a bond with the young management aspirants in the crowd, who will have to grapple with several doubts and questions during their professional journeys. But there was one thing he wanted students to be clear about; that job happiness and satisfaction are two completely different things. It made a lot of sense to students who were looking to have more of their questions answered during the session that touched upon important elements of the big transition towards being a professional.

According to Mr Peter, a lot depends on candidates’ resumes. “The importance of writing a good resume cannot be overemphasized. You cannot simply copy paste it because an HR professional will see through it instantly. We need to see that your resume has been written genuinely,” he said to the students. He also urged them to be prepared for everything in the future, including a small presentation they’d have to make. Only when they have been prepared well can they add value to the listeners, he added.

Mr. Peter was definitely adding a lot of value to the session that had the gathering in rapt attention. One of the highlights of the session was the fact that he often drew on his own experience to drive a point home with his audience. He talked about how he might not have ever used some of his learning in any aspect of his life. But that didn’t mean one students should be dissatisfied when they have to understand the meaning of learning certain courses or subjects. It was a remark that resonated with the gathering.

As a parting shot, Mr. Peter stressed on the importance of sharing knowledge, which is a good way to learn. He also asked them to, “Make time for entertainment and your passions while you are focussed on your careers. It adds flavour to your life.”

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Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting delves into the “power of the human mind” during his talk at SCMS Cochin School of Business

Biju“Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”, the workshop held by SCMS Cochin on 10th March, 2014 brought together an interesting mix of entrepreneurs who offered students a look into their visionary minds. The idea was to encourage future entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and chart their own path to success. The contribution of Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting, was especially important for those in the audience.

Mr. Dominic is not your regular entrepreneur. He has an interesting line of work, with previous experience in behavioural architecture and cognitive neuroscience, in particular. He shed light on how he developed a passion for his work and turned it into a flourishing business. This helped students broaden their scope when it comes to business ideas, which can stem from their individual interests and be used to set up new enterprises.

For Mr. Dominic, it was his deep passion for understanding the complex human psyche that formed the germ of his business idea. “Human behaviour can be found in every aspect of human activity: politics, advertising, sports,” he tells us. “I began to explore it further and turned it into an entrepreneurial proposition.” He added that it was his passion that made him believe that he could change the world.

To encourage the students in the gathering to go after their dreams and aspirations, he said, “You need to have faith in yourself. Have a fair idea of the context of the entrepreneurial project you have in mind as you start. It’s also important to have the freedom to pursue the context and the idea.” He also offered a way to make that happen: by associating oneself to an MNC. He also urged students to bear in mind the importance of finances, both in the best and worst-case scenarios.

His practical advice was well received by the audience that was quite keen on learning from the experiences of the renowned entrepreneur. And he did not disappoint as he talked about his rewarding career at Reliance Industries. Mr. Dominic himself had his own massive learning experience through the inspiring tales of the Ambanis and he was more than willing to share them with the gathering.

To make any entrepreneurial venture successful, the importance of having the right team to work with cannot be overemphasized. It’s a point Mr. Dominic focussed on as his talk drew to an end. “You need to work with people who share the same ideas and values. It is the glue that had the power to keep a group bound together,” he stressed. Probably just as effectively as the man with the passion for human psyche had kept the audience bound to their seats through his talk.

–          Athulya Menon, PGDM ‘15

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Celebrating the 21st convocation of SCMS Cochin School of Business

Chief Guest- Mr. Mohan Sivanand, Editor-at-large, Readers Digest, India Ltd.

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29 April, 2014, Kochi: The 21st Annual Convocation of the PGDM programme of SCMS Cochin was held as a glittering ceremony at the Prathap Nagar campus, Kalamassery on April 29, Tuesday. Mr. Mohan Sivanand, Editor‒at‒large, Readers Digest, India Ltd was the chief guest on the occasion. He presented diploma certificates to the batch 21 PGDM students of SCMS COCHIN School of Business. As many as 168 students received their diplomas on this day.

“One of the most critical requirements to become a successful professional is to be very careful in serving your co-workers and preserving your relationships”, said Mr. Mohan Sivanand in his convocation address to the outgoing students. Business organisations are becoming more and more system-based and rule-based with growing modernization. Consequently, personalized approaches and relations are becoming progressively uncommon. This is going to be a serious challenge to the new generation of managers, Mr. Mohan Sivanand cautioned.

Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group presided over the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nayar stressed the need for a continual improvement of the quality of our professional education in order to make it comparable to world standards. And that would necessarily require more investments. Without additional investments, it is not possible to improve the quality of our education, Dr. Nayar explained. Mr. K.I. Viswanathan, Vice President, Marketing Division, ITC Ltd was the Guest of Honour. He explained the importance of the correct mix between smart work and hard work in the managerial sector. 

Ms. Manjusha Muraleedharan of PGDM batch 21 secured the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the best academic performance. Ms. Jayeetha Putatunda got the Best Outgoing Student Award for overall performance. Ms. Neelima and Ms. Minu. C. Nair also received medals for best academic performances. Prof. P.C. Pillai, Group director, SCMS, welcomed the gathering. Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS, administrated the oath. Prof. K.J. Paluse and Dr. Filomina P. George, Deans of SCMS, also participated in the convocation ceremony.


About SCMS Cochin School of Business        

SCMS Group of Educational Institutions prepares future leaders through an innovative education system that bridges communication and management, science and technology, enterprise and society. With a well designed curriculum that integrates academic courses, research opportunities, hands- on training, co-curricular activities, community service, clubs and organizations, sports and recreation among other activities.

SCMS COCHIN School of Business is the first institution that has come up under the SCMS Group in 1976. By the addition of more programmes it has today become a major cluster of institutions known today as SCMS Group of Educational Institutions.  The flagship institution under the Group is SCMS COCHIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS which offers a two year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). SCMS-COCHIN is the only B School in Southern India, and one among the five in the country, to get International Accreditation for quality and excellence from ACBSP-USA.  The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) has been recognized as equivalent to MBA by the Association of Indian Universities. SCMS bags award for the best Industry Related Curriculum by STAR NEWS National B-School Awards and another one from DNA & Stars of the Industry Group Presenting with the Award for B School with best industry Academia Interface.

While SCMS-Cochin School of Business has always been a prominent recruiting ground for companies in South India and the Middle East, it has been the favourite for Kerala based organisations. Regulars at the SCMS-Cochin campus include Deloitte, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, HDFC Asset Management, ICICI Securities, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Hawkins, Berger Paints, Madras Cements, Kotak Mahindra, Asian Paints, ITC, Reliance Money, Malayala Manorama, South Indian Bank Limited, HSIL, Future Generali Life Insurance, Muthoot FinCorp, ICICI Prudential, Spices Board, etc.

To read more, visit:

Company Contact Information:
Admissions Team
Prathap Nagar, Muttom, Alwaye, Cochin

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“SCMS is about a brand equity that is bound to set you apart from the crowd in more ways than one”, says student Samuel John who is all set for his professional sojourn

DSC_0330“I want to be happy in life!” says Samuel John when asked about his life and plans.  This seemingly simple wish rides on his deep philosophy and understanding of life that guides him to live today and let tomorrow worry about itself. He has just bagged a job with Asian Paints as a Sales Officer through campus placement, and believes this position is a perfect fit for him: “I believe this profile suits me quite well; and, my skill-sets acquired at SCMS will help me contribute to the organization.” He is looking forward to starting his career with Asian Paints and is sure that he will be able to contribute in their continued success.

Born and raised in Bhopal, Samuel received his education from Bhopal before moving to SCMS Cochin for the PGDM in Marketing and Retail Management. His computer proficiency is high, having done several courses in the field. Samuel also has many other talents. He has several awards and certifications in the field of Karate, Yoga and music, and has also earned extra pocket money by giving guitar lessons. He has been always focused. His ability to take initiatives was also demonstrated at SCMS where he was a coordinator and emcee for several events.  Samuel asserts that these platforms have enabled him to evolve as a human being, and have groomed his personality and logical thinking abilities.

Samuel believes his success is a direct result of the grooming he received at SCMS through various interventions like the Personality Development Program (PDP), Industry Institution Interaction sessions, Corporate Outbound Training, Integrated Management Learning Program (IMLP), and Mentoring sessions. This was in addition to sports, cultural activities, social projects, management fests, seminars and conferences and, most importantly, a rigorous curriculum which continually forced him to multi-task while adhering to strict deadlines. He believes all of this also taught him time management. Another thing that built his confidence is his summer internship project: “I did my three month internship project at Second Largest Shopping Mall in India – Lulu International Shopping Mall, Cochin. On average, I worked for 12 hours a day and this time-bound workload prepared me for an industry work culture.”

SCMS Cochin Samuel believes, is one of the best B-schools in India. “Being an SCMS student has played a significant role in setting me apart from the rest,” he says. “SCMS has a brand equity that makes us stand out in a crowd, be it management fests or interviews; this was apparent during the selection process, too. Students from other institutes, 79 in total, were a part of the selection process, but being an SCMSite in addition to the learning from the institution set us apart from the rest.”

A music lover who plays the guitars and sings as well, Samuel is also a sports and photography enthusiast. Eventually, he wants to be an entrepreneur: “I have always had an inclination to serve the society, so I wish to be a social entrepreneur adding value to the lives of people, to family, friends and society.”

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Mr. Anil Joseph inspires students and discusses opportunities in ITES industry at the Industry Institute Interaction session organized by SCMS Cochin

Students of SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had the opportunity to listen to and interact with Mr. Anil Joseph, Vice President of Sutherland, Global Services. It was one of the Industry Institute Interface (III) sessions that SCMS hosts at every regular interval, in the benefit of its students. These sessions offer a fantastic opportunity for aspiring managers to learn from the experiences of experts in the business. And, Mr. Joseph’s talks that focussed on two important topics – Careers in the ITES Industry and Secrets of leadership – hit the nail on its head for participants.

The venue was buzzing with anticipation on the big day – students were very excited to hear from a man who has made a name for himself in Information Technology. Sutherland, Global Services was established in 1986 and has been global providers of business process and technology management services. It is one of the largest independent BPOs in the world with 40 operation centres across various states. So, it was interesting for students to hear and learn from Mr. Joseph, who talked about his company and professional experiences.

To begin with, Mr. Joseph shared his company’s vision: “We aim to help clients maximize their customer lifetime value and increase competitive advantage. It’s not just about cost reduction, but driving business performance improvements across processes spanning revenues, cash flow and capital utilization, as well as maximizing customer satisfaction.” With this vision, it is not surprising that the company, with clients in various sectors including media and telecommunication, retail, and technology among others, is set to become a million dollar enterprise in the next 15 months.

Mr. Joseph also shed light on his company’s capabilities in front office, back office, and knowledge services, which gives its customers the cutting edge advantage. According to him, what sets Sutherland, Global Services apart from its competitors is the fact that the company safeguards its customers’ data and offers value to them. By talking about his company, Mr. Joseph drilled home the importance of setting high standards for oneself when catering to clients. He then talked to students about opportunities that lay ahead of them and offered advice on taking on these challenges in the future.

For those interested in making a career in ITES industry, he said, “There are several avenues ahead of you in HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Project Management, Information Security and Infrastructure Management.” But, he emphasized on the importance of trust, which Mr. Joseph believes is the most abused word in companies. “The success of Sutherland lies in winning customers’ trust. We have taken several measures not allowing USBs, pen, paper in certain areas to protect information. That’s how we have won the trust of our customers.”

SCMS Cochin has always strived to mould future leaders in the institute. Hence, it was quite poignant that Mr. Joseph shared insights into the minds of leaders and the questions that haunt them. “What does an employee want, what does a shareholder want and what does a business want; they are the three important questions leaders often face,” he stated. As the session drew to a close, Mr. Joseph also shared his success mantra with the students. “Be adaptable, communicate effectively, have a vision, set achievable but challenging goals and importantly, make sure customers see quality of your work.” These are the words of wisdom that he shared as the session concluded amidst a huge round of applause.

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