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‘SCMS offers a World of Opportunities’, says Thapasya Vijayan, Faculty& Alumna SCMS-Cochin

“Every day and every moment belongs to the student to seize for. For SCMS-Cochin provides them a world of opportunities” says Thapasya Vijayan, Assistant Professor, in the Human Resources department and alumni of SCMS Cochin herself. With offerings too numerous to recount individually she describes SCMS as an institute with an ‘open heart’ which has always welcomed every new idea and opportunity from its students to improve upon its quality, curriculum and facilities.

Armed with industry experiences among the erstwhile Centurion Bank of Punjab, and as a Business Development Manager cum Trainer with Career Development Centre, Kollam, it is during her stint as a trainer that Ms. Thapasya realized her true calling — in the field of academics. It’s now been over three fruitful years that she’s been teaching and less than a year as a faculty of Human Resources with SCMS-Cochin.

No matter what name you call, we all once describe it as our Home. And the same holds true as Thapasya Vijayan recalls her fond memories spent during her time as a student in SCMS-Cochin. She has wonderful stories to acquaint with right from her induction program, to grooming, to interaction with industry leaders and other personality development programs. She terms all these offerings as “extremely good” and which has made her stay at SCMS worthwhile. Unlike other B-Schools who phrase-word their campus as state-of-the-art (reality being far away from it), SCMS-Cochin campus exceeds expectations literally. “ You need to see it to believe it” adds Vijayan. Right from the infrastructure being superb, the library up-to-date, the lab facilities of high-quality, the campus also houses a neat, spacious and well maintained hostel for its students.

In addition to its excellent curriculum, SCMS has also taken sincere efforts to bring to its campus scores of professional managers and well known academic scholars to work with its students. Through the years Ms.Thapasya has witnessed improvement in quality of SCMS – the impression that the students have created in the industry after they have stepped out of SCMS is remarkable. The recruiters and companies alike are happy to have the well groomed students.  Intended for the student’s growth, Thapasya thus advices her students to make the best use of all the facilities SCMS has bestowed them with.

Another noteworthy aspect of SCMS is its Mentoring program. A teacher is assigned to a group of students wherein they have complete freedom to discuss all their problems with the mentor i.e. the teacher. The problems shared could either be a professional or personal one and this has helped many students come out of their difficulties while studying.

As a faculty member students are always asking Ms. Thapasya for advice on how to approach placements and studies. Her suggestion is that there is never a dearth of opportunity for students who have the right mental attitude. One might gets placed in a wrong set-up or not be happy in his job not because of his or her lack of skills, talent or exposure, but due to a lack of basic understanding of what he or she really wants to do in life. Her advice is to not look at the ‘earnings’ a job has to pay but the ‘learning’ that is truly of interest to the student. The student should take the time to discuss and introspect their interests and abilities and then only take up a course or career of their choice.

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“SCMS-COCHIN provided educational and personal growth”:- Afshan Cholamugath Koya -PGDM, HR, 2010-2012 BATCH

Afshan’s is not just another motivational story. She came across as an introvert but had a passion for public speaking. Her ability to communicate in a precise manner illustrates her natural flair for a management career. SCMS-COCHIN helped her realize her true potential and make informed decisions like any management professional would do.

“In school, I was known as an introvert, but now I do not hesitate to start my career in Singapore, with Wipro, from scratch. With each passing year, I became more mindful of the rigorous training in store for me and, with the right education imparted by the best of teachers, I am now confident enough to make an informed decision. The faculty looked for potential in us and this helped me foray into management problems and lectures in a significant way. My hard work was acknowledged and appreciated by very supportive faculty at every step. My overall development was encouraging as I matured as an individual. This is what SCMS-COCHIN has given me.”

Afshan noticed her interests seemed to grow with every passing lecture and stimulated her to do research and explore management in every possible way, beyond the curriculum. SCMS-COCHIN encourages students to research freely and put management lessons into practice.

“Wipro is the perfect management exposure for me at the beginning of my career. I want everybody to understand that creativity comes only when one is passionate about something, and this is why I have set forth on my quest for international HR exposure, (Wipro will be sending me to Singapore post the completion of my training with them) with solid educational grounding instilled in me by SCMS-COCHIN. This is the attitude every person seeking a profound PGDM experience should have. I cannot thank SCMS-COCHIN enough for this true knowledge I found.”

A perfect environment for studying, SCMS-COCHIN is the best place for management specialization and research. There is fun and frolic within the vibrant campus setting, the aim being to provide a complete education and help students become not only successful management gurus, but visionaries in the near future.

SCMS-COCHIN has indeed turned my dreams into reality. I made so many friends and we faced the ups and downs together.

Afshan says she didn’t choose SCMS-COCHIN just because it is a PGDM brand name – “it is so much more.”

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“SCMS-COCHIN has taught me the art of striking a balance between fun and studies” :- Ron Francis -PGDM, Insurance & Banking,2010-2012 BATCH

Ron did his Bachelor of Commerce from Bangalore and decided to study business management. After a lot of research he found the overall track record of SCMS- COCHIN very impressive. So, he took admission in the institute. Life at Bangalore College was a lot of fun as there was no significant study pressure. But at SCMS-COCHIN, he was required to pay a lot of attention to academics. “This transition was really rough for a few days, but in no time we understood there is no avoiding hard work because all this is designed to prepare us for the future,” shares Ron.

“It is not that we remained glued to books all the time. On the contrary, we had a lot more fun and masti. Actually, we learned to organize ourselves and mastered the technique of striking a balance between fun and studies, as both are important for overall growth,” tells Ron.

Ron is really impressed by the rich experience of the talented faculty of SCMS-COCHIN. “You learn a lot from their vast and practical experience,” says Ron. He has his favourite teachers too.  “Joseph sir, and Verma sir made tough topics look simple and I want to request them to stick to their style of teaching which is very effective,”Ron humbly suggests to his teachers.

He took part in most the activities and programmes conducted by the institute. He finds himself a changed person, who keeps his cool and manages to keep positive frame of mind even in tough situations.

Ron hard work has started paying results. He has been placed with a bank as probationary officer. He is sure that his solid foundation will help him brave the challenges of his personal and professional life.

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“As a complete package, SCMS-COCHIN beats other business schools hands down!” :- Sajeet Samuel -PGDM, HR,2010-2012 BATCH

Sajeet is a good orator, and his life imitates modulation in his voice—going up and down, taking twists and turns. Thankfully, SCMS-COCHIN has provided the necessary stability to his career path. “Initially, for my own reasons, I never preferred pursuing professional course in South India. I am born and brought up in Rajasthan, so north India has always been a natural choice for study , but destiny had something better written for me, and thankfully SCMS-COCHIN happened to me,” says Sajeet with modulation in his voice.

His parents are from Kerala, so when he joined SCMS-COCHIN, gradually everything fell into place.“My relations in Keralaapprised me of SCMS-COCHIN reputation as being highly reputed business school in South India. After making my own inquiries, I became satisfied and took admission,” tells Sajeet.
During the two years Sajeet excelled in extra-curricular activities. He is always eager to hold the mike and host the show, whenever he gets an opportunity.“I have always been a go-getter, and this quality of mine has multiplied many times now. I always say it is the complete package at SCMS that makes it different from other competitors” feels Sajeet. He praises students-alumni interaction and recommends more such interaction as this provides students insight into the real word of business and feel of the atmosphere they will get into after completing the course.

It is not that everything at SCMS-COCHIN was to his taste. “There are a few things that you feel should have been done in a different way, but the fact is that it happens everywhere, and you can’t expect to be in ideal situation all the time, so learn to find a solution and you will succeed,” shares Sajeet- one of the life lessonslearnt at SCMS.

Sajeet has studied Human Resource, but grabbed the good opportunity that came to him first. “It is important to start first, and sooner or later you will finally get to work where your heart lies. Don’t just let the opportunity pass by just because it is not hundred percent similar to what you are looking for,” says Sajeet about his simple Fanda of life.

Sajeet is placed with Thomas Cook and will be joining somewhere in June. Although he is not part of the HR team, but he is looking for the rich experience he will get working for such a reputed company. “Furthermore, they have promised to consider me for HR positions, whenever there is a suitable opening. I am really excited to be a part of a great team,” concludes Sajeet.

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“SCMS-COCHIN has made me a go getter who loves to meet people and explore.” :- Robin Joseph Thomas -PGDM,Systems &Operations ,2010-2012 BATCH

These days, Robin can be seen engaged in long conversations with not only friends but also complete strangers. He enjoys sharing his opinion whenever he feels like, and never thinks changing his stand just because many people don’t approve of it. “I was really not so confident when I joined SCMS-COCHIN. I was kind of introvert, but now I actually look for opportunities to strike a conversation, on any topic under the sun. Yes, my confidence has multiplied many times in the last two years,” says Robin with a sense of satisfaction in his voice.

“Although this is nothing less than a magic but many factors have combined to bring about the desired results. Experienced faculty, carefully devised curriculum, exposure to industry and plethora of social activities help one come out of the shell and crave forexcellence in their chosen path,” says Robin. However,he accepts that initial two weeks appeared very hectic but soon he got hooked to this life and then started enjoying it.

Robin feels nostalgic about his hostel life that he is going to miss it the most. “SCMS-COCHIN attracts many talented young men from different parts of India. This means understanding and experiencing their culture, their beliefs, and their understanding on diverse issues. Life really becomes rich with so varied experience, but sadly every good thing has to come to an end,” laments Robin.

Robin has done his majors in Systems and Operations and plans to do big in operations sector.

Robin is really happy he zeroed inon SCMS-COCHIN after completing his Bachelor of Technology from Kerala. “My cousin passed out from here a couple of years back. She extolled the virtue of joining SCMS and praised the placement efforts put in by the devoted team. I am happy I went with her advice,” concludes Robin.

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“SCMS-COCHIN: One of the foremost institutes offering retail management” :- Gourav Kumar Panda -PGDM, Retail ,2010-2012 BATCH.

The first impression that one gets of Gourav in the first few lines of conversation is of a serious, focussed aspirant. SCMS-COCHIN has been, for long, fostering such young minds helping them achieve their goals. Gourav thanks his stars that he was introduced to SCMS-COCHIN at the right time.

“I belong to the state of Jharkhand. At my coaching centre, I got to hear about SCMS-COCHIN for the first time. Gradually, I came across advertisements at various places. It looked promising. Today, I feel, it has been promising.”

Majoring in marketing and specializing in retail, Gourav feels blessed to be a part of the foremost education institutes offering the specialization course. “In retail lies my interest. I think I am made for such a job. SCMS-COCHIN has brought us to a wide array of opportunities through this course. As they hone our skills, they introduce us to all the possibilities of fitting into the corporate world.”

This, being said by the high-scorer, brings forth the institute in a positive light.

“All my expectations have been met. Though there have also been times when some cases have not been upto the mark. They can, but, areside-lined in favour of the many positive points of the institute. The faculty is excellent. I have got constant support in times of need. My doubts and problems have been solved with utmost care. Not only that, there is a personal touch to it. The criteria of ‘good faculty’ have been checked in my list. “

Gourav feels that SCMS-COCHIN not only nurtures one’s academic leanings, it also sharpens with high precision the overall personality of the student. Himself part of the organizing committees of the institute, he considers this as one of the most important criteria of quality education.

Today, SCMS-Cochin has provided him a prestigious position in India’s leading bank—management trainee with IDBI Bank. He cannot thank enough for it.

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“I put in hardwork. SCMS-COCHIN made me a new person.” :- Christopher Kurian -PGDM, Insurance & Banking ,2010-2012 BATCH

At school, Christopher was an introvert. Academically, he was like any average student, waiting for a miracle to happen—magic that would change his life for the best.

“When I decided to join SCMS-Cochin, my friends warned me about the amount of hard work that one is asked to put in everything that one studies here. I took it as a challenge and joined SCMS-Cochin.”

Today, after successfully completing his PGDM, Christopher thanks heavens for opening this door for him.

“After the initial self-convincing phase, I put down my foot and decided to work very hard on my studies. It was hard to adapt. My growing-up yearswere spent in Bhopal. This was another hurdle since at SCMS-COCHIN, I had to construct another identity—a social, academic and friendly one. All this helped me in the long run. A set of bright colleagues gave tough and healthy competition that inspired me.”

For Christopher, SCMS-COCHIN is a mind-mixing avenue that brings together great thinkers, great writers and not merely studious ones.

“Extra-curricular activities interested me always. I was part of every one of them.”

The best part about this institute is the overarching disciplinary air that one feels in the academia and the co-curricular. The faculty is particular about proper education. At the same time, they are also fun. So as he overcame the initial hesitancy and scepticis,especially during the first two trimesters, SCMS-COCHIN paved his way to a bright future.

Today, Christopher is at the starting point of his journey in the corporate world. He has got what he wanted—a job at the prestigious IDBI Bank.

“I did my major in Insurance and Banking. I had heard from people about the two much sought after courses—general management, and insurance and banking. So it was a difficult choice. After a lot of thought, the latter came out to be financially as well as work-wise a more suitable option for me.” He takes pride in this decision—“I have justified my choice of subjects. I have proved that I took the right decision at the right time-most of all, in the right institute. SCMS-COCHIN has taken me on cloud-9.”

With an air of grounded pride, this IDBI professional strides from his shell to a world full of opportunities, waiting for him with arms wide open.

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