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SCMS students get global learning experience through summer school course in Germany

Two SCMS students got an international learning experience this summer, attending the Summer School on Enterprise Modelling at Essen, Germany.

Shobit Prakash and Abhijit Deogharia were nominated to attend the session under the student exchange programme of Information Systems Student Exchange Network (IS:link) which is a network of premier universities around the world with headquarters at the University of Duisberg-Essen.

Aimed at giving students international exposure for increased employment possibilities in today’s global economy, the summer school gave the pair a chance to study and live with students from around the world, including Germany, Sweden, Austria, Australia and Mexico.

“Our experience of interacting with people from 12 different nationalities helped us a lot in learning how to handle business globally,” said Shobit Prakash.

The course itself focused using information technology for improving business performance. Shobit said different businesses have different needs and are looking for customised solutions for their day-to-day operations.

Because a common language between business managers and IT experts is lacking, there’s a gap between what is demanded and what is delivered, he said, so they were taught how to bridge that gap using the modelling language developed by Dr. Ulrich Frank for the purpose.

The first week of the course covered the theory and understanding the concepts, with the second week spent putting those concepts into practice.

The course, which ran June 26 to July 6, wasn’t all work and no play.

“Every day the forenoon was devoted to classroom studies,” said Shobit. “The afternoons were set apart for cultural events, barbeques, seeing places of interest and for exploring the city.

“We had a treasure hunt through which we explored the entire city and had a lot of fun in the process. Meeting people from different countries gave us a lot to learn and has helped to improve our international networking. A lot of German students have shown interest in coming to India for studies.”

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SCMS faculty and students work to help micro entrepreneurs via DelPHE project


Under the prestigious DelPHE (Development Projects in Higher Education) project awarded to the school earlier this year SCMS faculty and students conducted training programmes in microfinance for micro entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to help to devise training modules on entrepreneurial development and identify various sustainable profit-oriented business opportunities for increasing the scope of employment.

Training programmes in micro finance for micro entrepreneurs were recently conducted by SCMS faculty and students as part of the activities under the DelPHE (Development Projects in Higher Education) project awarded to the school earlier this year.

Dr. Arun Thankom of the University of Lancashire and chairman of the steering committee for the DelPHE project said the project has four overall goals.

“The overall objectives of the project are: to understand the key issues in microfinance through various models; to understand the risk-coping mechanisms adopted by the women entrepreneurs in micro enterprise initiatives; an assessment of policy directions, responses and implications of the state/nation and other stakeholders towards the  risk-coping mechanism of women, and to understand the existing behaviour and attitudes of operation in each country and benchmark with known international best practices,” he said.

Dr. Thankom said it is hoped the project “will help to devise training modules on entrepreneurial development. It will also help to identify various sustainable profit-oriented business opportunities for increasing the scope of employment.”

And he pointed out: “The success of the project will push SCMS-Cochin into the higher orbit of business institutions within the country and at the global level with a knowledge generation perspective.”

SCMS won out over international competition to receive the project awarded by the United Kingdom’s Department of International Development.

Titled Microfinance, Gender and Poverty: A multi-country study on research and training, it is a joint effort involving SCMS-Cochin; the Lancashire Business School, UK; the Institute of Finance Management (IFM), Tanzania and Yaalex Investment Limited (YLX), Ghana.

Being the lead partner, SCMS-Cochin “will develop an appropriate plan of action within the partner institutions, such as administering a three-year panel data instrument with 30 women per year and undertake focused group discussions eliciting views on women entrepreneurs’ risk-coping mechanisms,” said Dr. Thankom.

“SCMS-Cochin will organize year-end conferences and training for both women and practitioners,” he said, adding the school “will share experiences on the project, particularly, on the opportunities, threats, challenges and successes of instituting an independent learning scheme to augment operations of microfinance practitioners.”

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Education Minister, Kerala has praise for SCMS at convocation ceremony

During his five year tenure as Education Minister he said this was only the second time he had visited a self-financing institution, noting while he is not against them, the concept of self-financing institutions has been abused in practice.

But that’s not the case at SCMS.

“I am extremely thankful to Dr. G. P. C. Nayar (chairman of the SCMS Group) for having co-operated with the state government in its endeavour to bring in some amount of discipline in the functioning of self-financing institutions,” said the minister. “It goes without saying that if the leaders of a particular self-financing institution itself are committed to certain values, norms, discipline and excellence in education, like SCMS, a self-financing institution can function as a role model for other institutions.”

In his address to the 242 graduates, the minister cited the need for self-discipline saying it is “the most essential quality required for anyone to achieve something unachievable in his profession or life.”

By sheer determination, perseverance and discipline anything is possible, he said, adding that if students planned their course in life with “determination, perseverance and discipline, you would be able to dream big and you will be able achieve big things.”

It was a theme echoed by Dr. Nayar, who said strict discipline is what differentiates SCMS from other institutions.

Discipline requires unlearning bad habits, requires courage to resist temptations and requires a clear perception of values.

“From day one onwards our priority job in the campus is to instil these qualities among the fresh students,” said Dr. Nayar.

“Discipline demands relentless focus on what matters most,” he said. “Whatever be your pursuits in life, a life of meaning can be attained only through strict self-discipline.”

Among the other dignitaries attending the convocation was S.V. Nathan, Director-Talent, Deloitte Consulting India, who presented the gold medal for the first rank holder to Nandini Krishnan and the award for the best outgoing all rounder to Goutham Krishnan.

Also speaking to the graduates were Dr. D. Prasanth Nair, President and Head, Human Resources and Special Projects, Thomas Cook India; Prof. A.K. Nair, Vice-Chairman, SCMS Group; Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS-Cochin; Prof. K.J. Paulose, Dean-Management Studies and Dr. Filomina P. George, Dean-Academic Administration.

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Faculty Enrichment Program at SCMS Business School

The School of Communication and Management Studies (SCMS) is an excellent business school which is considered at par with any top B Schools of the country. SCMS had kick-started Faculty Enrichment Programme for a month (13 June-15 July) to help teachers hone their teaching skills.

Faculty Enrichment Programme

School of Communication and Management Studies (SCMS) is a famed business school incepted in 1976 at Cochin. SCMS offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) which has pulled students from all over India. In addition, PGDM is endorsed by AICTE and accredited by ‘National Board of Accreditation’ NBA. The main mission of SCMS is to provide value based education with the growing quality education system globally. They ensure to build up competent business leaders by incorporating modern education system.

SCMS has also realized that the process of imparting knowledge is smooth only when the teachers keep themselves updated. Thus SCMS has come up with Faculty Enrichment Program to help teachers hone their teaching skills. SCMS hosted a month long Faculty Enrichment Program from June 13 to July 15 2011. Different types of activities like workshop, seminar, trainings etc., were included in the program. The following topics were dealt with in the program:

  • Communication as a tool in management: by Prof. B.Unnikrishnan
  • Winning with people: by Prof. Deepa Pillai
  • Usage of search engines and Moodle (LMS): by  Prof. Indu Nair, Group Director, SCMS and Smt. Praveena K. Assistant Professor
  • Internet banking: by Shri. A.V. Jose, Associate Professor
  • Marketing using social media network: by Smt. Bindu K.Nambiar Assistant Professor
  • Brain rules: by Smt. Jitha G. Nair, Assistant Professor
  • Value leadership:  by Prof. (Dr.)  M. Appala Raju
  • Knowledge management: by Lt. Cdr. Shalini Nandwani, Associate Professor
  • Green management: by Prof. K.J.Paulose, Dean
  • Investing in capital market: by Shri. V. Sreenivasan, Associate Professor
  • To bribe or not to bribe – A moral dilemma: by Shri. Kurian Mathew, Associate Professor
  • Why smart people make big money mistakes:  by Shri. Dennis Thomas, Assistant Professor
  • Technology revolution sweeping schools and how B. schools are to take cue from it: by Shri. Justin Joy, Assistant Professor
  • ‘Winning at point of Sales’: by Shri. Mohan Pillai, Director – Sales, Kraft Foods (Middle East)
  • Organisational climate and impact of change on employees’:
  • ‘Winning with People’ by Prof. (Dr.)Deepa Pillai , HOD HR Department
  • ‘Workshop on Research Methods’ Smt. Rama L and Dr.K.R.Nisha
  • Internet & E mail as teaching tools in Business Communication by Ms.Rajeswari Menon
  • ‘Relevance of Psychology in various Management Disciplines by Dr.V.Vidyeswari
  • ‘Marketing using Social Media Network’ by Ms.Bindu K Nambiar

Not only did this program prove to be a success but was appreciated by the faculty. They are looking forward to a similar program for them, next year!

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SCMS Alumni making their mark in the business world

Graduates from SCMS are making a definite impression on the world of business and saying thank to their alma mater for the education they received

Whether they graduated 10 years ago or just recently, SCMS alumni are making their mark the business world and paying tribute to SCMS while they do it.

Kalyan Raman, Account Director, Madison Communications, Bangalore, Avinash Bhambra, Dy.Manager-Human Resources, Vodafone, Kolkata, and T.K.Ashok, Associate Consultant, TCS, Bangalore, are three who graduated a decade ago.

They are part of the new breed of business managers, who have accepted the challenges of life and have emerged as leaders in the socio-economic development of the country.

Kalyan Raman believes his ability to accept change and adapt to new processes helped him to grow and develop and feels strongly studying at SCMS was the perfect launch pad to move to the corporate world.

Mr. Raman in his role of Account Director is associated with brands like Parachute, Kaya Skin Clinic, McDonalds and Indian Oil Corporation.

With close to a decade in media planning he feels the advertising industry in India is growing at a fast pace with job opportunities in this sector skyrocketing.

Avinash Bhambra began his career in sales, later moving to training and facilitating and then into the HR department of Vodafone. There he is responsible for Talent Management, PMS and Re Communications.

Pragmatic in nature, he believes patience and perseverance can move mountains and feels this is how he overcame initial hurdles in his career path, caused by the sickness and death of his father.

T.K. Ashok, as head of the Project Management Office at TCS, is responsible for financial operations and demand management taking care of revenue growth, profitability, new business and contract management.

He is meticulous when executing tasks assigned to him, believes every moment is to be celebrated and he sees to it that all tasks look exciting.

While he had to compete with experts in the field initially, it helped him carve a niche for himself in the managerial circle.

All three believe nothing is impossible if we have the passion to excel and advise students learning is a continuous journey starting in the womb and ending only in the tomb.

Many students, realising the value of the rigorous training they undergo at SCMS after they enter the corporate world, make it a point to come back and express their gratitude in person. The following e-mail was received by Dr. Radha Thevannoor, Group Director, from Shri. Ashwini kumar in Delhi:

“I am Ashwini kumar of  PGDM 2009-11 batch, currently working with ICICI Bank, New Delhi. The pressure handling techniques that I had learned during my college days at SCMS are quite helpful to me now. It is working well in my favour during my corporate life. For example, September is the month for half yearly closing for the bank and we are facing tremendous pressure during the period. However, I feel comfortable to work under pressure, thanks to SCMS for the right kind of training I was fortunate to receive from the institution.”

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