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“My communication skills have improved immensely after joining SCMS COCHIN” – K. Ammireddy,Batch 2011 -13

When placed in a new environment, most of us go though initial discomfort. A little help at this juncture could see us taking charge of our lives again.

K.Ammireddy is from Andhra Pradesh and he too had to fight a personnel battle—pain of being away from parents and friends. “Thankfully, there were many other students who were sailing in the same boat. We all became support to each other and now my list of friends has grown large,” says Ammireddy.

When he joined SCMS COCHIN, faculty and staff played a big role in making every student feel at home. “Since students hardly knew each other at that time, they were largely dependent on Staff and faculty. And believe me, we were never disappointed as our issues were always resolved,” tells Ammireddy.

The new environment requires Ammireddy to interact with his batch-mates, seniors, and staff members on regular basis. “This whole process has helped me improve my communication skills, and the level of my English proficiency has really gone up. I call this place a cultural hub, and there is so much you get to learn about different cultures and traditions of India. Armed with this knowledge and experience, we can survive anywhere in the world,” concludes Ammireddy with a smile on his face.

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“I get to see rich culture of India at SCMS COCHIN” – Poulami Sarkar, Batch 2011 -13

Poulami Sarkar hails from West Bengal, and even before taking admission in SCMS COCHIN, she knew she will be exposed to a totally different culture in Kerala. She was willing to know and learn about different cultures, and she is happy she took the right decision. “I have got an opportunity to study with students of different states. I am really exposed to their lifestyle, festivals, and culture. This is really enriching experience and now I am well adjusted to hostel life here. The credit goes to ever cooperating faculty and my new friends here, who are always ready to extend a helping hand,” says Poulami.

There are many things I miss about my home state and sometimes “I get home sick”, says Poulami. “I long for my mother’s cooked food and miss my parents a lot. “But, this is normal, and we have to go through all this when we wish to achieve something big in life,” opines Poulami. “I have learned to manage stress and now I use time efficiently. This trait will help me in every sphere of life,” adds Poulami.

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“SCMS COCHIN — A Family away from home” – T. Bhargava Reddy, Batch 2011 – 13

This young man from Andhra Pradesh is enjoying his campus life in SCMS COCHIN. Although, there are times when he misses his parents and the family festivals, but he never feels lonely or left alone. “Yes we are away from home, but it does not mean we don’t celebrate here. Actually, we have students from various states, which means festivities are going on round-the-year,” says T. Bhargava Reddy.

He finds the students at SCMS very friendly in nature. “We work as a team and live like a family. We share our concerns, laugh together, and celebrate as a unit. There is so much to learn from everyone—may be a new culture or a new habit,” feels Bhargava.  He finds SCMS Faculty very supportive and caring, mingling with the students and taking care like true guardians.

SCMS is a big family where many cultures amalgamate to give birth to a new culture, which embraces everyone and sprinkles love and affection on all of us, philosophise Bhargava. “Now, whenever I find my friends in need, I am usually the first one to volunteer,” says Bhargava in a compassionate tone.

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“I would rather take more interest in the bottom half of a course, than display the achievers of SCMS-COCHIN.” by Dr Filomina P George,Dean, Academic Administration and Professor, Department of Finance, SCMS, Cochin

Dr Filomina Parayil George of SCMS-COCHIN is not your usual, run-of-the-mill Dean. She wears the multiple hats of Dean, Academic Administration and Professor in the Department of Finance, SCMS-COCHIN, rather effortlessly. Dr Filomina has this charming way of beginning all her answers with an open smile, bordering on laughter; and if you are a new entrant to SCMS-COCHIN, with a lot on your mind, she has all the time in the world to help you sort things out.

“Introspect on how you spend your day at SCMS-COCHIN,” she is bound to advise you with her characteristic smile.”If you are not performing well, chalk out your schedule. You’ll realise a lot of invisibles eat up your time. If you are getting up at 6.30 and waiting in a bathroom queue, beat the queue by getting up 10 minutes earlier. After classes in the evening, when the day is cooling down and things are quieter, get going. Don’t wait for post dinner. Develop a passion for a subject, and chase it up like you’d chase your girlfriends/boyfriend!” she chuckles. “Don’t plan for a whole day or an entire afternoon as one block . Break it into smaller time slots. After 3-4 years of damage during graduation, you’ve got to start looking distinct. Going along with the crowd will get you nowhere.”

Dr Filomina, now with SCMS-COCHIN for 16 years, has been the motive power behind many of SCMS-COCHIN’s philosophies.  She strongly believes  there is immense potential  latent in each student . At  SCMS the faculty  tries and help them to unleash this potential and to  demonstrate their best without forgetting  the bottom half  students of the class, which needs much more focus .

“They study, but they don’t learn. They see, but don’t perceive. It’s a major counseling need to make them understand that there is much more knowledge out there which they need to grasp – especially with those who intend floating along at SCMS-COCHIN. I often hear the line that ‘Ma’am you are not happy, you want it still better’.  I say ‘yes, and that’s because you have the potential to do better.’ They may not realise it immediately at SCMS-COCHIN, but it will remain with them to introspect.”

Dr Filomina George, a Masters in Business Administration, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK, and a Fellow Member of Zambian Institute of Certified Accountant, has served the Zambian Railways with distinction as Chief Management Accountant   till 1996. Her husband too was well-ensconced high up in the Zambian corporate hierarchy. It was at this point that fate decreed her long-lasting union with SCMS-COCHIN.

“When our daughter moved to standard 8, we had to take a call on a foreign or Indian education for her. My husband’s vision was that we should not be too old when we come back.  Apart from having individual career goal, there has to be optimization with family ambitions as well.”

Over the years, Dr Filomina George has brought in her international corporate exposure to transform SCMS-COCHIN, starting with her own department. Rather than take technical book examples, SCMS-COCHIN began picking up annual reports, accounting and balance sheets of globally recognized companies like Infosys, DBS etc.

“When I joined SCMS-COCHIN, the curriculum was mostly academics. With time, we created a counsel group in which I could realize my co-curricular programme for SCMS-COCHIN. The group was very heterogenous in terms of academic background, gender etc. We would identify problems, be it communications, awareness etc. and address them pretty much on the ‘quest’ and ‘big fight’ format.  Slowly I exposed the management of SCMS-COCHIN to the scope of learning beyond the reaches of a classroom. Finally around 2004, we were able to institutionalize this as the Integrated Managerial Learning Programme of SCMS-COCHIN. This was extremely gratifying.”

Dr Filomina has a simple success formula – be a learner always.

“I burn my midnight – and even early morning – candles, when something interesting comes my way. I also do not believe things are impossible. I just keep working. Just like in SCMS-COCHIN, I have always worked to establish systems and institution; not individuals.”

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Nostalgia – SCMS – COCHIN Organizes its 7th Annual Alumni Meet

On Saturday, April 28th 2012; SCMS – COCHIN invited its students back to their Alma Mater to celebrate and cherish the memories shared among them. It was a unique opportunity that soaked in nostalgia, respect, love and admiration alike between alumni, faculty and students of the institute. Apart from networking with stalwarts, it was an opportunity for the aspiring to grab in a tip or two from the alumni.

The alumni meet was held at Pandhal, and promised its attendees a special evening with a chance to reminisce their best academic experiences and interact with professors and students belonging to different eras and positions in life.

Among the 46 alumni members who attended the event, the charm of the function owed to the presence of a Mr. Jiju , Mr. Habeeb, and Mr. Estes , who were the students of the first batch to have graduated the Post Graduate Diploma Program at SCMS – COCHIN.

The evening kicked off with formal introductions of each alumni member that was present at the event. Each member present was called upon stage to be tagged with the SCMS Alumni badge, which was adorned by every member with great pride all through the evening as the events unfolded. Mr. Jiju obliged the audience with a short speech which consisted of some funny and interesting anecdotes from his time at SCMS. He also advised , “ Please make use of the facilities and faculty well while at School otherwise later you will really miss them . Those who use the time well in campus are able to do better in their  professional life in the industry today.”

The introductory segment was followed by an evening of exciting performances planned and organized by the current batch 20th batch  of PGDM at SCMS – COCHIN. The performances seeped of hard work and talent, and the twinkle in the eyes of the alumni exhibited their pride in being a part of an institute that promotes academic as well as holistic progress among its students. The performances consisted of spectacular dance performances, humorous short plays and unplugged live song performances as a tribute to their forbearers and seniors who they look up to with great awe and inspiration.

The performances were then followed by dinner and an open networking session where the alumnus of different batches came together along with the existing batch of students to mingle and get to know each other. Most of the night went in cracking jokes about old times, remembering students, friends, and professors from the past and comparing the changes and the evolution that has come about in at SCMS –COCHIN in the form of infrastructure and curriculum. “I really had a great time rejoicing with my old friends” was heard said by most of the alumni members.

Many alumni members were seen offering some intelligent piece of advice to younger alumni members and students with respect to academic and career decisions. Mr. Estes was spotted in deep conversation with a current student, giving him some words of wisdom about professional growth. “I am extremely honoured to be a part of this institute, and I am naturally attached to every student who passes out of SCMS. It is nice to interact with the younger generation, exchange newer ideas and feel confident that the future of business is in safe hands.”

The members of the event parted with a little piece of memory in the form of a mug that had the word ‘Firande’ ( Celebration) scripted on it.


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Mrs. Mariakutty Varkey, Professor at SCMS-COCHIN, Talks about the Need for Value Addition among New Age Managers

Mrs. Mariakutty Varkey joined SCMS-COCHIN as Head of Department Systems and Operations after a 23 year long stint in the IT industry. Her decision to explore the teaching space came after working in Senior Management positions in the areas of software development, project management, quality management and operations of companies such as Keltron, Sun Tec Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd and  T&D Labs (Software) Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Mariakutty is also a certified ISO 9000:2000 QMS Lead Auditor. Her inclination towards sharing her experiences and taking on new challenges compelled her to take up an academic teaching position at SCMS-COCHIN.

After gaining a rich industry experience, when asked to express as to how students can best cope in high pressure corporate environments, she explains, “One should always do one’s homework properly. When you start working on any project, you need to first understand every nuance, collect and process as much information as possible about the project/client/users, and then tackle the problem in a structured, step-by-step manner.”

As a Head of Systems and Operations, her teaching philosophies revolve around leveraging student interactions, motivating and sharing her industry experiences with her students. She guides them as to what really works in the industry and what doesn’t. She says, “SCMS-COCHIN is offering a specialisation in Systems and Operations and most of the students who   opt for this stream are engineers. With my interactions with fresh engineers in industry, I always used to feel a sort of disconnect between the theory they learnt in colleges and the practical skills that they need to have in industry. I thought I will try my best to narrow this gap in my area of specialisation.  And the management of SCMS–COCHIN was very supportive in initiating this process. Today many of my students are working in IT companies as business analysts, test leads, processes analysts etc . I am very happy about it and enjoy their company mainly over Face book!”

When we asked her about the job opportunities in the field of Systems and Operations, she moves on to elaborate, “Students with System and Operations specialisation  can fit in very well in the industry as business analysts, project leads, quality analysts, test engineers, IT/ industrial products sales executives, operations managers, market research executives etc”

Apart from academics, Professor Mariakutty also spearheads the international ACBSP accreditation activities for SCMS-COCHIN. She along with her team successfully achieved this accreditation for the institute, making SCMS-COCHIN the only institute in Kerala and third one in India to possess one. “I was coordinating the International accreditation (ACBSP) activities for SCMS-COCHIN. This is a quality initiative which involves coordination and interaction with people at all levels as well as external agencies.  It was a real good team work and fruitful learning exercise for all of us. SCMS group is implementing a full fledged ERP system and I am a core member of the implementation team. I also involve in MDP and consultancy initiates in my domain.”

On a parting note, she exclaims her inclination to play a role of a mentor for her students. She does not believe in spoon feeding them, but simply facilitating their growth process. Students should be facilitated to explore their full potential and become great managers when they go out in the industry. They should be encouraged to keep themselves updated with value additions in the form of proficiency in tools, techniques and certifications in their chosen area.

“I enjoy taking up challenging assignments and working under pressure. The sense of satisfaction that you get after completing a project successfully is something which you always cherish. I look forward to taking up more consultancy jobs as I feel that it is an opportunity to work closely with industry. We can help them with our experience and we get to update ourselves resulting in a win-win situation for both”, adds Prof. Mariakutty, as a concluding remark.

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SCMS-Cochin Is Welcomed Into The Flite, World-Wide League Of Premier B-Schools After Receiving Accreditation From The Accreditation Council For Business Schools And Programs

It is official: SCMS-Cochin is now a world-class B-school. The institution now has the unique distinction of being among just a handful of B-schools in India that have met the exclusively high standards of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), a global agency that is responsible for the accreditation of business schools. Headquartered in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, the ACBSP’s Board of Commissioners confirmed the accreditation of SCMS-Cochin on May 1, 2012.

Accreditation is considered the hallmark of a quality B-school education, and students at SCMS-Cochin are thrilled by the honor bestowed upon it from the ACBSP.  Given that this accreditation can have life changing consequences for the students, Chintu Motwani, first year student sums up the overall sentiment of those on the SCMS-Cochin campus:

“This makes us only the 7th B-school in India to have won the ACBSP’s stamp of approval. Globally, this means greater visibility for SCMS-Cochin and better placement opportunities for its students, as most of the global corporate giants have a policy of visiting only ACBSP accredited B-schools for recruitment. For all of us who are currently at SCMS-Cochin, as well as the students in the forthcoming batches, this is absolutely amazing.”

For the faculty, the journey has been just as rewarding as the end results. For Prof. Mariakutty Varkey , HOD Systems Department the accreditation is just another indicator of the excellence one can expect at SCMS-Cochin.

“Not only is the endorsement by ACBSP a testimony to the robustness and relevancy of our teaching methods at SCMS-Cochin, but it also shows that we are equally willing to learn. The accreditation process has also helped us to integrate a series of globally recognized best practices with regard to our programs and courses.”

SCMS-Cochin has consistently been ranked among the top B-schools in India, the top three B-schools in South India and the best B-school in Kerala. It has been an AICTE-approved institute for many years and has been conferred with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality. Given these credentials, maintaining high standards was not a new concept for SCMS-Cochin when Dr. Bijoy Sahoo, Dean of the School of Business at North Carolina Central University, undertook the task of mentoring SCMS-Cochin for the accreditation process.  Dr. Sahoo  feels  that SCMS-Cochin has truly transformed into a world-class B-school.

“The faculty at SCMS-Cochin has always been great in terms of qualification and diligence towards their responsibility of grooming the future global business leaders. They take pride in what they do. Individually, they were self-aware, but as a group, they were not strong enough before the accreditation process. Now, I find them interacting more among themselves and moving as a team. That is a magical change. It has brought in the ‘wow’ factor in SCMS-Cochin.”

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“SCMS Cochin has prepared me to brave the real world of business”:- Jenna Tresa Joseph- PGDM, 2010-2012 BATCH

Ask Jenna about her two years at SCMS -COCHIN and she is full of praise for the institution. This is her way of thanking the school which put her career on the right path. Her training and exposure make her feel confident to face the competitive world of business where there is no place for mediocrity.

“Academics, extra-curricular activities, industry exposure, practical training, and project work are some of the important aspects of our training which have contributed to overall grooming of the students,” said Jenna.

She found the curriculum is devised to meet the needs of every student, irrespective of his or her educational background.

“Foundation training in the very beginning of the course helps students understand the purpose of doing the course and how the activities and programs will eventually transform them into business leaders,” says Jenna. “This exercise immensely helps those students who are not from a commerce background and need some help before they finally start swimming in the sea of the business world.”

According to Jenna, the three months she spent on her project in Delhi gave her first-hand experience at running a big organization. She was with a courier company and learned in order to remain afloat, it is important to keep operations costs low and deliver on time, every time.

“That was my real experience of testing the waters myself, evaluating the minute details and finally understanding what it takes to run a business smoothly,” says Jenna.

It is time for final-year students like Jenna to say goodbye to SCMS COCHIN. Everyone is emotional including Jenna.

“I am going to remain nostalgic for a long time to come. These two years have been the best part of my life, but we have to move on and need to put into practise what we have learnt here,” says Jenna.

She majored in marketing and finance and already has a position with Deloitte. For the first three months she will work as a management trainee and then as a consultant.

Jenna is thankful to her teachers at SCMS COCHIN for the education and training imparted to her.

To junior students she offers this advice: “They should work hard and keep themselves abreast of current affairs and business news, as this would help them immensely when they appear for placement interviews.”

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“A lesson from SCMS-Cochin that I’d keep for life…” :- Geethu Venugopal -PGDM, Banking,2010-2012 BATCH.

Coming from God’s own country – Kerala, Geetha recently majored in banking management at SCMS-COCHIN. She believes to have the right approach and perspective in life, you need to be in the right school!

SCMS-COCHIN is a great place to be in. Insights I got here have given me a professional outlook. I can see the kind of change that I have gone through, when I entered SCMS and now as I pass out of it.”

Geetha would only settle for a college that didn’t just promise the best but ensured it, and SCMS-COCHIN was the right fit for her.

SCMS stands out in many ways, especially the facilities it provides. It keeps on incorporating programs beneficial to the students, like the recent business simulation program, which was a great exposure.”

Geetha feels some lessons are better learnt in the field, so you can think, gauge, learn and implement them.

“OBTs (Out Bound Trainings) are exciting. These are off-sites, clubbed with a lot of activities, where we learn about relative aspects like team spirit, which are relevant to real life.”

Apart from curriculum, lectures, training, assignments and case studies, a hands-on approach from real businessmen in industry proved beneficial.

“The Institute Industry Interface (III) program at SCMS gave us a chance to interact with great businessmen from all over India. They visited our college and shared their stories. The experience was overwhelming, because those insights were insights from businessmen who have applied their strategies to make their business successful.”

Geetha is ready to take on the professional world. As she moves on, she fondly talks about her most memorable learning experience.

“At ‘Shikhar’, the Management Fest conducted by SCMS-COCHIN, we have different committees and mentor groups, with their respective functions. I was with the student committee and I took the initiative.”

But when something got messed up and it was not her fault, she found when you initiate something the blame falls on you.

“My mentor then gave me a key lesson: ‘Whatever is happening around you, you are responsible.’ If you have this attitude, nothing will go wrong, because, if I’m responsible for it, I will make sure it goes right. So that is one lesson I’d keep for life.”

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“Curiosity is the premise of knowledge. And I became curious at SCMS-Cochin.” :- Divya Unnikrishnan -PGDM, Banking & Insurance ,2010-2012 BATCH.

Divya Unnikrishnan, who comes from Ernakulum, is eager to learn and finds opportunity in every moment. After graduating with a B.Com from Kerala Vidyapeeth, she wanted to pursue an MBA. She sat for her MAT exams, faired well to attend good colleges across the country, but in the process of searching out a college farther away she came across SCMS-COCHIN, one of the best institutes in Kerala, explored the range of courses, and made a quick switch.

SCMS has many PGDM courses, which are more professional and relevant to current trends and demand in the industry – more like specialization courses – so I changed my mind.”

You have to be aware of the world around you and Divya soon realized her key to knowledge.

“I was not the curious kind when I came to SCMS-COCHIN, but soon I understood the importance of knowing about what’s happening in the world. I read newspapers, interviews, updated myself on the Internet and that’s how I came to know why and how different people in different professions are successful and how they became big entrepreneurs. I was updated on their recent achievements and activities.”

“Lives have become fast and professional life is no exception, but we are ready and that’s what we learnt at SCMS-COCHIN.”

“When we were loaded with many lectures, tests and assignments, all in the same day, there was a lot of stress that we underwent, but prioritizing work and doing many things helped us to manage stress and learn multi-tasking at the same time. We would literally do a lot of stuff together, which would help us in our corporate days.”

Knowledge is vast and it cannot be confined to pass through a few channels.

“Life before SCMS-Cochin was spoon-fed, but here we have a paradise of knowledge, because we are not confined to a small team and stringent means. SCMS has opened the world to us, giving us a lot of exposure. We have triple-i (Institute Industry Interface ) sessions and IMLP (Integrated Managerial Learning Programme) , which help us think out of the box and be creative, helping us grow both personally and professionally.”

Living in a hostel, Divya was quick to get the hang of people management.

She has just one thing to say to her juniors: “There’s abundance of opportunity on campus – make the most out of it.”

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