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SCMS’ PGDM Class of 2014- 2016 witnessed a strong placement season with recruiters from multiple sectors with multiple profiles to offer

13064687_10153910983905100_2494744162032857432_oPlacement Report 2016: Placement season at SCMS Cochin School of Business had got off to a strong start and ended with astounding energy. Average compensation, maximum salary, number of recruiters and profile of recruiters showed healthy trends for the latest graduating PGDM Class of 2016. A total of 50 companies across Banking, Insurance, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism, Pharmamade offers to the students, covering about 85% of the eligible batch.

The average CTC based on packages offered so far is Rs. 5 lakhs p.a. with the highest offer being Rs. 7 lakhs p.a. Some of the leading companies out of the 50 that have recruited already are Deloitte, Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt. Ltd., Speridian Technologies, Tufropes Pvt. Ltd., Colgate Palmolive, Idea Cellular, TCS, Asian Paints, Godrej & Boyce, GIC Housing Finance, South Indian Bank, Exide Industries, Abbott Healthcare, Somany Ceramics, Infoedge India Ltd., Maxeed Telecom Utility Services, Gemni Software Solutions, Agape Diagnostics, Ujjivan Financial Services, to name a few.

SCMS has a track record of providing placements to all the eligible students, ever since it was started in 1992. In the academic year 2014-15, 56 major corporate houses hired from campus. With its entrepreneurial culture and variety of programs, SCMS strives to offer the industry the best talent. The school ensures students get the kind of job they desire and have the benefit to sit for companies of their choice that the school brings.

Studying the hiring trends for the year 2015 and 2016, George Joseph, Placement Coordinator, SCMS Cochin School of Business rightly pointed out- “Markets seem to have opened up and good corporates are in search of good talent. At the same time, recruiters remain very choosy with regard to their commitment and recruiting attitude. Newer companies have visited campus this year with compensation offer going up substantially well.”

Dr. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS Cochin School of Business highlighted- “We at SCMS endeavour to prepare our students to take up the emerging challenges and groom them towards excellence as they pass through the portals of this institution. Recruiters appreciate this quality about our graduates.” With its transparent system of posting job profiles and matching students with recruiters, SCMS Cochin continues to strive to maximise opportunities for its student.

Over the years, SCMS Cochin students have gone on to occupy leadership positions in reputable corporates both in India and abroad, which is a testament to the quality of its programs.

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SCMS Cochin to host a FDP on Management Consultancy from 26-27th Aug, 2016

July 6, 2016, Cochin: Consultancy Development Unit of SCMS Cochin will host a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) that will sensitize management professionals, in academia and industry to focus on management consultancies and opportunities it offers them. The two day FDP will be held on 26th and 27th August and has been organized under “Building Capacities for Consultancy Development & Knowledge Management with Partner Institution (KMPI)” programme of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC).

Management Consultancy is all about helping organizations improve business. It includes organizational change management assistance, development of skills, capacity building, process studies and analysis, technology implementation and other services. Unfortunately consulting as professional activity in management institutes isn’t explored the way it should be. The FDP will try to address that by emphasizing on the role of management consultancy services and the scope it has to offer.

Helmed by experienced professionals, the FDP will be ideal for faculty members from B-Schools, consulting firms, government departments, consultants and Corporates companies from different industry sectors. Modern, engaging training pedagogy will keep things interesting for participants as they get an overview of consulting and find out more about its process life cycle. The programme will also focus on consultant-client relationships besides ethics and professionalism in consulting.

Marketing of consulting services, proposal preparation and costing of consulting services, securing, planning and delivery of consultant assignment will be some of the other topics covered during the programme. B School representatives will benefit from the session based around consultancy in Management Institutes covering skill gaps. There will also be a segment on “Consultancy as a Professional activity of faculty members in Management Institutions” to look forward to.

Who should attend the FDP? The FDP is designed for faculty members from B-Schools, Department of Management Studies, Consulting firms, Government Departments, Consultants and Corporates / Industries.

Thus the FDP has something for all participants with their own requirements and focus. They will not only go home richer in knowledge and experience but with participation certificates from CDC, New Delhi and the institute too.

To download registration form for the event, click:

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Campus Star Ebin Abraham reveals the reason behind joining the PGDM program after getting through his banking exams.

1SCMS Cochin School of Business draws an interesting and diverse talent pool. Students from all over the country, year after year, stand out due to their unique strengths and achievements, which make them Stars on Campus. Ebin Abraham, in house “quantitative skills master”, is one of them. On the back of his skills, Ebin had already made it through the prestigious banking exams; but, he chose to do his PGDM with the institute. Here he tells us what prompted the decision that has already had a huge positive impact on his life.

Ebin is quite matter of fact about his achievement and also his decision. “Yes, I got through the banking exam but I realized that a PGDM degree is important for the growth that I want in my career,” he says. “There is a growing need for managers in the industry and a PGDM program prepares you for that. In fact, it has its advantages over MBA programs as well, because the curriculum is regularly updated to keep up with industry requirements.” These were some of the factors, in addition to the reputation of SCMS Cochin, that brought him here in the first place.

According to Ebin, studying at one of the best B Schools in South India has been a thoroughly enriching experience so far. He talks about the impact it has had on him, saying, “The IMLP program where we have to make presentations has helped me get over my stage fright. I have also overcome my inhibitions of expressing myself in English. There are a number of activities held in college, the management fests etc., which have boosted my confidence.” He definitely seems to have come into his own and is ready to make his mark in the industry.

He realizes that the next crucial stage in his learning process is the internship program. He is thankful to his institute for helping him bag an internship that involves a market study of TATA. Ebin reveals more, saying, “It’s a project with practical implications; hence, I expect to learn a lot from it. I believe the communication skills I have learned and leadership qualities I have developed will help me deliver during the internship. It’s an interesting period where I get to test the concepts I have learned in the practical world.”

Ebin is also mindful of the fact that the internship will give him an edge when he goes out in the corporate world as a professional. In many ways it can make him stand out from MBA graduates, too. “The main difference is that PGDM offers a three month internship while there is only a month long internship for MBA students,” he explains. “The substantially longer period of time gives you a better understanding of what happens in the company. It’s this comprehensive knowledge that I came here for and the program has met my expectations brilliantly.” Ebin concludes on an optimistic note – he is confident that his institute will help him achieve his professional aspirations.

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SCMS Cochin: Yoga And Working Out To Work Off The Stress

After surviving the first trimester college life in SCMS Cochin, I can say college life is a stressful balancing act. One has to keep up with their studies, do homework, have a social life and get involved with extracurricular activities.

With umpteen distractions ruling the environs, procrastination is another common practice for many people attending college today. Postponing things off until last minute can cause stress and exhaustion. Putting all this in perspective, I would say, I’m lucky to have my Yoga classes and the wide open environs of SCMS to fix my stresses Yes, Yoga it is. Yoga an ancient Indian form of exercise that captures a holistic approach to life is a regular feature at the campus of SCMS. People from all parts of the world have reported that yoga is an effective form of curing stress and bringing internal harmony, and that’s what I do, every week, to cure my chaotic mind.

Our batch is divided into 4 sections, wherein one section gets to practice yoga every week in rotation. Since we can’t do away with our regular classes, the yoga session is conducted after study hours, from 5:15 in the evening until 6:30. The one and a half hour session is begun by a broad introduction to Yoga, its history, its benefits and Asanas. Following which, we have some light warming up exercises and small asanas. I particularly enjoy the breathing exercises performed during yoga which strengthens the body and improves flexibility. After a more rigorous workout of stretching and posing, I would say, in the end I feel fully relieved and rejuvenated. Although I do not find time to practice it on a regular basis, the session every week is enough to get me going.

Besides, for the other students in campus there is an array of outdoor recreational and sport activities they can get involved in. Walking and jogging (and chatting!:) is a common sight for students early in the morning and late evening after dinner time. My roomies do try to wake me up for an early morning stroll, but I like to enjoy my snooze till it lasts.

Volleyball and Basketball is also a major sport for boys, although I’ve noticed that the girls usually stay away from these rough-ian games…

Whether you’ve got 30 minutes to spare or only 5, there’s a way to squeeze a sweat session into your busy college schedule.

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Cricket, Carrom & Chess: SCMS-Cochin Sports Week Ends As a Huge Success!

From scoring a hat-trick with their cricket bat to aiming the shuttle at the badminton court, from pulling the rope with all mightto concentrating enough to make the right move, from cheering their team to jeering their opponents, students of SCMS-Cochin had a field day.

In what seems like a perfect break from the grueling academic schedule, the prestigious School of Communication and Management Studies Cochin conducted their sports week from February 24 to Match 3, 2012. Students were divided in various teams and competed against each other in a wide range of sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis, relay race, football, basketball volleyball, tug of war and throw ball. While cricket, football, badminton, basketball and volleyball drew massive participation because of their popularity, it was the tug of war for female students that drew maximum cheers.

There was also lot of interest for athletics where individual athletes competed against each other at events like 100 M race, 200 M race, 400 M race, 1500 M race, long jump and shot put for boys and 100 M race, 200 M race, long jump and shot put for girls.

Speaking about the importance of Sports Week, RTR Varma, the professor-in-charge, said, “We at SCMS group of institutions understand the importance of a healthy mind with a healthy body. Attaining knowledge is as important as exercising your body and soul. Thus we have an annual sports meet among the students who make us proud of their skills and qualities. The tackling strategies that the students make during sporting events, really fosters their management skills in the real business atmosphere. Giving them a chance to realise the capabilities in themselves, we at SCMS- COCHIN are happy to facilitate the opportunity to students.”  This sporting even fosters great sportsman spirit among students, giving them a much deserved break from the monotony of academic life. It is for this reason that this event is much awaited throughout the year.

Talking about how entertaining and relaxing this sporting event is, a student of the institute said, “I really look forward to the Sports Week every year as it is lot of fun and give us a great chance to exhibit our skills. This year I was here to cheer my friend Jasmine. Seeing her on the race track was an exhilarating experience. I am very proud of her.”

The winners of various sporting events are- Kochi Patriots for cricket, Kochi Chargers for Football, Kochi Challengers for Volley Ball and Kochi Kings for Basket Ball. The girls of Kochi Team wowed the audience with their combined efforts and won all glories in Tug of War match. The overall winning team is Kochi Challengers after winning 45 matches and the runners up are- Kochi Chargers and Kochi Pirates.

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