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SCMS Cochin to host a FDP on Management Consultancy from 26-27th Aug, 2016

July 6, 2016, Cochin: Consultancy Development Unit of SCMS Cochin will host a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) that will sensitize management professionals, in academia and industry to focus on management consultancies and opportunities it offers them. The two day FDP will be held on 26th and 27th August and has been organized under “Building Capacities for Consultancy Development & Knowledge Management with Partner Institution (KMPI)” programme of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC).

Management Consultancy is all about helping organizations improve business. It includes organizational change management assistance, development of skills, capacity building, process studies and analysis, technology implementation and other services. Unfortunately consulting as professional activity in management institutes isn’t explored the way it should be. The FDP will try to address that by emphasizing on the role of management consultancy services and the scope it has to offer.

Helmed by experienced professionals, the FDP will be ideal for faculty members from B-Schools, consulting firms, government departments, consultants and Corporates companies from different industry sectors. Modern, engaging training pedagogy will keep things interesting for participants as they get an overview of consulting and find out more about its process life cycle. The programme will also focus on consultant-client relationships besides ethics and professionalism in consulting.

Marketing of consulting services, proposal preparation and costing of consulting services, securing, planning and delivery of consultant assignment will be some of the other topics covered during the programme. B School representatives will benefit from the session based around consultancy in Management Institutes covering skill gaps. There will also be a segment on “Consultancy as a Professional activity of faculty members in Management Institutions” to look forward to.

Who should attend the FDP? The FDP is designed for faculty members from B-Schools, Department of Management Studies, Consulting firms, Government Departments, Consultants and Corporates / Industries.

Thus the FDP has something for all participants with their own requirements and focus. They will not only go home richer in knowledge and experience but with participation certificates from CDC, New Delhi and the institute too.

To download registration form for the event, click:

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SCMS Cochin School of Business’ 23rd Convocation on 27 April, 2016

CaptureSCMS Cochin School of Business is to hold its 23rd Annual Convocation on 27 April, 2016 at its Cochin campus. For the first time, both PGDM and Executive PGDM batches will have a common convocation ceremony.

The Chief Guests for the Convocation will be Mr. P.H.Kurian, IAS, Principal Secretary (Industries and IT), Govt. of Kerala andMr. Dinesh P.Thampi, Vice President and Delivery Centre Head, TCS.

The ceremony will begin at 10AM sharp with the arrival of the students from both the batches. The procession will begin at 11AM with students proceeding from the ceremony hangers to the Seminar Hall. During the course of the event, awards for Best student (Academics-Gold Medal), – Best Outgoing Student (Overall Performance), Certificates of Merit for the toppers and Certificates for toppers of Executive PGDM will be given out apart from the diplomas to the students.

Commenting on the ceremony, Dr. Filomina George – Director PGDM said “We are confident that we have yet again delivered against our commitment of preparing our students to take up the emerging challenges and groom them towards excellence as they pass through the portals of this institution”.

The Institute looks forward to welcoming the near and dear ones of its graduating class as these graduates prepare for the next stage of their lives and wishes them the best of good fortune.

About SCMS Group of Institutions

SCMS blossomed out of the educational vision of Prathap Foundation for Education and Training in 1976. Established by its visionary chairman Dr. GPC Nayar, SCMS offers a 2 year full time PGDM, Executive PGDM and 3 years part time PGDM course.

Over the years SCMS group has established a network of institutions providing quality education in diverse disciplines like management, engineering, information technology, mass communication, bio technology, architecture, polytechnics and finishing school.

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Women steal the show in numbers and performance, bagging 3 of the 4 major awards


27th April 2015, Cochin: The Convocation Ceremony of the 22nd Batch of SCMS-Cochin was conducted with traditional grandeur today. In all, 120 students were awarded the Post Graduate Diploma by the Chief Guest, Mr. Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics Limited. The Guest of Honour for the occasion was Mr. Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment (India). While addressing the students, Mr. Krishnan conveyed his delight on the fact that the number of female graduates outnumbered the male graduates.

“Here’s to women power,”he commented to polite laughter from the audience. “I expect more women to be on the board of organisations, now that it has been mandated. My advice to all of you is to keep pushing the limits of your comfort zone, look for inspiration and passion, remain patient, and maintain a healthy lifestyle; it’ll make you confident – physically and mentally.”

The Chief Guest, Mr. Radhakrishnan (CEO, Adani Logistics), delivered an almost informal chat, peppered with a number of anecdotes – ranging from Hans Roslin’s video describing ‘the best part of India’, to the much-discussed book by Prakash Iyer, The Habit of Winning. For the award winners, just sharing space with notable industry leaders proved to be the high point of their lives thus far.“It was absolutely out of the world!”gushed Aparna R. who bagged the prestigious Chairman’s Gold Medal for the best student in Academics. “I had been dreaming of this moment ever since the SCMS-Cochin convocation last year. It was a great motivation to get up on stage and get the gold! When I heard my name being called out by Dr. Filomina, I was plain dumbstruck. To be honoured in front of such a large gathering, and to receive the Chairman’s Gold Medal from such luminaries, and, above all else, in front of my parents…I felt like a conquerer.”

But for Jithesh M. – who topped the Retail Management Sectoral Programme – it was almost a clean sweep by lady graduates this year. While Sharon Thankam James landed the Outstanding Student’s Award, Sreedevi Chandramohan topped the Banking & Insurance Service Sectoral Programme.

“It’s been a wonderful 2 years,”said a beaming Jithesh. “I did start out at SCMS with lots of expectations, since I had to gain enough knowledge and be groomed to fit into the corporate world. I owe a lot to my mentor at SCMS-Cochin, Dr. SriKrishnan, who supported and motivated me throughout my time at the institute. But, the best part of life at SCMS-Cochin has been the co-curricular activities like ‘Parivarthana’, Management Fests, and all kinds of sports. The exposure in organising events like ‘SHIKHAR’ (Management Fest), the Job Fair and Directors Fireside, has been unique.”

The placement season this year at SCMS-Cochin had been quite a jostle, with 53 companies vying for a passing out batch of 120 students. The top corporations that recruited from SCMS-COCHIN this year included Vodafone, Deloitte, Castrol, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, Al Essa Group (Kuwait), Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Wipro BPO, Madras Cements, Thomas Cook, Airtel, British Paints, ITC, Coca Cola, Catholic Syrian Bank, SBI, Kotak Mahindra, IOB, CaféCoffee Day and IDBI. The eminent speakers, the success of female graduates, and the placement record all speak to another successfully year for SCMS – Cochin and, of course, the exemplary students.

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SCMS Cochin School of Business to host its Annual Convocation ceremony on 27th April amidst much fanfare.

Mr Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics and Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment to be its esteemed guests.

SCMS Cochin School of Business, a leading B School in Kerala and one of the top management institutes in the country will be hosting its 22nd Annual Convocation ceremony on the 27th of April. It will be a special day for the students of Batch 2015 and their institute is leaving no stone unturned to make sure it turns out to be a memorable day for them. The gala to be held on the sprawling campus of the institute will mark the presentation of the much coveted diplomas to 120 students who will join the list of glorious alumni ambassadors of SCMS Cochin.

The institute has made its presence felt in the field of management education since its inception in 1976. It has consistently moulded talented minds into management professionals and leaders of tomorrow. The Convocation ceremony is the culmination of that process for every batch and has Dr. Ms. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS Cochin filled with pride. “We try to harness the true potential of these students and prepare them for the challenges of the industry. We look forward to their success stories and feel proud to know that we were a part of them,” she says.

SCMS Cochin, given its reputation and connect with the industry tends to draw big names for this special day in the calendar year for students. And this year it’s no different as Mr Anil Radhakrishnan, CEO, Adani Logistics will be the Chief Guest and Dimitrov Krishnan, VP, Volvo Construction Equipment will be the Guest of Honour for the event. Their presence will add further sheen to the revelries that are bound to unfold on the day as the venue will be bursting with excitement amongst students and their loved ones.

The proceedings of the day will begin at 11 am but the enthusiastic students will be making their way to the campus much earlier. However all the guests are requested to take their seats by 10.30 to ensure that the day’s events progress according to the schedule. The Director’s Report will be presented and should have a lot to cheer about for the institute. After all, several of its exciting initiatives meant to boost the overall learning experience for students, have made their mark. Students who will receive their diplomas later in the day are the greatest testimony to that.

Many of these students have already made inroads into the competitive corporate world by bagging prestigious placements. SCMS Cochin has once again seen a solid placement season with 52 companies giving offers to the students so far. Their confidence will be further boosted as they are presented with their much deserved diplomas. Meritorious students will be presented with medals by the Chief Guests. Their inspiring speeches will be another highlight of the day that promises to be a one to remember, particularly for the students.

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Speech of Mr. K. I. Vishwanathan, Vice President, Marketing Division, ITC Ltd. in the 21st Convocation Ceremony of SCMS Cochin School of Business

Dear Students,

It indeed gives me immense pleasure to be here today in your midst, on this happy occasion. It is of great benefit to experienced managers like myself to be among such youth since you bring a lot of energy to the forum – energy to work hard, energy to think smart , energy to innovate ,energy to achieve – and I can soak up some of the energy.

As a business manager one always tries to determine what customers want and equally importantly what they don’t want. I am reasonably sure of what you don’t want – a long winded, boring speech.   I hope what I believe you want to hear, would make sense to you.

Typically a speech on such occasions would dwell on advice. Advice to manage your career, advice to be successful, advice to manage business etc., To that extent my speech is similar but the difference is that I am going to leave you with some suggestions to ponder, to introspect and not, per se, give you any advice. Because advice tends to be prescriptive but management is an inexact science where such prescriptions do not always work.

It is not to suggest that I have practiced all these suggestions. Some, yes but largely by observing more successful managers. And it is obviously not an exhaustive list – you can and will keep adding to these based on your experiences.

Hard work vs smart work

It is a popular myth that smart work is in lieu of hard work. There is probably no success without prople putting in enormous amount of work, persevere against all odds to achieve tasks. Extraordinary results come from doing simple things diligently. All of us love that Eureka moment but the reality is that the Eureka moment is the culmination of efforts carrying out an enormous number of simple tasks in an exceptional and consistent manner. So, be aware that what will succeed will be hard+smart work

Routine vs Big idea

All of us are excited, caught up with big ideas, big innovation, disruptive concepts, standing out through differentiation etc., but the reality is Big Ideas don’t occur every day but routine does happen every day. It is our ability to accept routine as a necessary and integral part of life and work, while at the same time working towards Excellence and Big ideas, that will set us apart and make us successful. You will find many people constantly complaining that work is dull because it is routine. Most of our lie is about adhering to a routine – simple tasks like brushing, bathing, eating, exercising etc., When we can accept this as reality and therefore are comfortable with it, why then do we find it unacceptable in work?

So, the suggestion is that in any work that you are engaged with you will find a lot of it is routine, accept it as reality but keep looking for that 10% space that causes excitement, a sense of achievement which may lead to that Big Idea 

Keep learning

The formal education for most of you is probably getting completed today. While a lot of what you have studied will be useful in appreciating and managing businesses, what is crucial is that you continue to keep learning going forward. The prerequisite to keep learning, is to keep an open mind and to do so you have to be humble.  You don’t know where good ideas can come from. They need not always from your seniors in the organisations, equally educated peers or management books. When you keep an open mind to learning and receiving ideas, you will find enormous number of sources to learn from.


I am a great believer that good attitude compensates for a lot of other shortcoming. I urge you to read the book FISH to understand this. The essence of  what it says is that in reality we generally won’t have much of a say in the choice of kind of work, our bosses , our co-workers etc.,  but what we have and should have complete control is our ability to bring in a positive attitude towards everything that we undertake to do. This simply could be the reason between success and failure.

Who you know matters

Most of us keep focussing on what we know and keep improving on same. I would urge you to focus as much on who you know – in essence means building a network of influencers, well wishers with in the system and also outside. This will improve your ability to influence the course of events in a manner that is right, just and rewarding.

 Be ready

I find that a lot of youngsters expect Organisations to have a clear career path chalked out for them. This is a myth and an unrealistic expectation. At best Organisations can have the career path drawn for a few years and not long term. Because careers get shaped up not only by a lot of what you do but also due to what happens around you – sudden growth in business, acquisitions , some other personnel leaving etc., What you can and should do is to be ready for larger responsibilities and more importantly seen to be ready.

 Lastly, learn about Sustainability

This is not a suggestion, almost a prescription.  All of us are aware that natural resources are finite and limited. In our greed to attain material success and under the garb of development, we have been exploiting these resources indiscriminately. As you would have been observing and reading, Sustainable development has become a matter of concern , globally. Consequently the societal and statutory pressures on Organisations and all of us to demonstrate in action, eco-consciousness , eco-responsibility  will increase in future. A few years ago the list of stake holders to any Company would have included only shareholders, customers, government, employees. Today the list has expanded and will include suppliers, environmentalist, immediate society around your operations, media etc.

You would have heard that the new Company’s Law mandates that 2 % of a Company’s profits should be spent towards Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) and SEBI has mandated for Business Responsibility Report (BRR).  This is how seriously this issue is being viewed now.

Unfortunately, I don’t think, the subject of Sustainability is part of curriculum anywhere today but is emerging as a serious and important area.  Apart from doing things that are right, this could also become an important criterion by which markets – capital, customers, suppliers- will evaluate and differentiate among Companies.  I would urge you to read more on this very important subject.

Dear students,

As I come to the end of my speech, I do hope that you would find these suggestions useful and help you manage your career successfully. As the world of opportunities beckons you, go make a mark and make your dreams come true and have an exciting and rewarding life and career achieved through  diligence , hard work and fair means.  I wish you all the best!

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Celebrating the 21st convocation of SCMS Cochin School of Business

Chief Guest- Mr. Mohan Sivanand, Editor-at-large, Readers Digest, India Ltd.

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29 April, 2014, Kochi: The 21st Annual Convocation of the PGDM programme of SCMS Cochin was held as a glittering ceremony at the Prathap Nagar campus, Kalamassery on April 29, Tuesday. Mr. Mohan Sivanand, Editor‒at‒large, Readers Digest, India Ltd was the chief guest on the occasion. He presented diploma certificates to the batch 21 PGDM students of SCMS COCHIN School of Business. As many as 168 students received their diplomas on this day.

“One of the most critical requirements to become a successful professional is to be very careful in serving your co-workers and preserving your relationships”, said Mr. Mohan Sivanand in his convocation address to the outgoing students. Business organisations are becoming more and more system-based and rule-based with growing modernization. Consequently, personalized approaches and relations are becoming progressively uncommon. This is going to be a serious challenge to the new generation of managers, Mr. Mohan Sivanand cautioned.

Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group presided over the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nayar stressed the need for a continual improvement of the quality of our professional education in order to make it comparable to world standards. And that would necessarily require more investments. Without additional investments, it is not possible to improve the quality of our education, Dr. Nayar explained. Mr. K.I. Viswanathan, Vice President, Marketing Division, ITC Ltd was the Guest of Honour. He explained the importance of the correct mix between smart work and hard work in the managerial sector. 

Ms. Manjusha Muraleedharan of PGDM batch 21 secured the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the best academic performance. Ms. Jayeetha Putatunda got the Best Outgoing Student Award for overall performance. Ms. Neelima and Ms. Minu. C. Nair also received medals for best academic performances. Prof. P.C. Pillai, Group director, SCMS, welcomed the gathering. Dr. V. Raman Nair, Director, SCMS, administrated the oath. Prof. K.J. Paluse and Dr. Filomina P. George, Deans of SCMS, also participated in the convocation ceremony.


About SCMS Cochin School of Business        

SCMS Group of Educational Institutions prepares future leaders through an innovative education system that bridges communication and management, science and technology, enterprise and society. With a well designed curriculum that integrates academic courses, research opportunities, hands- on training, co-curricular activities, community service, clubs and organizations, sports and recreation among other activities.

SCMS COCHIN School of Business is the first institution that has come up under the SCMS Group in 1976. By the addition of more programmes it has today become a major cluster of institutions known today as SCMS Group of Educational Institutions.  The flagship institution under the Group is SCMS COCHIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS which offers a two year full time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). SCMS-COCHIN is the only B School in Southern India, and one among the five in the country, to get International Accreditation for quality and excellence from ACBSP-USA.  The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) has been recognized as equivalent to MBA by the Association of Indian Universities. SCMS bags award for the best Industry Related Curriculum by STAR NEWS National B-School Awards and another one from DNA & Stars of the Industry Group Presenting with the Award for B School with best industry Academia Interface.

While SCMS-Cochin School of Business has always been a prominent recruiting ground for companies in South India and the Middle East, it has been the favourite for Kerala based organisations. Regulars at the SCMS-Cochin campus include Deloitte, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, HDFC Asset Management, ICICI Securities, Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Hawkins, Berger Paints, Madras Cements, Kotak Mahindra, Asian Paints, ITC, Reliance Money, Malayala Manorama, South Indian Bank Limited, HSIL, Future Generali Life Insurance, Muthoot FinCorp, ICICI Prudential, Spices Board, etc.

To read more, visit:

Company Contact Information:
Admissions Team
Prathap Nagar, Muttom, Alwaye, Cochin

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Leaders from all walks of life come together for the occasion to inpire the young managers to greater heights

SCMS COCHIN celebrated the annual convocation ceremony for its 20th batch with traditional grandeur on the 26th of April 2013. The Chief Guest for this occasion was the Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, Mr. Shibu Baby John, whilethe Guest of Honour was Mr. Adrian William (Head-HR Thomas Cook India). As always, the annual convocation of this premier B-school of the South was attended by a bevy of business leaders from across the country and abroad.

As is customary, the procession of Batch 20 students – along with faculty members, heads of departments, deans, directors, Chairman and chief guests – marched sombrely into the SCMS Cochin auditorium. The ceremony was thereafter declared open by Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, Chairman SCMS Cochin. Prof. P.C. Pillai, Group Director, SCMS Cochin followed suit by presenting a brief on the rich history, affiliations, rankings, and performance in placements of SCMS Cochin. Welcoming all the guests, dignitaries, and proud parents, he reminded the august gathering of the growth story of SCMS Cochin, and inspired the students of the graduating batch to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of an alumnus of SCMS Cochin.

While addressing the students, Shri Shibu John, Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, confessed that he was filled with a sense of nostalgia. He praised SCMS for its achievements and expected its growth story to continue exponentially.

“For you, real life education starts from now onwards.Learning should never stop. In this competitive era it is not easy to find what we are good at. Education really helps in self discovery. This self discovery should be done all along the life and not just as a onetime process. We should take ownership and responsibility wherever we work. This excitement in the job works well and helps in avoiding the failure. Whenever pressure mounts, only fools will quit. The wise will find the power to overcome. Never forget the sensitivity and poverty around us.Be good human beings and always be punctual.”

The Chief Guest was thereafter invited to honour the meritorious students. The Gold Medal for outstanding performance in academics for Batch 20 of SCMS Cochin was given to Unnikrishnan. Certificates of merit were awarded to Juvin who specialised in Banking and Insurance, and Stafan Alex K who chose Retail. The ‘Best Outgoing Student’ award was bestowed on Morris Jason Peter. On behalf of SCMS Cochin, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar presented a memento to Shir Shibu John, Minister for Labour and Rehabilitation of Kerala State, and thanked him for making this day even more special for the passing out batch.

Post Graduate Diplomas in Management were thereafter awarded to all the students of Batch 20 by the Guest of Honour, Mr. Adrian William. This was followed by Dr. Raman Nayar, Director, SCMS Cochin, administering the ‘oath of SCMS Cochin graduates’ to the batch of 20, reminding them of their roles in the corporate world.

In the concluding part of the annual convocation, Dr. G.P.C. Nayar addressed the gathering, reminiscing the days when SCMS Cochin was established, and how over the years it acquired a formidable reputation, and new campuses. He thanked his associates like Prof K.J.Paulose (Dean), and Prof. Filomina P George(Dean-Academic Affairs) for their unstinted support through this glorious journey in elevating SCMS to one of the foremost educational institutions in the country.

In the following address, Mr. Adrian William, Head-HR Thomas Cook India – and the Guest of Honour for the occasion – congratulated the proud parents and the group of budding leaders, conveying how much he was reminded of his own convocation at XLRI Jamshedpur.

“Each morning, you must look into the mirror, and say to yourself “this is a great day! I am the best man for the job!” Corporates are increasingly expecting their managers to think out of the box. Always try to reach for the stars, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Don’t forget values; and never forget your roots. Do not chase money – chase ‘learning’. Learning will ensure thatultimately money chases you.

The Academic Dean of SCMS Cochin, Ms. Filomina George, presented a well-scripted vote of thanks, following which, the grand affair came to a joyous end, with graduating students bursting out in raucous celebrations.

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