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SCMS Cochin to host a FDP on Management Consultancy from 26-27th Aug, 2016

July 6, 2016, Cochin: Consultancy Development Unit of SCMS Cochin will host a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) that will sensitize management professionals, in academia and industry to focus on management consultancies and opportunities it offers them. The two day FDP will be held on 26th and 27th August and has been organized under “Building Capacities for Consultancy Development & Knowledge Management with Partner Institution (KMPI)” programme of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC).

Management Consultancy is all about helping organizations improve business. It includes organizational change management assistance, development of skills, capacity building, process studies and analysis, technology implementation and other services. Unfortunately consulting as professional activity in management institutes isn’t explored the way it should be. The FDP will try to address that by emphasizing on the role of management consultancy services and the scope it has to offer.

Helmed by experienced professionals, the FDP will be ideal for faculty members from B-Schools, consulting firms, government departments, consultants and Corporates companies from different industry sectors. Modern, engaging training pedagogy will keep things interesting for participants as they get an overview of consulting and find out more about its process life cycle. The programme will also focus on consultant-client relationships besides ethics and professionalism in consulting.

Marketing of consulting services, proposal preparation and costing of consulting services, securing, planning and delivery of consultant assignment will be some of the other topics covered during the programme. B School representatives will benefit from the session based around consultancy in Management Institutes covering skill gaps. There will also be a segment on “Consultancy as a Professional activity of faculty members in Management Institutions” to look forward to.

Who should attend the FDP? The FDP is designed for faculty members from B-Schools, Department of Management Studies, Consulting firms, Government Departments, Consultants and Corporates / Industries.

Thus the FDP has something for all participants with their own requirements and focus. They will not only go home richer in knowledge and experience but with participation certificates from CDC, New Delhi and the institute too.

To download registration form for the event, click:

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“Summer internships are an important step towards your future career and impact your placement salary.”

Ashmi Chackochan
PGDM Batch – 23

AshmiI completed my bachelor’s degree in Fashion Technology but felt that I needed to learn more about the business and marketing strategies in the current scenario. That’s the reason I came to SCMS Cochin School of Business, and I feel that my internship will allow me to merge my interests into one career path. After all, I have been given an opportunity to do my SIP with Hidesign.

Hidesign is a well-known brand and that gives me a lot of scope to learn. Some of my responsibilities during the internship will include ensuring smooth functioning of the store and presenting different promotions to customers in a favourable manner. From interacting with customers to handling customer service responsibilities, I will have a lot to work on.

I will do my best by organizing my day in advance and, of course, making sure I get to work on time. I will also try and manage the workforce efficiently while reaching out to employees and creating a bond with them. My effort will be to build an effective dialogue with the employees at the store and to create a motivated climate for everyone to work in.

Timeliness and good communication skills are two skills I have learned during my time at SCMS Cochin. In fact, it has been a huge learning experience all through the year and we have been given a platform to build our skills. Both theory and case-based learning at our B School has been helpful in our preparation for the internship.

The good thing about getting an education at SCMS Cochin is that it goes way beyond the classroom. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the world around us, as well as the changing market trends. I intend to use this new knowledge to my advantage during the internship and build on my skills further. I want to get an insight into my areas of interest, experience work culture and build a network with professionals.

Building connections with industry experts and experienced professionals is one of the biggest advantages of internships for management students. What’s more, it can also tell you a lot about where your interests lie and the areas of management that you are passionate about. Thus, you can choose the right career path for yourself and the internship can have a huge impact on your graduate salary as well.

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Jitesh M tops SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015 (Retail) and reveals how his institute turned him into a well-rounded individual.

jiteshWhile there are aspirants who enroll in a management program to give their careers a boost, there are some who know that it could be their last shot at higher education. Jitesh M of SCMS Cochin School of Business admits that he is one of the latter, which is why he wanted to make the most out of his two years at the renowned B School. He seems to have done just that, as he was the proud Top Scorer in the Retail class of 2015, which won him the coveted award at this year’s Convocation.

As he looks back on his journey with the institute, Jitesh says, “I joined SCMS Cochin with a lot of expectations. My two years at the institute have been full of learning and fun. Not only have I gained as an individual, with a big change in my personality, but I have also developed as a professional who is ready to work in the competitive corporate world.” And, according to Jitesh, it has a lot to do with the contribution of his faculty members at the institute.

Jitesh then talks about the emphasis his institute puts on extracurricular activities through different initiatives like Parivarthana and management fests. This aids in the overall development of students. “I have gained a lot of experience from organizing different events like the management fest Shikhar, the job fair and ‘Directors Fireside,’” he tells us. “We also had industrial visits to companies like Metro and Mantri mall, and that helped relate the concepts we learned in classroom to real life situations.”

Now that he has won the prestigious Top Scorer award, Jitesh feels proud of his achievement knowing that his hard work has paid off. But we want to know if he has any advice for his juniors at the institute. “SCMS Cochin is a fantastic place that offers you both curricular and extracurricular activities,” he says with confidence. “You need to grab them with both hands and take initiative as it will help you in the future. Look at mistakes as experiences and learn from them.” Jitesh surely did grab all opportunities with both hands. And, it showed with the honour of being the Top Scorer in the Retail Batch of 2015.

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Sreedevi Chandramohan wins the Achiever’s Award and talks about her accomplishments at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

sreedeviSreedevi Chandramohan, a student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015, cannot forget the moment when her name was called out as the winner of the Achiever’s Award for Topper in the Banking and Insurance Service sectoral programme. For her, winning the award was a huge accomplishment. “You know, with each step I took towards the stage to collect the award I couldn’t help but look back at my time at the institute,” she says with a smile. “Then when I saw the proud look on my parents’ faces, I said to myself, ‘I have done it!’ I was also thinking that this road is going to lead to bigger things in my professional life.”

However, Sreedevi is the first one to admit that the academic journey with SCMS Cochin wasn’t an easy ride. There were challenges along the way, which tested her mettle but also made her who she is today. “It was a wonderful journey, but, of course, there were some difficulties,” she says. “I don’t think any of us would say that it was an easy task to complete this course, but then it wasn’t as difficult as one might expect, too. In two years here, I have made several beautiful memories that I will cherish for a long time to come.”

The biggest advantage of learning at the institute for Sreedevi though, was the confidence she had managed to gain in herself. And that’s something she would like her juniors at the institute to focus on as well. “You need to have complete faith in yourself and be confident in whatever you do. You may have to face challenges and handle stressful situations, but be cheerful and everything will find its own way. SCMS Cochin offers you a brilliant platform, which you can use to your advantage in your career,” she concludes.

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Students of SCMS Cochin design and unveil the annual magazine, Prateek, for the second consecutive year.

SCMS Cochin recently brought out its annual student magazine, Prateek, amidst much fanfare. It was the second year in a row that the students of the institute had done everything, from choosing photographs to the template and design of the magazine. In fact, there was a lot of enthusiasm amongst both the students and alumni of the institute, all of whom contributed in the form of articles, photographs and more, making the whole experience a true success.

The theme of Prateek 2015 was “Hope, Dream and Passion”, and it was clearly visible in the talent pool of the students that had come together to make sure the magazine was a hit with its readers. But what stood out the most for Prof. Anjali A., who guided the magazine team through the process, was that, “Students had designed the entire magazine for the second consecutive year. And they have done an excellent job without any formal training.”

Earlier, the highly popular student magazine would be outsourced as far as the process of designing is concerned. But since 2014, the institute has decided to let students handle the responsibility and they have been doing that with aplomb. Such was the overwhelming response for contributions to the magazine this year, that there was a surplus in terms of articles, individuals in the talent pool and the effort that the students were willing to put in.

Athulya M J, the editor of the magazine, took us through the exciting but challenging process of putting it all together: “We had set out with a deadline of two months to complete all the work for the magazine and we stuck to that. It required 4 edits, but we managed to do justice to the theme of the magazine. As a matter of fact, it is reflected in all the contributions, be it poetry, drawings or alumni pieces.”

But, Athulya admits that there were challenges along the way and it was somewhat tricky to garner interest and enthusiasm at times. However, Athulya admits that the biggest task was, “To get all the articles from students on time. They were busy with academic work and so were we. But once this task was done, we sat together for 12 hours at a stretch and completed the entire design of the draft of the newsletter.” After that, he said, it was smooth sailing.

There were a few minor changes that needed to be made to the draft, but the team managed that with ease. The cover was the idea of another student, Midhun Sekhar, and it made an instant impression. Also, Athulya admits that the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Prof. Anjali, who helped with all of the elements of the magazine. Other faculty members chipped in with their valuable feedback and comments.

Together, the students have come out with a product that they can surely be proud of. But personally, Athulya is happy with the changes brought about in him by the responsibilities of this endeavour. “I have become a better writer with this experience, but more importantly a better coordinator,” he says. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and experience that more and more people should be a part of. The whole process teaches you a lot.” His final words speak volumes about the tremendous learning experience of putting together Prateek 2015. It was an opportunity to learn, to collaborate with others, and, ultimately, to gain valuable leadership experience.

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SCMS- Cochin School of Business helped Gayatri Nair balance fun and work during her summer internship with Madura Fashion Ltd. (VAN HEUSEN)

Gayatri NairWhen Gayatri Nair entered the Flagship Van Heusen Store – owned by Madura Fashion Limited – right in the heart of Bangalore, little did she know that it was a crucial day for its employees. The store wore a desolate look, with not a single customer in sight. The tension amongst the employees was palpable – It was the day of auditing. In true SCMS- Cochin School of Business style, despite being a Summer Intern, Gayatri buckled up for the challenge and got down to the task of helping the staff to the best of her abilities. Needless to say, Gayatri was accepted as part of the team that day itself… no questions asked!

“Many women have a wrong notion that retail is not their cup of tea; even I felt the same until a month ago. My store manager, Ms. Mitu Prasad, has brought things into perspective with her no-nonsense work culture. There is no gender inequality at MFL (Madura Fashion Limited).  Everyone at the store is treated equally and, as a manager, she exercises the same command as any of her male counterparts.”

An out-and-out Delhi girl, South India had only been a family holiday spot for Gayatri until she got through B.Tech in IT from St. Peter’s University. It was here that she began exploring management colleges and got excellent reviews about SCMS from seniors and alumni. She was particularly impressed by the strict discipline and serious academic approach of the faculty and management.

“SCMS is ranked 49th in the all-India list of management institutes. In Kerala, it is regarded at par with IIM Calicut. Along with impressive accreditations, SCMS has an excellent student-faculty ratio and an impressive track record of final placements.”

Gayatri says that the strong bond between MFL and SCMS was a big reason why she was able to get past the interviews. MFL’s decision to take interns from SCMS was exciting news for her as a retail aspirant. She recalls the butterflies in her stomach when she faced the HR team from MFL; it was the first time that she was facing an interview for a professional spot.

“I still remember the bliss I felt when the Placement Officer of SCMS-Cochin School of Business, Mr. George, mentioned that the MFL team had found me to be a good candidate. Before leaving for Bangalore, Mr. George also gave me insights into the corporate world and advised me on how to behave in a formal corporate environment. Midway into my SIP, I realise how true each of his words were. His advice has been of great help.”

Gayatri works from 10AM to 6PM from Tuesday to Sunday, with a committed 48 hours per week. The SIP has been truly hands-on for her so far. From details like folding clothes for visual delight, to billing, attending to customers, replenishment and visual merchandising, there is hardly an aspect of retailing that Gayatri hasn’t dealt with. For her, the most exciting part about being in a flagship store like the Indira Nagar Van Heusen is that it gives her ample opportunities to interact with a variety of customers who walk in with high expectations.  She has observed customers doling out brickbats as well as bouquets on a daily basis. Interacting with happy or aggrieved customers has helped her feel the pulse of customer behaviour and to grow as a retail student.

“One year at SCMS- Cochin School of Business has made me a strong person. It has cured me of my deadline and hard work phobias. Thanks to the multitasking skill-sets that SCMS has given me, I am always the first one to take on additional responsibility. Balancing fun and work is an art and in the retail industry, this is the USP for a successful leader.”

Gayatri feels that the biggest plus of SCMS is that its students are not Delhi-ites or Kerala-ites, but united as PGDM Batch 21. The ecosystem makes sure that each of the 180 students is acquainted with one another, and she takes pride in the fact that she knows all of her classmates by name and face. Gayatri knows that it is this bond that will be her biggest strength when she steps out into the professional world. 

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