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SCMS Cochin to host a FDP on Management Consultancy from 26-27th Aug, 2016

July 6, 2016, Cochin: Consultancy Development Unit of SCMS Cochin will host a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) that will sensitize management professionals, in academia and industry to focus on management consultancies and opportunities it offers them. The two day FDP will be held on 26th and 27th August and has been organized under “Building Capacities for Consultancy Development & Knowledge Management with Partner Institution (KMPI)” programme of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC).

Management Consultancy is all about helping organizations improve business. It includes organizational change management assistance, development of skills, capacity building, process studies and analysis, technology implementation and other services. Unfortunately consulting as professional activity in management institutes isn’t explored the way it should be. The FDP will try to address that by emphasizing on the role of management consultancy services and the scope it has to offer.

Helmed by experienced professionals, the FDP will be ideal for faculty members from B-Schools, consulting firms, government departments, consultants and Corporates companies from different industry sectors. Modern, engaging training pedagogy will keep things interesting for participants as they get an overview of consulting and find out more about its process life cycle. The programme will also focus on consultant-client relationships besides ethics and professionalism in consulting.

Marketing of consulting services, proposal preparation and costing of consulting services, securing, planning and delivery of consultant assignment will be some of the other topics covered during the programme. B School representatives will benefit from the session based around consultancy in Management Institutes covering skill gaps. There will also be a segment on “Consultancy as a Professional activity of faculty members in Management Institutions” to look forward to.

Who should attend the FDP? The FDP is designed for faculty members from B-Schools, Department of Management Studies, Consulting firms, Government Departments, Consultants and Corporates / Industries.

Thus the FDP has something for all participants with their own requirements and focus. They will not only go home richer in knowledge and experience but with participation certificates from CDC, New Delhi and the institute too.

To download registration form for the event, click:

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“Why only the best management colleges in India are equipped to train professionals for Research and Analysis domain” says Kakoli Choudhury, Alumnus SCMS Cochin, Batch 18

Kakoli_PicAn alumna of Batch 18 (2009-11) of SCMS-Cochin, Kakoli started her career with Genpact and had a stint of 18 months there. Having recently made the switch to Blue Ocean Market Intelligence – the company that handles the primary and secondary research for one of its primary client that is Microsoft- she expects to inculcate more knowledge and expertise in this field.

“The learning and exposure that we received at SCMS-Cochin was immense. My professional journey has been smooth so far because I am in a field that interests me. But one of the reasons why I have been able to do well is a clear-cut understanding of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). It is a part of the SCMS-Cochin curriculum. It is something which is extensively needed in my current job to synthesize the data based on various analysis and then present them to the clients.”

Kakoli’s job demands constant client interaction and executing customised research studies for clients. This involves everything from assistance in developing proposals, to coordinating with DP team for data tabulation and with analysis team for data analysis needs, down to creation of PowerPoint reports that includes data populated in the form of charts, graphs. But most importantly, her clients like Microsoft also require insights to substantiate and add value to these facts and figures. Defined by colleagues as “Inquisitive, compassionate, methodical, and cheerful”, Kakoli’s typical day at her workplace is an interesting mix of work and fun with colleagues and seniors.  Ofcourse, there are days when slogging is inevitable, to maintain client delivery ‘on time and accurate’.  It is on such slog days that her tenure at SCMS-Cochin helps her the most.

“At SCMS-Cochin, we learnt to work under immense pressure and deliver the best. I still recall the mad rush to meet the 9:15am deadline for submission of given assignments. Ofcourse now it all seems like we actually had a lot of fun even during those strenuous times. We were a big batch; 250 students from every possible field, state, and culture across India, and some from abroad as well. The competition within SCMS-Cochin was fierce, but that’s why, not only have most of us survived the tough economic scenario, but have actually thrived. The PDP (Personality Development Program) was just awesome. It was an icebreaking session that helped our batch gel beautifully. The OBT (Outbound Training) again, was a well-organized episode. It made us understand the real meaning of teamwork, which is a must in today’s corporate world”

Kakoli Choudhury believes that while new B-schools are mushrooming all over the countryside, aspiring managers should assess the quality of education imparted as well as the quality of students passing out of the colleges before enrolling into the college.

“In my domain, hiring is an on-going process because the need for market research is growing increasingly important in almost every industry. The catch is that not only should you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, but should be well versed with the research and analytical tools, and be armed with a systematic approach. Without these skills, a person cannot go too far. If you are looking to get into the Research and Analysis domain, only top-notch management colleges can prepare you well enough to get in. Further, since most of the market research companies are service-based, so placement scenario has a direct connect with the need and affordability, and satisfaction of the client.”

Kakoli Choudhury underscores that the biggest USP of SCMS-Cochin is its group of veteran Professors. She believes that the transformation of students at SCMS-Cochin is largely due to them. To the aspirants who are apprehensive about SCMS-Cochin’s firm disciplinary measures, she reminds that rules and regulations have been responsible for batch after batch of matured managers from SCMS-Cochin.

“You will be far better organized and punctual than you are, and will know exactly how to prioritise work. These qualities were the most important part of my transformation at SCMS-Cochin.”

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“Even after 15 years, almost our entire batch remains connected and we watch out for each other.” says Sandeep Kumar,Batch1997-99

sandeepSandeep Kumar seriously believes that time has wings. It seems to him like it was just yesterday when he entered SCMS-Cochin for the first time – a wide-eyed youngster transfixed by the most beautiful campus in the ‘God’s own land’.  Yet now he was doing the rounds of bustling get-togethers of Delhi Chapter of SCMS-Cochin alumni, as a ‘veteran’ of the 6th batch that passed out 15 years back; shaking hands with ‘youngsters’ who’d just passed out of SCMS-Cochin.

“Memories of SCMS-Cochin are very vivid in most of us. We were a class of 50, and we used to fight like anything,” recalls Sandeep with a smile. “And yet the moment we’d step out of the campus, it would be ‘one for all and all for one’. I even remember how we’d gone on a ‘pen-down strike’ in Dr. Radha Thevannoor’s class. It was for something so ridiculous, that I can’t even remember it! In the end we ended up making complete fools of ourselves! Whenever we remember those days, we just can’t stop laughing. Even after 15 years, almost our entire batch remains connected and we watch out for each other.”

After passing out of SCMS-Cochin in 1999, Sandeep joined Carrier Air Conditioning, and worked his way up in the organisation for the next 8 years.

“When you complete your MBA from a top B-school like SCMS-Cochin,your pay and designation make you feel that you are being inducted as an implementer – an expert in the organization. Fact of the matter is you got to start from the basics; you are an executioner at the middle of the managerial pyramid or maybe lower.Organizations work in pressure situations – especially in sales and marketing departments – and it’s tough for B-schools to emulate the real thing. Beyond facts, business decisions and transactions should be simulated more rigorously. Every day is a new day in the corporate world; and the world is changing so fast that you cannot predict what’s coming next.”

Sandeep made a switch in 2008, to the electronics giant – LG. Ever since, he has worked his way up, to the position of the Key Accounts Manager for AC’s.

“I have the tendency to get to my chair atleast half an hour before office time. This helps me get a rundown of my day ahead. Once office-hours start, I try to generate all kinds of MIS; taking down notes of the priorities for the day, before discussing and taking down concerns of my team members. Around 12 in the noon I report to my bosses. We have a weekly meeting with our MD. Coordinating efforts and resources is a tedious job, but I deal with it in a way, so that I have atleast 3 days a week to get a first-hand feel of the market. I make it a point to visit my costumers and interact with them as often as I can.”

Sandeep Kumar strongly believes that profits are the by-products of ethics. He advises the budding managers of SCMS  to “learn to be ready to face all kinds of situations boldly as in some cases you will be able to wriggle out of situations tactfully  but in some others you may really have to stand up and say “sorry boss, I am not for that “. He believes that when it comes to grooming ethical managers, SCMS-Cochin is second to none.

                                                                                                                                Sandeep Kumar,
Key Accounts Manager,LG
Batch 1997-99

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