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SCMS Cochin to host a FDP on Management Consultancy from 26-27th Aug, 2016

July 6, 2016, Cochin: Consultancy Development Unit of SCMS Cochin will host a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) that will sensitize management professionals, in academia and industry to focus on management consultancies and opportunities it offers them. The two day FDP will be held on 26th and 27th August and has been organized under “Building Capacities for Consultancy Development & Knowledge Management with Partner Institution (KMPI)” programme of Consultancy Development Centre (CDC).

Management Consultancy is all about helping organizations improve business. It includes organizational change management assistance, development of skills, capacity building, process studies and analysis, technology implementation and other services. Unfortunately consulting as professional activity in management institutes isn’t explored the way it should be. The FDP will try to address that by emphasizing on the role of management consultancy services and the scope it has to offer.

Helmed by experienced professionals, the FDP will be ideal for faculty members from B-Schools, consulting firms, government departments, consultants and Corporates companies from different industry sectors. Modern, engaging training pedagogy will keep things interesting for participants as they get an overview of consulting and find out more about its process life cycle. The programme will also focus on consultant-client relationships besides ethics and professionalism in consulting.

Marketing of consulting services, proposal preparation and costing of consulting services, securing, planning and delivery of consultant assignment will be some of the other topics covered during the programme. B School representatives will benefit from the session based around consultancy in Management Institutes covering skill gaps. There will also be a segment on “Consultancy as a Professional activity of faculty members in Management Institutions” to look forward to.

Who should attend the FDP? The FDP is designed for faculty members from B-Schools, Department of Management Studies, Consulting firms, Government Departments, Consultants and Corporates / Industries.

Thus the FDP has something for all participants with their own requirements and focus. They will not only go home richer in knowledge and experience but with participation certificates from CDC, New Delhi and the institute too.

To download registration form for the event, click:

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A stringent admissions process is to ensure a very quality classroom for rich peer learning

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 3.06.03 pmConsistent rankings, accolades and placement records have been among many other factors that led to SCMS Cochin’s surfacing out to be one of the sought after Business Schools of Kerala . But beyond that, what works for the B School is the constant evolution in strategies, programs and initiatives that gives its students the cutting edge advantage. Dr. Filomina George, Director of the Management School of SCMS sheds light on them and reveals how rather than harping on its achievements, the B School constantly looks ahead and paves way for the future.

The admission process of PGDM 2016- 2018 batch that is underway is definitely on her mind. The institute has been known for its student diversity and the school does not want to keep any stone unturned to ensure a rich classroom experience for its future batches either. “Our institute is a brand in itself but we need to bring more visibility to it. Even the IIMs reach out to students in different parts of the country and we are definitely doing that this year,” she says.

Prof. Filomina also talks about the importance of stringent admission process, which maintains student quality that leads to an enriching classroom environment. Students from different backgrounds enroll for their program and SCMS Cochin strives to level the playing field. “We start off our program with a 6 weeks foundation course where they can get oriented to us, management education and basic concepts, and the way of life here. They also have mentor programs, which allow them to integrate with fellow students and faculty members,” she adds.

Interesting thing to note is that the institute not only draws students from different parts of the country but faculty members as well. According to Prof. Filomina it is an interesting facet that needs to be talked about because, “They come here to understand the length and breadth of the education system, which our B School seamlessly offers them. The teaching and learning experience for both, students and faculty members is quite dynamic. We have a judicious mix of academically and professionally qualified faculty members, and their experience is further enhanced with us.”

SCMS Cochin has always been an institute that has kept up with the latest in the industry. Now with the emphasis on Skilled In India (Skill development) and getting new entrepreneurs on the scene, the B School has revamped its entrepreneurship course as well. “The three credit full course has gone through a major transformation with a series of people from the corporate world, domain experts, proven entrepreneurs as well as new/budding entrepreneurs sharing experience with students. They thus learn the nuances of starting a business, which is vital to them,” she says.

Prof. Filomina also states that the emphasis at SCMS Cochin is on creating professionals and entrepreneurs, who are socially conscious and responsible. It tries to build that sense of responsibility towards society through different programs. “Through our social outreach program, Parivarthana, we go to schools and educate them on burning issues in our society. We talk to the children about conserving natural resources how to be guarded against drug abuse , cyber crimes etc. and this helps our students grow into well rounded professionals with strong values,” she concludes.

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PGDM Class of 2016 is witnessing a strong start to placement season

Interim Placement Report 2016: Placement season at SCMS Cochin School of Business has got off to a strong start. Average compensation, maximum salary, number of recruiters and profile of recruiters all are showing healthy trends for PGDM Class 2016. A total of 33 companies across Banking, Insurance, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism, Pharma have made offers so far, covering about 68% of the eligible batch.

The average CTC offered based on packages offered so far is Rs 5 lakhs p.a. with a highest offer of Rs 7 lakhs p.a. Some of the leading companies out of the 33 that have recruited are Deloitte, Idea Cellular, TCS, Asian Paints, Godrej & Boyce, GIC Housing Finance, South Indian Bank, Exide Industries, Abbott Healthcare and Ujjivan Financial Services.

SCMS has a track record of providing placements to all the eligible students, ever since it was started in 1992. In the academic year 2014-15, 56 major corporate houses hired from campus. With its entrepreneurial culture and variety of programs, SCMS strives to offer industry the best talent.

Regarding hiring trends this year, George Joseph, Chairperson, Placement, SCMS Cochinsaid“Markets seem to have opened up and good corporates are in search of good talent. At the same time, they remain very choosy with regard to their commitment and recruiting attitude. Newer companies have visited this year with compensation offer going up as well.”

Dr. Filomina P. George, Director, SCMS Cochin says “We at SCMS endeavour to prepare our students to take up the emerging challenges and groom them towards excellence as they pass through the portals of this institution. Recruiters appreciate this quality about our graduates.”

With its transparent system of posting job profiles and matching students with recruiters, SCMS Cochin continues to strive to maximise opportunities for its student.

Over the years, SCMS Cochin students have gone on to occupy leadership positions in reputable corporates both in India and abroad, which is a testament to the quality of its programs.

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Jitesh M tops SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015 (Retail) and reveals how his institute turned him into a well-rounded individual.

jiteshWhile there are aspirants who enroll in a management program to give their careers a boost, there are some who know that it could be their last shot at higher education. Jitesh M of SCMS Cochin School of Business admits that he is one of the latter, which is why he wanted to make the most out of his two years at the renowned B School. He seems to have done just that, as he was the proud Top Scorer in the Retail class of 2015, which won him the coveted award at this year’s Convocation.

As he looks back on his journey with the institute, Jitesh says, “I joined SCMS Cochin with a lot of expectations. My two years at the institute have been full of learning and fun. Not only have I gained as an individual, with a big change in my personality, but I have also developed as a professional who is ready to work in the competitive corporate world.” And, according to Jitesh, it has a lot to do with the contribution of his faculty members at the institute.

Jitesh then talks about the emphasis his institute puts on extracurricular activities through different initiatives like Parivarthana and management fests. This aids in the overall development of students. “I have gained a lot of experience from organizing different events like the management fest Shikhar, the job fair and ‘Directors Fireside,’” he tells us. “We also had industrial visits to companies like Metro and Mantri mall, and that helped relate the concepts we learned in classroom to real life situations.”

Now that he has won the prestigious Top Scorer award, Jitesh feels proud of his achievement knowing that his hard work has paid off. But we want to know if he has any advice for his juniors at the institute. “SCMS Cochin is a fantastic place that offers you both curricular and extracurricular activities,” he says with confidence. “You need to grab them with both hands and take initiative as it will help you in the future. Look at mistakes as experiences and learn from them.” Jitesh surely did grab all opportunities with both hands. And, it showed with the honour of being the Top Scorer in the Retail Batch of 2015.

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Sharon Thankam James on what made her the Most Outgoing Student of SCMS Cochin School of Business Class of 2015.

Sharon“College is about finding a balance between assignments, family, friends, and just about a million other things; but, most importantly, it’s about the balance between finding yourself and shaping yourself.” These are the words of Sharon Thankam James, who recently won the award for the Most Outgoing Student at SCMS Cochin School of Business on the day of her convocation ceremony. Here she shares her thoughts on the award and her experience at the renowned management institute.

Sharon admits that as she is ready to make a new beginning and bid goodbye to her beloved campus, she is filled with mixed emotions. The award is the icing on the cake for what has been a truly memorable journey for her. “It has been a privilege to study at SCMS Cochin, primarily because of the unparalleled faculty, who are uniformly engaging and always happy to interact with students,” she says, recalling all the benefits of her time at the institute. Overall, she confidently says that her time at SCMS Cochin was “a fantastic learning experience.”

According to Sharon, the academic curriculum at SCMS demanded a lot of hard work and commitment. But, at the end of the day, it was well worth the effort. Revealing the secret behind being the Most Outgoing Student, she says, “It was a goal to meet new people and learn from my interactions with them. I took these opportunities and participated in extracurricular activities to hone my skills and grow as a person.”

As a part of the esteemed alumni of the institute, Sharon hopes to make a name for herself and to continue to be driven and independent. She is confident her ability to do that based on her learning at the institute and her unending desire to grow as an individual. “I’ve learnt that one must have an unwavering passion for learning, self-discovery, and helping others to be successful,” she says. “Most importantly, the individual must be driven by a never-ending desire to do things.” As her success at SCMS Cochin shows, along with the award for Most Outgoing Student, Sharon is set for a bright future.

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Mr. Justin Joy tells us how his industry experience has been used to benefit students at SCMS Cochin School of Business.

IMG_0717Mr. Justin Joy is an Assistant Professor in Systems and Operations at SCMS Cochin School of Business. But as is the case with several of the faculty members at the institute, he has solid industry experience to boot. The Mechanical Engineer went on to do his Master’s in Business Information Technology from Newcastle Business School before gathering 11 years of work experience with some well-known organizations. It was during the last couple of years of his industry career, when he was handling a training role, that he developed an interest in teaching. The rest as they say is history.

Today, Mr. Joy is quite pleased with the way things have turned out, and uses his industry experience to his advantage in his new role. “When I was working in the training role as an industry professional, I realized that I really enjoyed it,” he explains. “So, joining SCMS Cochin was the next logical step for me, since it’s such a reputable institute. Now I try to use my industry experience for the benefit of the students. I know that whatever work experience I have, helps them in the classroom as I can make things more relatable to them.”

Mr. Joy’s industry experience is quite impressive and includes a stint as a Business Area Manager for Educomp Solutions Limited. He also worked as a web and business development manager, and head of computer applications at IFCR India, a Canada based research organization. Was leaving such a prolific career an easy decision to make? He responds without batting an eyelid: “When you know what you want to do, the decision becomes a lot easier. I was very keen on getting into academics and found a right fit with the institute, so I took the plunge.”

He calls SCMS Cochin the right fit for him because the institute is known to encourage research, something Mr. Joy, who is presently doing his PhD, is clearly very interested in. But he admits that it’s also because they have the same vision for training students and creating industry ready professionals. “The idea is to give students a practical understanding of things as well so that they can use it in their careers,” he says. “My own industry exposure allows me to focus on the practical applications of theoretical concepts, which helps students too.”

So how exactly does he do that in Systems and Operations, and what does he make of the field in terms of career prospects? “Everything we do, from classroom exercises to assignments, we focus on the practical world rather than theory,” he begins. “For example, if I am teaching databases, it will be about databases for a particular industry. We ask them to implement ideas in keeping with the needs of an organization, which gives them practical insight. It is a field with tremendous opportunities and we prepare students to make the most out of them.” A solid education and exposure to industry practices – this is what SCMS Cochin strives to instill in its students. So, it makes perfect sense for Mr. Joy to part of the renowned faculty of the institute.

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Students of SCMS Cochin design and unveil the annual magazine, Prateek, for the second consecutive year.

SCMS Cochin recently brought out its annual student magazine, Prateek, amidst much fanfare. It was the second year in a row that the students of the institute had done everything, from choosing photographs to the template and design of the magazine. In fact, there was a lot of enthusiasm amongst both the students and alumni of the institute, all of whom contributed in the form of articles, photographs and more, making the whole experience a true success.

The theme of Prateek 2015 was “Hope, Dream and Passion”, and it was clearly visible in the talent pool of the students that had come together to make sure the magazine was a hit with its readers. But what stood out the most for Prof. Anjali A., who guided the magazine team through the process, was that, “Students had designed the entire magazine for the second consecutive year. And they have done an excellent job without any formal training.”

Earlier, the highly popular student magazine would be outsourced as far as the process of designing is concerned. But since 2014, the institute has decided to let students handle the responsibility and they have been doing that with aplomb. Such was the overwhelming response for contributions to the magazine this year, that there was a surplus in terms of articles, individuals in the talent pool and the effort that the students were willing to put in.

Athulya M J, the editor of the magazine, took us through the exciting but challenging process of putting it all together: “We had set out with a deadline of two months to complete all the work for the magazine and we stuck to that. It required 4 edits, but we managed to do justice to the theme of the magazine. As a matter of fact, it is reflected in all the contributions, be it poetry, drawings or alumni pieces.”

But, Athulya admits that there were challenges along the way and it was somewhat tricky to garner interest and enthusiasm at times. However, Athulya admits that the biggest task was, “To get all the articles from students on time. They were busy with academic work and so were we. But once this task was done, we sat together for 12 hours at a stretch and completed the entire design of the draft of the newsletter.” After that, he said, it was smooth sailing.

There were a few minor changes that needed to be made to the draft, but the team managed that with ease. The cover was the idea of another student, Midhun Sekhar, and it made an instant impression. Also, Athulya admits that the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of Prof. Anjali, who helped with all of the elements of the magazine. Other faculty members chipped in with their valuable feedback and comments.

Together, the students have come out with a product that they can surely be proud of. But personally, Athulya is happy with the changes brought about in him by the responsibilities of this endeavour. “I have become a better writer with this experience, but more importantly a better coordinator,” he says. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and experience that more and more people should be a part of. The whole process teaches you a lot.” His final words speak volumes about the tremendous learning experience of putting together Prateek 2015. It was an opportunity to learn, to collaborate with others, and, ultimately, to gain valuable leadership experience.

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