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“Internships are the real-life, real-time training ground for management students.”

Erlin Philip

PGDM Batch 23

10461347_1523639767854061_7705157143586685332_nSummer Internships are important for management students because we gain experience working in a corporate environment before turning professionals. So, it’s a real world training ground for us. Internships also offer us an opportunity to test the management concepts we have learned in the classroom. Knowing how they are applied in the industry makes them more relevant and relatable.

I am quite excited about my internship with Mannai Corporation where I will work in Project Management in the Network and Telecom sector. I expect to be a part of the project management team and will be handling certain responsibilities. I want to give a good account of myself and set a good example. I believe I can make an impression by delivering on time and offering suggestions when asked.

I stand to gain a lot from the internship as I will learn how to behave in a corporate environment. I want to gain insight into what is required of management professionals and being a part of a team. It is a fiercely competitive world out there and I will learn to give it my best shot. I think I have been prepared well for this challenge by my institute and am equipped with leadership, and collaboration skills, which I will showcase through my work.

After doing my schooling in Doha, Qatar we moved to India and I completed my engineering here. But I was keen on making a career in management and had heard a lot about SCMS Cochin School of Business. My husband also encouraged me to go for the PGDM program because it is fast paced and in keeping with the current industry scenario. I think it has been a really fruitful decision for me so far.

SCMS Cochin has exceeded all the expectations I had, and I have to admit, they were quite high to begin with. But my time at the institute has taught me to set goals for myself, prioritize responsibilities and manage my time well. Different initiatives like IMLP, PDP sessions and OBT have been a huge learning experience. They have helped me get over my stage fright and boosted my overall confidence.

I am truly grateful for the mentorship program started by the institute. It allows six – seven students in a group to get special attention from a mentor. That kind of coaching and training is of great benefit to management students and it has molded me to a great extent. I have also made good friends at the institute so far and we are constantly pushing each other to do better. It has brought out the best in me and I am excited because there is so much more to come.

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