“Women Entrepreneurship: Freedom of time is essential for the empowerment of women”, an Industry Institute Interactive session with Ms.Aswathy Govind ,the Chief Executive , QMAGIK.

19 Oct

The SCMS Cochin School OF Business, PGDM batch 26 students and faculties were so delighted to welcome a young and an encouraging woman entrepreneur Ms. Aswathy Govind, The Chief Executive of QMAGIK, an innovative customer journey management platform for service organizations.

The Industry Institute Interactive Session with Ms.Aswathy Govind got started like an interactive discussion with two of the students of the PGDM batch 26.The main theme for the interactive session was Women Entrepreneurship.

The women are born with managerial skills, the women are the ones who can manage both professional life and personal life. She spoke about her experience, how she manages her family and job and how she prioritized things by taking challenges and responsibilities. The students asked her a question that how to encourage women into entrepreneurship? She answered the question very deliberately that the real entrepreneurs can be seen within an organization, so she told the budding managers of SCMS to be an intrapreneur and then become an entrepreneur. The main characteristics required for an entrepreneur is multitasking and passion for what they do. An entrepreneur has the freedom of life and knows when to do what. If someone has that instinct then do it, don’t wait for it. The three principles she follows in her life is Peter Drucker’s:

  • The purpose of the business is to create a customer.
  • Marketing and Innovation.
  • Communication-understanding what is not said.

She spoke about the safety of women in the workplace and the discriminations faced by women. She shared her dream of forming an organization with women only.The commitment to be open, honest and transparent reflects the culture of the organization.

      ‘‘The choice is ours, be an Intrapreneur and then become an Entrepreneur’’

A report by Ms. Rafna Kareem(PGDM 26 Batch)

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