SCMS Cochin has prepared us for the internship, which will be the stepping stone to my professional career.

06 Jul

Sibin Thomas“Summer Internship has several advantages for management students. Firstly, we get real exposure to a corporate organization and gain in confidence to take on professional challenges. I also think it can give us the edge in our career in the near future. That’s why I am intending to give my summer internship my best shot and gain maximum advantage out of it.

I am doing my internship with Thomas Cook (India) Ltd in sales and it will be my job to explore the Market Potential of Foreign Exchange Products in Cochin. Some of my responsibilities include indentifying schools and colleges that have International collaborations and creating brand awareness for my company amongst these institutions in Cochin.

It’s going to be my first time in a corporate environment so there is anticipation. I am hoping for a friendly and creative work environment where as an intern I have the freedom to express my ideas. I want to learn all the skills that the employees of the company have and want to gain insight into good sales behavior towards consumers and clients.

I understand the challenges I will face during internship but I feel confident because of my learning at SCMS Cochin so far. It’s been a year that I have been here and the institute has exceeded my expectations by a mile. I was interested in a corporate career and wanted to learn modern management skills, which is why I came here. I think it’s been totally worth it.

If I have to talk about the things I have learned here, I would first mention the marketing skills, which I am sure will be quite helpful during my internship. I have gained theoretical and practical knowledge of management concepts besides knowing more about Consumer Behavior, which I will use to good effect during my internship.

Of course we have also been specially prepared for the internship by SCMS Cochin. We were taught about Business Research through various techniques and given opportunities to work on different projects. In fact the entire year has been a huge learning curve where I have got an overview of the corporate life and I am now ready to delve deeper into it with this internship.”

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