Ms. Sheela Kochuouseph, V-STAR group, reveals the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur in her Industry Institute Interface session.

25 Jun

The Industry Institute Interface sessions at SCMS Cochin School of business are well-known for drawing big names from the corporate world who come and share their experiences with students. Things were no different this time around as Ms. Sheela Kochuouseph, Managing Director of the V- STAR group visited the campus and talked to the students about women empowerment and the importance of taking risks to make a place for oneself in the business world.

While there are an increasing number of women entrepreneurs making their presence felt today, there are unique challenges they have to surmount. A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Ms. Kochuouseph reflected on the difficulties she had to go through while setting up the V-Star group. Going down memory lane, she talked about how it all began for the illustrious group and the journey it has gone through over the years.

The group has been involved in several CSR initiatives, which she covered in great detail in the session, while also highlighting their significance. It was interesting for the students to hear about Ms. Kochuouseph’s personal journey from her childhood days; on this topic, she also emphasized the importance of keeping good health. According to her, while it’s important to keep your mind focused on the goals, it’s imperative to maintain a healthy diet to be mentally and physically fit.

The III session was not only informative for students, but inspiring as well; Ms. Kochuouseph revealed to them the skills required to becoming entrepreneurs, and how they can impact the growth of the nation. “Failures are stepping stones for success and one should view them as opportunities to return back with more strength,” she said motivating the gathering. “They are a part of everyone’s life and you should never be disheartened by them.”

Ms. Kochuouseph had inspiring words for young girls in the audience who harbour dreams of being managers, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. Ending her talk on a high note, she said, “Don’t be afraid of being creative and developing your own ideas for an enterprise. Try and be a role model to others and inspire them.” That’s something she herself does and it was evident in the Q & A session that concluded the proceedings.

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