Aparna R is thrilled to win the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the Best Academic Performance at the SCMS Cochin School of Business Convocation; and, she reflects on her journey with the institute.

11 May

_MG_4741Convocation Day is one of the most important days in the lives of management students. For Aparna R, the convocation ceremony at SCMS Cochin School of Business turned out to be a truly memorable one because she was awarded the Chairman’s Gold Medal for the Best Academic Performance. It was certainly a big deal for the youngster who felt appreciated for her efforts throughout her academic stint at the institute. Bagging the award in front of her loved ones and esteemed guests made the occasion even more special for her.

Aparna says that she had been waiting for this day since the previous year’s Convocation Ceremony, but was completely dumbstruck when she actually realized that she had won the award. “When my name was called out it felt like the floor had been swept from under my feet. I felt like I had conquered something and told myself that it was a result of all the hard work I had put in the last two years,” she says with a smile.

For Aparna, the greatest joy was accepting the award in front of her parents who were naturally filled with pride. She now feels encouraged to go out there in the corporate world and bag further recognition: “I have already bagged my dream job with Deloitte and I am going to give it my best every single day. I have always believed in chasing my dreams and SCMS Cochin has told me that they can actually come true.”

Aparna understands the contribution of the institute in grooming her as a professional and gives credit to her faculty team for laying out the foundation for her career. She also has parting advice to her juniors: “Find out your passion, whatever it might be and work for it before it’s late. Don’t deter under any circumstances. If you are determined nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.” These are wise words form an accomplished student – her juniors would be well advised to follow Aparma’s advice.

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