The designer and team members behind Prateek 2015 reveal how creating their own college magazine was an important learning experience.

18 Apr

A B School bringing out its annual college magazine might not be big news in today’s time, but the fact it was designed by students definitely is. That’s what students of SCMS Cochin School of Business did for the second year in a row, as they created a sterling edition of Prateek 2015. “Hope, Dream and Passion” was the theme of the magazine this year and the enthusiasm was overflowing as students and alumni pooled their resources to come up with a brilliant finished product.

Under the guidance of Prof. Anjali A and other faculty members from the institute, the students involved gave it their all to ensure that they produced a magazine they would be proud of. Students and alumni of the institute contributed in the form of articles and photographs; and in fact, there was a surplus of these items, which was heartening to see. According to Midhun Sekhar RK, who was responsible for designing the magazine, that was half the battle won.

Now, with the exciting experience of designing a magazine under his belt, Midhun says, “It wasn’t just a student magazine. It was a reflection of their hopes, dreams and passion in many ways. We gathered their experiences in the form of stories, poems, articles and art work. In fact, 99% of the photographs used in the magazine were taken by the students. This says a lot about their commitment.” The results show in the magazine, which clearly captures the pulse of the audience.

While the creativity of the magazine was honed by the experience, their mettle was tested as well because they had to deal with deadlines, which led to high pressure situations. Gayatri Krishnan, one of the team members behind Prateek 2015 explains this part of the process: “We had a deadline before Director’s Fireside, which is the farewell party for the graduating batch. The magazine is released on the exact same day every year, which meant we had to get all the contributions in time.”

It was not an easy task, but by coordinating with students and faculty members, the team displayed their sense of responsibility and released the magazine on time. While putting together the magazine, they not only learned about the nitty-gritty of writing and layouts but improved their interpersonal skills as well. The students also admit that they understood the importance of team work, accepting others’ ideas and looking at things from different perspectives.

While the team members believe that they have become better listeners after the experience, Midhun is happy about the fact that his designing skills have been appreciated. As the students agree that the magazine wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of the faculty members, Prof. Anjali is proud of their achievement. “It’s commendable that they brought out the magazine on their own, on time and without any prior experience,” she says.

Ask Midhun if he has any final words about the whole experience, and pat comes the reply: “It was a huge learning experience for everyone involved and we gave it our best shot. We felt like we owed it to our institute, which has given us so much along the way. Now we hope that our juniors will take the magazine to a whole new level in the years to come.” That’s a challenge that students to follow will be happy to pick up.

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