Humane 15 organized by SCMS Cochin School of Business brings Talent Management to the fore.

18 Mar

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SCMS Cochin School of Business organized its much anticipated Humane 15 on the 19th of February, with welcome attendance by dignitaries from different industries. Given the growing stature of the event, this year’s National Conference drew large numbers and eminent personalities, who came together on a platform to talk about “Talent Engagement: Need of The Hour”. The aim of the conference was to share and discuss ideas for Talent Management in organizations that need to update their strategies in keeping with the changing times.

Among the leading names who took part in the discussion were: Mr. Roshan. K. Menon, Executive Vice President Binani Zinc Ltd.; Mr. Rajesh Nair, Director (Markets), Ernst and Young; Mr. A.S. Girish, H.R. Head, Apollo Tyres Ltd.; Mr. Deepak Pillai, H.R. Business Partner, Google; Mr. N.Ahmed Ali, CEO Cornicopia; Mr. Umesh Kamath, Director, UST Global; Ms. Shreeja MS, H.R. Head, Harrison’s Malayalam; and Mr. Abhishek Shukla, H.R. Consultant, Political advisor, Psychologist and Author.

Prof. P.C. Pillai, Senior Group Director, SCMS Group, started the day’s proceedings with his Welcome Address. In it, he talked about the need for balancing efficiency and equity in the corporate world. It was then time for an engaging talk delivered by Mr. Menon, who said, “The most challenging task today is to meet the expectations of youngsters joining the corporate world. Talent is a critical input for any organization, which is why it’s retention and management is crucial.” In order to make this topic more relatable for students, he offered examples of how his organization approaches issues of retention.

Mr. Nair emphasized on the 11 60 principle, which basically means a person is likely to change jobs 11 times in 60 years until retirement. Stressing the responsibilities of managers, he said, “No work life balance exists and a strong team is the one that has people from different cultures.” According to Mr. Girish, the free flow of information within organizations is important. He also talked about the “Apollo Honouring People” program initiated by his own organization, which is very successful in ensuring Talent Management.

Mr. Pillai started the discussion in the second half of the session by talking about different reasons that encourage people to work in his organization, Google. Among the important ideals mentioned were “Accepting employees as they are, significance to culture, avoiding biases, open mindedness, care given to employees”. Mr. Ali then offered insight into the world of HR, reminding students that it’s a challenging field because managers have to understand the requirements of the organization and the needs of employees. Despite the challenges, he believes it’s gratifying and rewarding field.

Mr. Kamath, a renowned name in the field, explained that “Employee engagement involves three aspects: say, stay and strive. Vision, mission communication and facilities provided by the organization to the employees play a crucial role for engaging employees.” Ms. Shreeja had her own take, as she believes employee management is the enjoyment an employee gets in doing the work that has been assigned to him or her. She also emphasized the importance of activities like job rotation, internal magazines, and flexible timings for employee engagement.

The final speaker for the day, Mr. Shukla, started his talk on a rousing note by saying, “To win over the marketplace you need to start with winning at your work place. An effective HR professional is one who listens to, analyzes and tries to understand the problems of his/her employees.” He also talked about the different elements that are involved in Talent Management, while suggesting ways to nurture the talent of employees. That was the purpose of the conference, which the speakers manage to convey in their inimitable styles.

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