SCMS Cochin School of Business holds an invigorating session on Women Empowerment and discusses self-defense techniques with participants.

17 Mar

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While the Nation talks about India’s Daughter, SCMS Cochin School of Business organized a thought provoking and inspiring workshop on Women Empowerment. The workshop held on the 10th of March brought together women achievers in their respective fields, and offered empowerment and self-defense lessons to all participants. Overall, the message was that women of India are the backbone of our society and our economy, and the country cannot progress without its women being empowered.

Three women who had inspired and broken barriers in their chosen field were present on the day as keynote speakers. There was a lot of anticipation in the air, as those in attendance were eager to listen to Ms. Mrinmayi Joshi, I.A.S. Assistant Collector, Ernakulam, Mrs. Jyothi Aswani, Chief Aswani Lachman Das Group, and Dr. Mrs. Mary Anitha, Founder, NGO “Break the Silence”. But it was Dr. Radha Thevanoor, Director SCMS Group, who, on a rousing note, set the ball rolling for the workshop.

Dr. Thevanoor began by talking about the exploitation of women in her younger days and compared it to the present. She then made a big impact with the audience by saying, “Women should never develop a feeling of inferiority because it can adversely affect their overall development. Things are changing and there are people who don’t see a girl child as a burden – it’s heartening. There has to be a balance between men and women for the greater development of society.”

It was then up to Mrs. Aswani to deliver the Inaugural Address and she began by saying that women are God’s most beautiful creation. She also stated that the inequality seen in the past has been drastically reduced today, especially in South India. She then shared her own experience of moving home from Jhansi to Cochin before adding, “Of course, there are security concerns that have to be tackled. But in life, failure should be seen as a stepping stone to success.”

The theme of Women’s Day, “Make it Happen”, was the focal point of Ms. Joshi’s session. She expressed her belief that with persuasion, sincerity and commitment even an ordinary person can outshine an extraordinarily talented individual. She concluded her motivating talk by urging the audience to “Be aware of who you are so that you can achieve your dreams in an efficient manner. Concentrate on your strengths and try to overcome your weaknesses.”

Dr. Anitha, who runs the NGO “Break the Silence”, was at the helm for the last session of the day. She struck a chord with her audience by saying, “Success is a combination of intelligence and emotional quotient. Dreams can be achieved through involvement and dedication.” She concluded her session with a demonstration of various self-protection and defense techniques. Thus, with an impressive list of speakers and inspiring words, the workshop delivered the very important message of Women Empowerment.

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