“Adaptability is the key,” says the veteran of business communication of SCMS Cohin School of Business

02 Mar

IMG_0709With over three decades in corporate communications and public relations, Prof Unni Krishnan brings a lot of experience to the faculty team at SCMS Cochin School of Business. The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi alum used to work as the Chief Manager, Public Relations for FACT Ltd., the largest public sector enterprise in South India. In this interview he talks about his various experiences and offers insight into business communications and its huge significance.

Having spent a number of years in academics and with SCMS Cochin School of Business, Prof. Unni Krishnan has some amazing insights to share with readers about his domain. Ask Prof Unni Krishnan about the reason behind his switch from corporate world to academia and the man passionate about communications describes how they affect every kind of relationships. “We might think money, fame, power, are most important things in life but they are not. There is no denying their significance but our relationships are vital to our happiness. And relationships be it in your day to day life, in the industry or International relations; they are all built around communications,” he says.

According to him, problems arise because of miscommunication and that’s something, which needs to be resolved. Prof Unni Krishnan then goes back to the story of inception of SCMS Cochin, which was established as an institute to teach and promote communications. Since then communications have come a long way, especially with the advent of social media. “Yes, things have changed a great deal because now you can communicate with all types of people anywhere in the world. Adaptability is the key,” he adds.

That’s his advice to students of tomorrow if they don’t want to be left behind. Prof Unni Krishnan sees a completely digitalized world in ten years’ time and young professionals will have to be at the top of their game. He adds that SCMS Cochin is doing everything possible to keep students abreast with the latest in communications. “We started with ideals, a belief and passion for teaching and we are continuing that while evolving with times. We strive to bring our experience with modern techniques for students’ benefits,” he claims.

Prof Unni Krishnan brings his vast industry experience to the table as well, something students learn a great deal from. When we ask him about his strategies to impart the best learning onto students of today and he says, “It’s a lot more than classroom learning; we are trying to groom good managers of the future. At the same time it’s also important to create good human beings. I have been conducting several training programs to change their outlook towards life and make them contribute towards family, relations and society.”

Finally stressing on the importance of communications for managers or any professional for that matter, Prof Unni Krishnan iterates, “You could be a good engineer or a manager, but if you are not able to communicate your skills and potential, it will get you nowhere. That’s what we are trying to build amongst students at SCMS Cochin. Around 50% of our faculty team has industry experience, we have industry experts over for seminars and talks often. Students should make the most out of it and grow for the future.”

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