SCMS Marketing Colloquium presents Panorama 2014

12 Dec

“ Digital Advertising is the Future ”

India is a marketers’ delight but it is also a marketers’ nightmare. Meeting the needs and wants for products and services from a billion plus mostly young Indians in a liberalized economy is a challenging proposition because of the country’s sheer diversity and heterogeneity. Advertising in these cluttered atmospherics is replete with opportunities and challenges. Emerging trends in the advertising world seem to indicate that one significantly promising way ahead is to travel the road of digitalization. Technology is becoming global. It is almost everywhere, often invisible, and becoming more natural to use every day.

Currently, on a global perspective, about 20 per cent of the advertising activity has been transformed to digital advertising – winning and retaining more and more digital customers. In India currently the digital advertising is only around 8 percent of the total spent. Axiomatically the country will have to move in the digital direction, as the advertising has to now offer “more for less, faster and cheaper”.

Digitalization has been impacting creativity in advertising. Big data is credited to fuel innovation, creativity, and drive growth. There are tremendous opportunities for the industry to open doors to so many different experiences. Digitalization has become the catalyst for the industry, the present challenge for advertisers is to take advantage and reshape the industry.

Panorama 2014 will assemble captains of Indian Business and eminent experts from Indian Advertising industry for a meaningful and thoughtful dialogue on exploring and discussing the opportunities and challenges that currently confront the business communication arena.

The one-day seminar on December 12, 2014 will focus on the theme “Digital Advertising is the Future.” There would be two business sessions each in the morning and afternoon and would be watched by the postgraduate business students of SCMS. The occasion would provide the students a rare opportunity to listen to and interact with the stalwarts in different fields of advertising and business management.

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