SCMS’ latest Institute Industry Interaction was about shedding light on breast cancer and discussing its preventions

11 Nov

Seethal K. Babu, PGDM 23 A, MRC

Every year, as October rolls around, the world recognizes and marks Breast Cancer awareness month. On 30th October, 2014, SCMS Cochin School of Business joined hands with several other organizations all over the world to help spread awareness about the disease that had 1.7 million new cases in the world in 2014 itself.

SCMS Cochin invited Dr. R. Padmakumar, Medical Director with Sunrise Hospital to talk to the students about breast cancer, its identification, cause, effects and prevention. All individuals, regardless of gender, may be affected by breast cancer. According to studies done, breast cells and tissue of either gender may turn into tumors, although men are 100 times less susceptible to breast cancer than women. Occurrence of the disease depends more on biological factors than on gender, social or environmental factors. Dr. Padmakumar expressed concern over the growing numbers of breast cancer patients. He advised the students to avoid eating food with excess fat and make lifestyle changes like consuming more vegetables. He stressed upon eating everything that is green!

“I didn’t know that even men are susceptible to breast cancer”, exclaimed Piyush, talking about what he had gathered from the interaction.

Dr Padmakumar spent a lot of time talking to women in the gathering and discussed the need to be alert and vigilant. He gave a lot of information on the treatment and management of the disease, encouraging the young women to talk about their concerns. Rohini, PGSM 2015 remarked- “We believe nothing can happen to us, at least not at this young age. With this lecture, I don’t feel scared but I realize the need to take care of myself. Cancer can happen to anyone!”

The session was brought to close with a question answer session. The young audience seemed concerned and empowered with knowledge at the same time. “I appreciate this session. It has helped me understand a disease that exists silently amidst us and threatens all of us”, said Gopi Krishnan Nair.

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