Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHTS Softwares reveals helpful HR secrets to students at Industry Institute Interface session held at SCMS Cochin

30 Apr

Students pursuing their PGDM program at SCMS Cochin School of Business recently had an opportunity to listen to Mr. Vinu Peter, HR Functional Consultant at IHITS Softwares, deliver an inspiring talk. Mr. Peter was invited at the institute as a part of a Industry Institute Interface session that SCMS Cochin focuses on to ensure that its students get exposure to the real world of management.  Throughout his talk, Mr. Peter not only offered students an insight into the life of a successful management professional but inspired them to achieve greater things in their careers as well.

Peter1Mr. Peter is a known name in the world of HR after gathering years of experience working in the field. He used to work as Vice President, HR at Choice Group of Companies and has climbed up the success ladder over the years. So he knew exactly what he was talking about when he said to the gathering, “Chase excellence in your career and success will follow. Enjoy what you do otherwise you will be forever dissatisfied with the kind of work you do,” was his helpful advice to the students looking forward to their future careers.

Mr. Peter had instantly managed to build a bond with the young management aspirants in the crowd, who will have to grapple with several doubts and questions during their professional journeys. But there was one thing he wanted students to be clear about; that job happiness and satisfaction are two completely different things. It made a lot of sense to students who were looking to have more of their questions answered during the session that touched upon important elements of the big transition towards being a professional.

According to Mr Peter, a lot depends on candidates’ resumes. “The importance of writing a good resume cannot be overemphasized. You cannot simply copy paste it because an HR professional will see through it instantly. We need to see that your resume has been written genuinely,” he said to the students. He also urged them to be prepared for everything in the future, including a small presentation they’d have to make. Only when they have been prepared well can they add value to the listeners, he added.

Mr. Peter was definitely adding a lot of value to the session that had the gathering in rapt attention. One of the highlights of the session was the fact that he often drew on his own experience to drive a point home with his audience. He talked about how he might not have ever used some of his learning in any aspect of his life. But that didn’t mean one students should be dissatisfied when they have to understand the meaning of learning certain courses or subjects. It was a remark that resonated with the gathering.

As a parting shot, Mr. Peter stressed on the importance of sharing knowledge, which is a good way to learn. He also asked them to, “Make time for entertainment and your passions while you are focussed on your careers. It adds flavour to your life.”

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