Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting delves into the “power of the human mind” during his talk at SCMS Cochin School of Business

30 Apr

Biju“Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights”, the workshop held by SCMS Cochin on 10th March, 2014 brought together an interesting mix of entrepreneurs who offered students a look into their visionary minds. The idea was to encourage future entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and chart their own path to success. The contribution of Mr. Biju Dominic, CEO FinalMile Consulting, was especially important for those in the audience.

Mr. Dominic is not your regular entrepreneur. He has an interesting line of work, with previous experience in behavioural architecture and cognitive neuroscience, in particular. He shed light on how he developed a passion for his work and turned it into a flourishing business. This helped students broaden their scope when it comes to business ideas, which can stem from their individual interests and be used to set up new enterprises.

For Mr. Dominic, it was his deep passion for understanding the complex human psyche that formed the germ of his business idea. “Human behaviour can be found in every aspect of human activity: politics, advertising, sports,” he tells us. “I began to explore it further and turned it into an entrepreneurial proposition.” He added that it was his passion that made him believe that he could change the world.

To encourage the students in the gathering to go after their dreams and aspirations, he said, “You need to have faith in yourself. Have a fair idea of the context of the entrepreneurial project you have in mind as you start. It’s also important to have the freedom to pursue the context and the idea.” He also offered a way to make that happen: by associating oneself to an MNC. He also urged students to bear in mind the importance of finances, both in the best and worst-case scenarios.

His practical advice was well received by the audience that was quite keen on learning from the experiences of the renowned entrepreneur. And he did not disappoint as he talked about his rewarding career at Reliance Industries. Mr. Dominic himself had his own massive learning experience through the inspiring tales of the Ambanis and he was more than willing to share them with the gathering.

To make any entrepreneurial venture successful, the importance of having the right team to work with cannot be overemphasized. It’s a point Mr. Dominic focussed on as his talk drew to an end. “You need to work with people who share the same ideas and values. It is the glue that had the power to keep a group bound together,” he stressed. Probably just as effectively as the man with the passion for human psyche had kept the audience bound to their seats through his talk.

–          Athulya Menon, PGDM ‘15

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