At SCMS, Ritesh Paramanik says, “I have lost my fear of public speaking and found my confidence!”

26 Mar

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ritesh scmsRitesh Paramanik is not the usual academically-oriented management graduate; instead, he is a sports enthusiast who has played cricket at the State level. An NCC cadet at school, Ritesh was the only student from his school to be selected for the Republic Day Parade contingent from Orissa. He is an outdoor enthusiast, telling us “I am a biker and a traveller. I love going on long bike rides, and I recently rode from Bangalore to Cochin.” As an academic, Ritesh is a B.Tech in Computer Science engineering from Bhubaneswar, and he has decided to pursue a degree in management from Southern India after graduation.

Today, he has been placed at Maveric Systems Ltd. as Delivery Management Trainee through campus placement at SCMS, a job that he feels is a perfect fit for someone of his talents. He believes that he will grow at Maveric to find his dreams. He attributes SCMS with developing his presentations skills and self confidence, which were instrumental in the placement. “In the past two years, I have been part of many IMLP winning teams that have helped me win my confidence back,” he says. “I have overcome my fear of standing on a stage and giving a presentation. I consider these to be my real achievements in SCMS”.

Ritesh shares that the schedule at SCMS was a real challenge for him, given its strict nature: “I struggled a lot to adapt and adjust to the rules of SCMS in the first semester. I got a few backlogs at that time and it was a setback for me. I had a tough time dealing with failure in SCMS”. However, he took it as a challenge, one that he successfully overcame. Not only did he complete the course against all odds, but has also been placed well. “A friend told me I would not survive at SCMS, but his very words inspired me to join SCMS and break my own image of a person who can’t endure rules and deadlines”.

His personal battle was supported by the faculty at the school who Ritesh thinks are best in the field: “The faculty in our college are all from the industry, having worked with large organizations their pedagogy is totally industry-focussed”. Classroom teaching is corroborated with industrial visits and industrial interaction sessions that help the students prepare themselves for the real world. Mentoring is a strong part of a student’s life at SCMS that enables him/her to make the right choices and plug the gaps in learning.

A movie and sports enthusiast, Ritesh feels he has had a great run at SCMS. “SCMS is one of the most prestigious B-schools in South India,” he says. “In fact, I think it is the best college in light of its curriculum and placements.”

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