Keynote address by Mr. Ravi Shankar becomes the high point of Endeavor 2014

13 Mar

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Mr. Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and President of Nevales Networks, who inaugurated the entrepreneurship workshop organized by SCMS Cochin, left an indelible mark on the audience with his keynote address. The workshop, “Endeavor: Entrepreneurial Insights” held on 10th March, 2014 began on a high note with Mr. Shankar taking to the podium and giving a talk on entrepreneurship, which had many valuable insights for those in attendance.

The objective of the workshop was to inspire young students to become entrepreneurs in the future and to guide those who are already on the business path in the right direction. And, Mr. Shankar did just that by walking amongst the audience in the packed venue, thus building an instant and natural connection with them. His lecture was engaging and interactive, involving participants in the best possible manner.

Staying true to the theme of the workshop, Mr. Shankar used presentation software developed in the Silicon Valley by young, budding entrepreneurs. He then inspired the budding entrepreneurs in the gathering by asking them to, “Step out into the real world and experience new things. 99.9% of the entrepreneurs are scared to start something new, which is why it’s important to let go of that fear and take the leap.”

There are many who could have a flourishing entrepreneurial journey in front of them but never embark on it because they hold on to the security of their jobs. Mr. Shankar remarked that one can’t really change the world while working at a standard job. He then went on to shed light on the six myths that shroud entrepreneurship:

1. Need for capital

2. Failure is bad

3. Need for hi-tech resources

4. Idea has to be brand new

5. Low cost means low quality

6. Entrepreneurs are born not made.

By addressing these fallacies he offered students much needed clarity about entrepreneurship.

Mr. Shankar also made his talk more relevant to students by drawing on his own experiences. He shared a particular anecdote about approaching the International CEO of Nokia about the mobile transaction process used in India. “I was asked by the corporate to shift the focus of this approach and study from Indian market to the European markets. It was then that I realized the need to market both the big and the small.” The workshop had sought to bring light instances like these to help students understand the entrepreneurial concepts a lot better by understanding its intricacies, challenges and adventures. Not to forget, Mr. Shankar’s talk had hit the nail right on the head.

The highly enriching talk also discussed minimum viable product (MVP), which is the importance of knowing how to use money rather than how to get money for a business idea. It is little wonder then that Mr. Shankar made a lasting impression with the audience by the end of his talk.

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