Inauguration of the 1 year joint road safety campaign between SCMS Group and motor vehicles with emphasis on ‘No left side over-taking’- Shri Rishiraj Singh

24 Feb

SCMS feb 14aOn 14th February 2014, SCMS inaugurated the 1 year Joint Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with the Motor Vehicles Department. The ceremony was presided over by Shri. Rishiraj Singh, IPS, Transport Commissioner, Government of Kerala. This year’s theme is ‘No Left Side Overtaking’.

The session had several useful and interesting insights from Shri. Rishiraj Singh and Shri. Adarshkumar Nair, RTO Paravur. Shri Rishiraj Singh observed that although the population of vehicles in India is much lower in comparison to the worldwide vehicle population, the number of accidents is much higher than the rest of the world. Similarly, although Kerala is one of the smaller states in India, it has a very high density of automobiles, which leads to a higher accident rate. He focused on three central reasons around which the causes of high accident rates in Kerala revolve. These are the narrow Kerala roads, the lack of consideration of drivers for fellow drivers, and the violation of the law for the sake of it, especially by youth drivers.

However, with stricter actions taken by the Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala saw a drop in deaths due to road accidents by 102 cases. Shri. Rishraj Singh encouraged and answered various queries related to road management and road safety.SCMS feb 14b

The session ended on a special note with the Transport Commissioner releasing helpline numbers for areas in the Ernakulam District having 24×7 availability of officers to extend help. The initiative would extensively  focus on women’s and girls’ safety and it happens to be the first of its kind in Kerala. In conclusion, the session was highly informative and inspiring.

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